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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Umbreon2000

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        S W I S S   F A M I L Y   R O B I N S O N
                             by Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.
                        A Graphic Text Adventure Game for the C64.
              Game Authors: Gabrielle Savage, David Dookterman, Tom Snyder
                          Commodore 64 version by Leonard Bertoni
                              Based on the book by Samuel Wyss.
               Copyright 1984 Windham Classics Corp.  All rights reserved.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by Umbreon2000, is copyright 2004 and also 
    has all rights reserved.  Please do not reproduce any part of this FAQ/
    Walkthrough without permission from the author, who can be reached by 
    e-mailing umbreon2@hotmail.com  
    11/12/04 Walkthrough version 1.2  NEWLY ADDED: Go Fish!  Thanks to info 
    contributed by YourMom, the secret of where and how to fish has finally been
    revealed.  See Goal 5 (Obtaining Enough Food for the Rainy Season) for 
    Walkthrough History:
    Version 1.1  Added: How to get out of the Quicksand, plus rumors of being 
    able to go fishing and possibly build a treehouse.  Thanks to KalPhoenix and
    Amy Robinson (appropriately enough) for this new information.
    Version 1.0  Basic walkthrough, asking if anyone knew how to escape from the
    Quicksand (remedied in Version 1.1)
    1. Before You Begin (game mechanics and vocabulary list)
    2. Walkthrough 
         Goal One: Getting Your Family Safely Ashore
         Goal Two: Building a Tent
         Goal Three: Beachcombing and Finding a Better Place to Live
         Goal Four: Making a Candle
         Goal Five: Obtaining Enough Food for the Rainy Season
         Goal Six: Keeping the Family Happy
         Goal Seven: Hunting for Fresh Meat
         Goal Eight: Finding and Rescuing Jenny
         Goal Nine: Getting Yourself Rescued
    3. Things to Be Aware of While Exploring
         Hunger and Thirst
         Dangerous Creatures
         The Rainy Season
    4. Survival Tips (FAQs)
    5. Credits/Game Rumors
    This game is a text adventure with a limited vocabulary.  No joystick is 
    required; all commands are typed out on the keyboard and executed by pressing
    the Enter/Return key.  Here is a list of words that the game recognizes:
    Chop, Close, Cut, Dig, Drink, Drop, Eat, Empty, Find, Go, Grab, Launch, 
    Light, Load (Gun), Look, Nail, Open, Put, Read, Saw, Shoot, Take, Tell, 
    Throw, Tie, Write
    Please note that some verbs automatically supply extra words when you type 
    them.  For example, if you type the command "LAUNCH" and press the spacebar, 
    the computer adds the words "BOAT TO THE" -- and you only need to type in the
    direction you wish to launch the boat in to complete the command line.  
    Likewise, if you type the word "THROW" followed by the object you wish to 
    throw, the word "TOWARD" will automatically follow, after which you type in 
    what you're throwing your object at.
    You can also SAVE your current game, CONTINUE an old game or START a new one.
    Typing INVENTORY will list all of the items you are currently carrying.
    Nouns - Living Creatures
    Albatross, Bear, Chicken, Cow, Dog, Eagle, Family, Flamingo, Franz, Hornets,
    Jenny, Lion, Monkey, Ostrich, Python, Shark, Tiger, Turtle, Walrus, Whale
    (Note: Actually, the Whale is just a skeleton, and therefore not "living."
    It also appears to have no known use in the game.  Let me know if I'm wrong.)
    Nouns - Food
    Bearsteaks, Beefsteaks, Biscuits, Cheese, Coconut, Eggs, Fish, Lionsteaks, 
    Pineapple, Potatoes, Pythonsteaks, Rice, Sugar Cane, Tigersteaks, 
    Nouns - Tools and Other Items
    Aloe, Ax, Bamboo, Boat, Bottle, Barrels, Book, Candle, Canvas, Cauldron, 
    Cave, Clay, Cotton, Driftwood, Feather, Fire, Footprints, Fuller's Earth, 
    Gun, Harpoon, Hat, Ink Jar, Knife, Latex, Map, Match, Matchbox, Message, 
    Musicbox, Nest, Nails, Pail, Paper, Pebble, Planks, Quicksand, Reeds, Rope, 
    Saw, Shovel, Stalactite, String, Tin, Water, Waxberries
    When moving from one area to the next, simply type "N" for North, "S" for 
    South, etc.  The only exception to this occurs at the very beginning of the 
    game, where you type GO BELOW to get into the hold, and GO TOPSIDE to get 
    back on deck.  To get off the ship after you've built a boat, use the 
    "Launch" command.
