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Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: Have you ever 5 star'd a unit for skill fodder?
22.5K 330K 30 seconds ago30s
Pokemon Ultra Sun
  Hot: New Trailer !!
2.46K 51.7K 1 minute ago1m
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  Hot: Got my Moogle, sold my Ari. You?
21.2K 317K 1 minute ago1m
Splatoon 2
  Hot: Why so people hate Pearl('s design) so much?
4.44K 52.4K 1 minute ago1m
Sonic Mania
  Hot: Seriously? Game over = restarting the whole zone?
988 15.2K 2 minutes ago2m

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  A Superhuman-themed RP set in the town of Summer's End...
11 2.49K 3 minutes ago3m
  Hot: The Auntie Quiz Show
12.2K 313K 28 minutes ago28m
Fire Emblem RP/Social/CYOA/Fanfiction Board
  Hot: The Grind [CYOA][NSFW] -Urban Fantasy Part II
1.54K 151K 39 minutes ago39m
  Hot: Best Kamen Rider belt toy?
37 359 48 minutes ago48m
The Toonami Faithful
  Hot: 8/12 - 8/18 General Discussion Thread
91 16.4K 33 minutes ago33m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Can gamers today think in terms of gameplay?
217K 4.51M 6 seconds ago6s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Now that the Switch has been out a while, what are you most disappointed with?
35.1K 808K 1 minute ago1m
Xbox One
  Hot: Critics recommend Xbox One X over PS Pro
123K 2.28M 1 minute ago1m
  Hot: What is your favorite NON-PC game?
117K 1.89M 42 seconds ago42s
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Vita or Switch?
111K 1.93M 5 minutes ago5m

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Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #2594: The Top 10 Forgotten PS1 Gems by sirloinestake
23 835 5 minutes ago5m
Site Suggestions
  Hot: Petition: Allow community board owners to delete archived posts.
25 227 57 minutes ago57m
Message Board Help
  Problems/questions about the boards? Ask/answer here...
1.33K 8.36K 35 minutes ago35m
Ask the Mods
  Hot: Question for the mods typically regarding enforcement of the TOS
5.15K 22.5K 3 hours ago3h
GameFAQs Contributors - Reviews
  Hot: The Great 2017 Game Review Challenge
205 5.42K 3 hours ago3h

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XIX: Day 9 [smfffc]
147 17.8K 1 minute ago1m
Poll of the Day
  Hot: I plan on counter protesting at Nazi rallies this weekend
528 11.6K 25 seconds ago25s

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