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  Hot: Best mid-range phone
4.8K 34.8K 6 hours ago6h
  Hot: What game is in your DC right now?
872 13.4K 11 hours ago11h
Game Boy Advance
  Hot: Do kids at school get made fun of if this is their handheld system?
794 6.17K 17 hours ago17h
  Hot: New Sega Mega Drive Release
787 11.9K 10 minutes ago10m
  Hot: Just played my first perfect game of Life Force (No lives lost)
1.67K 29.9K 24 seconds ago24s
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: eShop Downloads 5/25/2017
139K 2.24M 13 minutes ago13m
Nintendo 64
  Hot: Good games that wont cost a arm and a leg?
892 15.3K 5 hours ago5h
Nintendo 64DD
  Hot: Recent Pickups 4: Lack of Pickups Killed Us
2.07K 34.3K 3 hours ago3h
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Capcom will determine Switch support on UFS2 sales.
26.6K 592K 1 second ago1s
Nintendo Wii
  Hot: Best games not released in Europe?
9.81K 119K 6 hours ago6h
  Hot: Fellow Master Race - what's worse: Gaming laptops or Budget Gaming PCs?
114K 1.83M 51 seconds ago51s
PC - Hardware Discussion
  Hot: planning on cloning a HDD tomorrow
3.03K 14.7K 14 hours ago14h
  Hot: What game is in your PS1 right now?
1.22K 19.4K 19 hours ago19h
PlayStation 2
  Hot: Selling my PS2. Price opinions needed
2.5K 33K 9 minutes ago9m
PlayStation 3
  Hot: PS3 Backlog Group: June 2017 Game of the Month POLL
154K 2.64M 3 minutes ago3m
PlayStation 4
  Hot: The predictable Far Cry controversy
208K 4.27M 31 seconds ago31s
PlayStation Portable
  Hot: What did you play on psp today?
7.85K 75.2K 19 hours ago19h
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: chaos child announced for q3 2017 in na / eu
110K 1.9M 28 seconds ago28s
Sega Saturn
  Hot: What lost sega IPs you want to see return?
531 9.24K 13 hours ago13h
Super Nintendo
  Hot: Best av cable & power cords on eBay ?
1.45K 25K 18 minutes ago18m
Wii U
  Hot: Why are physical copies of New Super Luigi U so pricey?
158K 3.22M 43 minutes ago43m
  Hot: Games that you've played today so fer IX
1.18K 22K 8 minutes ago8m
Xbox 360
  Hot: Far cry predator question
81.3K 1.32M 25 minutes ago25m
Xbox One
  Hot: lol @ today's Poll of the Day!
119K 2.18M 31 seconds ago31s
iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  Hot: Does a restore make u update?
5.35K 36.4K 50 minutes ago50m

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