    After placing game disk in drive, type: LOAD "WIND",8,1
    Press Return.  When the “Windham Classics” screen appears, press G and wait 
    while the game program loads.  After the title screen, the following text 
    will appear:
    "Shipwrecked!  Fritz, you and your family are perched precariously atop rocks
    just off the coast of a remote tropical island.  How will you get everyone 
    safely ashore?  Once on land, will you have the skill and ingenuity to
    survive in the wilderness?  Can you cleverly devise a way to be rescued?
    Like the characters in the classic book, SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, you'll
    discover a vast, rich new world that is exciting, challenging, and fun to
    Press any key to continue.
    GOAL 1: Getting Your Family and Yourself Safely From the Ship to the Shore.
    Go Below.  Open Toolchest.  Look Toolchest.  Take everything you see, both 
    inside and outside the Toolchest, except the Cauldron.  (Note: You can only 
    Take one item at a time; typing Take All won’t work in this game.)  When your
    arms are too full to pick up anything else, Put All in Cauldron.  Now take 
    everything that's left except the Cauldron, and Put it All in the Cauldron as
    well.  Now you can Take the Cauldron!  Go Topside, and you won't need to Go 
    Below again.  Your Family waits here, consisting of your mother, father, an 
    unnamed brother (Earnst?) and Franz the youngest, who shadows you almost 
    throughout the entire adventure.
    Drop Cauldron.  Take Hammer.  Take Nails.  Take Planks.  Take Saw.  Saw 
    Barrels.  Nail Planks to Barrels.  [You've made a Boat.]  Put All in 
    Cauldron.  Take Cauldron.  Put Cauldron in Boat.  Take Canvas.  Put Canvas in
    Cauldron.  Take Harpoon.  Take Rope.  Tie Cow to Boat.  Take Gun.  Load Gun.
    Launch Boat to the South.  Shoot Shark [or else it will kill your cow].  
    East.  The Turtle is harmless, but it’s also a source of food, so Throw 
    Harpoon Toward Turtle. [You'll retrieve them both later.]   Head South three 
    times.  [Your boat runs aground.  Congratulations, you've overcome the first 
    hurdle by getting your family safe to the island.]
    GOAL 2: Building a Tent
    Put All In Cauldron.  Take Cauldron.  West.  [You see your family.  They say 
    they need materials for a tent.]  Drop Cauldron.  Take Canvas.  Drop Canvas. 
    [Good work, but now they say they need some "sturdy supports"(tent poles).]
    Take Knife.  Take Gun.  Load Gun -- it's a good idea (in this game, anyway) 
    to keep the gun with you and loaded at all times.  Take Flask.  Take Cheese, 
    so you'll have it on hand when Franz invariably starts complaining about 
    being hungry.  When he does, Eat Cheese.
    Take Map.  Open Map.  Look Map.  [It shows you all the squares (areas) you've
    visited so far.  As you explore the island and the surrounding areas, the Map
    will eventually fill up.]
    Go East four times.  [The turtle you killed earlier should be here, along 
    with your harpoon.  If they're not here, they may be in a neighboring area, 
    but only along the shore.]  Take Harpoon.  Cut Turtle.  [You get some yummy 
    Turtlesteaks.]  Take Turtlesteaks.  [Never leave meat lying around -- it may
    not be there when you come back.]
    South [You should see a dried-up riverbed that looks like an old dirt road].
    Go East five times.  [You see some monkeys and a Pebble.  A Coconut is 
    hanging just out of reach.  Take Pebble, and Throw it Toward Monkey.  Monkey 
    see, Monkey do -- it promptly grabs the Coconut and throws it at you (don't 
    worry, it doesn't hit you).  Now you can Take the Coconut.  You may find 
    another Coconut here later, but not right away.]
    Go East nine times.  [You've reached a Bamboo grove.]  Cut Bamboo.  Take 
    Bamboo.  North.  [Now you're in a grove of Sugar Cane.]  Cut and Take the 
    Sugar Cane.  North.  [You’ve reached a rocky promontory.]  North.  [You see a
    nest.]  Look Nest.  [There's an Eagle in it.]  Take the Nest (Eagle and all 
    -- apparently it's very tame).
    Retrace your steps back to your Family.  Look at the Map if you get confused 
    -- your family is located in the westernmost area that you have already been 
    to.  Once you're reunited with your family, Drop Bamboo.  Your family praises
    you and says that they can now build a tent.  Congratulations!  On to the 
    next goal....
    GOAL 3: Beachcombing and Finding a Better Place to Live
    Drop Nest.  Take Eagle.  Take Feather [from the Eagle, presumably].  Drop 
    Eagle.  Drop Harpoon and Feather.  Put Turtlesteaks, Coconut and Sugar Cane 
    in Cauldron.
