Odds we will see a Super Street Fighter x Tekken?

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User Info: ZeroBeats Ghost

ZeroBeats Ghost
5 years ago#11
SFIV (arcades) to SFIV (consoles) had eight playable characters added with a disk based release.
SFIV to SSFIV had ten new playable characters added with a disk based release.
SSFIV to SSFIVAE had four new characters added with an arcade, DLC and disk based release.

MvC3 to UMvC3 had twelve new characters added with a disk based release.

Now, looking at all of that, it stands within reason that technically Capcom wasn't lying. Because, as previously mentioned, they already have everything they'd have added in a new version of the game sitting around as DLC to serve the same purpose, with the 12 characters costing $20 (the same as the AE update), as well as outfits beyond the Swap ones (remember, the other alternate costumes weren't ever revealed officially).

They might release a "Game of the Year" version with all the DLC bundled together like most games eventually get, though.
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User Info: Ludacris01

5 years ago#12
If (when) they release that super version, you will NEVER see those alternate costumes included automatically. Capcom loves charging for those, and they don't plan on stopping.

The upgrade will probably just consist of the extra colors for the customize mode, the characters, new balancing, maybe the local co-op option for the 360 as well as Mega and Pac, the sound fixed for online, and maybe a new mode like online arcade or some crap.

But as far as those costumes, you're fooling yourself if you think they're coming freely.
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User Info: TrueBackLash

5 years ago#13

I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but together they already have 50-55 playable characters. Other than the disc space excuse and AC character playability, why do you think they put the characters on the disc in the first place? They did not want another incident like what happened with "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3" and having customers buying another disc (the hackers nixed the incident part though). So it's possible, but very unlikely.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

5 years ago#14

From: Suiki | #009
Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Which is why people have been buying games with on disc DLC for 9 years now. Its amusing that people are just now starting to complain within the past couple years though.
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User Info: 360pages

5 years ago#15
Well, this game isn't selling as well as they had hoped, and in the end that is all that matters, plus there were a lot of other games released around the same time as this and people probably picked them up, it doesn't help when the DLC scandal spread across the Internet and people decided not too buy the games for that reason, and complaining or trying to seem smart because people don't want this to happen and using the past as an excuse is still no good.

But in the end the game sells will tell, unless you think all those people are kids as well
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