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FEH Livestream - Icebreaker
Fire Emblem Heroes
Westy1012067/27 9:15PM
FFVIII Ice Brand & Conformer Banners Relic Draw Topic
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
SolitaireD1947/27 9:11PM
I will never understand the comparisons between Van and Tidus.
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
GeneralFrings507/27 9:14PM
How Does Anyone Get Through the Main Story?
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
BartelX307/27 8:54PM
Worst voice actor in Kingdom Hearts?
Kingdom Hearts III
djmetal777497/27 8:59PM
So Juri's costume was censored all along...
Street Fighter V
iisaniizuka397/27 9:11PM
C/D zed is the highest skillcap champ in game
League of Legends
shokan_warrior397/27 8:57PM
What was your highlight of Pokmon Go today?
Pokemon GO
smeargle123307/27 9:16PM
YR: Nuibaba traps you in her dungeon.
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
Liquid_King887/27 9:15PM
Rank your Luck stat so far
Fate / Grand Order
aivedoir157/27 9:12PM
Special Mission Live!
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
SoulHunter89277/27 8:55PM
This game is a mess
Splatoon 2
astutecollie217/27 7:45PM
Why is this considered a real fighting game?
Dragon Ball FighterZ
ScottSweatshirt267/27 8:35PM
What Pokemon is the hottest?
Pokemon Ultra Sun
ssbmrocks147/27 8:06PM
Your reaction.. When both Daredevil and The Punisher got announced
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
coldshadowater177/27 8:58PM
If Jun came back, Kazuya would stop being a boring, static villain
Tekken 7
Chr0noid467/27 8:55PM
Bat Characters...
Injustice 2
Kahnum_Mileena187/27 8:51PM
Looks like Square Enix is beating a Dead Horse
Final Fantasy XV
InfinityFlame427/27 9:15PM
People complaining about poise
Dark Souls III
Brownstone357/27 8:30PM
Official Countdown to Release Topic!
WitchBaby42001117/27 9:02PM

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