Ultimate, Supreme and Final Monsters? (and some buggy bugs)

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User Info: Neo Qwerty

Neo Qwerty
6 years ago#1
I've just completed the game... And... Well. Uh. The monsters are cute...?

In other, less positive words, it was full of bugs for me, the controls were crap for d-pad/buttons (only registering one button press and stopping everything if you hold two? SERIOUSLY?), and the stylus version involved okay navigation but constant fighting with the PC over TALKING TO FREAKING PEOPLE AND SAVE POINTS in the form of it being more effective to frantically scribble over what you want to use than it is to tap on/next to it and hope for the best.

The battles were better, but even then there were some problems. Occasionally my monsters would randomly skip turn as if I'd tapped the pass option the second it was possible to, and I mean two of them skipping their turn, and never getting it back. I nearly lost a random battle in the final dungeon to that glitch, which i might have solved by tapping the screen several times to get the game "unstuck". (It's not my handheld, it's a 3DS that's barely a month old and I'm very careful with it.)

The game also froze mid-loading the breeding interface, which is not nice, but thankfully I was saving before breeding each time, so no time lost (beyond trying to talk to the boy and the PC grabbing his butt instead of talking).

Also, the ending credits seem to loop endlessly. Is there any way the Final Light/Dark Monster(s) is/are able to be saved to the encyclopedia section?

As for the monsters... Are the Final monsters really unobtainable? (I mean the ones classed as "Final" in the encyclopedia, the ones like the water boss called "Hideousness" and the three-headed foliage dinosaur, not the Ultimate ones you get when you follow the spirits' breeding hints in the two sacred temples.) And in the encyclopedia there's a gap between the Ultimates and the Finals, in most cases... I assume those are the Supreme monsters? How are you supposed to get those?
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User Info: howdydoodle

6 years ago#2
Yes. There are bugs. But for five dollars, I can live with it.

By supreme monsters, do you mean the ones you get by breeding the ultimate monsters with one another, that are all "spirit" type? The breeding combinations for those are at the bottom of :
right after the list of combinations for the ultimate monsters:

Otherwise, idk. I haven't paid much attention to my encyclopedia.
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