Jins 20th Trial

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User Info: Kyyubiofdark

5 years ago#1
I can't freaking connect the willow after power stance! WTF!!!!! /Rage

User Info: TheSuperItachi

5 years ago#2
Kyyubiofdark posted...
I can't freaking connect the willow after power stance! WTF!!!!! /Rage

im pretty sure after this scandal, no one will care about any of the trials
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User Info: echos_rush

5 years ago#3
hope this helps

User Info: Syggys

5 years ago#4
I watched a guy on CA fail this trial about 200 times in a row xD
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User Info: eulbedoc

5 years ago#5
Check VesperArcade's video. He shows using his fightstick which might help you figure out the timing.


User Info: kukingina2

5 years ago#6
"checks the trial"

"tries it 10 times"

!@$% this is why I never do trials... you can hardly use that in a real match >_<
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User Info: Kyyubiofdark

5 years ago#7
I see the timing now. But I guess my one problem is going from powerstance to mental alertness. cause when i do it its like he just stays there. while as the guys in the video do it with such such precision that you cant even see jin go into powerstance or M.A. its just the punch D:

User Info: fjkloijkl

5 years ago#8
There is a slight delay in canceling powerstance to mental alertness, it's not an instant cancel like say ryu's cr mk to hadouken. However when you go into mental alertness immediately press mp or hp, similar to plinking.

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