    Time for a little beachcombing.  Go East five times.  [You see a Tin of 
    Biscuits.]  Take Tin.  East.  [You see a Pail.]  Take Pail.  East.  [This 
    time you see an Ink Jar.]  Take Ink Jar.  East.  East.  [A Musicbox?  Where 
    did all this stuff come from??]  Take Musicbox.  East.  East.  [A Bottle!  
    This will definitely come in handy later.]  Take Bottle.  If you liked the 
    repetitive music played during the title screen, Open Musicbox.  Otherwise, 
    keep it closed.
    Go East six more times, then go North. [You see some Driftwood.]  Take 
    Driftwood.  By this time you should be carrying a full load, so head on back 
    to your Family to drop it off.  Go South once and keep going West until you 
    find them.
    There’s a special event that may or may not occur by the time you’ve 
    accomplished all of the above.  If you just see your Family, the Cow and the 
    other things you’ve gathered so far, Drop everything except your Knife, Gun, 
    Flask, Map and Cheese (assuming you haven’t eaten it yet) and go exploring 
    (see goals 4, 5 and 6).  Come back to the campsite after Franz demands a 
    drink and you Drink from the opened Flask.  
    Eeek!  A huge Python is slithering towards your campsite!  Don't bother 
    trying to shoot it, as you will miss.  Put All in Cauldron.  Take Ax.  The 
    monster is stalking your pet Eagle.  If you Take the Eagle at this point, you
    will save it, but at the expense of losing your Cow.  Chop Python [it won't 
    do any good, but at least you can say that you tried].  Chop Python again, 
    after it has eaten your pet bird.  This time it will die (serves it right).
    Your Family, shaken by this experience, will comment on needing a new place 
    to live.  After all of your hard work to build the tent, too.  >_<
    Take Knife and Cut Python into tasty Pythonsteaks.  Take Pythonsteaks and Put
    them in the Cauldron. Take Shovel.  South.  [Notice the loose earth -- hint, 
    hint.]  Dig.  [You've revealed the opening of a Cave.]  South. [You enter the
    Cave.  It seems nice, and Franz says you should tell the rest of the family 
    about it.]  Return to Family (North twice).  Tell Family About Cave.  This 
    will cause them to haul baggage over to the new location.  Fortunately, they 
    take everything with them so you don't have to make constant trips carrying 
    everything from one location to the other.  Congratulations, you've achieved 
    another goal!
    GOAL 4: Making a Candle.
    South.  South.  At the Cave, your Family is already complaining about not 
    having a decent light source.  It's always something.  Luckily, you've got 
    the means to satisfy them close at hand.  Take Matchbox.  Open Matchbox.  
    Take Match.  Light Match.  Light Driftwood [it makes a nice campfire].  Drop 
    All.  [Yes, typing Drop All works, even though Take All doesn’t.  Go figure.]
    Take Cauldron.  Put Cauldron in Fire.  [Don't worry if you've left anything 
    in the cauldron that isn't food; cooking these things doesn't seem to hurt 
    them any.  Watch for a funny response if you’ve left the live Chicken in the 
    Go North once, then East twelve times and finally South.  [You see some low 
    bushes loaded with sticky white berries.  These are Waxberries, which can be 
    made into a Candle, believe it or not.]  Take Waxberries.  Go back the way 
    you came.  Put Waxberries in Cauldron.  
    If the Cauldron contains Waxberries and String, you should now have a Candle.
    Take Candle.  Take Match.  Light Match.  Light Candle.  That wasn't so hard, 
    was it?
    The best place for the Candle is in the back of the Cave, where it’s 
    otherwise pitch-black.  Go South and Drop the Candle.  Go North and get ready
    for your next assignment.
    GOAL 5: Obtaining Enough Food to Last Through the Rainy Season.
    You'd think that after all you've done for your Family thus far that they 
    would ease up on you a little, right?  Nope, the Rainy Season is coming, and 
    you've got to collect enough food to last through the monsoon.  Once again, 
    luck is with you, because at this point the Cauldron should be holding plenty
    of provisions.  Look Cauldron to review what’s in there.  Take and Drop the 
    Pythonsteaks, Turtlesteaks, Eggs (laid by the Chicken, of course) and Sugar 
    Cane -- this should be more than sufficient.  
