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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   | LEMMINGS |
                               FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
             The guide that is the solution to your Lemming problems!
                         Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2002.
                               All rights reserved.
        This FAQ is dedicated to Neal Lundberg, whose floppy drive trashed my
       original version of this FAQ more than a year ago. He will be satisfied
                          with this new conception, I think. 
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
                              A Back Story to the FAQ
                                  Intro and Notes
                                    How to Play
                            Helpful Tips and Techniques
                                 Appendix of Traps
                            Credits & Legal Disclaimers
                              A BACK STORY TO THE FAQ
    It may seem extremely odd for an FAQ to have a back story behind it, but this 
    FAQ is something special to me, something that touches me deep down. For this 
    document should have been published a very long time ago - early June 2001, 
    to be exact. It was all finished up and everything and was twenty-four pages 
    long. Not exactly book length, and I thought it could have been longer 
    myself, but it was a submission worthy of honor in the annals of GameFAQs. 
    With that in mind, I was ready to go to a friend's house. I had the whole 
    thing stored on a floppy disk and the plan was to submit it almost instantly 
    upon arriving at the friend's house. (I was just going to use his computer in 
    the interest of convenience. Since then, everything I've submitted has been 
    off a hard drive to minimize failure of such.)
    I was trying to open up the floppy drive to access my walkthrough, my 
    beautiful walkthrough that I was so proud of, and the disk wasn't reading. 
    Leave it up to my friend to tell me at that moment, "Oh, my floppy drive 
    doesn't work."
    MY FLOPPY DRIVE DOESN'T WORK. What made it worse was how nonchalantly he said 
    I remember it like it was yesterday. Several frightening blue error screens 
    followed, and when I got the disk into a working floppy drive and opened up 
    the A: window, nothing was on the disk. 24 pages of work, translating to 
    nearly five hours of my life (I'm good at Lemmings, so I completed it pretty 
    fast), was gone. Totally wiped off the face of the earth. Fortunately, I 
    don't harbor resentment about these kinds of things, and I just learned never 
    to use that friend's floppy drive again.
    Since that horrifying incident, however, he's gotten a new computer with 
    Windows XP and a working A: drive, and I've learned not to rely on floppy 
    disks to hold FAQs unless I'm transferring it from one comp to another. 
    Everything is okay now, and it is with a shattering burst of revitalized 
    energy that I am re-introducing the Definitive Lemmings FAQ & Walkthrough, 
    which should have been my first FAQ ever (King's Quest V now holds that 
    honor), but will now become my 23rd published document on the Internet. 
    You may see this entire spiel as pointless rambling and take no interest 
    whatsoever in it. I don't care what others' opinions are; this section is up 
    here to serve as a memorial to the original walkthrough, and I find it 
    important to only myself to recognize this lost work. If you have had an FAQ 
    slip through your fingers at some point and you sympathize with me, that's 
    great. I just wanted to remember what should have been available to the 
    Public Gaming Domain a long time ago. With this revisited walkthrough, I've 
    been able to expand on the original text, add things that I didn't have the 
    foresight to add the first time around, and make things easier to understand 
    for everybody, myself included. That's the story behind this FAQ. I hope you 
    find it useful in all its aspects, and I would like to hear from anyone with 
    questions at any time. My inbox is open.
    7-22-02: What an idiot I am! In the rush to get this FAQ submitted, I forgot
             that I had left the solution to 3 Mayhem ("It's hero time!") in a
             state of incompletion. Fortunately, I spotted it, replayed the 
             level, added the solution, and the mistake has been rectified. This 
             is now truly the Definitive Lemmings Guide.
                                  INTRO AND NOTES
    Now that you've read or skipped completely over the back story, you probably 
    already know whether you read it or not that this is an FAQ/walkthrough for 
    the original Lemmings, published in 1991 by Psygnosis and re-released in CD 
    format by Slash in 1995. That CD also includes the pseudo-sequel "Oh No! More 
    Lemmings", a game I would enjoy giving the FAQ treatment to as well since it 
    is much harder than its predecessor. Within this walkthrough lies the answer 
    to any question you could possibly come up with. My walkthroughs all have 
    different issues to tackle, and some of these can cause confusion at some 
    point, so I like to add these notes prior to the walkthrough so that nobody 
    e-mails me with questions I find annoying. We'll get to those notes in a 
    On an unrelated topic, those of you that are familiar with my game-related 
    works on the Internet will now notice a more-than-subtle change in format 
    from my other 22 FAQs. Using Word, I've tried to get the section headers as 
    centered as possible without automatically formatting it that way, and two 
    lines of dashes now visibly separate the different sections, so that it 
    doesn't all look like one massive document with no pauses. I hope this is 
    more helpful for everyone, not to mention easier on the eyes. If you like 
    what you see, give me some feedback at the e-mail address in the notes below.
    Speaking of those notes, here they are, in no particular order:
    ** Some of this walkthrough is written from memory, but what I wasn't able to
       recall from the recesses of my brain, I replayed using the CD version of
       Lemmings, released by the Slash Corporation in 1995. There are a few
       changes in it from the floppy disk DOS version that may seem minor but can
       lead to big screw-ups if those differences aren't distinguished. A prime
       example is that on the Slash CD, the splat distance has been increased
       slightly, so the Lemmings can fall a little farther without dying. If you
       are playing the floppy disk DOS version, I will indicate when these
       changes have a notable impact on a level's solution (example: 13 Fun).
    ** If you are playing with the floppy disk DOS version, you will occasionally
       be asked to insert the disk in order for the program to run. This is 
       merely a form of copy-protection. Just keep it in an easy-to-find place at  
       all times.
    ** Multitasking is essential to victory in some levels. If you're not sure of
       the techniques that will lead all the Lemmings to the exit in cases of
       extreme duress, look at the Helpful Tips and Techniques section. This has
       a veritable encyclopedia of little hints and cool tricks that will help
       you out when trying to beat those hardcore levels.
    ** Of course, if you've never played Lemmings or any of its variants ever in
       your life, you'll want to take a look at the How to Play section.
    ** Not sure what some of those contraptions that are killing your Lemmings
       are? Look in the Appendix of Traps for more details.
    ** I have seen some walkthroughs for Lemmings before, and the level solutions
       appear to be jumbled together in a mess of steps I find unsatisfactory and
       not conducive to helping anyone in any way. Therefore, instead of a long
       and messy paragraph for every single level, level solutions will be
       presented in an easily comprehensible step-by-step format. To make optimum
       use of the step-by-step, try printing out only the part you need help with
       and crossing out or highlighting each step as you complete it.
