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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 05/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     Based on the Commodore 64 version
                     Written and maintained by SubSane
                         Last Updated May 15, 2004
         1.1 About the Game
         1.2 About the Guide
    2.0 BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 Status and Menu Screens
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Items
         2.5 Points
         3.1 Streets of Springfield
         3.2 Springfield Shopping Mall
         3.3 Krustyland Amusement Park
         3.4 Springfield Museum of Natural History
         3.5 Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
         4.1 Level 1 Shortcut
         4.2 Level 2 Shortcut
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION =============================================
                            1.1  About the Game
    Bart vs. the Space Mutants has to be one of the best known games
    in the world. It may be referred to as "that Bart game with the
    aliens", or "that OLD Simpsons game", but chances are if you tell
    someone they'll recognize it immediately. I mean come on, it was
    released for over ten game systems! That has to be a record.
    Here's a description from the manual:
    Hello, fellow humans! Bartholomew J. Simpson here, with a very 
    That's right, man! A buncha slimy, horrible, totally gross and 
    putrid monsters are taking over the bodies of the people who live
    here and they wanna build a weapon that's gonna take over the entire
    planet! Pretty cool, huh?  
    Anyway, yours truly is the only one who can see 'em 'cause of my 
    X-Ray glasses - so it's up to me to stop 'em! I've gotta spraypaint
    things, get radical on my skateboard, use my trusty slingshot and
    in general, behave like a nuisance, man.
    So if you're a decent person, a patriot and somebody who cares about
    this sorry planet, you'll do the right thing. Save the Earth!
    Thanks, man.
                            1.2  About the Guide
    Despite what some people think, all of the Bart vs. the Space
    Mutants games are NOT the same. There are the obvious differences
    in graphics and such, but also some important differences in the
    bosses and gameplay. So, this guide is written exclusively for the
    Commodore 64 version. You can try it for the others, but I make no
    guarantees that it will help.
    I implemented a quick-find system in order to help those folks who
    don't feel like randomly scrolling through text in search of some
    small thing. Just look above in the table of contents to find the
    section, highlight the reference number (such as 1.1), and hold 
    ctrl and C to copy it. Then, hold ctrl and F to open a Find screen, 
    and finally press ctrl and V to paste the number and search for the 
    ===== 2.0 BASICS ===================================================
                               2.1  Game Start
    Press the Action button to begin the game.
                         2.2  Status and Menu Screens
    Status Screen
    - - - - - - -
    The various icons and stats on the screen.
                 Family: The character picture at the bottom of the
                         screen is the family for that stage. You have
                         to collect tokens from the aliens in disguise
                         by using the x-ray specs and jumping on their
                         heads, and if you collect all the tokens the 
                         character name will appear. The character will
                         then help Bart during the boss battle.
                  Score: Bart can collect points from goal items, coins,
                         and alien tokens. The points are used to keep
                  Lives: The current number of lives. A life is lost
                         when you lose two hits.
                   Time: Each stage is timed. The remaining time is
                         displayed at the bottom.
                  Goals: Each stage has certain goal items that have to
                         be collected. The number of remaining goal items
                         will be displayed at the bottom.
                   Ammo: That vertical bar near the right will show how
                         much ammo remains for a weapon.
                   Hits: Bart has two hits for every life. The faces on the
                         far right show how many hits remain.
               Item box: The item box will display your current item and
                         the pause options.
    Pause Options
    - - - - - - -
    There are various options to adjust in the pause options. You have
    to hold down the Action button and scroll down to access them.
            X-Ray Specs: Select them and press Down to use them. This is
                         the default item in the pause options.
                  Coins: Select the coins in the proper places to use
                 Weapon: If you have a weapon, press Action to use it.
                  Items: You can access the various items you collect
                         through the pause options. Release Action on
                         the item when you want to use it.
                  Pause: Toggle ON and OFF to pause the game.
                   Exit: Exit the game.
                              2.3  Controls
    Command        |  Character Action               |  Other           
    Left           |  Move Bart                      |  Scroll numbers
    Right          |  Move Bart                      |  Scroll numbers
    Up             |  Jump, hold to speed up         |  Enter doors
    Down           |  Use items                      |  Navigate menus
    Down + Action  |  Navigate the pause options     |  -
    Action         |  Tap to shoot, hold to speed up |  -
                                 2.4  Items
        Item         |  Purpose of item
        X-Ray Specs  |  See if people are actually space mutants
        Rocket       |  For windows, signs, birds, and other high goals
        Key          |  Go from Retirement Castle to Moe's & vice versa
        Wrench       |  Open the hydrants
        Whistle      |  ?
        Magnet       |  Increase chances at the Krustyland roulette game
        Spraypaint   |  Used to cover purple objects
        Cherry bomb  |  Weapon
        Slingshot    |  Weapon
        Dartgun      |  Weapon
        Coins        |  Used as currency to buy things, make phone calls
        Alien tokens |  Hop on an alien to collect. Used for family
        Goal items   |  The goals vary from stage to stage
        Krusty icon  |  One extra life
                                 2.5  Points
        Action/Item  |  Number of points
        Goal items   |  200
        Alien tokens |  200
        Coins        |  100
        Time left    |  10 per second
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH ==============================================
                         3.1  Streets of Springfield
    Goals: 24 purple objects
    Quick List
    - - - - - -
    1. Spray the purple trash can at the beginning.
    2. Spray the purple window at the movie theatre.
    3. Use a coin at the phone booth near Moe's, then spray Moe when he
       comes out.
