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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Thanos6

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    SLY SPY, v. 1.00
    Table Of Contents:
    1) Table Of Contents
    2) Introduction
    3) Story
    4) Characters
    5) Walkthrough
    6) Items
    7) Weapons
    8) Enemies
    9) Bosses
    10) Unanswered Questions
    11) Copyright
    I'm Thanos6.  Welcome to my guide for SLY SPY, Data East's 1989 game for the
    arcade.  Why do a guide for Sly Spy?  Well, why not?  It's a fun game from the
    80's that needs a FAQ, as there are several tricky bits and unanswered
    questions.  If you have any extra questions or tips, e-mail them to me at
    thanos6@hotmail.com.  Oh...and all the names besides Sly Spy, Council for
    World Domination, and Golden Gun, I am completely making up.
    You are "Sly Spy," secret agent.  The Council for World Domination has
    launched their deadly gambit: to fire a nuclear missile and take control of
    the planet in the ensuing chaos!  Only you are cunning enough, agile enough,
    fast enough on the draw to put the kibosh on their wicked plans and save the
    world from nuclear devastation and tyranny!  Good luck, and good hunting...
    *Sly Spy: You.  The greatest secret agent in the world, only he can stop the
    mad schemes of the CWD.  Also known as Agent ???, where each ? represents
    a digit of your choice selected at the start of the game.
    *President Careagabush: I gave him that name because he looks like an
    amalgamation of the United States' 39th, 40th, and 41st presidents.  He'll
    congratulate you when you're done, and possibly he's the one who speaks to
    in the opening scene.  Enjoys screwing with Sly Spy's mind.
    *Council For World Domination: Commonly abbreviated the CWD, this
    organization seeks nothing less than the entire Earth obedient to them.
    They're willing to do anything to achieve this goal.
    *CWD Leader: Mysterious figure who commands the CWD.  Pudgy, balding,
    enjoys a good cigar and villainous laugh.  Likes tying up seemingly random
    women for unknown reasons.  Don't be fooled, he's ruthless and is smarter
    than he appears.
    The game starts off with you entering your three-digit security code, which
    can be any combination of numbers from 000 to 999.  Once you've done this,
    you'll see your character standing in the door of an aircraft in flight,
    wearing a parachute.  You'll be told that CWD terrorists have infiltrated
    the city, and that it's your job to stop them before innocent people are
    With that, you dive into the skies above Washington D.C.  Almost instantly,
    you're set upon by Skydiving Goons, and more rarely, Skydiving Snipers.
    You can move around the screen, shooting your attackers and dodging them.
    The clock reads 49 when you start, and this segment lasts until it reads 43.
    At this point, your parachute automatically deploys.
    You land outside the Lincoln Memorial and are immediately attacked by Brown
    Jumpsuited Goons.  Make your way to the right, shooting them as you go.
    You'll soon encounter a wider array of enemies as you reach the sculpture of
    Lincoln; Fat Guys, Green Jumpsuited Goons, Jetpackers, and Dogs.  Shoot your
    way through the horde as best you can; you may take some damage, but don't
    worry about it.
    Once you make it directly in front of the statue, it's time for the boss
    fight of this level, the ABSEIL ATTACKERS; see the Bosses section for more
    "Great job!"
    There's a between-stages cutscene now, showing you interrogating a Brown
    Jumpsuited Goon, who tells you that one of the CWD's leaders is escaping
    in a black sedan.
    You're now driving down the highway on your motorcycle.  Here is the order
    that you'll encounter enemies as you go.
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Jetpacker (coming from the left)
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker, Jetpacker (coming from the right)
    *Yellow Biker, Jetpacker (right)
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker, Jetpacker (right)
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Jetpacker (left)
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker, Jetpacker (left)
    *Orange Biker, Jetpacker (left)
    *Yellow Biker, Jetpacker (left)
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Yellow Biker, Jetpacker (right)
    *Jetpacker (right)
    *Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker, Yellow Biker
    *Yellow Biker, Jetpacker (right)
    *Yellow Biker
    *Orange Biker
    *Jetpacker (right)
    *Orange Biker
    *Orange Biker
    Once you take care of the last Orange Biker, keep a sharp eye on the road.
    There'll be a strange little mine device coming up.  Jump over when you
    see it.  Immediately thereafter comes the boss, the BLACK SEDAN.  See the
    Bosses section for more information.
