What if Capcom decides not to produce any more SF games due to the DLC backlash?

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  3. What if Capcom decides not to produce any more SF games due to the DLC backlash?

User Info: Block_Man_X

5 years ago#11
The FGC would possibly die again and I would be very disappointed one of my favorite franchises has left us again. Then I would just Marvel.
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User Info: ChaozCloud

5 years ago#12
Nope, with GGXXAC+ around the corner I don't care if Capcom stops making fighters forever.
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User Info: TrueBackLash

5 years ago#13
It would be one of the saddest days in video game history. I'd hate the decision, but since they had one hell of a run (with a lot of great titles coming out of it) I would accept it.

User Info: ViolentDjango

5 years ago#14
Bass_X0 posted...
Would anybody here be okay with that and that reason?

Not going to happen.
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User Info: ZosKiaCultus

5 years ago#15
I kind of wish it would happen but we all know it won't.
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User Info: rj568

5 years ago#16
If it did happen Id just play Tekken more :P
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User Info: Buck_Swaggler

5 years ago#17
They should just sell all their fighting franchises to Arksys, Namco, or SNK
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User Info: Shiro-RedWind-

5 years ago#18
Realism in effect: If it did happen the competitive scene would drop down to a silent whisper. EVO would probably not even have as many people coming out to it as it does right now. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to other fighters, whether they are good or not.

Guilty Gear for example at one of the years EVOs did not even have that many participants. In fact, Justin Wong entered it souly to just as he put it "Waste time until the show started." He got to the losers brackets and dropped out because he couldn't have cared less. (Funny thing is he beat my ex girlfriend and put her in the losers bracket too. She was his first match, I still rofl about it till this day.)

Blaz Blue is not taken seriously here in NA where as in Japan they live, breathe, eat, and sleep Blaz Blue. So counting on that to be a main attraction at EVO is a flop.

Tekken is arguably on a shifty plank. It has those that play it strongly in NA, but the Tekken tournaments are nowhere near as hype or as lively and the last T6 tournament they had didn't do so hot in player matches if I remember correctly.

As great as the revival of the KoF series is, 13 is not even going to be a saving grace for fighters either. It's wonderful if you're a competitive player and love tight execution, it's horrible if you're a beginner and you don't know the first thing about links.

Capcom makes arguably easy to play, hard to master games. Their fighters are also for the most part high quality, and whether or not people want to admit it, without Capcom you wouldn't have much of an FGC. There is a reason that SRK is amptly named after the move of their carbon basis mainstream characters, and why Eventhubs for a long period of time only dedicated attention to Capcom based fighters.

As for me personally? No, it wouldn't bug me. I play a lot of different fighters and I have healthy competition among friends. But I'm not so jaded to believe it wouldn't have a major crash on the entire FGC.
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User Info: Tifanity

5 years ago#19
Buck_Swaggler posted...
They should just sell all their fighting franchises to Arksys, Namco, or SNK

Um, CAPCOM owns SNK.
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User Info: ashtray420

5 years ago#20
You weak pathetic fool, Mortal Kombat hasn't even crossed over with them yet, how dare you even think of such a dissaster!!! The only way that would happen is if a 10.0 quake took down all of Capcom's headquarters, and milking any DLC couldn't even save them.
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  3. What if Capcom decides not to produce any more SF games due to the DLC backlash?

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