    If, for whatever reason, you're short of food (say, you avoided the Python
    encounter by bringing your Family to the Cave before it appeared), grab your
    Harpoon -- it's time to go fishing.  This is an option I've only just learned
    about, because the fish in this game are invisible!  Sounds crazy?  Read on:
    From your Family in the Cave, go North.  West.  [Note the swampy graphics -- 
    there is Quicksand near here.  Be careful.]  West.  West.  [You're in another
    cave with some drippy Stalactites on the ceiling and a narrow stream of water
    running across the floor.  Look Fish.  [You see no fish here.  Like I said,
    they're invisible.]  Throw Harpoon Toward Fish (even though you can't see 
    any).  Surprise!  Now the thing can be seen in your inventory.  I guess they
    lose their power of invisibility when they die.  You can only catch one fish
    at a time (just like you can only have one of any item at a time), so make 
    sure to drop it off in the Family Cave before you try to get another.
    You can fish almost anywhere that water is displayed -- rivers, ponds, the
    ocean, etc.  Sometimes you'll miss, even if you don't already have a Fish in
    your inventory.  If this happens, just try again, or move to a different
    fishing spot.  If you've caught and dropped off several in a row, you may 
    have to wait a bit before getting lucky again.
    When your Family says that they have enough food, don't drop any more, as it 
    would be a waste.  All you need to do now is wait for the swiftly approaching
    storm to begin.  Feel free to explore the island while you’re waiting (see 
    Goal 6 for suggestions), but make sure you head straight home as soon as the 
    sky turns from blue to gray.  If you’re not there when the sky turns black, 
    you’re dead! :(
    If you’d rather not risk the dangers of running around the island at this 
    point, you can keep yourself amused by reading the Book or talking to your 
    Family.  If you choose the former, Take Book.  Open Book.  The Book is sort 
    of a one-volume encyclopedia, and the only way to read it is to type “Find” 
    followed by whatever you’d like to read about.  See the list of nouns at the 
    beginning of this walkthrough for some ideas on what to look up.
    If you’d rather just talk to your Family, you can Tell Family About whatever 
    you feel like, though be warned that most of the time their only response 
    will be, “Fritz, that’s good to know.”  For a bit of variety, try Telling the
    Family about Feather, Eggs, any other food item, Python, and Shark.  (If you 
    Tell them about Franz, you’ll get scolded for being a tattletale!)
    GOAL 6: Keeping the Family Happy
    Now that the first rainy season is over, your loving Family looks to you to 
    bring them "items to cheer everyone up."  What would this bunch do if you 
    weren't around?  Never mind.  Time to go exploring again.
    Your inventory should contain your Map, Flask, Gun, Knife, and Pail.  If you
    like, you can Take the Biscuit Tin along for a handy source of food -- when 
    you get hungry, Take the Biscuits, Eat Biscuits.  The empty Tin can be Thrown
    at the Monkey for another Coconut.
    Go back to the drippy cave where you caught the Fish.  In addition to not 
    giving you a clue about those invisible Fish, the text also makes no mention
    of the fact that there is Fuller's Earth in this cave.  Take the Fuller's 
    Earth.  When you bring this back to your Family, they will say something to 
    the effect that they can make soap out of it.  Whatever.  :p
    Return to the entrance of the Family Cave, but don't enter it just yet.  
    East.  South.  South.  East.  A small river runs here, with banks of red 
    Clay.  Take Clay.  East.  A juicy Pineapple grows here, ripe for the 
    plucking.  Take Pineapple.  The Aloe is only there in case you walk into the 
    Hornets nest (which is in the next space East, so watch out).  If you get 
    stung, Cut Aloe.  You will automatically take and use it, curing yourself and
    Franz of the painful Hornet stings.
    Go back to where you found the Waxberries. (from the Pineapple/Aloe screen, 
    it’s North once, East nine times).  Go one more space East.  You've 
    discovered yet another grove, this time of Rubber Trees.  Cut Rubber Tree.  
    Take Latex.  (This is what you need the Pail for.)
    From the Rubber Trees, go South, then West three times.  You've stumbled onto
    a field of Cotton.  This island has everything!  Take Cotton.  Return to the 
    Cave (North twice, West ten times, South) and drop off everything you’ve 
    collected so far, one item at a time so you can bask in your Family’s praise.
    Hey, you’ve earned it!  ^_^
    Take Shovel.  You'll need to obtain more food, so go get some Sugar Cane.  
    There should be another Coconut where the Monkeys are.  If there's no pebble 
    handy, try Throwing something renewable like the Clay.  No matter what you 
    Throw at the Monkey, it will always toss the Coconut back at you.  Now, from 
    where the Monkeys are, go East twice and South four times.  Holy rice paddies
    Batman!  Take the Rice.  North.  North.  West.
    From the Cotton field, go West five more times.  There's no text here, but 
    see those strange-looking bushes all growing so neatly?  Take your Shovel and
    Dig.  Wow, Potatoes!  Take the Potatoes -- they'll taste good boiled in the 
    Don't go West of here, unless you want to visit the Hornets.  Go North 
    instead, and make your way back to your Family.  
