EUROPE ABLAZE is a complete game system designed to bring to life the vital struggle in the air which raged over Europe for almost five years.
Three scenarios, selected from the various phases of the war, are presented to simulate the changing fortunes of battle as Britain, at first beleaguered by an overwhelming Luftwaffe, finally becomes the bastion from which American and British bombing forces wreak havoc upon the German war machine.
Each scenario offers up to six command positions per side, any or all of which may be computer controlled. The player takes the role of C in C (Air Forces) and/or up to five subordinate commands. The result is an entertaining and rewarding experience for either solitaire or group play.
Major bombing missions are planned twice per day (daylight ops at midnight, night ops at noon) and require target selection, course plotting, speed and H hour determination and finally squadron allocation. Other operations available to strike aircraft include harassment, raid, and recon missions.
Fighter aircraft perform intercept and patrol (both standing patrols and intruder patrols) ops in response to ground and radar sightings. These ops can be launched at any time.
Targets range from city centres (population, industry, communications and port facilities) to radar stations, airfields and shipping lanes.
The weather routines have been carefully integrated into the game system and such occurrences as storm fronts, ground fog and moonlight are certain to frustrate the would-be mission controller.
Each air commander is blessed (or cursed) with a comprehensive doctrine which may restrict his target selection, limit his escort allocation and/or determine the combat actions of his air formations. Sometimes it's not just the enemy which may be overcome, but also your own higher command.

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