How do i play with juri?

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User Info: Cybralisk

5 years ago#1
i picked her up as my partner for akuma, i played around with her in ssf4 but never indepth, when i tag her in i get owned pretty bad if the other player knows what they are doing.

so far what im doing with her is spamming her divekick and jumping in trying to hit some easy combos like her hp>>pinwheel, the only fujahin i can store and still press other buttons for combos is the hk one which is mapped to my r2 button.

any tips for how to use her properly?
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User Info: fignuts198282

5 years ago#2
DO NOT spam the dive kick, as it is mad punishable on block. I use it when jumping backwards, as the opponent is less likely to expect it. If you are just about mid range you can jump over a fireball and hit them with it too. Otherwise it's a gamble.

The way I play Juri is that when vitality is even, or when I'm down, I play the rush down game. Her jumping mk is a good cross up, and you can go from that to crouching mk to pinwheel kick.

You can also do jumping mp into dive kick, and then hit them with mp on their way down, and cancel it into pinwheel kick, or even her super or cross art. Though I've found the timing for hitting the cross art is a bit trickier than the super.

You should also use her various mk attacks, as they come out pretty fast, and are good pokes. Her forward mk is an overhead, that you should use to mix up your attack.

When I've got the lead on vitality, I usually play a zoning game. You should always to try to store as many of her fireballs as you can. If your opponent does get close, throw out a mk pinwheel if you know it will hit, or better yet, combo into it from a poke. Other option is to use your counter move to give you some distance.

Oh and don't forget, her super now goes under projectiles!

User Info: NicoGrimm

5 years ago#3
The most important thign to remember is to ALWAYS have a fireball stored.
Also, only do a single hit of the Dive Kick. Its a lot less puinishable than the full version, and you can juggle after it.
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