'Twas in the year of the Yak that the disciple Kaimen abandoned the one true path of Moebius the Windwalker and stole the Orb of Celestial Harmony. The ensuing nine months have brought devastation and ruin to Khantun, death and suffering to our people.
The self-styled Warlord of the East Wind fled along the four-fold path and has set up his base of operations in the Realm of Fire. He has imprisoned the Holy Ones who keep the shrines of Moebius on the planes of Earth, Water, and Air--and has installed his own evil monks in their stead. Hundreds have died on his crosses of bamboo and the rest of our people are oppressed by his armies of rebel guards and hordes of dread assassins.
Our beloved Khantun groans under the burden of the tyrant's horrors. The rains have increased tenfold and the land is buried beneath ever-increasing forests. The very Earth trembles and shakes as his legions tread upon it. Savage tigers have smelled the carnage and left their hills to come prey upon our people as they toil in the fields and forests. Our rivers and streams are infested with giant water beetles with mandibles capable of rending the staunchest warrior from limb to limb. The dreaded forest demon has returned to plague all who travel the land. Surely the long foretold Age of Doom is upon us!
Khantun has not maintained an army for ten generations. Since the Windwalker showed our people the path of peace there has been no need. Now we are woefully unprepared and the people fall to the Warlord as grain to the reaper's scythe. Are there none among the disciples of Moebius who can help us restore harmony to the land? Can you not save our world?
- Fully animated combat system--martial arts or swords
- Three-dimensional perspective graphics
- Dynamic gaming system with constantly changing field of play
- Two types of magic, plus magical combat
- Missile combat
- Training arena

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