At First Things Were Just Creepy.
Then They Got Totally Weird.
Running from zombies, snakes, giant spiders and packs of ugly, vicious little round things is tough enough when the dungeons are just mean. But some of these dungeons go way past mean, into the realm of the totally outrageous.
A friend can help, and chances are you'll need all the help you can get to make it all the way to the deepest part of the dankest dungeon.
13 Dungeons
129 Different Rooms
Dramatic Graphics and Fast Action
4 Levels of Difficulty. Easy to Severe.
Challenging Single Player Mode
A Unique Two Player Cooperative Mode That's Downright Funny as Well as Fun.

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#83 highest rated C64 adventure game (#741 on C64, #20598 overall)


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#67 hardest C64 adventure game (#480 on C64, #10401 overall)


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#73 shortest C64 adventure game (#728 on C64, #6542 overall)


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