    4. Walk across the clothesline next to Moe's to cover a purple
       object under it.
    5. Same clothesline as number 4.
    6. Spray the trash can next to the yellow building, which is near
       Moe's Tavern.
    7. Use a wrench on the hydrant to wash out the Wet Paint sign.
    8. ^^^ Numbers 7 and 8 are from the same hydrant.
    9. Spray the hydrant in front of Tool World.
    10. Spray the flower pot above Tool World.
    11. Spray the flower pot above Mel's Novelty Hut.
    12. Spray the flower pot above the Toys store.
    13. Spray the flower pot above the Candy store.
    14. Bump the paint bucket above the Candy store. It will cover the
        purple awning below.
    15. Spray the trash can in front of the Candy store.
    16. Spray the flower pot above the Pets store.
    17. Use a rocket to scare the bird on Jebediah Springfield statue.
    18. Spray the birdbath just before the Bowlarama.
    19. Use a rocket on the Bowlarama sign.
    20. ^^^ The Bowlarama sign counts for numbers 19 and 20.
    21. Spray the birdbath right after the big E building.
    22. Use a rocket on a purple window of the building at the end.
    23. Another rocket on a window of the same building.
    24. A window at the same place as the previous two windows.
    - - - - - -
    Well then, let's begin shall we? Start by running to the right and
    using the purple trash can to grab the Krusty icon from the top of
    the building. A simple jump won't make it that far, so hold Action
    or Up to speed up for a long jump. That jumping alien is pretty
    slow, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
    After you pass the Shows sign an alien in costume will appear. You
    can check if people are aliens by tapping Down to use the x-ray
    specs. If you see a bunch of wriggling tentacles then jump on the
    head to get an alien token. If you don't see tentacles, DO NOT
    jump on their head. Jumping on an innocent person's head will cost
    you one of your valuable hits, so stay alert.
    With that out of the way you can go ahead to Moe's Tavern, but not
    past the door. First grab the spraypaint can up on the top-left
    corner of the building. Go back and jump to spray the purple theatre
    window, and spray the trash can at the beginning as well. Mind the
    alien, of course.
    Head to the right again and jump up to the phone booth. The blue
    aliens on the ground are no big deal, just don't walk any further
    than the phone.
    So, hold Down and find your coins to make a call. Read the
    conversation, and when you see "Why you little!", get ready! Jump
    to the left and as soon as Moe approaches you, spray him. That will
    turn his apron red and count as another goal.
    Now jump up on Moe's windows and walk across the clothesline. The
    two white sheets will fall and cover the purple horses below, and
    you can also do this to avoid the blue aliens. Make sure to pick up
    the spraypaint to the right and spray the trash can below.
    Hop on the next alien in disguise, but DO NOT jump up in the same
    spot as that first bush or a bee will come out. Go to the right and
    jump up on the next two bushes to get two extra coins, and you can
    get over the aliens by simply jumping over them at their low point.
    Jump up on the last bush in the row to get one more extra coin.
    Now you're at the shops. The first one is a place called Tool World.
    Go inside and use the coins to buy 1 wrench and 1 key. The wrench
    is necessary, but the key is optional. But it's not like there's
    a shortage of coins.
    Go back outside by tapping Down and walk in front of that purple
    hydrant. Get your wrench and use it on the hydrant to get two goals,
    then the resulting water spray will wash out the Wet Paint sign for
    one more goal. Then, spray the hydrant itself.
    Next up is that flower pot at the top. Jump onto the bottom edge of
    the window, then the top of the green door to the left. From there
    you can make it to the top of the window to spray the flower pot.
    Continue to the right and jump on that next alien's head, then go
    inside the Novelty Hut. Here you can buy the optional cherry bombs
    and necessary rockets. You'll need at least 5 rockets, but if it's
    your first time shooting them you should buy around 7. The cherry
    bombs are used to scare away dogs, so buy 'em if you like.
    Now jump up to the top and spray that flower pot. You can get the
    extra life from the right if you're fast enough to run under the
    alien, but it's a risk.
    Next up is the Toys store. Go inside and buy the whistle and magnet
    if you like, but they're both unnecessary. The good stuff is up at
    the top. This jump will be a bit tougher because of that alien beside
    the door, but it's just a matter of jumping when the alien slows
    down. Spray the flower pot, then easily avoid that next alien to
    grab the spraypaint.
    Bah, you know what to do by now. Get on top of the Candy store by
    using the trash can on the right, then knock over the paint bucket
    and spray the flower pot. You can use the same trash can to get to
    the top of the last store and paint the last flower pot, and don't
    forget to paint the trash can. Oh, and also remember to jump on
    that next guy and grab the token... 'cause he's an alien.
    Next there will be some bushes and a Jebediah Springfield statue.
