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Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: Who is the nicest Heroes board user?
40.5K 635K 10 seconds ago10s
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  Hot: So Nia is male (Spoiler)
7.13K 101K 33 seconds ago33s
Pokemon Ultra Sun
  Hot: What totem sized Pokemon do you want to exist?
10.3K 179K 2 minutes ago2m
Monster Hunter: World
  Hot: Can't wait to see Khezu in all his pale, veiny glory
2.14K 48K 10 seconds ago10s
SoulCalibur VI
  PlayStation 4 - Action
244 4.76K 17 seconds ago17s

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  Hot: A desperate plead for attention
12.8K 338K 6 minutes ago6m
The Toonami Faithful
  Hot: 12/9 - 12/15 General Discussion Thread
109 20.6K 1 minute ago1m
Pokemon US/UM/General Discussion
  A board for Pokemon fans who want to discuss the...
26 761 7 minutes ago7m
The Epic Struggle
  Hot: Pac-Man Head 2 Head ~ Final 3: Part 2 ~ Games vs Toons
96 6K 16 minutes ago16m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #6925 - How do you keep warm in your home during the winter?
448 6.51K 39 minutes ago39m

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: will any game ever beat re4's opening?
230K 4.84M 16 seconds ago16s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Switch Owners: Between Xenoblade, BOTW and Mario, which game is your favourite?
45.9K 1.09M 9 seconds ago9s
Xbox One
  Hot: DigitalFoundry PUBG - 4fps
130K 2.41M 3 seconds ago3s
  Hot: Cameltoe discovered in PUBG. SJW's outraged and call for it's removal.
121K 1.96M 13 seconds ago13s
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: What are your final thoughts on the 3DS era?
142K 2.29M 4 minutes ago4m

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