    Once you've dropped off these things, go back and dig more Potatoes and get 
    more Rice and Sugar Cane.  You can also check to see if another Pineapple has
    sprung up in the same location you found the first one, but don’t check too 
    soon.  Don't go hunting (see Goal 7) unless you’ve reached this point very 
    quickly after the first rainy season, since you might get caught in the storm
    if you go too far.  A good way to measure how much time you have left is 
    whether or not Franz has asked for food yet (he does this once per season).
    If you’ve already eaten something, chances are it’s too late to go on a meat 
    If it starts raining and you still need more food, grit your teeth and Shoot 
    the poor Cow.  (She never gave any milk anyway.)  Cut her up into nice, 
    tender Beefsteaks.  Yum!
    Sky turning black and you're STILL short of food?  Reload your Gun and Shoot 
    the Chicken!  *Brawk!*  (Needless to say, you won’t get any more Eggs after 
    GOAL 7: Hunting for Fresh Meat
    The second rainy season passes.  You and your family have survived, but you 
    know you're going to need more than Rice, Potatoes, Pineapple, Coconut and 
    Sugar Cane to get you through the next one.  Sure, you can always go fishing
    (see Goal 5), but that gets dull after a while.  Time to go big-game hunting,
    which means a long trek across the island.  Equip your essentials – the Gun 
    (make sure it's loaded!), Knife, Flask (make sure it’s full) and Map.
    Go to the Sugar Cane Grove.  Cut and Take some for a snack when needed.  Now 
    go South to the Bamboo grove.  East.  South.  A Bear!!  In the tropics, yet!
    Shoot it quickly -- you DID remember to Load your Gun after using it last, 
    didn't you?  Cut the now upside-down (i.e. dead) Bear.  Take the juicy 
    You could go home now, if you want, and forage for the rest of the season's 
    vittles.  But if you want more meat, there's a delicious Lion not far away.  
    Load your gun (as stated before, never forget to do this).  Go South four 
    times.  Go West four times.  There he is!  Shoot Simba and reduce him to 
    Lionsteaks.  Now you're all set for the third Rainy Season.
    Feeling ambitious?  If you’ve accomplished all of the above before Franz asks
    for his first drink of water (he asks twice per season), you might want to 
    attempt to find Jenny (see goal 8).  Otherwise, it might be best to play it 
    safe by sticking close to the Cave and waiting until the start of the next 
    dry season to tackle this time-consuming task.
    If you stay home, and you’re bored with reading the Book and chatting with 
    your Family, you could start the preparations for getting you and your Family
    rescued (see Goal 9), but don’t leave the Cave lest the rains catch you wet-
    handed.  Plus, if you want to rescue Jenny (Goal 8), you don’t want to send 
    out your message in a bottle too soon.  All in good time.
    GOAL 8: Finding and Rescuing Jenny (optional)
    Now that you've weathered at least two rainy seasons on the island, you're 
    probably ready for something more challenging than just doing the same old 
    hunting and foraging routine.  Go back to the Boat, taking the usual 
    necessities with you (Gun, Knife, Flask, Map and something to eat).  Make 
    sure the Gun is loaded and the Flask is full before you set off!
    Launch Boat to the North.  West.  West.  North.  North.  West.  (You see a
    promontory extending into the sea with a big nose-shaped rock at the end of 
    it.  No, I don’t know what this means, but keep going.)  North.  West.  West.
    South. (You’re in a small sheltered cove.)  West.  (You’ve reached the 
    entrance of a natural rock formation, an archway that is the only way to 
    travel further West.)  West.  West.  West.  South.  (Your boat runs aground, 
    and you are greeted by a Tiger!!  You should know what to do: *bang*--*slice*
    mmm, Tigersteaks, they're grrrRRREAT!  This is the last of the meat-producing
    animals to be found, so don’t waste it.)
    Launch Boat to the North.  East.  North.  East.  (An Albatross just landed on
    your Boat!)  Look Albatross.  (There is something tied to its leg — a Rag.)  
    Take Rag.  Look Rag.  It’s a message (what else?) from an unfortunate 
    Englishwoman who needs to be saved from “the smoking rock.”  What’s that, you
    wonder?  Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to find out.
    North.  North.  West.  North.  (You run aground again, near some Footprints.)
    Look Footprints (they’re human, Caruso!).  North.  (There it is – Chimney 
    Rock!  If you had arrived here during an earlier season, the rock would not 
    be smoking, and Jenny would not be here.)  South.  West (you see a hut).  