    The first and third bushes will have coins in them, and here's the
    first time you'll need to use a rocket. Position yourself at the
    third line from right side of the statue, then pull out a rocket
    and set it up. Walk up to the rocket to launch it up and hit the
    bird on the statue's arm.
    The next part is a short skateboard ride. You can change from the
    top and bottom lanes by holding Down and pressing Action, but you
    can easily stay in one lane and just jump when a dog or alien
    appears. Remember that the red aliens are on the bottom, and the
    blue aliens are at the top.
    Walk ahead and jump to spray the birdbath between two aliens, then
    jump on that alien in disguise to get another token. For the
    Bowlarama sign ahead you will need to stand between the first and
    second red aliens in the middle. Then launch a rocket to hit the
    sign and turn it red.
    Hop on the last alien in disguise to have all the MAGGIE tokens,
    then continue to the right. It's possible to jump over the two red
    aliens if you walk ahead and jump at the last possible second. And
    if you want them there are two coins in the two bushes near those
    short-jumping aliens.
    You'll run into another alien token guy, and go ahead and get it
    if you still need a token. At the end of the E store you should see
    another purple birdbath, which means you can go ahead and spray it.
    Just watch out for the blue guy walking around underneath it. There
    will be two more coins in the bushes next to the birdbath.
    Now you'll be at a building with three purple windows. If you look
    at the sidewalk you'll notice that a line starts at the right edge
    of the window. Position yourself a bit to the right of the third
    line from that point and launch a rocket at each window to complete
    the goals. Also, if you need to go back, you can use the key on that
    door to go all the way back to the yellow building near Moe's. It 
    also works to go from the yellow building to the end again.
    Go to the right once all the goals are complete.
    - - -
    The boss will throw water balloons at you, and you have the same
    weapon. But, if you acquired all the alien tokens, Maggie will be at
    the top throwing red balloons to the left. If you jump at these
    balloons they will rebound back to hit the boss, and they take
    a lot more damage than yours. Use a combination of her red balloons
    and yours to do major damage.
    The boss's balloons and earthquake attack can be avoided with a
    simple jump. Just jump when you see an attack and keep firing to
    kill him off easily.
                       3.2  Springfield Shopping Mall
    Goals: 23 hats
    Quick List
    - - - - - -
    There's no need for a list in this stage thanks to a cool trick.
    A man will come out of the door, sometimes wearing a hat, and
    sometimes it will be an alien. The cool thing is that guy will
    continue to come out of the door, over and over and over again.
    That means you can walk back and forth near the door until you get
    all the hats and alien tokens.
    The best place to use the trick is on the 3rd floor, after passing
    the pit and platforms. You should easily spot the door with the men
    coming out of it, and best of all there aren't any obstacles.
    Stand near the door to get the guys to come out and collect all the
    hats and alien tokens you need.
    1st floor Walkthrough
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Make your way to the right, and along the way you should jump on all
    trash cans and jump once more to get the coins inside. You can grab
    hats if you like, but it's not necessary if you use the trick
    described above. USE THE TRICK.
    Anyway, the first obstacles you'll come across are two bouncing life
    preservers. They best way to avert an attack is to stand still and
    wait for them to approach. Move to a safe spot under the bounce of
    the first one, then moving slightly left to avoid the second one.
    The group of three aliens after that requires some well-timed
    running and jumping. Wait for the first one to be up of course,
    then hold Action and run forward under the second one. Run forward
    again when that one reaches the far left and the third alien is at
    the top. You can stand under the second alien's jump if you need
    to wait.
    Avoid the next two life preservers to find a large pit and some
    platforms. Let me tell you this one is tough. These jumps are what
    prevented me from playing the game back when I was a kid, and they
    are still no easy task. Unless you use the trick, of course.
    Jump up to the second moving platform and jump up a few times while
    on that platform. It will then fly you all the way to the end of
    the pit, saving you the hassle of having to jump from platform to
    platform. Note: the trick does not work if you have collected all
    of the hats.
    Grab the extra life at the end and jump off to continue. Go under
    the next pair of preservers and you'll reach a couple of moving
    barber poles. Walk under the first two, then jump over the third
    one and land as close to it as possible without touching it.
    Walk under the third one to continue.
    Get through the next three aliens and move onward until you reach
    a store called CLYDE. Quickly jump onto the trash can near the
    store to prepare for a boss battle.
    1st floor Boss
    - - - - - - - -
    The bald man (as I like to call him) is pretty swift and can kill
    you quickly if you don't move fast. Get on the trash can to the
    left as quickly as possible. Wait there to avoid hits shots, then
    jump on his head when he gets near and return to the trash can.
    Repeat the hits from the top of the trash can to avoid his shots
    and move on to the 2nd floor.
    2nd floor Walkthrough
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    You can jump over the walking black shoes when they pause between
    steps, and the small ballet shoes can also be jumped over. Just
    hold Action to make the big jumps and ensure you don't get hit.
    The hopping shoes are much like the blue aliens from the 1st
    floor. Walk under the first one and pause, then walk to the right
    when the middle shoe is on the right. Run under the middle shoe
    the jump hits its crest, then walk to the right and under the third
    Next up are the stomping boots. Simply walk under them to get through.
