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  Hot: android tablet data plan
4.65K 33.9K 14 hours ago14h
  Hot: Blue Stinger Game Length?
849 12.8K 8 minutes ago8m
Game Boy Advance
  Hot: Shining Force: Question about getting final outfit.
749 5.82K 24 minutes ago24m
  Hot: What's on your want list?
755 11.3K 5 hours ago5h
  Hot: Nes Classic Mini 2nd topic
1.56K 27.7K 1 hour ago1h
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: What's better A Link to the Past or Super Metroid?
138K 2.22M 4 minutes ago4m
Nintendo 64
  Hot: Buoyant vs. Conker (Part 2)
831 14K 3 hours ago3h
Nintendo 64DD
  Hot: You can take your Nintendo Account ID
2.04K 33.4K 27 minutes ago27m
Nintendo DS
  Hot: What are the best hidden gems on the DS?
4.24K 43K 3 hours ago3h
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Nintendo cold-shouldered boogie2988 from receiving a free Nintendo Switch
14.7K 338K 12 seconds ago12s
Nintendo Wii
  Hot: Which of the rare games do you have on the Wii?
9.76K 119K 6 hours ago6h
  Hot: A second screen and game immersion, yay or nay?
111K 1.77M 20 seconds ago20s
  Hot: Should i play Ps1 disc games on ps2 or ps3?
1.17K 18.8K 4 hours ago4h
PlayStation 2
  Hot: The Yakuza games got reprinted!
2.38K 31.3K 5 hours ago5h
PlayStation 3
  Hot: Battlefield 3 or 4?
153K 2.64M 11 minutes ago11m
PlayStation 4
  Hot: How come no one said Heavenly Sword was a 'feminist game'? Or Remember Me?
198K 4.02M 5 seconds ago5s
PlayStation Portable
  Hot: Game suggestions?
7.79K 74.2K 36 minutes ago36m
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: IGN Compares Switch and Vita
108K 1.87M 38 seconds ago38s
Sega Saturn
  Hot: Panzer Dragoon Saga is INCREDIBLE
510 8.74K 1 hour ago1h
Super Nintendo
  Hot: What are you playing tonight?
1.4K 23.7K 5 minutes ago5m
Wii U
  Hot: I hate that fact that Wii U owners are getting a gimped BOTW
158K 3.21M 2 minutes ago2m
  Hot: How's everybody doing ? 2
1.14K 21K 18 seconds ago18s
Xbox 360
  Hot: So is it true Singularity is a good game....
81.1K 1.32M 15 minutes ago15m
Xbox One
  Hot: RPG fans, you might want to take notice of this beauty of a game
115K 2.1M 1 minute ago1m
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  Hot: What's the name of the game featured on Apple's website? (iPhone SE)
5.25K 35.8K 31 minutes ago31m

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