Is this a good DLC?

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User Info: ZmLilaPanic

7 years ago#1

Im buying the game soon i rented it back in may beat it enjoyed it now i want to go threw it again on insane I was wondering is the DLC worth the price? and also does the game come with a code for the DLC? no spoilers please also i just want to know if its good or bad


7 years ago#2
In my own and personal opinion it is very good, it's packed with enemies and that makes it very challenging even on normal difficulty. And you are supposed to get the code to download this as long as you get a new copy of the game (not used)
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User Info: Slymandro

7 years ago#3
I played the dlc on Nightmare as soon as I got it, they really upped the difficulty which was definitely needed and it came out well. Really good and definitely worth it, it's got tons of events that weren't in the regular game.
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User Info: Am4zingL4rry

6 years ago#4
Yeah it's awesome, just don't be one of those idiots who goes into it expecting it's going to answer every question you still had after the original's ending.
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  3. Is this a good DLC?

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