    You can get under the spring shoes and holding Action and running
    under them as fast as possible. Keep on to the right and through the
    last couple of ballet and spring shoes to reach the BIG shoe.
    2nd floor Boss
    - - - - - - - -
    The big shoe is a big pain in the ass until you get the attack
    pattern going. It's best to wait on the left or right edge until
    the big shoe jumps towards you. Then, with your thumb on the Action
    button to speed up, run towards the big shoe and jump. Aim your
    jump for the big shoe's head and bounce to the opposite side, the
    whole time still holding Action.
    Do the same thing when the big shoe turns around and repeat the
    pattern until the big shoe floats off to the shoe spirit in the
    On to the 3rd floor.
    3rd floor Walkthrough
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    As always go to the right. There will be some more of the same
    blue aliens from before, and their jumping patterns are pretty much
    the same. You don't even have to hold the Action button; walk under
    them at regular speed.
    After the aliens you'll face a few running and jumping briefcases.
    Jump over the ones that run and walk under the jumping ones to keep
    going. Remember to grab the Krusty icon to get an extra life when
    you reach the courtyard.
    The bunny hats actually count as hats, so if you want to grab them
    you'll have to wait for the bunnies to be in the hats. Walk across
    and grab them when you get the chance. That blue alien in the middle
    won't crash down until you get near, and as soon as it goes back up
    you run under it.
    Get across the next part with more of the same obstacles to reach
    another large pit with platforms above it. This one doesn't have a
    trick to get across, which means you'll have to do it one platform
    at a time. The first one is the hardest one to get to, but I used
    a certain strategy. Jump toward the first platform when it starts
    heading down, and quickly press Jump again when you get on it. Keep
    going right and use that second jump to land on the second platform.
    You can try to land and stick to the first one, but I found it nearly
    Once you do get on the platforms the rest will be easy. Regular jumps
    will get you to the end easily enough, but wait for that briefcase to
    walk all the way to the left first. Jump off and go on to the right
    while avoiding the next couple of suitcases until you reach three
    stores that each have an awning. Men will come out of he door in the
    middle, and of course they'll come out one after another. Stand there
    and collect any alien tokens and hats that you still need, and proceed
    to the right when you're done.
    3rd floor Boss
    - - - - - - - -
    The magician is very much like the bald man from the 1st floor,
    except this guy teleports instead of running. Wait for him to
    teleport and he will immediately shoot off a white card, which
    can easily be avoided if you get ready to jump. Jump over the
    white cards and onto his head several times to kill him off and
    move on.
    4th floor Boss
    - - - - - - - -
    A guy dropping suitcases... wow. I think the big shoe was tougher
    than this guy. Anyway, I know you got all the alien tokens, and
    I know Marge is up there. I know it because it's impossible not to
    get all the alien tokens in this stage.
    So Marge will assist by hitting those suitcases out of the guy's
    hands. I guess she means well, but you actually need the suitcases
    to attack the guy. Keep walking left and right to avoid getting
    hit, then quickly jump on a suitcase after it has dropped, and stay
    in the same spot. The guy follows your movements, so if you stand
    there after jumping on the suitcase it will smack him straight in
    the face.
    Keep jumping on the suitcases until the stage is completed.
                       3.3  Krustyland Amusement Park
    Goals: 24 balloons
    Quick List
    - - - - - -
    Once again we don't need a list because the balloons can be obtained
    very easily. Proceed through the first part of the game until you see
    a tall ladder. You can jump up onto the steps of the ladder and hit
    or grab any balloons that pass by, just don't touch the little guy if
    he's hanging from one of them.
    Much like the hat trick of the previous level, the balloons will
    continue to appear from the right, and all you have to do is jump up
    onto the ladder and grab them until you have all 24.
    - - - - - -
    To the right, as always, and jump over the rolling logs to save some
    hits. Run under the little purple guys with some speed, and jump up
    next to that row of white numbers. This is a little game you can play
    to win an extra life. Simply choose a number and hope that the wheel
    stops at the one you picked.
    Walk under the next purple guy and jump at the ducks booth to play
    a shooting game. You control the cross with the joystick and shoot
    the ducks by pressing Action. The goal here is to get 100 points
    in 35 seconds, which isn't as easy as it may seem. At only 5 points
    a duck you have to move that cross around pretty quickly, and since
    there's limit to the ammo you can go for rapid fire. If you do get
    100 points or more your reward will be an extra life.
    Proceed ahead to find a strength game (the kind where you hit a bell
    with a hammer), and a moustache man holding a balloon. Steal the guy's
    balloon (hah hah!), then grab the slingshot from the right corner
    of the prize stand. The slingshot is good for hitting those high
    balloons, but you won't need to. Read on.
    Go to the right to find the ladder. Another moustache man will come
    in from the right, but if you put on the x-ray specs you'll see its
    an alien. Jump up to avoid a hit and pounce on his head to grab the
    first alien token in the stage.
    Now jump up the ladder and start gathering the balloons. This is the
    best spot to collect all the balloons for the stage, so go ahead and
    get them all. Remember not to touch the purple guys hanging from
    the balloons.