    "Great job!"
    Now another between-stages cutscene.  You're interrogating another Brown
    Jumpsuited Goon, who tells you that more members of the CWD are arriving in
    the harbor by boat.
    Your motorcycle has rather randomly been replaced by a bright red sportscar
    that you exit immediately upon arrival at the harbor.  Travelling right,
    you'll encounter Brown Jumpsuited Goons and Tigers, and then just beyond,
    Green Jumpsuited Goons and Orange Jumpsuited Goons.  When you pass by a
    poster of "CHELNOV," be wary; a Fat Guy will attack from the left.  Jump
    over the crate in your path and take out some more Fat Guys.  As you
    continue, a Green will try and attack you from behind, while Dogs and an
    Automatic Punk bars your progress; if you're lucky, he'll drop his machine
    Continuing forward, Goons of all colors will try to surround you on all
    sides when you reach a platform marked "09 DRY."  Fat Guys and Dogs will
    assail you between that platform and a stack of crates.  On the other side
    of the crates, underneath the ship name of "KIKUCHI QUEEN 2", are some
    Goons, Dogs, a Jetpacker, and a very dangerously positioned Automatic Punk.
    Take them out, then climb the ladder as instructed by the flashing red
    arrow.  Some Goons will attack you from both sides as you continue right.
    Take the zipline and land on another ship, and attack the Brown and Orange
    Goons you see as soon as you land.  A few steps further on, you'll have to
    deal with Fat Guys, Jetpackers, and a Green Goon who will try and attack
    from your left.  Jump off the edge of the ship past the multiple "BAD DUDES"
    signs to begin the fight with the boss, IRON ARMS.  See the Bosses section
    for more information.
    "Great job!"
    In this odd little between-stages cutscene, you fiddle with your watch
    while informed that it's time to go swimming, and not to forget your
    So here you are underwater with your snazzy spear gun, in front of a large
    shipwreck.  Swim to the right, looking at the fish who can't bother you,
    dodging a Shark and taking out a Scuba Goon.  More Scuba Goons and Sharks
    will surround you as you swim over a rock outcropping; there will also be
    a DPV Goon that will try to ram you.  Defeat him and he might drop his
    Diver Propulsion Vehicle.  Continue onward, dealing with Scuba and DPV
    Goons that attack from the right, and Sharks that come from both sides.
    Soon you'll enter a very narrow rocky tunnel.  The tunnel is lined with
    several Mines, but you can shoot them to detonate them safely.
    The tunnel is short, and once you emerge on the other side, you'll have to
    deal with Sharks, Scuba and DPV Goons, as well as Mines that are dropped
    into the water and sink from the top of the screen.  Continue making your
    way to the right, past a ditch full of seaweed, and up a "natural
    Descend the other side of the staircase, take out some more Sharks, and
    look at some more fish as you enter the boss battle.  The DEEP DIVER will
    only stay until you strike his faceplate twice; then he'll flee, and sic
    the GIANT MIND-CONTROLLED SHARK on you.  See the Bosses section for more
    "Great job!"
    For this between-stages cutscene, you surface, pulling off your goggles
    and checking your watch.  It seems that CWD's leaders are in the
    Georgetown Warehouse...
    You get out of a sportscar again.  I don't know where that came from
    and I'm not sure I want to know.  Heading to the right, you face Brown
    and Green Goons.  Fittingly, as you approach a poster of "KARNOV," a Fat
    Guy appears.  Brown Goons, Fat Guys, and a Dog will swarm you from both
    sides.  As you reach the ladder, a Jetpacker will join the attack.
    You could climb the ladder, but I advise you to continue right.  Take out
    the Green Goons.  Jump on the platform you see and take out the Brown
    Goons emerging from the doorway, the Green Goon on the edge of the
    platform, and the Jetpacker who will shortly be rocketing up to join you.
    After you pass the door, Orange Goons will begin to come out instead, and
    will also appear on the ground.  Jump over the small spike pit and
    continue right, watching out for Goons of all colors and an Automatic
    Once you deal with some Brown Goons and a Fat Guy, jump onto the suspended
    conveyor belt.  Jump from belt to belt over the large pit of spikes, taking
    care of Brown and Green Goons as you do.  Once you're across the pit, beware
    of Goons of all colors and a Jetpackers.  A little farther on are three
    presses that slam down every couple of seconds.  Navigate your way through
    these; the small jutting section of floor between the second and third
    presses can trip you up.  So can the Jetpacker hovering overhead.