    ** All steps will be preceded by a plus sign (+) to tell them apart.
    ** Within this walkthrough, you will get to see a level's vital statistics
       (how many, percentage to save, release rate, time allotted, difficulty
       rating) along with the level solution. It will look like the following
       Reasonable Facsimile that I have constructed:
          LEVEL #   LEVEL NAME
          NUMBER (TO BE SAVED)
       I don't have to list the difficulty rating - the level will be filed under
       the appropriate subsection.
    ** No passwords are provided in this walkthrough. They can be easily written
       down after you complete a level.
    ** I haven't said this of any of my other walkthroughs, but I've heard it in
       various places and it's true: don't read through this entire thing before
       playing and then leap into Lemmings expecting to do a phenomenal job on
       every level. To read the whole document before playing the game may spoil 
       many of the game's better elements for you. Only find that which pertains
       to your current problem and nothing more.
    ** Finally, the biggest thing about this document: contacting me with
       relevant questions about it. If for some reason you feel an undying urge
       to get a hold of me with your questions, comments, requests, suggestions,
       errors you feel compelled to point out, and all other general forms of
       feedback, just send your message to <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. I went to
       great pains to explain what I like to see in your e-mail in my last
       walkthrough, and I will reiterate those two points here.
          1. Whatever your e-mail is in relation to, I want that in the subject
             line. If it's not there, your e-mail will most likely get deleted
             as soon as I see it. It's nothing personal against you. I just need
             to be able to scope out the FAQ stuff in the midst of the myriad
             spam I've been getting the past few months. At the very least,  
             mentioning the name of the game you're having trouble with will help 
             me out in that area. If you don't want what you've sent me to be
             considered bulk mail, then follow this criterion and I'll read it.
          2. Reading your mail, however, does not necessarily guarantee a kindly
             worded reply. Before you click that Send button, TRIPLE-CHECK to
             make absolutely positive that what you're asking me hasn't already
             been answered in the text of the walkthrough. I hate it when I get
             stupid questions. I will more than likely answer them with extreme
             indifference or a small degree of rudeness. It has happened, and
             those at the brunt of my written attacks have been none too happy
             with my tone. They shouldn't be - I wasn't trying to be anything but
             rude. Since you now know what you'll get if you are careless in
             sending your e-mail, I expect relevant, intelligent, thought-out
             queries to come my way. You have been warned.
               If you happen to send me something that I may have carelessly
             excluded from this or any of my walkthroughs, tell me. Before
             updating, I'll confirm what you've told me to see if it works out,
             and if it does, you will be rightly credited for your input.
    ** That should be all for now, so enjoy busting your brain with ... er,
       I mean, _playing_ Lemmings!
                                    HOW TO PLAY
    Even upon first glance, Lemmings doesn't appear to be a difficult game to 
    learn. The first thing we will do to get you into the Lemmings groove is 
    familiarize you with all the game's screens. These include the title screen, 
    the screen you see just before entering a level, and the actual field of 
    play. Listed below are those screens and Reasonable Facsimiles of them, in 
    the order I just ran them off in.
         1. The Title Screen
             F1-----------o  F2-----------o  F3-----------o  o-------------o
             |            |  |            |  |            |  | (up)        |
             |  1-Player  |  |    New     |  |            |  |        FUN  |
             |            |  |   Level    |  |            |  | (down)o-----|
             o------------o  o------------o  o------------o  o-------------o
                             ESC----------o  F4-----------o
                             |            |  |pictures of |
                             |    Exit    |  | methods of |
                             |    DOS     |  |  control   |
                             o------------o  o------------o
         -> 1-Player is simply the PC version's way of saying this is how to
            start the game. There is no 2-player mode in Lemmings (although that
            would be VERY interesting to see implemented). In the Macintosh
            version, this button says Let's Go! Press F1 to start on the first
            level (or the level you have entered a password for).
         -> New Level will not let you make new levels as you might think -
            though there is a utility that lets you do just that for Lemmings.
            This is where you enter passwords. Make sure you enter the ten-letter 
            code correctly or you won't be able to go to the level you were    
         -> I left the F3 box blank because that's usually how I see it. However,
            if you press F3, you will see that blank space, a musical note, and
            "FX" there. You can toggle between no music at all, music and sound
            effects, or just sound effects. There is no option for music only.
         -> Press Up and Down to choose the difficulty you want to play at. If
            you choose a difficulty rating without entering a password, you will
            start on level 1 of that set of levels.
         -> Press Esc to leave Lemmings when your brain is totally destroyed by
            the intense difficulty or when the real world beckons you.
         -> F4 will let you select and calibrate the control method of your
            choice. I recommend the mouse.
         2. The Vital Statistics Screen
               |                                                      |
               |                       (map)                          |
               |                                                      |
                               Number of Lemmings  ??
                               % To Be Saved       ??
                               Release Rate        ??
                               Time         ? Minutes
                               Rating              --
         -> The map gives you a small-scale model of the level, giving you the
            opportunity to soak it all in and see if you're ready for it.
         -> There can be anywhere from eighty whole Lemmings in a level to just
            one. This is the first number you see there.
         -> Out of however many Lemmings you are required to save, a certain
            percentage of them have to make it to a designated point intact. This
            percentage is given to you in the % To Be Saved blank. Often, it will
            be in the range of 10-100%.
         -> "Release rate" is a term for how fast the Lemmings will fall out of
            the hatch at the beginning of the level. The number will always be in
            the range of 1 to 99. 1 is the absolute slowest setting - about one
            Lemming every two-and-a-half seconds. At 99, they will flood out
            uncontrollably. This is a setting best used to empty the remaining
            Lemmings out of the hatch once a path has been forged, but several
            levels start out at this speed, and you'll have to work with it,
            because the release rate cannot be lowered past the level's initial
         -> Time amounts in this game are always listed in whole integers. The
            amount of time you have to beat a level may be anywhere from a paltry
            one minute to a whopping nine.
         -> Ratings are simply to tell you what difficulty a level has been
            deemed to be. The four difficulty settings in this game are Fun,
            Tricky, Taxing, and Mayhem.
         3. The Field of Play
                              a portion of the gaming area
           | + | - |CLI|FLO|BOM|BLK|BLD|BSH|MIN|DIG|   |   |              |
           |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |PSE|NUK|   mini-map   |
           |???|???|???|???|???|???|???|???|???|???|   |   |              |
         -> The plus and minus signs represent the release rate. By clicking the 
            corresponding button, you can either increase or decrease it. Recall
            that you can't put it below the initial speed for that level, nor can
            you put it above 99.
         -> CLI stands for Climber. When applied to a Lemming, that Lemming will
            take on the ability to scale walls. This ability lasts until the end
            of the level.