    Look Hut.  There’s Jenny!  After telling you a little about herself, she 
    joins you, much to Franz’s disgust.  Time to go home and show your find to 
    the rest of your Family.  From that point on, Jenny will be your companion 
    instead of Franz! :)
    Refer to the Map to help you find your way back home.  If the Albatross 
    appears again, just ignore it unless you missed the opportunity to Take a 
    Feather from the Eagle or the Flamingo.
    GOAL 9: Getting Yourself Rescued!
    This, of course, is the ultimate goal of the game, and can actually be 
    accomplished before the second rainy season, if you know just what to do.  
    But then you would never get to meet Jenny and would be stuck with having 
    Franz tagging at your heels for the entire game, and who wants that?? :P
    In your Family's cave, make sure you're holding the Book, Feather, Ink Jar 
    and Bottle.  Open Book.  Look Book (you'll see some blank pages at the end of
    it).  Take Paper.  Open Ink Jar.  Put Feather in Ink Jar.  Write (you’ll 
    automatically compose this message: “Help!  My family and I are shipwrecked 
    on a tropical island.  Save us soon.”)  Open Bottle.  Put Message in Bottle.
    Close Bottle.  Drop Feather and Ink Jar; you won’t need them again.
    So far, so good.  Now you just need to find a decent place to Throw the 
    Bottle.  It's no good tossing it from the main beach near your cave, since 
    the waves will simply bring it right back.  (You didn't really think it would
    be that easy, did you?)  Gear yourself up with the usual survival equipment, 
    making sure to keep the Bottle with you.  Head east, young man, back to where
    you encountered the Bear.  Continue all the way over to the most eastern part
    of the main island, where a black-sand beach with an outgoing current awaits.
    Throw the Bottle towards the Water.  By this time, your Map should be mostly 
    revealed, and the Lion and the Bear should be nothing more than meaty 
    memories.  Say hello to the Ostrich if you encounter it, but otherwise ignore
    the endlessly circling creature.  Ostrich burgers may be a healthy 
    alternative to beef in real life, but you're not allowed to have them here.
    Go back to beachcombing and foraging until you've got enough groceries for 
    the ubiquitous rainy season.  Go home, sit out the monsoon and when it's 
    over, head for the beach to the north.  Walk east along the beach.  Hey, 
    what's that -- a Hat?  That wasn't there before!  Take Hat and go back to the
    Cave. Tell Family about Hat.  (They’ll respond by saying that there must be a
    ship nearby.)  Go foraging, as though you intend to stock up for yet another 
    Rainy Season, but keep the volume turned up!  Eventually, you’ll hear what 
    sounds like a ship’s cannon booming for attention (this may not happen until 
    after you’ve had your first drink of the season).  Search everywhere (except 
    where the Quicksand and the Hornets are).  At the end of one game, I found 
    the Ship right by the black-sand beach where I threw the Bottle, but in 
    another, I had to use the Boat and found it anchored near where the Walrus is.
    Hurrah, you’ve found the Ship!!  You’re almost home!  All that remains is to 
    rush back to the Cave for the last time, Tell your Family about the Ship 
    (they will automatically join you) and lead them back to the Ship.  You’ve 
    done it!  You’ve saved your family, yourself and your new girl friend 
    (assuming you found Jenny).  The game’s ending differs from the book in that 
    the Swiss Family actually preferred living on the island to returning to so-
    called civilization.  You can, of course, forget about being rescued and 
    continue to forage year after year, but if you want the game to end happily, 
    this is the only way to do it.  Bon Voyage!
    Hunger and Thirst
    First off, it is important to note that time passes in this game even if you 
    take no actions.  If the phone rings and you leave the computer for a ten-
    minute conversation, don’t be surprised to see a large, scripted “THE END” 
    when you return, along with the explanation that you have died of thirst or 
    hunger.  Unfortunately, there is no way to put the game on pause.
    Franz (or later, Jenny) will always tell you when you need to eat or drink.  
    Ignore them three times and you're history.  Keep the Flask with you at all 
    times, in case you need a drink and are nowhere near drinkable water.  There 
    are several sources of safe drinking water on the island, and you can refill 
    your Flask at any of them.  Most rivers and ponds you encounter are suitable 
    for drinking and filling the Flask.  You can drink from the Flask three times
    before it's empty, so make sure it's filled to capacity before setting off on
    a long journey.
    When hunger pangs strike, Sugar Cane is probably the best thing to have on 
    hand, as it is a constantly renewable resource that can be eaten raw.  
    Potatoes and Rice are renewable, but have to be cooked in the Cauldron first.
