In the mirror across the office I caught sight of my reflection. I looked like a deadbeat punk. That made me sore, real sore. So I pulled my rod and emptied six slugs into that ugly mug. It was a dumb thing to do but, hell, it made me feel better. Then the phone rang. I slammed one hand down on the edge of the receiver to make it flip into my hand. But something went wrong. The handset spun across the room and through the open window. I leaned out over the street below. The handset was hanging by its cord one floor down. So I figured I'd have to shout. "Spillade Investigations, whaddaya want" I yelled. It was the start of something big...

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#22 lowest rated C64 adventure game (#86 on C64, #4627 overall)


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#3 easiest C64 adventure game (#64 on C64, #4766 overall)


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