         -> FLO stands for Floater. When a Lemming who is a floater falls from a
            large distance, it will deploy a parachute-like umbrella that allows
            them to fall any distance without splatting. Like the ability to
            climb, this lasts until the end of a level.
         SPECIAL NOTE: When a Lemming has both the ability to climb and float, it
         will be labeled an Athlete by the game. I use this term as well, so it
         would be a good idea for you to learn it as well. An Athlete is just a
         Lemming that is both a climber and a floater.
         -> BOM stands for Bomber. Any Lemming that is made a bomber immediately
            affects a five-second fuse. Although usually applied to blockers,
            situations do arise where you will have to make walkers into bombers
            as well. At the end of the five-second fuse, the Lemming blows up.
            Generally, you should try to use as few that you are given as you 
            can. Lemmings can't bomb through steel under normal circumstances.
         -> BLK stands for Blocker. Any Lemming that is made a blocker is frozen
            in place semi-permanently (special situations sometimes make blockers
            into walkers). Any walker or other Lemming that runs into a blocker
            will turn around and go in the other direction. Blockers are not
            always available to you or cannot be used in the interest of saving
            enough Lemmings, so creative ways of encasing groups of Lemmings may
            sometimes have to be found.
         -> BLD stands for Builder. One builder can construct a 45-degree bridge
            comprised of twelve tiles. If you have sound effects on, you will
            hear a clicking when a builder is about to run out of tiles, in which
            case you need to listen should you have to keep building a bridge.
            I would consider builders the most common task assigned to Lemmings,
            so they play a very important role in getting Lemmings to the exit.
         -> BSH stands for Basher. Bashers punch through walls in a horizontal
            line until they get to the end of the wall. The other Lemmings can
            then walk through the narrow tunnel that the basher makes. Lemmings
            can't bash through steel under normal circumstances.
         -> MIN stands for Miner (not the under-18 kind - like a coal miner).
            With pick-ax in hand, a Lemming will mine a diagonal tunnel downward 
            in the direction it was facing when you clicked on it. Lemmings can't
            mine through steel under normal circumstances.
         -> DIG stands for ... well, Digger. Any Lemming turned into a digger
            immediately takes to digging a tunnel straight down through the
            terrain below it. Lemmings can't dig through steel under normal
         -> PSE stands for Pause, which in this game has an icon that looks like
            a tiny set of paws. (Get the joke? Yeah, I know, it's bad.)
         -> NUK stands for Nuke. This is to be used in situations when no more
            Lemmings can possibly be saved or when you feel like looking at a
            thoroughly amusing pyrotechnic displays on days other than the Fourth
            of July. When you double-click this button or press F12, all the
            Lemmings onscreen become bombers with five-second fuses above their
            heads. Lemmings will also cease coming out of the hatch if they are
            still in the process of doing so. After five seconds, every single
            Lemming will blow up in an impressive fireworks display, and you will
            be sent to the accountability screen, which tells you how many were
            saved and accounted for.
         SPECIAL NOTE: The question marks in the field-of-play model represent 
         the number values that are in those boxes while you are playing.
    Now that you know what everything on all those initially befuddling screens 
    is all about, it's safe to introduce you to the basic concept of Lemmings. 
    You are given a set amount of Lemmings per level. Out of those many or few 
    Lemmings, you must save a certain percentage of them. If you're not sure how 
    many Lemmings encompass the percentage provided, convert the percentage to be 
    saved to a decimal number (.xx) and multiply the total number of Lemmings by 
    the decimal number you got.
    As you've seen, you have several tools that will help you get the Lemmings to 
    the exit, because they can't do it on their own. Were they left up to natural 
    selection, every one of those Lemmings would mindlessly walk off ledges and 
    into bottomless pits, water, acid, lava, and all the other environmental 
    hazards interspersed throughout the game's 120 levels. You are their savior, 
    their divine intervention. By giving them things to do that are productive 
    and will lead them to the paradise behind the exit, you are like a god to 
    them. You won't really get a reward or anything for beating the game, aside 
    from the inner satisfaction of having beaten all 120 levels.
    That is basically all you have to do. Of course, the game isn't always 
    straight-up building, bashing, and bombing. If that were the case, it'd be 
    way too easy. You will have to find creative ways to use what is given to 
    you. Most tools have more uses than what is already obvious. I am the only 
    person I know who has beaten this game. Hopefully, my friends and relatives 
    who before were totally stumped should now gain all the knowledge they need 
    to take on this game - and you should too, I hope.
                            HELPFUL TIPS AND TECHNIQUES
    In Lemmings, there is no affair that can be taken (1) lightly or (2) slowly. 
    Most levels will require you to be focusing on multiple facets of gameplay at 
    once. No amount of mousework can prepare you for some of what is ahead. If 
    you're confused and can't figure out for the life of you why the solution to 
    a level just flat-out is not working, this section contains some pointers and 
    ways to get yourself out of the rut of slowness and do things fast. Nimble 
    fingers are always a plus when doing some of these. Also, this section 
    doesn't include stuff like using two blockers to hold in a bunch of Lemmings. 
    Any fool could figure that out.
    1. Hot Keys
    "Hot keys" is computer slang for keyboard shortcuts that are more efficient 
    than doing things with the mouse. In Lemmings, hot keys are not just more 
    efficient: they're practically a hallelujah chorus in their own right. With 
    hot keys, you can assign jobs faster and select tasks or raise and lower 
    release rate while the game is paused - something you can't do with the 
    mouse. Here is a listing of what each hot key instantly jumps to:
      F1 - lower release rate (hold down to do it faster)
      F2 - raise release rate
      F3 - climbers
      F4 - floaters
      F5 - bombers
      F6 - blockers
      F7 - builders
      F8 - bashers
      F9 - miners
      F10 - diggers
      F11 - pause the game
      F12 - Armageddon (nuke)
    2. Surveying the Landscape
    Before each level starts, pause the game and get a good long look at the 
    terrain. During this time, you can see how much of each tool you've been 
    given, find traps you might need to be on the lookout for, formulate 
    strategies, etc. This is always a great thing to do before levels that seem 
    reasonably difficult.
    3. Milking Bridges For All They're Worth
    Wait for a builder to run out of tiles, then let him walk a little bit before 
    continuing the bridge (but not enough to fall off the bridge). You will get 
    quite a bit more length out of your bridges this way, though they won't be as 
    tall as perfectly shaped bridges.
    4. The Ground Under Me Is Gone! I'm A Free Man!
    Mine or bash the ground under a blocker to make it a walker again. This keeps 
    you from having to use bombers in situations where you have to save more than 
    that will allow.
