Strap on your parachute, man your Royal Marine Spitfire fighter, and defend London during the Blitz with SPITFIRE ACE, an exciting, challenging, and thrilling simulation of actual aerial combat over Europe during World War II !!! Fly loops, Immelmanns, and all the real air to air combat maneuvers using outstanding, out the cockpit 3-Dimensional graphics as you manuever your SPITFIRE into a machine gun firing position on the enemy fighters !! This is no Sunday flying simulation! It requires the concentration and hand-eye coordination of real combat fighter pilot flying !
SPITFIRE ACE is fast paced action that puts you right on the edge of the real personal danger of being shot out of the sky !! SPITFIRE ACE features fourteen battle scenarios from the Battle of Britain to the challenge of the first jet fighter, the ME-262, four skill levels, bailouts, limited ammunition, night missions, full aerobatics, and an unlimited number of possible combat challenges !! One to four players can compete in this exciting simulation for the distinction of being the World's Greatest Fighter Pilot (WGFP) !! Step up to this challenge and show you have the "Right Stuff" of a real SPITFIRE fighter pilot !!

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