    Past the third press, you have to ride two conveyor belts under a low ceiling
    that's covered in spikes.  This sounds harder than it is; just duck.  You
    don't have any enemies to deal with until you're out from under the spikes,
    some Goons of all colors.  A little further right, you'll come to the area
    containing the next boss fight, the TIGERS BURNING BRIGHT.  See the Bosses
    section for more information.
    "Great job!"
    In the between-stages cutscene, you embrace the hostage you just rescued.
    She tells you that the CWD's Weapons Storage is in "cave," and to be
    Yep, this is a cave, no doubt about it.  Walk to the right, taking out Brown
    and Green Goons and Fat Guys.  When you reach the end of the platform, drop
    down; the platform above you is a dead end.  Make your way down from outcrop
    to outcrop.  One of them has a cave that Brown and Green Goons come out from;
    the next one down has a couple of Orange Goons, and the one below that has
    one Orange Goon.  The next platform has another cave, producing Brown Goons.
    Take a long drop to another outcropping with two Orange Goons.  Be careful,
    you'll probably end up right between them.  The next level has an Orange
    Goon and an Automatic Punk, who has a tendency to hit you as you fall.
    The next jump takes you to the bottom floor, a manmade green-gray floor as
    opposed to rock.  Take out three Orange Goons and, as you begin to move
    right, three Dogs.  Once you pass the cave, an Orange Goon will exit it,
    and Green and Brown Goons will appear in front of you, as will a Jetpacker.
    Jump up onto the metallic platform in front of you.  Atop the platform you
    only have to deal with Goons of all colors and some Jetpackers, while the
    floor contains Dogs, Fat Guys, and Automatic Punks.  Jump off the end of the
    platform as you approach a submarine, but be careful not to land on the Tiger
    that will be making its entrance from the right side of the screen.
    As you continue to the right, you'll have to deal with Jetpackers, Fat Guys,
    Dogs, and all three colors of Goon attacking you from both sides.  You'll
    also meet Pole Goons.  Continue on to the stacks of red crates.  Jump from
    stack to stack, ignoring the Tigers between them, and watching out for the
    Dogs and Green and Brown Goons.  The crates lead to another metal platform.
    Deal with the Brown Goons and the Automatic Punk.  Drop off and take out the
    Automatic Punk behind you, and then start to deal with the boss of this
    stage, WHITE EYE BLACK HAT.  See the Bosses section for more information.
    "Great job!"
    For this grisly little between-stages cutscene, you're at a row of computers,
    examining them closely as you speak into a microphone.  You'll have to enter
    CWD's fortress via the sea, watching out for sharks.  Oh, and the still
    bleeding corpse of one of the computer operators is slumped over on his
    keyboard, but oh well.
    Time for more scuba diving, and if I didn't know better I'd swear you start
    in front of the exact same shipwreck as before.  Swim to the right, dealing
    with Sharks, Scuba, and DPV Goons, and looking at the fish if you so choose.
    After a couple of moments you'll enter a rocky cave that's packed with Mines
    as well as the same enemies as before.  The cave turns into a high-tech
    underwater base before long.  Mines will begin to drop onto the piece of
    floor marked as "3764."  Watch out for that, and for the spiked pistons
    just beyond, which try and trap you inbetween the jaw-like pairs.  Thread
    the needle carefully; and of course, the enemies won't stop attacking
    as you do so.
    Swimming further along, you have to make it through a very narrow corridor
    with more dropping Mines, past another set of spiked pistons, and into a
    larger area.  Mines drop from another area in the ceiling, and the Sharks,
    DPV, and Scuba Goons will be swarming.  Head into the next narrow area,
    under the "5767" marking.  Mines drop again when the tunnel ends, in a
    paired horizontal pattern.  There's just room enough for you to fit between
    Swim along as the path narrows yet again.  Swim between another set of
    spiked pistons into another large area.  Fight off three last Scuba Goons
    as you reach the boss fight.  The DEEP DIVER got away from you before, but
    now that you have him trapped under the exit (as indicated by those bright
    red arrows), he can't escape.  See the Bosses section for more information.
    "Great job!"
    In this last between-stages cutscene, you're posing dramatically with your
    gun in front of a blood-red background.  You're in CWD's headquarters.
