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Goku Black / Beerus / Hit confirmed
Dragon Ball FighterZ
MegamanRockX29212/13 7:17AM
If you were a XC2 Driver, who would be your main rare Blade?
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
6-19-73812/13 7:09AM
Weapon Durability... should it stay or go
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
liberator07143312/13 7:11AM
Still Playing! Part 31(JP)
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
SoulEaterTed44112/13 7:04AM
On scale of ded gaem to not ded gaem, how ded gaem is this game right now?
Fire Emblem Heroes
TheGuyNamedWolf1812/13 7:09AM
Why can't we play as adult trainer?
Pokemon Ultra Sun
Pupropu3412/13 7:04AM
Name 3 characters you want to see them return the most?
SoulCalibur VI
Mikkukan2512/13 6:55AM
MHX not as popular in NA?
Fate / Grand Order
Excenmile2012/13 7:16AM
update is up!
Star Wars Battlefront II
NightSad2912/13 7:19AM
New Absurd topic: Which female for a one-night stand?
Street Fighter V
Jebediah2612/13 6:50AM
will you be getting the platinum trophy?
Monster Hunter: World
i-rock-socks1212/13 7:19AM
Multiplayer Raid Assistance Topic: FFIX Nova Dragon
Final Fantasy Record Keeper
AuraBurqa41912/13 7:20AM
Fuu revealed + SSJ Mr.Satan Clothes + Wig.
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2
PrismUFO1512/13 7:11AM
Does this game have some of the most impressive monsters ever in a game?
Final Fantasy XV
Herrx1012/13 6:27AM
The First Day(s) of Clam Blitz - Your Thoughts?
Splatoon 2
Gigaraver2712/13 6:27AM
Not a fan of Chinese Atom
Injustice 2
Ite1012/13 6:22AM
I'm convinced monster aggressiveness scales with urgency and collection.
knightimex2212/13 6:13AM
wonder how many people still don't know to tap LT to look down sights
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
INFERNO10920001012/13 6:53AM
Ugliest woman in Tekken series!! Vote Now!
Tekken 7
Borutoo7012/13 7:17AM
Is Gold good?
League of Legends
PoorCountry1912/13 6:55AM

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