By the light of your torch, enter an ever-changing dungeon of darkness in search of the Sword of Fargoal.
Somewhere within the bottomless dungeon lies the sword--yours, if you can find it.
The baffling maze lies full on your computer screen--yet shrouded in darkness. Only with each new step does your computer reveal another piece of the hidden maze. As you explore, you discover the mysterious rooms and corridors of each level. Death, darkness and enchantment surround you--with glistening treasures to make your search worthwhile.
Gruesome ghouls emerge from the darkness--trolls, ogres, hobgoblins and more. Face them or flee--the choice is yours. But the more monsters you defeat, the more experienced you become and the more successful your search will be!
Cast a spell to become invisible or teleport yourself to another location. Drink a healing potion or use enchanted treasures. Magic and treasures abound--but first you must find them.
Treacherous traps, above and below, stop you dead in your tracks or send you tumbling down deeper into the dungeon.
Your character grows more and more powerful as you progress from one level to the next. But each time you play, a new dungeon is created and you must begin your search anew.
Always your goal is to find the Sword of Fargoal--and live to tell about it! It will take all your cunning and strength to survive!
- Color graphics and sound
- For ages 10 through adult
- Complexity: Introductory
- Playing time: 30 minutes to hours of fun
- Requires joystick controller
- For one player

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