    Finish them off.
    Here you are, in the rivet-studded, steel-plated CWD headquarters.  Walk
    to the right, stepping over the headless corpse of Robocop, and shoot the
    Brown Goons that charge at you.  An Orange Goon will appear before long,
    and a Brown Goon and a Fat Guy will attack you from behind.  You'll reach
    the edge of the floor and be met by a Jetpacker, as well as a Brown
    Goon who comes out of the door you just passed.
    Jump off and onto a metal platform that's quite a bit below you.  Brown
    Goons come out of the door, but don't waste your time.  Jump down to the
    next platform, on the left side of the screen.  It contains an Orange
    Goon and an Automatic Punk.  Deal with them as you see fit and jump down
    again; try to aim as far to the right as you can, landing on the
    green-gray floor.  If you miss it, you'll land on a metal platform that
    contains an Automatic Punk, and from there, you'll have to drop to the
    left, deal with an Orange Goon, and take a zipline over a spike pit,
    then you'd have to take out an Orange Goon and climb a ladder to make
    it up to the green-gray floor.
    Either way, once you're there, continue right.  You'll have to deal with
    a huge enemy attack consisting of Fat Guys, Automatic Punks, Pole Goons,
    Orange Goons, Green Goons, Jetpackers, Tigers, and Dogs.  Make your way
    to right, jumping over two small pits; if you fell in, you'd have to work
    your way back up again.
    After the pit, you've made it to the final area of the game, THE NUCLEAR
    MISSILE GAUNTLET.  Some familiar faces await as they try to stop you from
    reaching the mastermind behind the madness, the CWD LEADER.
    The end of the game is just a few screens away.  See the Bosses section
    for more information.
    Good hunting...and good luck!
    *Bullets: The most common item, you'll see tons of these throughout the game.
    They're represented by two large bullets with a flashing letter B
    superimposed on them.  Picking one of these up will get you an extra 50
    bullets for your ordinary handgun (or your speargun, when you're underwater).
    *Golden Gun Piece: Occasionally when you kill an enemy, they'll drop one of
    these, symbolized by a golden eagle (taken from the US Seal) with a small red
    G on front.  When you've collected 5 of these, you'll gain the Golden Gun
    (see Weapons section for details).  You can keep track of your progress
    toward the Golden Gun by looking at the indicator in the upper right corner.
    *Machine Gun: Whenever you kill one of the villains who tries to gun you down
    with an automatic, there's a chance he can drop it for your use.  See the
    Weapons section for more details.
    *Diver Propulsion Vehicle: In the two scuba stages, several of the enemies 
    will be using these little underwater engines that let them move really fast.
    If you kill them, they'll drop it; it looks sort of like a little orange
    blimp.  Pick it up and you too can zip through the water at incredible speeds
    just by steering like normal.  But be wary.  One hit and you lose it.
    *Cola Can: Every now and then, seemingly at random, an enemy will drop a 
    red can of soda with a tiny P on it (hmmm).  Pick it up to restore 3 units of
    your life.
    *Clock: Rarely, a defeated enemy will drop a tiny little timepiece.  Pick it
    up, and 5 time units will be added to your timer (they're definitely longer
    than a second).  You don't really need them, but oh well.
    *CWD Spear Gun: I have played this game numerous times, but I have only ever
    gotten this item ONCE, in the first underwater section.  It made my spear gun
    resemble that of the Diver Goons, and my spears resemble theirs.  I did not
    notice any other change besides this cosmetic alteration.  I shall do further
    research into the matter.
    *Jetpack: One of the most fun items in the game.  You can only gain this by
    killing one of the enemies who's already using this, and even then there's no
    guarantee you can get it.  It's a little red machine.  When you get it, you
    can steer as if you were back in the underwater stages, no need to bother
    jumping.  But again, one hit and you lose it.
    *Handgun: Your weapon for most of the game.  One bullet will kill most
    enemies, except where as noted in the Enemies section.  You can pick up more
    ammo as you go along, but if you die and continue, you restart with 100
    *Kicks: If you run out of ammo, or have your gun knocked away from you (which
    can only happen in a certain boss fight), you'll be forced to rely on kicking
    your foes.  Although, obviously, this lacks range, your kicks are twice as
    powerful as your bullets, believe it or not.  Don't ask me, I don't
    understand it either.
