does anyone else find ....blocking... to no work well?

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  3. does anyone else find ....blocking... to no work well?

User Info: thenewjersey

5 years ago#1
seems im BLATANTLY blocking stuff that i end up getting hit with and i dont understand why, like ill get hit with a sweep or low kick while visibly blocking low and whatnot. or i was crouching block and got hit with a SRK!!! like wtf????

User Info: hanguknamja

5 years ago#2
could be that you need to hold down back a littler further back if that makes sense.

For some reason my character seems to jump straight up a lot when i'm trying to jump up forward or up back. Same thing when I'm blocking low except instead of blocking it just registers as down instead of db or df.

You just gotta move the analog slightly further in the direction you want.
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User Info: jonoisgood

5 years ago#3
i agree, chances are, you're having problems with inputs/your controller. However, if your character is actually in the animation for blocking, and you're still getting hit, well, thats weird, then.
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User Info: FreshSushi

5 years ago#4
Probably gotta be a little precise. I find myself neutral jumping a lot even though it's the same motion I use to forward jump in SF4.
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User Info: Edge4o7_

5 years ago#5
Dpad/stick is broken or you're pressing buttons.
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User Info: prevora

5 years ago#6

let me guess , when you are getting hit it's because of the tekken characters , right ?  thats because they have 3 types of attacks , overhead , sweep and middle  , the middle has to be blocked while standing , so it is still counted as an overhead  even though it might appear as just a normal attack  you would be able to block normally against a character from street fighter , 


just a heads up , learn the attack strings of the tekken characters and when they begin and when they end .  also keep in mind some of the tekken character have a counter like gouken

User Info: monster637

5 years ago#7

There is a problem with the inputs for  diagonals in this game , you can find Videos of it on srk and youtube of it not coming up in training room with input data set on......It needs to be patched, you will get random jump forwards  that you will just get a  nuetral jump or say a dive kick with juri QCB you will just get a jump round house here and there.....or a down back and You get sweeped ...........also as poster above said the teken chars have moves that look like lows but need to be blocked high even tho they look like lows.

User Info: TrueThrilla

5 years ago#8
Online is the same thing but I heard about the mid overhead and low block stings for the Tekken characters that may be the problem with my defensive game, but I feel they should have made the game mechanics universal for both SF and Tekken characters since this is a SF game. I can speculate that the SF characters will behave like Tekken characters.
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  3. does anyone else find ....blocking... to no work well?

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