Any Ibuki Tips?

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User Info: Emperor_Zerg

5 years ago#1
I really want to learn Ibuki but I'm having a hard time grasping her style in a real match. I'm having a hard time in the neutral game and finding the best BnBs for her.

Does anyone have advise on some pokes and general approach or just some useful tips?

Just found out that ABC can be chained into DF HK, F HK for a safe block string.
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User Info: Tsuki-Shiro

5 years ago#2
I'm also having a hard time getting into her target combos ( especially the mid-air ones ), I use TC4 a lot, and special cancelling into ex kazigiri can extend the combo by land a j.hp right after. I still need to understand the jist of the character.

User Info: datdudeMcCoy

5 years ago#3
she has really safe and crazy pressure with tsjumi (or whatever its called), lp, cr.lp,,,
solid AA with agemon that leads to huge damage
air throw
good launcher that sets up damaging tag combos
ambiguous cross ups with lk, mk
command dash mix ups
lots of options with her different special moves

she can really lay the offense on someone quick and has solid footsies, but has NO true reversal and a super high jump at can be difficult to get used to

but basically, shes really good but has maybe the highest execution requirement imo
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User Info: wonzan

5 years ago#4
random tips and observations from me:

I started using her 2 days ago. She is really hard to use. jump cancelling her attacks are difficult. I can only JC to raida about 50-60% of the time. O_O. I'm trying to get used to JC her mid combo to raida or to start another crossup combo. It is tricky though.

She has low health btw so be careful about putting on too much pressure on a srk happy player. 3 reversal srks and you are basically a goner.

I need to start mixing in in her combos to get a high/low game going on.

Her close range pokes are very short ranged but her mid range pokes are quite good in terms of range. Only her is special cancellable from what I remember though. Maybe her is too.

Essentially when she is cornered she can't do much but block and pray but when putting on pressure she does pretty well. The one guy on this board I cannot beat lost a few rounds to my ibuki because of her pressure but as soon as she is pressured > 80-90% health gone in one combo O_O (seriously, asuka and xiayou can do 90% with one combo).

One tip for you I found but haven't tried in a real match yet is after doing a combo that hits the opponent high with a character tag to ibuki and jump hk, > JC > > kazakiri. An excellent ender (don't do super as the meter will just be wasted because of scaling in most cases).
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User Info: aramaki101

5 years ago#5
Why on earth did they make Ibuki's kunai a hard knockdown? She has no vortex. Switch to another character.
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