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Fire Emblem Heroes
  Hot: Free Summon - Heroes with Powerful Specials!
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Pokemon Ultra Sun
  Hot: what happened to the balls that failed to capture something
8.2K 149K 27 seconds ago27s
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
  Hot: The bragfaqs topic for 10+1 and 3* EX ticket hoarders
27.1K 420K 3 seconds ago3s
Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon - Trading
  3DS - Role-Playing
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Star Wars Battlefront II
  Hot: Angry Joe's review......best. review. ever.....
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Actual Poll of the Day Board
  Hot: #6906 - What are you most thankful for?
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  Hot: Interest Topic
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Quality Cinema Club
  Hot: The Asian Cinema Thread
134 4.42K 24 minutes ago24m
Attero RP
  Hot: Attero: TKoP RP Act V - The Enemy of Humanity
8 2.28K 23 minutes ago23m
  Hot: Bot's Domain Party 2
12.7K 334K 6 hours ago6h

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PlayStation 4
  Hot: Your dream games you want.
227K 4.78M 58 seconds ago58s
Nintendo Switch
  Hot: Honestly, this commonly accepted stereotype of Nintendo fanboys being....
44K 1.04M 2 seconds ago2s
Xbox One
  Hot: Digital Foundry--Hitman on Xbox One X piles on the upgrades
129K 2.39M 21 seconds ago21s
  Hot: Favorite mmo combat?
120K 1.95M 2 minutes ago2m
Nintendo 3DS
  Hot: eShop Holiday sales live
142K 2.29M 8 minutes ago8m

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Poll of the Day
  Hot: Favorite Disney villain?
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GameFAQs Contests
  Hot: Board 8's Other NFL Picks League 2017 - Week 12 - Thanksgiving Week
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