    5. Zigzagging Staircase
    Building zigzagging staircases is the most efficient way to get out of deep 
    holes when you don't have a decent amount of climbers or other tasks 
    pertaining to your situation.
    6. Breaking the Fall
    When you don't have floaters available to you, you can dig at the edge of 
    certain ledges to take a good chunk out of the falling distance, which might 
    otherwise cause a lot of Lemmings to go KER-SPLAT!
    7. Holding Cells
    This is one of the special techniques that you will use most often throughout 
    the course of the game. To create a holding cell, have one Lemming start 
    digging a hole. When that hole is deep enough that the digger won't build out 
    of it, have him build to cut the hole off at a certain point. This will hold 
    as many Lemmings as are in the level until a zigzagging staircase is built to 
    help them all escape. The only problem with this is that you have to build 
    the zigzagging staircase in the right direction or they might all go off on 
    the wrong path and die!
      Another way to make a holding cell is to have two miners mine in opposite 
    directions and have each one build when the tunnels are deep enough.
    8. Turning Around On Steel
    If you need someone to turn the other way while walking on steel, have him 
    build one or two tiles, then mine to cut off the bridge. The builder/miner 
    will make a dent in the steel and start walking off in the other direction.
    9. Steel Digging 101
    In the How to Play section, I noted for each type of digging Lemming that 
    they cannot dig through steel under normal circumstances. This refers to 
    trying to dig/bash/mine through a solid chunk of steel. If you dig/bash/mine 
    through steel and another destructible surface at the same time, you will go 
    through the steel portion of the tunnel without problems. There are some 
    levels where it is necessary to employ the "cheating" tactic of partially 
    going through steel.
    10. Bridge Wall
    You shouldn't have to do this very often, but if you are at a loss for 
    blockers and there is absolutely no way to hold in a restless bunch of 
    Lemmings - you can't make a holding cell due to thin ground and nothing else 
    will work - you can form a bridge wall. A barrier consisting of 10-13 bridges 
    has a thick enough base that Lemmings are not able to pass through the foot 
    of the stairs as they can with a single bridge. This is a rarely used tactic, 
    but one that is necessary to the completion of at least one level in the 
    11. Over The Blocker
    In cases where bombing a blocker would cause a gap in the floor that would 
    kill Lemmings, you might have to build a zigzagging bridge over some 
    blockers. Make sure they come out in the direction you intend for them to or 
    many could die needlessly. Builders will automatically turn around if they 
    run into a blocker while doing their job.
    12. Walking Time Bomb
    Sometimes you will have to make Lemmings bombers as they are walking or doing 
    something else when you don't possess any blockers. Some levels require this 
    just to give you a hard time. In levels where you have to do this, I will 
    clearly indicate the exact point(s) where you should start the timer on a 
    13. Today, The Digger Will Be Playing The Part Of The Basher
    If no bashers are in your inventory, simply make a Lemming into a climber, 
    and when they get to the top of a surface, have them dig to create an 
    opening. This only works on thin surfaces that are not cut off by a ceiling.
    14. Pass-Through Blocker
    If you turn a Lemming into a blocker as soon as he hits the ground below the 
    level's starting point, the other Lemmings will at first pass through him and 
    continue on to the right, but if for some reason they happen to cross back to 
    that blocker, they will turn around when they hit him. You'll use this one A 
    15. Gimme A Few Seconds, Please
    If you pause before the hatch opens up, you can squeeze a few more seconds 
    out of a level. Opening the hatch takes nearly four seconds, so this pause is 
    especially important in those 1-minute levels where every second counts.
    These techniques and more will be a great deal of help to you in your journey 
    as the Lemmings Savior. If you have intuition and a bit of hindsight, that 
    will help you all the more in your quest. When combined with the multitasking 
    wonders and general tips seen here, there's no reason you won't be able to 
    tackle most levels in Lemmings.
                                 APPENDIX OF TRAPS
    Have your Lemmings been consistently snared in the same trap over and over 
    again, but you can't figure out what on God's green earth the thing that 
    they're getting crushed, folded, squished, throttled, or otherwise just 
    mutilated by in general might be? That's what this section is here for. 
    You'll see all the traps in the game in this section, along with some that 
    aren't in any level in the game but are actual parts in the tile sets. Traps 
    will be categorized by the tile set they match up with. There is also a 
    section for general traps that can be found anywhere.
    General Environmental Hazards
    These are in every level in the game, though you won't be able to get to most 
    of them in some levels. Any time you see black along the bottom of the 
    screen, that is where the abyss lies. Lemmings that wander into these endless 
    holes are gone forever.
    Lemmings can't swim (in this game, anyway), so if they fall in any sort of 
    liquid, they'll flail their limbs helplessly for a second and then will find 
    themselves mired in whatever they've fallen into. Liquids can most often be 
    passed by building bridges over them, though in some cases there are other 
    ways around. The liquids differ according to their location, and are 
    classified in the following chart.
              LOCATION | LIQUID TYPE
           underground | fresh water
          gold pillars | fresh water
               pastels | acid
                  hell | lava
         crystal caves | crystal water
    None of the extended tile sets (as seen in 22 Fun, 14 Tricky, 15 Taxing, and 
    22 Mayhem) have water or any other sort of liquid in them.
    This is not a trap, per se, but merits a listing in this section because it 
    can hamper your progress if you are ill-prepared for it. Arrows indicate that 
    you can only dig through a wall in the direction shown. Most often, they will 
    be pointing against you, which requires you to go over them (they are hardly 
    ever attached to ceilings) and bash or mine through from the other side. 
    Again, they're not a trap - just a major inconvenience.
    Underground Traps
    Used here not for killing bears, foxes, or other wildlife, but Lemmings. Go 
    under them by mining or over them with one builder.
    If a Lemming steps on the button below one of these things, it's splat time 
    for him. You can build over the button if you want.
    This is a sly trap. There's no button that activates it, so if you're under 
    it, it will crush you, even if you try to build over it. In that case, the 
    only way to elude this trap is to mine under it, but not so far that escape 
    is really hard or impossible, and then bash a straight tunnel out. It's only 
    in one level in Lemmings, but you have to watch out for it because it blends 
    in so well with the landscape that you may lose ten or more Lemmings before 
    you realize what's happened. Being under it also results in one of the 
    goriest deaths in the game.
    Gold Pillar Traps
    Just don't get a Lemming's foot caught in this. The trip around it can be 
    rough if they meet with it. They are often out of the way beyond an exit or 
    in an otherwise inaccessible area, so you won't have to deal with them most 
    of the time - they seem to have been put in most levels as mere scenery.
