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Injustice 2
  Hot: Forget Static, I want Star Sapphire!
9.63K 188K 12 seconds ago12s
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  3DS - Strategy
3.54K 83.9K 1 minute ago1m
Persona 5
  Hot: your biggest and most embarrassing fail?
15.3K 216K 2 minutes ago2m
Pokemon Sun
  Hot: Popular Pokmon you hate?
66K 1.25M 4 minutes ago4m
Pokemon Sun / Moon - Trading
  Hot: LF: Gen 3-5 Events FT: 3 Proofed Events
36.4K 823K 1 second ago1s

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The Epic Struggle
  The home for The Epic Struggle 4 forum game.
36 2.36K 7 minutes ago7m
Fire Emblem RP/Social/CYOA/Fanfiction Board
  Hot: Favorite FE Unique Weapon?
1.5K 147K 4 minutes ago4m
  Hot: So I here Sir Heinrich Plusletron IV, Esq. PhD MD posts here.
12K 307K 44 minutes ago44m
Mario RPGs
  A board for fans of Mario RPGs
66 2.39K 9 minutes ago9m
Sonic the Hedgehog General
  Hot: Sonic Rush was the best
47 1.56K 57 minutes ago57m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: If you were the CEO of Square Enix, would you fire Tetsuya Nomura
208K 4.27M 2 seconds ago2s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Apparently, Street fighter 2 is racist....
26.9K 598K 45 seconds ago45s
Xbox One
  Hot: Who's going to buy Scorpio when next gen are due in 2 years
119K 2.19M 4 minutes ago4m
  Hot: Games that are a shame they arent on PC
114K 1.83M 49 seconds ago49s
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: I want to play my 3DS but can't stomach the 240p screen after my Switch now ;_;
139K 2.24M 7 minutes ago7m

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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: ITT: Nio draws your fav Final Fantasy or Tales character... but...
185 17.1K 2 seconds ago2s
Poll of the Day
  Hot: Which wonderwoman is hotter?
426 11K 4 seconds ago4s

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