It is the Eve of All Hallows. Gawain, Knight of the Round Table, goes forth, summoned by Destiny. Across a moonlit plain, a shimmering castle seems to beckon. On its parapets, a breath of breeze stirs a banner. The knight nears the massive door, knowing nothing of what awaits him behind those walls. Soon Gawain will discover what is known to men only in legends--or nightmares. And so will you. As the underdemon, bat-monkey-man, reaches out his gnarled and furry hand to yours, you catch a glimpse of his wild eyes. They are dancing red with the flickering fire of BRIMSTONE.

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#110 lowest rated C64 adventure game (#838 on C64, #33941 overall)


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#9 hardest C64 adventure game (#40 on C64, #180 overall)


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