The Soviets launch a nuclear strike against major cities in the United States and Canada. With our own nuclear arsenal dismantled, in accordance with the Salt IV Arms Agreement, the Soviets believe their treachery will lead to total world domination. Our only hope is our space station equipped with stealth bombers, which can fly undetected in Soviet airspace. As squadron leader, you must lead your commandos on a virtual suicide mission. First knock out the Soviet launch sites, then proceed into the city of Moscow. Armed with only the weapons you can carry, you must lead a commando assault on the Soviet defense center and destroy it to stop the attack! Top multi screen action!

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#52 highest rated C64 action game (#139 on C64, #3476 overall)


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#110 hardest C64 action game (#173 on C64, #1850 overall)


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#5 longest C64 action game (#22 on C64, #9351 overall)


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