Does someone regret buying this?

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  3. Does someone regret buying this?

User Info: Antaraxenox

5 years ago#1
I was pretty excited for this game. But so far it's been a big let down. After SSFIV, SCV and MVC3 hardest modes, this game is very easy. The AI is dumb. It's not as flashy and combo friendly as MVC3, it doesn't have the graphical appeal and elaborate movelists of SCV, it doesn't have the realism and comboing of tekken and it's not as technical as SSFIV. A pretty lackluster title if you ask me. Also I'm already bored of it, and only played about 2 hours. Pretty crappy I may say. Namco and Capcom should not have done this. I'm sure that tekken tag tournament 2 will be better than this and I hope that Tekken X Street Fighter beats this, if it ever comes out, that is.

User Info: Gladdins_RAGE

5 years ago#2
It amazes me that people actually buy fighting games for the single player experience. It's like, you're totally missing the point.

User Info: rubberGasket

5 years ago#3
I am enjoying it very much, and feel it is a very fun game. My only problem is every match that I have played online has been super laggy, and very minimal sound.
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User Info: hadoken

5 years ago#4

yeah wtf, I NEVER play single player on a fighting game, thats the BIGGEST waste of time in the world, i jump straight into ranked mode after 5 minutes in training

User Info: Antaraxenox

5 years ago#5
I'm playing it with my friends and had some online matches. I guess it's my opinion, but frankly I like SSFIV and MVC3 more.
Karmic Dragon2003 5 years ago#6
Did I seriously just see someone say Tekken is more realistic than this? Who the #¤%& bases anything whatsoever on how #¤%&ing realistic a fighting game is?
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User Info: Antaraxenox

5 years ago#7
From a perspective between realism and fantasy tekken is much closer to realism.

User Info: TheRiceinator

5 years ago#8
Game needs some serious patches.. but thats what Super Street Fighter vs Tekken will be for.. 5 months after the on disc chars come out ...

User Info: SniperNightOwl

5 years ago#9
I dont care about dlc

I care about the sound glitching and projectiles being invisible glitches :/

also a lot of the hitboxes in this game make no sense to the point characters go through each other and dont deal damage. Go play with Bison's stand hk for example and try to AA at certain angles. You'll see what I mean.
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User Info: appleturnover87

5 years ago#10
I kind of do. i had originally wanted to get competitive with it but it's just such a mess that I don't enjoy it when I'm playing. Trying to decide whether it's worth more effort or if I should just wait for TTT2.
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  3. Does someone regret buying this?

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