    The next couple of problems are up ahead. Don't jump on the tent
    window right away because two small aliens will pop out from it, but
    get your x-ray specs ready for the moustache man. Turn them on and
    jump on the freak's head to get the second alien token.
    Next to that is a small pool and a guy sitting on his high chair.
    He'll be shooting small rocks as soon as you get into view, so hold
    back for a second. His rocks come out at regular intervals, so as
    soon as he shoots one hold Action and run ahead. Quickly run next
    to him and use the slingshot to shoot the white target and knock
    him into the water.
    Jump over the blue alien from the tent and continue on. If you
    grab the slingshot you can use it to shoot the purple guy and balloon
    above, but there's no need when you use the balloon tricks explained
    above. Keep going and jump over the alien and log when you get to
    the fun house door.
    The first room in the fun house will be another game. In this one
    you have to open and close the doors and figure out how to get them
    ALL closed. I'll tell you right now that the prize is 9 balloons,
    but they aren't really necessary when you use the balloon trick.
    But if you want to give it a shot, I found a way to get all the
    doors closed. Use the diagram below as reference.
       1    2    3
       4    5    6
       7    8    9
    For the first part you'll have to open and close doors at random,
    but once you have door 1, door 2, and door 4 open, there is a
    consistent pattern. So with those three doors open, go and close
    door 1. This will open doors 2, 3, 4, and 7. Now close door 4 to
    have doors 1, 2, and 3 open. Close door 2 to close them all and
    score the nine balloons.
    Next up are the steam pipes. Here the steam from the pipes will
    blow you up into the air, but only when you're directly over the
    pipe. The easiest way to get across is to wait for the first pipe
    to blow some steam and use it to get to the first platform. To get
    to the next platform you'll have to wait for the first pipe to the
    right to blow, and wait a few seconds. Time it so that you get
    blown up by the first pipe, then hold Right and get blown up by the
    next pipe. You can also jump straight to the second pipe by holding
    Jump from the second platform to the ground and keep going to the
    right. Use your x-ray specs to the through the moustache guy's
    disguise, then jump over the little purple guys when they appear.
    They'll keep on comin' as you make your way to the right, but once
    you reach the platform you can stand under the arch of their jump.
    Wait for your chance and jump up to the lowest platform.
    Now jump up to the top-right platform and jump straight up to reach
    the next platform above. Go to the right until you reach the
    platforms above Krusty's eyes, then fall straight down in the middle
    of his head. If you went down in the right spot you'll land inside
    Krusty's mouth. Jump to go inside. Wait a few seconds to grab the
    coins hanging from above, then exit to go to the other side of
    Krusty's face.
    Quickly slip on the x-ray specs and hop on that guy's head to get
    the final alien token, and continue on to the right. Avoid the purple
    guys to reach the exit and leave the fun house.
    Jump over the two blue aliens and make your way to the right. There
    will be another chance to get all the alien tokens if you missed any.
    Get the final alien token in the stage by putting on the x-ray specs
    and jumping on the moustache man when he appears.
    The ferris wheel is the final obstacle before the boss. It doesn't
    move, but the jump involved can be pretty tough. Start by holding
    Action to speed up (you don't need the slingshot anymore), and jump
    from the left car to the car in the bottom-center. This one will
    bounce you up, so keep holding Action to keep the speed and bounce
    all the way to the right. Run past the tent to get to the stage's
    boss, Sideshow Bob.
    - - -
    It looks like Sideshow Bob is still trying to kill Krusty, but for
    now he'll settle with getting in your way. Bob's only attack will
    be a jump in the air, and it's really rather slow. You should have
    no problem dodging it.
    To attack Bob you'll have to jump on his feet right after he lands
    from a jump. You'll know if you hit him because he'll jump up while
    holding his foot in pain.
    So yea, it's easy right? Then if you got all the alien tokens Lisa
    will be at the top throwing down marbles. If she's tossing down
    marbles you can pretty much avoid Sideshow Bob and let Lisa finish
    him off.
                 3.4  Springfield Museum of Natural History
    Goals: 4 EXIT signs
    Quick List
    - - - - - -
    1. Over the door at the start of the stage.
    2. Over the door after the lasers, near the start of the stage.
    3. In the jungle after passing the spiders.
    4. After re-entering the museum from the jungle, above the lasers.
    5. Over a door just before the Egyptian exhibit area.
    6. In the museum part right after the mummy fight.
    7. Over a door right after the mummy fight.
    8. Over a door just before the prehistoric exhibit.
    9. Jump on the dino's head to reach this one.
    10. Above the lasers after the prehistoric exhibit.
    - - - - - -
    Oy, let me tell you this stage is a hell of a challenge. It seems
    like every where you go there's an enemy waiting to bite or shoot,
    and the jumps are certainly no easy task. Read on and I will guide
    you to the best of my abilities...
    Start by immediately jumping on the guard (alien) to get the alien
    token. Go to the right from there and stop to avoid the red alien's
    attack from above, then jump over the crawling blue alien. Jump on
    the glass case a hop a few times to get the Krusty icon inside for
    the extra life.
    Now turn left and hold Action to speed up. Wait for the red alien to
    go down and quickly jump onto his window, then jump to the left again
    to reach the window with the gun. This dartgun is pretty useful when
    trying to get the EXIT signs, and you can even test it with the sign
    on the left. Shoot it to get the first goal out of the way.
