Animated SequencesTerry O'Brien
Animated SequencesKathy Swain
Animated SequencesBonita Versh
Art DirectorJeff Zoern
ArtistMirena Kim
Associate ProducerJanice Convery
Audio ProducerLisa Brenneis
Executive ProducerStephen Radosh
Hotel Background ArtTrici Venola
Original Game DesignStephen Radosh
ProducerMichael Ahn
Project EngineeringKevin Goldberg
Project EngineeringKevin Va. Hunt
Project EngineeringThomas Lohff
Project EngineeringStephen Martin
Sprite AnimationPat Campbell
Technical Game ProducerKevin Goldberg
Theme MusicJack Levy
Voice TalentJocelyn Benford
Voice TalentMark Graue
Voice: Mario and LuigiMark Graue
Voice: The PrincessJocelyn Benford


Data and credits for this game contributed by PaperLink, BFulks777, DaiAkaNishin, LuigiBlood, Shotgunnova, Blueberry Buttface, Blk_Mage_Ctype, and oliist.

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