    *Punches: In the very first sequence, the skydive, if you run out of
    ammo--and this is possible only by basically purposefully wasting all your
    bullets--you're reduced to throwing punches.  Then in about half a second,
    the sequence will come to its predetermined end.  Hooray.
    *Motorcycle Turret: During the motorcycle driving sequence, you'll mow down
    the baddies with the gun mounted on the front of your bike.  Not much special
    to say about this, except that if you run out of bullets, YOU HAVE NO OTHER
    FORM OF ATTACK.  So don't run out of bullets unless you want to have to die
    and continue to get more ammo.
    *Automatic: You can gun down foes with gleeful abandon once you get your
    hands on this sucker.  However, you cannot restore ammo for this gun; any
    Bullets you pick up will count towards your Handgun instead.  When you run
    out of ammunition for the Automatic, you'll automatically switch back to the
    *Spear Gun: Works exactly like the Handgun, though just a tad slower.  You
    can even get extra ammo for it.
    *Knife: In the underwater sequences, if you somehow use up all the ammo for
    your Spear Gun, you pull out a nasty looking diving blade.  Like Kicks, the
    Knife does twice as much damage in exchange for range.  However, it can be
    very awkward to use, especially against bosses.
    *CWD Spear Gun: Inquiries into the CWD Spear Gun are proceeding.
    *Golden Gun: This is what it's all about.  Once you've gathered 5 pieces,
    you immediately switch to the almighty Golden Gun, shooting out huge oval
    blasts of golden energy that don't stop for anything, they just keep
    tearing on through the enemies.  They instantly kill any normal enemy;
    against bosses, a single Golden Gun blast takes away 5 units of life!  You
    automatically get 999 shots, but you WILL NOT use them all up.  In the
    upper-right corner, where the indicator for how many Golden Gun Pieces you
    have normally is, there is now a golden bar that will slowly decrease with
    time.  When this bar is totally gone, you lose the Golden Gun no matter how
    many shots you have left.
    Needless to say, the Council for World Domination (CWD) won't just roll over
    and let you foil their wicked plans.  They'll throw COUNTLESS numbers of
    villains at you, from low-level soldiers to the top leaders themselves.  The
    bosses will be outlined in a separate section; here are the typical enemies
    you'll encounter.
    *Skydiving Goons: You'll encounter these guys right at the start, trying to
    kill you as you jump from your plane.  They'll try to punch you for 1 unit
    of damage, and if you run into them, you'll be temporarily stunned but not
    hurt.  Just plug them once and they're dead.
    *Skydiving Snipers: During the jump sequence, you'll also have to deal with
    skydivers who try to shoot you.  You can tell which ones these are because
    they have the guns in their hands.  A shot from them does 2 units of damage.
    *Brown Jumpsuited Goons: The mainstays of the CWD.  You'll have killed an
    army of these guys by the time the game is over.  All they can do to hurt
    you is punch you for 1 unit of damage.
    *Green Jumpsuited Goons: The "hit-and-run" division of the CWD.  They'll
    rush in, throw a bomb at you which does 2 units of damage, and run away.
    If the bomb is orange instead of black, the fire left behind does 2 damage
    as well.
    *Orange Jumpsuited Goons: The most dangerous of the three classes of
    Jumpsuited Goons with berets, beards, and sunglasses.  These will
    actually take shots at you which do 2 units of damage if they connect.
    Beware--they can duck as well.
    *Pole Goons: These guys like to perch atop tall poles and slide down to
    attack you. Once on the ground, they transform to whatever kind of goon
    they normally are.
    *Fat Guys: One of your more annoying nemeses throughout the game.  They
    usually begin their attack by hurling an oil drum at you for 2 damage,
    then rushing to punch you for 1 damage.  One shot will send them to the
    ground, but they'll haul themselves up and go for you again.  A second
    shot is required to kill them.
    *Dogs: These hellhounds won't hunt you.  They'll simply run in one
    direction, unless they meet an obstacle and turn around.  If they meet
    you, they'll bite you for 1 damage.  Euthanize them by ducking and
    blowing their brains out.
    *Orange Bikers: The most common enemy during the motorcycle chase
    section of the game, they'll turn around and shoot at you every now and
    then.  The shots will hurt you for 2 damage every three shots unless
    you duck.
    *Yellow Bikers: These guys will come and leap over you on their bike,
    then speed off the right side of the screen.  Keep your bike near the
    left to avoid them.