    Head to the right again and run under the red aliens to get to the
    lasers. The perimeter lasers will head down to the left, but don't
    let that fool you. Pay attention to the holes in the wall that
    the lasers come out of, and run under the lasers when the bottom
    two holes are empty. Do the same thing with the next set of lasers,
    then jump over the blue alien.
    Jump on the glass case and use your dartgun to hit the sign over the
    door for your second goal. Jump back down and cross the last set
    of lasers to enter the jungle exhibit.
    Avoid the bug on the ground by jumping over it and running to the
    right, but don't forget to pounce on that guard for another alien
    token. Two more bugs will appear as you head to the right, as well
    as a mosquito at the tree. Quickly jump over the mosquito and onto
    the tree branches to get away from all the pests.
    The next series of jumps is going to be a pain. Start by holding
    Action to speed up for the long jumps, and start jumping across.
    The mosquitoes will simply fly under you, and there's no need to even
    touch the ground.
    Stop when you reach a large pool and wait on the right branch.
    Eventually an alligator's head will pop up from the water, and of
    course that's your ride out of here. Hold Action and jump from the
    right branch to the alligator's head. It'll float along for a while
    until another alligator appears, at which point you should quickly
    jump onto that next gator. Jump onto the next alligator when it
    appears and ride it until you hit land. Hold Action to jump over the
    bug that's waiting for you on the shore.
    Jump on the guard's head for another alien token and keep to the
    right to avoid the monkey's coconuts. You can pause on the lower-
    left branch of the tree without risking a hit, if you feel like it.
    Jump up when you're ready and avoid the coconuts, then make a long
    jump to the left to get the dartgun hidden among the leaves. Return
    to the top branch of the tree and jump to the next one.
    After the next few jumps you'll reach a field of large spiders. It's
    simple as long as you walk under one spider at a time. After passing
    them you'll see an EXIT sign. Wait under it for a few seconds and
    a guard will appear from the right. Jump on his head to get the alien
    token AND the sign above. 3 goals down, 1 to go.
    The lasers ahead operate kinda strangely compared to the first few
    sets you saw, but it's still not that tough. Just wait for the laser
    at the top to appear and quickly run under them. Then, jump over the
    blue alien and onto the glass case. Hop a few times to get that
    Jebediah Springfield icon and be invincible for a while. Use this
    temporary invincibility to get the last EXIT sign on the left.
    Head to the right again and you should spot another window with
    another dartgun inside it. Walk to the right near the red alien and
    a guard will appear. Return to the left and use the guard to jump
    up and get the gun, as well as the alien token that he drops. Now
    the word HOMER should be completed down at the bottom corner.
    Continue to the right and jump over the blue alien along the way.
    At the end of this section you'll reach the Egyptian exhibit,
    starting with an insanely hard jumping section.
    The red bricks are the spots you can stand on, and for some reason
    the blue bricks kill you. Start by standing on the first red brick.
    Eventually a red brick will appear to the right. Hold Action to
    speed up and make the long jump over there, but release Action 
    while you're in the air. Hopefully you aimed it correctly and landed
    without sliding off (which is why you need to release Action), and
    you get what to do from there. You don't have to hold Action for the
    small jumps, bug anything that is more that one space away needs a
    long jump. Here's a diagram of the floor and the order in which you
    need to jump:
    _______1 _ _ _ _ 2 _ 4 _ 3 6 _ 5 _ _ 7 _ _ _ _ 8___
    Remember not to hold Action after the final jump or you will fall off
    the edge to the right.
    Now it's on to more jumping, but it's not as hard as the last part.
    Jump from the ground to that large yellow platform, then wait for
    the next one on the right to appear. Hold Action and continue to
    easily jump from one platform to the next until you see solid
    ground again. Make a long jump to reach the ground and continue.
    The snakes will not actively attack, but you can get hurt nonetheless.
    Get close to them and make a simple jump directly over their heads.
    They'll turn to face you, but that's it.
    Walk ahead to face the... thing.
    Egyptian boss: Yellow thing!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I honestly can't tell what the hell it is. Anyway, the thing's only
    attack is to shake down some bugs from the ceiling. You can avoid
    the bugs by staying on the statue platforms and continually moving
    from one to another (hold Action for those long jumps). To defeat
    this thing you need to grab the Egyptian crosses that appear on the
    statue platforms. Jump from one platform to the next and keep getting
    the crosses to finish it off and move on.
    Keep moving to the right to immediately fight another boss.
    Egyptian boss: The mummy!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Bah, this guy is child's play. Stand on the platform to the far left
    and use the vantage point to jump on the mummy's head. A few jumps
    and he'll float off to join the other guys you've defeated.
    Walkthrough continued...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Enter the museum area again and watch out for the usual lasers and
    aliens. Jump on the first glass case a few times to get the Jebediah
    icon (and the invincibility that comes with it), then jump up to the
    left window and grab the dartgun. Now continue to the right to find
    a glass case with a Krusty icon and another window with another
    dartgun. If you're still missing an EXIT sign (which you shouldn't be),
    shoot the sign over the door to the right to complete your goals.