    Although the needles are only in one level (like most traps), there are two 
    sets of them in that level, and a deadly trap this is. You usually won't get 
    hurt if you run into them near the very bottom or top, so just basically 
    avoid the very middle. They will shoot out real fast and send a Lemming to 
    who-knows-where. Also, they work swiftly and with alarming accuracy, so don't 
    let too many Lemmings meet the needles.
    Pastel Traps
    Equivalent to the underground area's retractable boulder, but these have a 
    button to activate them, so they can be built over easily. If a line of, say, 
    twenty Lemmings passes over a masher button, seven or eight will die. That's 
    roughly 40% of the line, so stay away from mashers if you can.
    Shredders spin so freely with the wind, but they're not to be toyed with. 
    Every inch of muscle fiber, bone, and tissue in a Lemming's body will be 
    strewn about if they get too close to one of these. Often, a blocker will be 
    able to ward off one of these, but not always. One of the game's hardest 
    levels involves these shredders, and you'll know which one it is when I get 
    to it.
    Hell Traps
    There is no way to bypass one of these - it's all or nothing. In other words, 
    find a way around one. The fire will kill every Lemming in a line that passes 
    through it, even at the highest release rate. Lemmings will also suffer if 
    they touch a fire blower directly at the source. Keep all this in mind as you 
    come around them.
    Coals inside the boxes keep the flames ablaze. Lemmings can step right in 
    them without the aid of a bridge, so use blockers or another form of defense 
    against them. Fortunately, they're usually out of the way, so you won't have 
    to deal directly with them very often.
    Crystal Cave Traps
    Meeting one of these things means a Lemmings will get cut up into four neat 
    portions. I don't recall this one being in any level in the game.
    It looks like two balls on steel rods - one under the Lemming, the other 
    above it. If you step between them, your molecules will torn apart in a 
    terrible mess. There's only one level where you'll see this thing, and it is 
    very easy to go around in that level.
    That's the best I can describe this thing as. When a Lemming steps on the 
    Lemming Ghostbuster Trap, they'll get sucked down into it, molecule for 
    molecule. Although, like the demolecuarizer, it's only located in one level, 
    its placement will mean the difference between whether or not you are able to 
    finish the level - MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my, it's hot in here.
    There are no traps to be found in the extended tile sets (the four levels 
    with different backgrounds than the others).
                            T H E   F U N   L E V E L S
    Level 1   Just dig!
    10 Lemmings (10% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Mostly, these first seven or eight levels are meant as tutorial exercises,
      so in all honesty, you shouldn't really need help with them. But, if you're
      just that desperate and you still can't figure out what's going on, AFTER
      ALL THE EXPLAINING I DID ... well, okay.
    + Have one Lemming dig a hole - anywhere you want. He will eventually make
      his way to the bottom and all the other Lemmings will follow the trail and
      go to the exit. You only need to use one digger (you're given ten) to
      complete the level. After one has reached the exit (10% of ten Lemmings is
      one), you can let the rest follow suit or nuke them all.
    Level 2   Only floaters can survive this
    10 Lemmings (10% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + As you can see, the distance they will fall from that last column is too
      much for the Lemmings to bear. Make at least one a floater, because that's
      all you need to save. Once one has made it to the exit, you can do what you
      please with the others.
    Level 3   Tailor-made for blockers
    50 Lemmings (10% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + There are several points in this level where the Lemmings could easily fall
      to their deaths. You need to place blockers at the points where Lemmings
      could potentially meet their graves. A novice will probably use the maximum
      five blockers needed for the job; experts will probably only need three.
    Level 4   Now use miners and climbers
    10 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + With the one miner you are given, make him tunnel out of his prison, so to
    + Assign a climber to every Lemming and watch as they scale the wall to the
      exit. Remember to save every Lemming - no nukes this time or you'll have to
      do it again.
    Level 5   You need bashers this time
    50 Lemmings (10% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Bash through the pole in front of you and the large cavern wall behind
    + If you bash at the base of the pyramid fence each time, you'll only have to
      use one basher. (Bashing in the middle of fences is generally not a good
      idea unless I say it is.)
    Level 6   A task for blockers and bombers
    50 Lemmings (20% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Since they all walk around the same general area in the beginning without
      heading off anywhere else, you can just bomb the first one that comes out
      without making him a blocker.
    + If you're not accustomed to the Walking Time Bomb trick, put a blocker as
      close to the thin pole guarding the exit as you can and then blow him to
      bits. If you can pull it off correctly, it just makes for good practice for
      one of the Tricky levels...
    Level 7   Builders will help you here
    50 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Build up to the raised platform ahead of you.
    + Build over the pit located in front of the exit. It doesn't matter if a few
      Lemmings get caught in there.
    Level 8   Not as complicated as it looks
    80 Lemmings (95% saved)
    RR 88   5 minutes
    + Put a blocker near the opening hatch to guide the Lemmings to the exit
      behind it.
    Level 9   As long as you try your best
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + As soon as the first Lemming hits the ground, turn him into a blocker. The
      others will initially pass through him and go to the right, but once they
      come back around, the blocker will start to do his job. This is a useful
      technique that you need to remember.
    + Bash through the pillar once you're safe from the shredders.
    Level 10   Smile if you love Lemmings
    20 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Make the first one a blocker so that all other Lemmings are diverted to the
    + Make the rest floaters. You can nuke after you've saved the minimum amount
      if you want.
    Level 11   Keep your hair on Mr. Lemming
    50 Lemmings (83% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Assign both a climber and a floater to the first two Lemmings out of the
      hatch. From here on out, this combination of climber and floater will be
      referred to as Athlete (the game's terminology, not mine).
    + When the first one is on the ground after surmounting the towering wall and 
      is approaching the exit, make him a blocker.
    + Notice the arrows pointing left on the towering wall. This means you can
      only bash through them in that direction. Knowing that, you know that it's
      the other athlete's job to bash through that wall. Make him do just that.
    + Blow up the blocker so the other Lemmings can make it to the exit once the
      athlete bashes through.
    Level 12   Patience
    80 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + Use the pass-through blocker technique at the beginning so that your flood
      of Lemmings doesn't come back and spill off the edge into oblivion.
    + Bash through the wall.
    + When they fall into the alcove, use some builders to get yourself out of
    Level 13   We all fall down
    20 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 01   3 minutes
    + This is the first level where the slight increase in splat distance between 
      the floppy disk version and the CD version will apply. If you are playing
      the CD version, the Lemmings will not splat if they walk off the edge of
      the platform. If you are playing the floppy disk version, they will. The CD
      version makes the other variations of this level extremely easy as well,
      but if you have the dumb old floppy disk, use the step below to beat this
    + Have every Lemming dig through the ledge. Speed the release rate up to
      about 30 for now (raising it is absolutely necessary in later variations)
      so the action doesn't move so excruciatingly slow. When every Lemming is at
      the bottom and has made it to the exit, you've won. Not one Lemming can
      slip through the cracks, or you'll have to start all over. This can be a
      real pain in the butt with this version of the game, especially later on in
      the harder difficulties.
