London Gripped in Fear as the RIPPER returns!
The year is 1900 and some of the most famous celebrities of the late Victorian era have gathered at Hampstead Manor to lend their great minds to solving history's most fascinating mystery: who is Jack the Ripper? Scotland Yard has assigned you to the case, and the latest series of clues lead you to believe that the Ripper--in a feat of insane ingenuity--stalks Hampstead Manor itself. Indeed, he may even be disguised as one of the guests! Yet you are determined to track him down, no matter where it takes you, and no matter what you have to do.
RIPPER! is an intriguing adventure with audio and visual enhancements. Prowl Hampstead Manor, exploring its ancient halls, collecting clues and hints, and meeting some of history's famous people. But beware: if the Ripper does indeed walk among them, you must watch your back as well!
RIPPER! is a solitaire game between you and your microcomputer. Match your deductive skills with Sherlock Holmes. Discover who the man is in the straight jacket, and why is that Doctor always writing about dreams? Unravel the mystery of the Giant Rat. Should you trust that dwarf? The answers lie within RIPPER!
RIPPER! is ready to run on the Commodore 64 system with one disk drive.
Playing time: varies
Solitaire Adventure Mystery
Complexity level: 6 on a scale of 1 [easy] to 10 [hard]

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