    Pineapple and Coconuts grow just once or twice per season, while the Cheese, 
    the various Steaks and the Biscuits in the Tin are one-time only foods -- 
    once eaten (or stored) you never find another.  The Chicken can be shot for 
    food, but if left alive it will produce Eggs once per season, and of course 
    they must be cooked before eating.  To see a funny response, try Put Chicken 
    Into Cauldron (while it's on the fire), or Eat (the live) Chicken.  Squawk!! 
    There are two Quicksand bogs on the main island.  One is two spaces west of 
    where your Family first made their tent.  The other is six screens east of 
    the Cotton Field.  Both are deadly.  If, while you are exploring the Island, 
    you enter an area that says, "The constant droning of buzzing insects fills 
    your head.  The warm mud oozes around your feet," it means a Quicksand bog is
    nearby.  The same can be said if the graphics depict a bunch of cattail 
    plants growing in your area.  Check your map and make a note of where you are.
    If you want to know for certain where the bogs are, save your game and check 
    the adjacent area.  Once you find it, restore your game and remember to avoid
    that area in the future.  Quicksand bogs are only as large as one square on 
    the map, so once you've pinpointed the location of one, you can check all the
    other surrounding areas without fear.    
    If you end up in the Quicksand, either by accident or on purpose (if you want
    your entire map to be filled up, you must visit both Quicksand sites), here's
    what you need to do: Grabbing the Reeds keeps you from going under, but it 
    does not get you free.  However, your Dog finally gets a chance to be useful.
    Grab the Dog, and he'll drag you to safety.  Or, if you're carrying the Rope,
    you can Throw the Rope toward the Dog, and the results will be the same.
    Once you're safe, get away of there!  And now you know why it's important to 
    keep your Dog from becoming Shark/Python/Bear/Lion/Tiger food.  Good Dog! :) 
    Dangerous Creatures
    In certain different areas of the game, you will encounter a Lion, a Tiger 
    and a Bear (oh my!).  All are extremely hostile, and will attack and kill 
    your Dog if you have it with you.  (If you've already lost your Dog, they 
    will attack and kill YOU!)  Make sure you have your gun with you at all 
    times, and that it is always loaded (once again, don't forget to reload each 
    time you use it).  These animals are also a source of food, so make sure you 
    have your Knife or some other cutting instrument with you at all times as 
    well, so you can cut the carcass into steaks.  If you have to go home to 
    fetch your Knife, the body may not be there when you return.  You will need 
    this meat to get you through the Rainy Seasons.
    The Shark you encounter after leaving the ship is also after your Dog (or 
    your Cow), but killing it will not yield any sharksteaks.  Unlike the Turtle,
    its body does not wash up on shore after it dies.  Pity.  But you must Shoot 
    the Shark or else you'll lose an animal.
    The Python cannot be killed until it has eaten one of your pets.  ;_;  You 
    will have to decide who to sacrifice -- if your Dog is the only animal in the
    vicinity, that will be the one, but since you need it to save you from the 
    Quicksand, you should avoid losing it.  If you brought the Cow (an easy meat 
    source) from the ship, you'll lose that.  The only way to spare both the Dog 
    and the Cow is to obtain the Eagle from the Nest at the northeastern point of
    the island.  Make sure you Take a Feather from the Eagle before you return to
    the tent where the Python will attack.  It's sad to lose the tame Eagle, but 
    at least you have the satisfaction of carving the nasty Python up into 
    pythonsteaks, then cooking and eating them.  Ah, revenge...
    Mind you, there is a way to keep the Python from appearing, so you won't lose
    any of your animals.  Instead of helping your Family build a tent when you 
    first land on the island, simply go to where the Cave will be, Dig with the 
    Shovel and enter the Cave.  Go back and Tell your Family About the Cave, and 
    they will promptly move there, with no Python showing up at all.  The only 
    downside to this is that the Python is a source of food you'll have to do 
    without.  Still, there are plenty of other food sources to be found . . . .
    However, the Walrus is not a food source. If you happen to encounter the 
    small islet it inhabits, it won’t attack on sight -- but any attempt to kill 
    it will be met with fatal retaliation.  I don’t know how a Walrus ended up in
    the tropics, but this one can get rough if you wound him with the Gun or 
    Harpoon.  In other words, don’t bother Wally and he won’t bother you.
    The only other dangerous creature on the island is a swarm of Hornets.  They 
    are encountered one space east of where you find the Pineapple and Aloe.  If 
    you accidentally wander into their territory, you won't get away without 
    being stung, and no matter which direction you try to escape in, you’ll 
    always end up back where the Aloe grows.  This is actually a good thing, 
    since Aloe is the antidote for the Hornet stings.  Make sure you have your 
    Knife with you, or you won't be able to Cut the Aloe, and you'll be in 
    The Rainy Season
    You can't miss the Rainy Season.  The sky will turn from blue to gray to 
    darker and darker gray and finally to black.  All the while, little brother 
    Franz will be giving you updates on the status of the weather.  If you 
    already have enough food to get you through the tough times ahead (your 
    family will tell you when you've gathered enough provisions), you should head
    back to the cave at the first indication of approaching rain.   Getting 
    caught in the rain can be deadly, but so is not having enough food.  You 
    should therefore make sure that collecting food is always your top priority 
    after each rainy season.