    *Jetpacker: These guys enjoy trying to drop bombs on you.  Black bombs
    simply explode for 2 damage.  Orange bombs explode for 2 damage and
    then leave fire behind, which does 2 damage as well if you touch it.
    Tilt upwards to aim for them to take them out when you're on your bike;
    when you're on foot, do a super jump to shoot them down and maybe get a
    *Brown Jumpsuited Snipers: There's only two of these in the game, at
    the boss fight in the motorcycle stage.  Their shots do 2 damage each.
    Duck under their shot, then take them out with one bullet.
    *Rocket-Wielding Punk: There's a grand total of one of these, at the
    motorcycle boss fight.  His shots do 3 damage, and he requires four
    shots to be put down.
    *Automatic Punk: The guys with the red mohawks are the ones who carry
    Automatics, one blast from which can do 3 damage to you.  Duck beneath
    their shots and shoot back.  If you're lucky, you can get their
    *Shark: They won't actively come after you underwater, but if you get
    in their way, they'll bite you for 1 damage.  If you're an
    environmentalist, dodge between them.  Otherwise, one shot will finish
    them off.
    *Scuba Goons: The yellow-suited main enemies of the underwater sections
    will try and shoot you with their Spear Gun for 2 damage.  Take them out
    with one shot yourself.
    *DPV Goons: Riding the Underwater Engines, they'll try to ram you,
    doing 1 damage.  When you kill them, you have a very good chance of
    being able to take their engine.
    *Mines: The red-and-gray flashing spiked mines will either simply hover
    in the water, or will drop from above.  Either way, they explode on
    contact, dealing 1 damage.  Shoot them to get them out of your way.
    *Tiger: Some of the most irritating enemies in the game, the tigers pace
    back and forth.  They don't actively go for you unless you shoot them,
    but if you do, they'll pounce right for you and hardly ever miss, doing
    1 damage.  Oddly, when they're just walking around and you bump into
    them, they do 2 damage.  They'll run faster if you're in their path and
    they take two shots to kill, which must be done ducking.
    Of course, you're not just limited to fighting a bunch of anonymous
    thugs.  You get to take on the big boys, the CWD rulers who plan on
    being at the top of the top once their dastardly scheme has succeeded.
    At the end of the first stage, Goons of all three colors will descend
    from the ceiling on ropes and go after you.  They'll run away after a
    few seconds, but more will descend.  They'll just keep coming again and
    again until you kill 15.  But it makes life easier if you just gun them
    all down.
    At the end of the second stage, the motorcycle stage, you'll come
    across the infamous Black Sedan.  However, just before you encounter
    it, there is a strange mine-like device on the road.  It has spikes and
    blinks orange and white.  If you hit it, it does 2 damage, and there is
    no way to destroy it; you must jump it.  You'll be attacked first by
    two Brown Jumpsuited Snipers.  Then you'll be attacked by a
    Rocket-Wielding Punk.  For all three, duck under their shots, then rise
    up and return fire when they pause.  Both the Brown Jumpsuited Snipers
    and the Rocket-Wielding Punk will switch back and forth between firing
    one shot and firing two.
    This muscular fellow with the metallic forearms can be extremely easy
    if you know the trick, otherwise he can prove a difficult challenge.
    You can only hit him in the air or if he's just attempted to hit you
    and missed; when he's on the ground, he'll block your shot.  When you
    nail him, he'll leap forward and try to strike you.  Should Iron Arms
    connect, not only will he deal 2 damage to you, but he'll knock away
    your Handgun and you'll be forced to rely on Kicks, which will result
    in a back-and-forth between you and he that will rapidly drain both
    your health.  If you keep your gun, he'll hop back to his original
    position.  From here on, only every other shot will trigger his
    attacks.  Stay approximately one-fourth of the way across the screen,
    then when he leaps for you hurriedly dodge to the left so he can't
    connect.  12 shots will put him down.
    At the end of the first underwater stage, you'll encounter the Deep
    Diver (more info on him later).  Two shots to his faceplate will scare
    him off and he'll summon the Giant Mind-Controlled Shark (you can see
    the mind-control device on its dorsal fin).  This is definitely one of
    the harder bosses in the game, as it'll home in fairly well on you.