    Level 14   Origins and Lemmings
    80 Lemmings (75% saved)
    RR 20   6 minutes
    + Either bash or mine through the first column in your way.
    + When you fall into the next area, you'll see a horizontal pillar stretching
      out to the right between the two columns. You must build a bridge to that
      general area so that when you bash through, your Lemmings don't end up
      falling in the water.
    + When the bridge secures safe passage to the other side, bash through the
      horizontal pillar.
    + Repeat the previous two steps once more to make it to the exit.
    Level 15   Don't let your eyes deceive you
    80 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 40   8 minutes
    + Don't use any blockers until you have bashed through the three large
      columns in this level.
    + When you have completed the bashing, make the second Lemming in line a
      blocker. This will let one of them pass to forge a path for the others once
      the blocker is eliminated.
    + Build over the large pit. It should take roughly four to six bridges to do 
      this, depending on where you start building from.
    + Build over the broken stairwell so that the Lemmings don't fall in and
      catch themselves in the rope snare.
    + When that first Lemming has reached the exit, blow up the blocker and allow
      the others to follow the trail.
    Level 16   Don't do anything too hasty
    80 Lemmings (62% saved)
    RR 1    8 minutes
    + Let one Lemming pass and make two others blockers in order to enclose the
      others in a small space.
    + It will take the builder seven or eight bridges to make it to the top.
    + Once he's made sure it's safe, the others can go to "heaven," as it were.
    Level 17   Easy when you know how
    50 Lemmings (40% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + There is one sneaky little detail that this level doesn't bother to reveal:
      along the bottom row are four mashers that remain hidden from sight. That's
      what the big chunk of terrain is there for - to hide those stupid things!
      Therefore, you must find a way around them. Not to worry, here it is.
    + Put a blocker near the far left hatch so that no one goes out into masher
    + Bash through all the column bases (except for the one on the far right) to
      get the Lemmings in one big group.
    + Exhaust your supply of floaters (yes, all 20).
    + Bash through the column base on the far right to release everybody. The
      floaters should survive and the walkers should go ker-splat. With twenty
      floaters about, you should save the minimum requirement of 40% and no more.
      There is, however, a special case (see below).
    SPECIAL CASE! If you are blessed with possession of the CD version, there is
    an interesting quirk in the programming that I don't understand but I love it 
    anyway. If you bash through the last column with a walker, everything will 
    occur as normal and your walkers will die and your floaters will live. If, 
    however, you bash through the last column using a floater, the floaters AND 
    walkers will survive! Ha ha! Tell me, how crazy is that? Oh! Oh! I need to 
    stop and breathe.
    Level 18   Let's block and blow
    70 Lemmings (71% saved)
    RR 80   5 minutes
    + Obviously, you don't want to use a bomber at a point where Lemmings will
      fall into the fire boxes, so use blockers and bomb them in safe places. Do
      this until you reach the bottom of the level and they can walk to safety.
    Level 19   Take good care of my Lemmings
    80 Lemmings (70% saved)
    RR 20   8 minutes
    + Let one go ahead while encasing the others within the confines of two able-
      bodied blockers.
    + Start building to the exit at the middle of the last hill.
    + Once the exit is accessible, release the others.
    Level 20   We are now at LEMCON ONE
    50 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 10   5 minutes
    + Build over the first pit. Losing a few doesn't matter right now.
    + When the bridge is complete, put a pass-through blocker in place. Be
      careful where you put him though. If he's on the edge of a step, Lemmings
      can pass through him on the way back as well. Plant him firmly on a step.
    + Bash through the series of seven pillars.
    + Build to the exit and increase the release rate to finish the level faster.
    Level 21   You Live and Lem
    80 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 50   8 minutes
    + Bash through the rock until you get to the steel trap.
    + Build a bridge over it.
    + Let them pass to the exit.
    Level 22   A Beast of a level
    80 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + A Beast of a level? It must be a pretty tame beast. In any case, put a
      pass-through blocker at the beginning of the level.
    + Bash through the trees until you come to the end of the line.
    + Build a zigzagging staircase to the top.
    + Bash through the "home" tree to make the Lemmings home free. (That rhymes!)
    Level 23   I've lost that Lemming feeling
    80 Lemmings (25% saved)
    RR 50   8 minutes
    + First things first: place a blocker so that no one wanders into the lava.
    + Make someone bash through the wall to the left.
    + Put a blocker behind him so that the basher can bash in peace. (Also,
      ignore the blood writings that say EXIT X - there are no exits there.)
    + Once through the large wall, which constitutes the bulk of the work, build
      over the pit. You'll have to do this quickly, so have the builder task
      ready to click on the basher as soon as he finishes.
    + Release the others when either exit (preferably the bottom one) becomes 
    Level 24   Konbanwa Lemming san
    30 Lemmings (66% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + Where there's a ledge below the one your Lemmings start on, use a miner.
    + Use on the ledge you fall onto as well.
    + Use enough diggers above the platform that the exit is on so that less than
      ten Lemmings get by (20 = 66%). One digger probably won't help a whole lot.
    Level 25   Lemmings Lemmings everywhere
    80 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + Let them walk up to the very top of the fence, then bash through the thin
      wall at the end of the fence.
    + Dig however you have to get to the bottom of the web where the exit is. Use
      blockers if necessary.
    Level 26   Nightmare on Lem Street
    2 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 30   5 minutes
    + Make both Lemmings build to the platform across from where they start.
    + Do the same thing again, this time building to the wall in front of the
    + When it is certain that neither of them will fall, bash through to the
    Level 27   Let's be careful out there
    50 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + Since it's too far of a fall to go straight down to the exit, put a blocker
      in place so no one goes down there. You'll have to go all the way around.
    + Build over the tiny pit there to the left.
    + Put a blocker at the top of the steps to the far left.
    + When Lemmings begin turning around, start building to the ledge to the
    + Make someone a blocker once they get to the other side to keep Lemmings
      from taking an acid bath.
    + Build over the narrow pit to the exit.
    Level 28   If only they could fly
    80 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 80   5 minutes
    + Dig through the four platforms stacked on top of each other to start.
    + Once at the bottom, make a blocker guard the lava.
