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  Hot: Is fapping for people with anxiety a bad idea?
9.87K 156K 23 minutes ago23m
Anime and Manga - Naruto
  Hot: What is your opinion on boruto(show)
29.2K 626K 10 minutes ago10m
Anime and Manga - Other Titles
  Hot: DragonBall Z inconsistency?
129K 2.72M 14 seconds ago14s
Books and Literature
  Hot: What is your favorite Stephen King book/series?
9.25K 117K 15 minutes ago15m
Cars and Trucks
  Hot: Electronic driver's seat moves on it's own
8.95K 188K 46 seconds ago46s
Cartoons and Animation
  Hot: My Little Pony ODT CVII: Friendship Journals And Legendary Heroes Of Yore
17.4K 341K 5 minutes ago5m
Classic Gaming
  Hot: Favorite system by manufacturer
5.2K 119K 8 minutes ago8m
Comics and Graphic Novels
  Hot: Spider-Men II #3 The Origins of Miles Morales! *spoilers*
62.2K 1.16M 21 minutes ago21m
Dragon Ball - General
  Hot: Green is the deadliest color in Dragon Ball!
32.4K 653K 29 seconds ago29s
Fighting Games
  Hot: The DLC for MvCI is actually not wanting to make me buy the game.
8.52K 155K 15 minutes ago15m
  Hot: Starving need car need fast food.
9.03K 142K 40 minutes ago40m
Martial Arts
  Hot: Shotgun pulled out
30.6K 536K 19 minutes ago19m
Movies: At the Theater
  Hot: Tomb Raider Trailer
53.1K 950K 4 minutes ago4m
Movies: Home Media
  Hot: Pocahontas is still the best Disney movie
26.9K 338K 6 minutes ago6m
Music: Rock
  Hot: 2017 albums you've listened to so far, and whatever opinions you have of them!
18.1K 237K 18 minutes ago18m
  Hot: America declares murder legal again
99.6K 2.64M 8 seconds ago8s
RPGs - Everything Else
  Hot: Koe Topic CXCVII: Use The Power of Words to Launch an Airliner at Your Enemy
10K 336K 16 minutes ago16m
  Hot: Just a quickie
5.74K 220K 57 minutes ago57m
Sports and Racing - Baseball
  Hot: Official Baseboard Season Topic V: I Love You All, Class Dismissed.
40K 977K 34 seconds ago34s
Sports and Racing - General
  Hot: NHL Topic: Turning over a new Leaf.
16.4K 790K 16 minutes ago16m
Sports and Racing - Hockey
  Hot: any other hardcore canucks fans waking up for the game at 4:30am?
25.6K 549K 2 minutes ago2m
Sports and Racing - NBA
  Hot: Where were you when Boston was playing in 17-18 Finals?
228K 3.01M 17 seconds ago17s
Sports and Racing - NFL
  Hot: Sammy Watkins believes the Earth is flat.
216K 3.71M 1 minute ago1m
Television: Broadcast TV
  Hot: ***Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Discussion Topic Part 3 (Spoilers)***
18.9K 445K 35 minutes ago35m
Television: Cable and Satellite
  Hot: South Park Season 21 --- Discussion topic (SPOILERS)
23.1K 483K 15 minutes ago15m

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