    Proceed to the right after you've had your fill of goodies.
    Now you're in the prehistoric exhibit. Jump on that guard to get
    another alien token, then step up to the black river ahead. This
    thing's sort of tough to cross, but after all the jumping you've
    done to get this far it should be a breeze.
    Wait for a raft to approach, then hold Action to speed up and land
    on the raft just as it reaches the right spot. Hold action and
    quickly jump off to the right to return to solid land.
    The next guard has yet another alien token, and after him are a
    bunch of platforms. The pterodactyls can't get hurt by the dartgun,
    so just hold Action and wait for the dinos to pass overhead. Jump
    from platform to raft and back to platform, and continue until you
    reach the end.
    Next up is one of the big boys...
    Prehistoric boss: Dinosaur!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Eh, he's not so big. The dino's only attack is a red beam or hairball
    or something, and they come out in regular intervals. Run to the
    right while jumping over the shots until you're on the land right
    under the dino's snout. Jump up twice to reach a high platform, then
    jump on top of the dino's head. Make sure it's the very top or you'll
    fall down into the hole.
    After each hit you will rebound back to the left. DO NOT hold Action
    during this rebound. If you let go of every button you'll land on
    the ground without moving, but if you go too far to the left you'll
    fall into the black river.
    Hit the dino three times to continue.
    Walkthrough continued, again...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Jump onto the platforms in front of the dinosaur and hold Action to
    jump onto its back. The EXIT sign can be reached by jumping on the
    head, but you shouldn't need it anyway. Go on to the right to run
    past a few lasers and meet the final stage boss.
    - - -
    I'll call him... beardy. Beardy here can be a tough cookie, the kind
    of tough cookie that you've faced several times before. Jump on his
    head once to bounce up to one of the windows where Homer is dropping
    spikes from. Let Homer toss down about ten of those spikes (and of
    course beardy will hit every single one), then jump on his head once
    or twice to finish him off. Stage complete!
                    3.5  Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
    Goals: 16 power rods
    Quick List
    - - - - - -
    1. Near the aliens at the stage start.
    2. Accessed through the left doorway on the 2nd floor. Far right.
    3. Accessed through the left doorway on the 5th floor. Far right.
    4. To the right of the elevator on the 1st floor. Above an alien.
    5. Use the left elevator on the 2nd floor and go up to the 3rd
       floor. The power rod is on the left.
    6. In the same area as rod 5. On the right.
    7. Use the left elevator on the 2nd floor and go up to the 4th
       floor. The power rod is on the left.
    8. In the same area as rod 7. On the right.
    9. Use the left elevator on the 2nd floor and go up to the 5th
       floor. The power rod is on the left.
    10. In the same area as rod 9. On the right.
    11. Ride the right elevator on the 2nd floor and go to the 4th
        floor. The rod is on the right.
    12. Ride the right elevator on the 2nd floor and go to the 5th
        floor. Go through the door on the left and get the power rod.
    13. Ride the left elevator on the 2nd floor and go to the 1st
        floor. The power rod is on the far right above the door.
    14. Go up the doorway on the right and stop at the 3rd floor. The
        power rod is on the left.
    15. Go up the doorway on the right and stop at the 4th floor. The
        power rod is on the left.
    16. Go find Maggie after collecting the 15 power rods.
    Floor combinations
    - - - - - - - - - -
    1st floor: 2
    2nd floor: 31
    3rd floor: 23
    4th floor: 10
    5th floor: 8
    - - - - - -
    Yes indeed, 16 power rods. They're spread out all over the place,
    so I figure the easiest way to do this would be by entryway and by
    floor. Let me explain.
    There are two doorways that you can use to travel up and down, and
    there are also two elevators. I will start with the door on the far
    left of the 1st floor and guide you up through each floor, then I
    will go on to the elevator on the 1st floor, and so on. Just follow
    along and you should be fine.
    So collect the power rod that is near the aliens at the stage start.
    Wait for the alien to slow down and quickly up from the barrel to
    grab it. Jump down and press Up to jump inside the door, then hold
    Up and press Action to move up to the 3rd floor.
    Press Action to get out of the door, then walk to the left and grab
    the yellow box of donuts. Jump back in the door, hold Down and press
    Action to return to the 2nd floor.
    Press Action to jump out of the door. Jump over the blue alien on
    the ground, then go to the right to find a trio of red aliens and
    another power rod. Access the box of donuts from your pause options
    to have Homer crush all the aliens on the screen, leaving the area
    free for you to grab the power rod on the right. Get it and enter
    the door and continue going up until you reach the 4th floor.
    Grab the donuts to the left and return to the door go up to the
    5th floor. Wait for that alien on the right to slow down and quickly
    grab the power rod. Return to the door and keep going down until
    you see the 1st floor again.
    Head to the right once you're on the 1st floor and avoid the aliens.
    Grab the box of donuts when you see it and then approach the
    combination door right after. Press Action to input the combination
    for this floor, which is 2. Go on to the right and you will soon see
    Marge walking around in front of the elevator. Don't worry about
    either one for now and keep going to the right.