    + Watch as the Lemmings proceed left. You want one to start building up to
      the zigzagging set of bricks that leads to the exit.
    + Put a blocker in front of the other lava pit so everybody is closed in.
    + Place a blocker at the top of the brick that the builder ascended to.
    + Continue this alternation between builders and blockers until you come to
      the exit.
    Level 29   worra lorra Lemmings
    80 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 90   8 minutes
    + First off, put a blocker in the appropriate place.
    + Bash through to the left until the Lemmings fall into the space created by
      the broken staircase.
    + When one Lemming turns around after hitting the brick to the right, build
      your way out.
    + Build from the bottom half of the stairs to the pyramid above.
    + Bash through that pyramid.
    + Make a winding staircase up to the exit.
    Level 30   Lock up your Lemmings
    60 Lemmings (66% saved)
    RR 10   5 minutes
    + All you have to do here is bash through the wall when a Lemmings falls in
      one of the narrow pits. If you happen to bash the wrong way, secure the
      mistake with a blocker.
    + That's all for the Fun levels!
                           T H E   T R I C K Y   L E V E L S
    Level 1   This should be a doddle!
    80 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 50   4 minutes
    + Man, there were Fun levels that were harder than this. But anyway ... start
      off by letting one go ahead and using ONE blocker to leave the rest at bay.
      (The left wall will hold them in sufficiently, so a second blocker is
    + Build over the small pit in the center.
    + Bash through the rock in your way.
    + Let the others go when the way is clear.
    Level 2   We all fall down
    40 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 1    3 minutes
    + It's this level again, except now you have twice as many Lemmings to mess
      with. If you're on CD mode, max out the release rate and sit back while the
      game does the rest. If you play on the floppy disk, raise it to 50 and work
      twice as hard as last time to tuck those Lemmings safely away.
    Level 3   A ladder would be handy
    80 Lemmings (50% saved)
    RR 50   6 minutes
    + While one goes ahead to forge the trail, enclose the others within two
    + When he gets somewhat near the edge of the cliff, have him dig and then
      mine so the others don't fall too far and splat.
    + Start building a long bridge up in the middle of the first half of the 
      bridge that the Lemming lands on. You should make it to the top after a few
      minutes of building.
    + When the Lemmings become upwardly mobile, let them all go to the exit.
    Level 4   Here's one I prepared earlier
    80 Lemmings (20% saved)
    RR 55   8 minutes
    + Let all the Lemmings walk over the rock, and make three of them climbers.
    + When the three of them are over the rock with the left-pointing arrows, let
      the first one go on and build his way to the exit. (He can walk over that
      little gray lump at the end of the steel ledge.)
    + Make the second one a blocker so the third climber goes back and can bash
      through the rock. He will climb over the large mountain to the left and
      will presumably die, but there's more than enough room for casualties in
      this level.
    + When the builder has successfully made it to the exit, blow up the blocker
      so that the rest follow suit.
    Level 5   Careless clicking costs lives
    80 Lemmings (20% saved)
    RR 20   5 minutes
    + Have one guy block while another one goes on ahead to make a way for the
      others as usual.
    + Bash through the "strings" or the spheres that "hang" from them to get to
      the other side.
    + Build at the end of the fence to the crystal clump, then from the crystal
      clump to the exit.
    + Release the others.
    Level 6   Lemmingology
    5 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    NOTE: If you are playing the floppy disk version, make sure to make your
          Lemmings floaters. If you have the CD, this is not necessary.
    + Make one Lemming into a climber. Make sure he's walking to the right or
      it'll take a little bit of building to turn him around.
    + Have him build his way to the exit. You'll have to make him a floater if
      you're playing off the floppy disk because of that long fall.
    + After a path is forged, make the other four climbers.
    Level 7   Been there, seen it, done it
    75 Lemmings (73% saved)
    RR 20   5 minutes
    + Assign the role of blocker to the first Lemming to fall out of the hatch.
    + Make the next one build to the left. Continue to make him build up to each
      pillar all the way up to the last one.
    + Make sure two blockers keep the others in while he does this.
    + At the highest pillar, dig down a fair distance.
    + Bash or mine to the left to get out of the pillar.
    + Let the others come around.
    Level 8   Lemming sanctuary in sight
    80 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 40   8 minutes
    + Build a bridge to the left over the small pit. It doesn't matter if a few
      Lemmings get by.
    + Put a blocker at the bottom of that bridge.
    + Build up to each successive floor. It is important to note that there are
      tiny gaps at the end of each ledge - gaps that those Lemmings can fit
      through. If a gap was one pixel wide, a Lemming could fit through. Remember
      to build over these tiny holes as you make your way up. Other than that,
      you should blow through this one easily.
    Level 9   They just keep on coming
    75 Lemmings (93% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    NOTE: Since the level splits in two directions from the get-go, there are two
          solutions listed here. The first solution is written for the left path,
          and the second is for the right path.
    + Put a blocker to the right of the hatch. Let one proceed left while another
      blocker keeps the rest in.
    + Build to the next steel ledge.
    + Build to the wall to the far left. If you run into it, mine through the
      bridge somewhere near that wall. You shouldn't splat if you mine there.
    + Bash through the right-pointing mound of dirt.
    + Build a bridge to the exit and let the others go.
    + Put a pass-through blocker at the beginning. When one passes, make another
      blocker to hold the others in.
    + Let that one Lemming who got by go ahead and build to the right until he
      falls to the hill of dirt to the far right.
    + Dig through the middle of that dirt, then build to stop.
    + Mine to the left and build to get to the ledge.
    + Build to the cliff holding the exit.
    + Let the other Lemmings take the path the loner made.
    Level 10   There's a lot of them about
    80 Lemmings (92% saved)
    RR 60   8 minutes
    NOTE: There is a way to handle both sides of this level at the same time, and
          in fact later you will have to. If you need help for this level though,
          you're probably not ready for that kind of big business. This level
          solution is written with the novice in mind - ergo, we will tackle both
          sides separately.
    + You do, however, need to put sets of blockers on each side of the level.
      Pausing between side switches makes this easier.
    + On the left side, with one Lemming allowed to pass, you need to bash 
      through the wall in front of you.
    + Build to the exit.
    + Repeat for the right side.
    + Blow up the blockers that will allow the others to make the pilgrimage to
      the central exit.
    Level 11   Lemmings in the attic
    50 Lemmings (84% saved)
    RR 20   8 minutes
    + Let one pass by as per the usual, then use a blocker to hold the rest in.
    + Build over the pit to the left.
    + Five bricks make up the ground the Lemmings start on. Build at the dividing
      line between the first and second ones from the left. You should make it to
      the thin wall that you can bash through.