    You need to, quite literally, swim circles around it, taking shots
    whenever you can.  10 shots will send the poor Giant Mind-Controlled
    Shark belly-up.
    At the end of the fourth stage, you'll be confronted by a taunting
    hologram of the CWD Leader and a helpless, tied-up woman.  No, we are
    never informed who she is, just some generic female that our hero has
    to rescue.  Once the hologram vanishes, two Tigers will be released.
    As you kill them, more will take their place, for a grand total of 12
    in all.  The best strategy is to spend as much time possible on the
    upper ledge.  Jump to the floor when the Tigers have their back to you,
    then as soon as you wound one, jump back up.  When it's calmed again,
    jump back down and shoot it again.  Now stay as near the middle of the
    room as possible, so when the new Tiger comes in, you have a very good
    chance of avoiding its introductory pounce.  Wash, rinse, repeat.
    This guy is ridiculously easy.  Position yourself at approximately the
    middle of the screen and duck.  White Eye Black Hat will toss that
    deadly hat of his above you.  Stand up and blast him, then hurriedly
    duck again before the hat comes back and slices you.  You have to stand
    up, your shots will have no effect on his crotch, against all common
    sense.  Just do this 12 times and he'll go down.
    Here's the Deep Diver again in his high-pressure suit with its grappling
    arm.  He's the easiest boss of the game, no question.  Simply position
    yourself so that your shots line up with his faceplate, and you're
    slightly above the claw.  Just fire away.  12 shots later, he's beaten.
    This is the end of the game.  At each stage of the missile is a
    different fight you must win before the ladder to the next level will
    appear.  Some (OK, most) of these fights will seem very familiar.
    When you arrive at the engines, you'll be absolutely swarmed by Green
    Jumpsuited Goons, Fat Guys, and Tigers.  Gun them all down and clamber
    on up.
    *SSS-35 LEVEL*
    This is another Abseil Attack, no different from before.
    *C3P LEVEL*
    Iron Arms makes his return; fight him like you did the last time.
    He has less life than before.
    Remember the Tigers Burning Bright?  Yeah.  That again.
    Laugh in the face of White Eye Black Hat as you beat him with even
    less effort, he too has less life.
    Here, at the cone of the missile, you face your final challenge...
    There's the mastermind of this entire dastardly plot, smoking his
    cigar and laughing at you behind his forcefield as the clock to
    nuclear destruction counts down behind him and a row of spikes
    slowly descends to crush you from above.  It's up to you to save
    the world.
    Just pump bullets into the forcefield; each hit will make it flash.
    Shoot round after round, it takes 61 rounds of ammunition to bring
    down the forcefield.  If you run out of bullets, resort to kicks.
    When the forcefield shatters, you should have just enough time to
    escape the spikes.
    There's the CWD Leader.  With his forcefield gone, HE HAS NO ATTACK.
    I repeat:  HE HAS NO ATTACK.  You can still kill yourself by jumping
    on the spikes (though I have no idea why you would want to) and if you
    bump into him, you'll be stunned but not hurt.
    So, as I said.  There's the CWD Leader, gaping openmouthed at you and
    with no means of defense or attack.  There's your Handgun or your Kicks.
    He'll go down with one hit from anything.  Figure out what to do.
    Unanswered Questions:
    1) What does President Careagabush mean when he says in the ending
    I "missed a few things?"
    I don't know.  To be honest, I don't think there's anything secret in
    the game to discover, as it's been 16 years and we probably would have
    heard something by know.  My guess is it's just Data East's attempt to
    get more quarters out of pockets.
    2) Who's that woman the CWD has tied up that I have to rescue in the
    fifth stage?
    She is never identified at all.  She's basically just the generic
    damsel in distress...though seeing as how the High Score screen shows
    Sly Spy in a gun duel with a beautiful woman who looks rather like her,
    perhaps she's actually a CWD agent with orders to fulfill a "legacy
    plan" should the CWD Leader be killed or captured?  Food for thought...
    3) In the demo, President Careagabush and his wife are seemingly
    attacked by CWD agents.  How is this represented in the game?
    It isn't.  Either this was just something Data East threw together to
    get our attention, or you have to assume the Secret Service managed to
    blow them away after the scene change.
    4) What's up with the CWD Spear Gun?
    Your guess is as good as mine.  Hopefully I can unravel this mystery...
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 Thanos6.  It may be distributed freely
    anywhere provided I am e-mailed first.

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