    1. Always carry these items with you: Map, Knife, Flask, LOADED Gun and a 
    ready-to-eat food item, like Sugar Cane.  The only exception to this is when 
    you have to carry the Cauldron and the Canvas, as these items are so big and 
    heavy that you can only carry one of them and nothing else.  The Cauldron 
    inexplicably holds an infinite number of items (including the Canvas!).
    2. After the first Rainy Season, only kill one meat-providing animal a year
    (not counting the Fish, which you can catch several of per season).  Once you
    shoot a beast, it's gone for good, and it may take you several years (game 
    time, of course) to achieve all the goals of the game.  When you Drop any 
    food item in the Cave, your Family will automatically put it into storage for
    the Rainy Season.  To keep them from taking food you’re not quite ready to 
    give them yet, put it into the Cauldron.  If you want to eat certain foods 
    like Potatoes, Rice, Eggs, Fish or any of the steaks, make certain there’s a
    Fire under the Cauldron when you put the food in. 
    3. Don't be in too big a hurry to rescue Jenny -- she won't appear until 
    after the second Rainy Season.  You'll know she's there when you see smoke 
    coming from Chimney Rock.
    4. Remember to keep your Gun loaded at all times!  I cannot stress this 
    enough!  Reload immediately after firing it, lest you forget.  There's 
    nothing worse than suddenly encountering the Bear or Lion with an empty gun.
    You won’t have time to load it before tragedy strikes.
    5. However, don't shoot everything you see.  Leave the Ostrich alone; 
    shooting it won't get you any meat, strange to say.  Worse, killing the 
    Ostrich will annoy your family (who can somehow see what you're doing while 
    you're clear over on the other side of the island), and they will temporarily
    take your gun away! You don't want to shoot the Monkey either, as it provides
    you with a Coconut now and then, plus you can't eat it.   Shooting at the 
    Flamingo only causes it to fly away (though it may drop a feather if you 
    didn't get one from the Eagle), and Shooting the Hornets won't do any good.  
    As stated earlier, if you shoot the Walrus, you won’t get any walrus steaks –
    just death.  And no matter how annoying he can become, you can't shoot your 
    little brother Franz.  (You can try, but you'll only lose your gun.)
    6. There are LOTS of ways to die in this game, aside from the obvious.  If 
    you want to see what happens when you do weird stuff like Eating the Feather,
    make sure you Save the game before you start such experiments.  Some of the 
    deaths can be pretty humiliating...
    7. As stated earlier, time flows relentlessly in this game, and even a 
    moderately-long potty break may prove fatal as your character succumbs to 
    thirst, hunger or getting caught out in the rain.  It pays to use the 
    bathroom before you start to play. ;)
    Thanks to Windham Classics Corp. and Tom Snyder Productions for producing an 
    innovative survival game – one of the first of its kind.  Thanks to Gabrielle
    Savage, David Dookterman and Tom Snyder for creating it, and to Leonard 
    Bertoni for adapting it to the Commodore 64.  Thanks also to the late Samuel 
    Wyss for writing the book that inspired it.
    A big THANK YOU goes out to KalPhoenix and Amy Robinson for explaining how to
    get out of the Quicksand by using the Dog.  KalPhoenix also contributed the 
    following information tidbit:
    Do you know if there is any way to build the treehouse?  If you look on the 
    map, on the main island, there is a spot on the map that looks suspiciously 
    like a house/hut graphic.  I believe it is the spot that is a green field 
    with only three palm trees that is one line south of the beach.
    All I can say is, while this would be in keeping with the traditional story,
    I have no idea how to build one in the game, or if it is even possible to do
    so here.  Again, if anyone knows otherwise, please email me at the following
    address, and I'll update this walkthrough once again.  Thanks!
    Another round of applause goes to YourMom, who revealed the well-hidden 
    secret of catching Fish in the Fuller's Earth cave.  Way to go, YourMom!
    Thanks to GameFAQS for allowing me to post this walkthrough, and thanks to 
    YOU, the reader, for by reading all this you have kept my effort from going 
    to waste.  If you do not already own a copy of this game (but would like to),
    check Ebay — Commodore 64 games.
    Comments?  Additional info about this game?  Write me at umbreon2@hotmail.com

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