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Is the Master Sword your favorite fictional sword?
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
TheSmartBlonde1483/28 11:00AM
Rip Ricki
Street Fighter V
KDBJeston1943/28 11:01AM
The next banner will be Special Custome , 30/3
Fire Emblem Heroes
ShirazuKisaragi1313/28 11:02AM
The artificial difficulty is a joke (DLC 2 Spoilers)
Dark Souls III
Terenigma493/28 10:43AM
Ugliest main character in a video game?
Horizon: Zero Dawn
WhyitEarp473/28 10:54AM
Oh boy Kotaku at it once again....
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Lord_Vader883/28 10:34AM
Was there ever an evolution that ruined a line for you?
Pokemon Sun
ShadowsofAlola773/28 11:01AM
So can't hope to out DPS Bastion even with getting the drop on him?
krazykiwikid643/28 10:46AM
Peacekeeper banned from console tournaments.
For Honor
Perfect_flame523/28 10:57AM
What's your best 100-gem draw?
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
pjotr2007583/28 9:28AM
To all with Orlandu... Get his exclusive Materia from MOG king
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
olmansilverpant313/28 10:59AM
Was raid matchmaking added for the update?
KingofDungPie153/28 10:56AM
It's release date..So where is the game?
Snake Pass
GoldLiger183/28 11:01AM
Game favors AD Scaling Characters and I can Prove it
League of Legends
AeternaNocturne143/28 10:07AM
New (non-free) DLC missions (pack 1-3 together) are available.
Toukiden 2
ionenwks223/28 10:45AM
The outfit Tataru made for you...
Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
Newbius153/28 10:37AM
Save the character part 2
Tekken 7
KStateKing172163/28 11:01AM
Excuse Me Mentally Not-So-Smart People...
Battlefield 1
BlakToothGrynn393/28 10:48AM
I have to say this.
Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 Remix
CloudyKuchiki263/28 10:57AM
This game is so much better on ps4 pro
Final Fantasy XV
islandstartv123/28 10:15AM

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