What is a fantasy action adventure? It is a real-time animated action game that lets you develop your player's skill and power, like a fantasy game, and presents you with a large world in which to travel, complete with traps and puzzles, as in an adventure game.
Your mission is to retrieve the enchanted Sword of Kadash, which is being kept under guard at the ominous Fortress of the Dragon. The guards are of the ferocious type, unpredictable and deadly.
During your search you'll meet with strange creatures and devious traps, magnificent treasures and cursed objects. It is up to you to successfully deal with each of your encounters--good or bad.
For use with keyboard or joystick. Sword of Kadash was designed and programmed on the Apple II by Chris Cole, dynamix, and programmed on the Commodore 64 by Kevin Ryan, dynamix.

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#38 highest rated C64 role-playing game (#1017 on C64, #32121 overall)


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