See, feel and hear all the action! Kennedy approach is the FIRST simulation to include realistic high-quality speech right from your computer. Bad weather, in-flight emergencies, instrument failures and other variables provide an ever changing environment. You control the action in the skies of our busiest airports, twenty different aircraft could be calling you at the same time and may be vying for the same runway! You will hear both their radio calls and your broadcast messages in high-quality speech. All commands can be given using the joystick. This simulation is immediately playable and enjoyable.
With KENNEDY APPROACH you control all the exciting Air Traffic Control action using both outstanding three dimensional graphics and high quality speech generated right from your computer! KENNEDY APPROACH is the first simulation to use high-quality speech as an integral part of the simulation. You will hear all the radio calls and your own broadcast messages in high-quality speech as you control the action in the skies of some of the busiest airports as the Air Traffic Controller! Bad weather, inflight emergencies, instrument failures, and all the other flight variables provide an ever changing environment as many different aircraft vie for the same runways.
The safety of hundreds of passengers are in your hands as you guide jet airliners, private planes, and even the supersonic "Concorde" to and from their destinations.

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