    Lisa will appear from behind some barrels to tell you the combination
    number (a bit late, don't ya think), but there is also a power rod
    and some aliens behind her. Go ahead and use a box of donuts to kill
    off the aliens and grab the power rod.
    Now return to the left to meet Marge again. At any point in the stage
    you can enter an elevator and go to the basement to drop off the rods,
    and the maximum you can hold at any time is four of them. But Marge
    is there to help you out. Stand near her when you have four rods and
    she will take them down to the basement for you.
    Call the elevator with the Action button and choose the 2nd floor to
    go there. Walk to the left and avoid the aliens, then take a note of
    Lisa's message. The combination for this floor is 31. Enter the
    elevator on the left and go up to the 3rd floor.
    Walk to the left and jump over the barrels, and of course you want
    to avoid the aliens. Lisa will appear and give you the combination
    for this floor (23), then you can grab the power rod on the left.
    DO NOT jump and fall into the hole on the left because you will get
    stuck. Hold Action, then jump and quickly hold Right to return to
    the barrels.
    Go to the far right to find some blue aliens and another power rod,
    then return to the elevator and go up to the 5th floor.
    Walk to the left and use a box of donuts to get rid of the red aliens,
    and grab the power rod. Go to the right and avoid those aliens to
    get another rod. Now you could take the elevator all the way down to
    the basement or Marge, but let's take a shortcut. Go to the left 
    again and wait by the left wall until Marge appears. She will take
    the four rods you have down to the basement for you.
    Well, if you've been following my walkthrough you now have half the
    rods. Let's continue...
    Get in the elevator and go down to the 4th floor. Avoid the aliens
    on the left and grab the power rod, then avoid the aliens on the
    right and get that power rod. Return to the elevator and go down
    to the 2nd floor.
    Walk to the right and go inside the next elevator you see. Ride that
    one up to the 4th floor. Walk to the right once you get there and
    get the power rod by jumping on the barrels, then return to the
    elevator and go up to the 5th floor. Walk to the left and enter the
    combination (8 for this floor), and keep going to the left while
    avoiding all aliens. Grab the power rod next to the wall and return
    to the right to give the power rods to Marge. Only four more to go!
    Return to the elevator and go down to the 2nd floor, then walk to
    the elevator on the left and go down to the 1st floor. 
    You will now be in a different part of the 1st floor. Go to the right
    and avoid all aliens, or kill them if you have a box of donuts.
    Grab the power rod from high above the door, then go inside the door
    and head up to the 5th floor. Grab the box of donuts and go down to
    the 2nd floor.
    Don't worry about the little purple thing crawling around: that's
    just Maggie. You'll need her later on, but for now return to the
    door and go up to the 3rd floor. Grab that power rod and go back to
    the door. Proceed to the door and go up to the 4th floor. Go through
    the combination door (10 for this one), and get the power rod, then
    return to the door and go down to the 2nd floor.
    Run to the left and input the combination (31), then go get inside
    the elevator and go down to the basement to drop off the three rods
    in your possession. Where's the last rod, you ask? You've actually
    passed it a few times. Go back up to the 2nd floor and go to the
    right to see Maggie. Touch her to get the final rod in the basement
    and finally complete the stage, as well as the game.
    Watch the ending and feel proud: you have just completed one of the
    most difficult games in gaming history. Thanks for playing, and...
    ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS ==========================================
                            4.1  Level 1 Shortcut
    First you need to buy the key from the shops. Once you have it you
    can access the shortcut. You can use the key on that door of the
    building at the end to go all the way back to the yellow building
    near Moe's. It also works to go from the yellow building to the end
                            4.1  Level 2 Shortcut
    This shortcut is for the first pit on the 1st floor. Jump up to the
    second moving platform and jump up a few times while on that platform.
    It will then fly you all the way to the end of the pit, saving you
    the hassle of having to jump from platform to platform. Note: the
    trick does not work if you have collected all of the hats.
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. ============================================
                            5.1  Version History
    May 15: Version 0.9
    - - - - - - - - - -
    Well, here we are. All done. As always, there may be updates.
                             5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to:
    1. Matt Groening. The man created 'The Simpsons' and 'Futurama', two
       hilarious shows that can't be topped. Shine on you crazy bearded
    2. If I thank Matt Groening, then I also have to praise the hundreds 
       of individuals who are involved with the show. To the writers, 
       voice actors, animators, producers, gofers, and every other person 
       involved... thank you!
    3. Wilson Lau, whose 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants' guide inspired
       me to write FAQs.
    4. OCEAN, Arc Developments, and Imagineering Inc. for creating the
       game. Can't have too many Simpsons games, no sir.
    5. The whole freakin' FAQ community for their hard work and
       dedication. Rock on.
    6. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own 
                          5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely 
    respond to any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without 
    a subject. Put 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants' or something similar 
    in the subject line.
                              5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. "Bart vs. the Space Mutants" is copyright © 1991 OCEAN and Arc
       Developments. The Simpsons and any related Simpsons characters are
       property of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
    2. This guide copyright © 2004 SubSane. This guide may be distributed 
       freely as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. 
       It is only for private use and may not be reproduced for commercial
       If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is 
       being displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide 
       removed from that location.

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