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    FAQ by IceQueenZer0

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    ---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
    The game Centipede has been ported on almost every system known to man. It has
    appeared on the Arcade, for Colecovision, Intellivision, Atari systems, but the
    Apple II computer, Amiga, but here I make a quick guide for the Commodore 64
    which is basically the same as every other incarnation that this game has gone 
    through except maybe the Playstation and the Dreamcast which are basically just
    upgrades that I may cover in 2009.  Centipede would later spawn a sequel called
    Millipede which even got ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System but yet
    Centipede was never ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System itself.
    Centipede and its characters are trademarks of Midway n' all copyrights belong
    to them.
    This FAQ is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen 
    Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission 
    nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    You are a small spray gun in a garden full of multi-legged pests. Your goal is
    to clear out all the critters in a given area. Your main nemesis is the big 
    centipede and the spider. The aliens, beetles, and flies occur on occassion as 
    you advance. You go through lots and lots of color changes everytime you
    destroy a centipede whole.
    Up/Down/left/right = move the player along the screen.
    Fire Button = Fire weapon
    Now the emulator of choice I prefer for Commodore64 is the Hosx64 which has
    made loading this game easier than having to type a lof mumbo jumbo on the
    BASIC screen.
    The field is riddled with mushroom like objects and you need to shoot it four
    or five times to get rid of them.
    You can only move up to 1/4 quarter of the screen while the centipede trail is
    coming down. As you shoot a segment of the centipede, it will branch off into a
    new segment if you shot it in the middle or stay intact if you shot it in the
    head. For each piece that you shoot, it will turn into a mushroom like object
    and the remaining section will maneuver around the mushrooms. When the 
    centipede reaches the bottom, you are in danger as new segments appear at the
    bottom and start climbing up so you have to jockey around the loose pieces to
    stay alive.
    Once you destroy all segements of the centipede, the color of the stage and the
    remaining enemies will change color. There is no end to this game which is why
    we cannot make a real guide for the game so basically the main object of this
    game is to rack up as many points as you can without losing all of your lives.
    Spiders occur often and move in random patterns. Take them out as quickly as
    you can because their point values are random from 300, 600, to 900 points.
    That and it is a total nuisance that can kill you if you are not careful.
    In further levels, beetles will fall down the screen and walk sometimes walk
    down the bottom of the screen till it leaves. Shoot them as they fall to rid of
    them quick and if they reach the bottom, that's your clue to stay away from the
    bottom of the screen till its safe.
    Occasionaly, scorpions will fly across the screen. It's main purpose is
    to give you 1000 bonus points for killing it. Added 2005: After talking to a
    friend about GameFAQs being a jerk for rejecting the original file for calling
    the aliens which are really scorpions harmless, he gave me some further info
    on the scorpions. It turns out that they poison the mushrooms and in turn 
    causes a centipede to nosedive to the bottom directly if it is touched.
    The bonus round consists on a gang of falling flies. Shoot as much as you can
    until they are all gone or until you are killed.
    Extra lives are given everytime you reach the score quota that is listed on the
    screen. Once they are gone, the game is over.
     .   .
    . . . .
    .     .
     .   .
    Points are scored based on the enemy you shoot and below is the point values as
    well as the depiction of each enemy you will face in Centipede.
    Centipede = 10 points per segment
    .---. ---. ---. 
    |    |    |    |
    .   .    .    .
     ---  ---  ---
    Mushroom = 1 point each.
    Poison Mushrooms = 5 points. (Kill these before the centipede touches it or the
    centipede will come straight down ignoring any mushrooms in the way)
      .      .
    Spider = varies (300, 600, 900 points) Yes I know the drawing is cheesy. So sue
        /\  .   . /\
       /      v     \
    Bettle = 100 points
    .     .
    .     .
    .     .
    .     .
    Scorpion = 1000 points (Get rid of them before they poison the mushrooms.
                |   |
           ------  /
     -----/       /
    |      ------/
    Graphics 5/10 - graphics are too bland but hey its an old game
    Sound 10/10 - each sound is identifiable. Centipede has a marching sound,
    spiders have an alarm sound, bettles have the falling sound, etc.
    Gameplay 7/10 - fans of classics will love the game of shooting those annoying
    pests dead.
    Challenge 7/10 - starts off easy then gets challenging as you progress further
    and further
    Controls 10/10 - the controls are top notch.
    Overall 8/10
    Midway - making this game
    GameFAQs - hosting this FAQ
    You - for reading
        	CONTACT ME
    [at] = @ and [dot] = .
    Don't want any email bots.
    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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