Dee Jay vs Eddy

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User Info: NathanCopeland

7 years ago#1
That is all


User Info: Rygon

7 years ago#2
Oh I get it. Because they are black. That is a defining quality of a person.

User Info: War_Mech

7 years ago#3
DeeJay would prefer Christie more.

User Info: xOmniCloudx

7 years ago#4
^ No. Because they're pretty similar in some ways. He could have said, Balrog, Dudley, Elena, Christie Bruce and Raven who are also Black but he didn't. Dee Jay has a Muay Thai and Capoeira mixed style while Eddy (as well as Christie) is a Capoeira practitioner. Plus Dee Jay is from the Carribean and Eddy is from Brazil which has history with the Carribean so they share some cultural things (as well as similar climates).
This is GameFAQs. People here take great pride in ignoring common sense.

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