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Forum Mafia
  Hot: Forum Mafia Social Topic 12: Why didn't Alakazam start a new topic?
282 73.3K 3 seconds ago3s
  Hot: King of the Mountain 41
13K 349K 34 seconds ago34s
Make America Great Again
  Donald Trump General; Come discuss The Don, his political...
773 11.6K 9 minutes ago9m
Sonic the Hedgehog General
  Hot: Knuckles Stage Music
82 3.41K 25 minutes ago25m
Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #6960 - Has the death of a video game character ever impacted you emotionally?
484 7.12K 3 hours ago3h

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Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Nintendo Labo?!
49.7K 1.18M 3 seconds ago3s
PlayStation 4
  Hot: Why are some against others playing dark souls on easy
233K 4.94M 7 seconds ago7s
Xbox One
  Hot: Fable 4 May just save the Xbox One!
132K 2.45M 9 seconds ago9s
  Hot: The dumbest complaints you've heard for disliking a game
122K 1.98M 4 minutes ago4m
PlayStation Vita
  Hot: Code: Realize - Future Blessings LE up for preorder
113K 1.96M 2 minutes ago2m

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Top 10 Lists
  Hot: #3038: The Top 10 Biggest Difficulty Spikes in Video Games, by Killzonegaming
14 637 49 minutes ago49m
Site Suggestions
  Hot: Allow community board leaders to NWD/NWD and Forward
19 269 44 minutes ago44m
Ask the Mods
  Hot: What's the best board for discussions about the issues with YouTube?
5.48K 23.7K 3 hours ago3h
GameFAQs Contributors - Reviews
  Hot: Post your new reviews here!, Part 3!
223 5.84K 7 hours ago7h
Message Board Help
  Problems/questions about the boards? Ask/answer here...
1.34K 8.39K 2 days ago2d

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