    + Bash through the thin walls to the exit.
    + This last step is the most important about this level: DON'T BLOW UP THE
      BLOCKER! You will blow a hole in the floor that will make a pit if you do.
      This will mean the certain death of many a Lemming. Instead, build until
      you have made a bridge over him.
    Level 12   Bitter Lemming
    50 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 1    8 minutes
    + Since the fall is too far for the Lemmings at the beginning, make the first
      one out a floater. Keep the release rate at 1 for now.
    + Build zigzagging staircases until the Lemmings no longer splat.
    + Have the floater climb out of the narrow pit to the right.
    + Let him walk all the way to the edge of the plateau. Dig at that edge.
    + Build to the exit when you are quite a way down.
    + When the athlete reaches the exit, have the others build out of the narrow
    Level 13   Lemming Drops
    80 Lemmings (70% saved)
    RR 1   8 minutes
    + Assign a floater to the first Lemming. As soon as he hits the bottom
      stairs, make him build. You have to do it when he hits the ground or you'll
      most likely lose him. Also, as with the previous level, keep the release
      rate at 1.
    + While the floater builds, put blockers on the steel block below the
      entrance hatch.
    + Build a zigzag staircase up to the steel column.
    + Build to the next area.
    + There is a staircase leading up to two planks of wood, upon which the exit
      is located. Build part of the way to it, then let the floater walk up the
    + On the way back down, make a bridge that connects to the other one.
    + Build bridges until you have one that leads to the exit.
    + When there is a bridge available, release the others.
    Level 14   MENACING !!
    80 Lemmings (87% saved)
    RR 50   6 minutes
    + Make a pass-through blocker at the beginning. Let one Lemming pass (this is
      getting terribly routine, I know) and put a blocker behind him to keep the
      others at bay.
    + Bash through the grotesque hand, the skull, and the snake going through his
    + Bash through the pile of bones.
    + Build a bridge over the large chasm and one up to the exit.
    + Release the others.
    Level 15   Ozone friendly Lemmings
    10 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Bomb each Lemming as it comes out of the entry hatch and you should have a
      hole to the bottom of the level and the exit. The only hitch here is that
      you are provided with five bombers, but you must save 60% of the ten
      Lemmings in this level - six of them. If you use all five bombers, you will
      not save the minimum required percentage. Four bombers only - not five.
    Level 16   Luvly Jubly
    50 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 76   5 minutes
    + Mine into the ledge below you, but start bashing before the miner gets all 
      the way through. You should end up on the side with the triangular fences.
    + Start bombing at a point, then bomb every Lemming after that a little
      farther forward than the point before the previous one. This should make a
      path to the exit since you don't have bashers available to you. You may
      use the ten bombers given to you, but if you don't make it to the exit
      after using all ten, you must start over.
    Level 17   Diet Lemmingaid
    50 Lemmings (96% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Bomb anywhere you want on the first ledge below the hatch.
    + Below the downward jutting part (that has the fire blower on its left side)
      is where you need to start the timer on the second bomber. Bomb in the
      middle of that jutting part. Use the dividing line in the bricks as a gauge
      of when to bomb.
    Level 18   It's Lemmingentry Watson
    10 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Have the first Lemming dig through the third pillar. As he digs down, make
      sure there is a thin part of pillar still on the right side.
    + One Lemming will walk out of the digger's hole - bestow the lone floater
      upon him.
    + When the digger has burrowed sufficiently down, bomb him.
    + A hole will appear in the pillar that the Lemmings can walk out of without
    Level 19   Postcard from Lemmingland
    50 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Make the first Lemming out of the hatch an athlete.
    + When he climbs up to the first ledge, dig at the edge.
    + A little way down, build. Make sure the athlete runs into the ledge so that
      he turns around. This is integral to completing the level.
    + Mine to the left, then bash when you're on the same level as the other
    + The other Lemmings can then walk to the exit. Make sure to let the athlete
      go to the exit as you need to save all the Lemmings to complete the level.
    Level 20   One way digging to freedom
    80 Lemmings (95% saved)
    RR 60   4 minutes
    + This level should have been put in Fun. This is just way too easy. To
      start, put a pass-through blocker at the beginning.
    + Bash through the first wall in your way.
    + Make two Lemmings athletes.
    + The first one should be a blocker on the other side and the second should
      bash through the wall pointing left (as the case was in "Keep your hair on
      Mr. Lemming").
    + Make sure, however, that you put the blocker on one of the thick platforms.
      If you put him on one of the thinner bricks, you'll blow a hole through and
      all the Lemmings will meet the bottomless pit. If you bomb in the right
      place, your victory is sealed.
    Level 21   All the 6's ........
    66 Lemmings (66% saved)
    RR 66   6 minutes
    + This is a straightforward level made ridiculously simple by the fact that
      you get 66 of every tool. Not only that, but the level is just easy to
      begin with. Have one guy bash through the first 6 and put a blocker behind
    + Build over to the second 6.
    + Bash through it twice and build to the third 6.
    + Bash through the third 6 and let the others go.
    Level 22   Turn around young lemmings!
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 88   5 minutes
    + Bomb the first two Lemmings out of the hatch.
    + Build to the left if necessary to get them out of the fabricated hole.
    Level 23   From The Boundary Line
    80 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + Bash through the wall using the first Lemming that gets to it.
    + While he's bashing, make him a climber.
    + When the climber is done bashing, you must have at least 49 Lemmings left
      over. If you don't, you can't win, because 48 is 60% of 80, and that's what
      you need to beat the level. If you have 49 when the climber is finished
      bashing, go ahead. If you don't, start over. I say 49 because with the way
      you're supposed to beat this level, the climber will have to die. If he's
      the 48th one and he dies, you're down to 47, and that won't cut the
    + When the climber scales the wall and is headed for the exit, dig a small
      bit before the exit.
    + Build to make him turn around. Make sure that when you build, the other
      non-climber Lemmings will be able to walk up to the exit.
    + Mine to the left so that the other Lemmings can walk up through the
      diagonal tunnel and watch as at least 48 of them head for the exit.
    Level 24   Tightrope City
    80 Lemmings (93% saved)
    RR 85   2 minutes
    + Let one Lemming trudge forward while you encase the others in a two-blocker
      barricade. Put the blockers pretty close together.
    + When the one you let go along nears the exit, build up to it. It will take
      two bridges.
    + You'll have to build over the blockers to get the others to safety. Make 
      sure the bridge comes out in the right direction or all your escapades will
      be for naught. Naught, I say!
    Level 25   Cascade
    80 Lemmings (12% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + You can only save as many Lemmings as there are floaters in your inventory.
      Exhaust your floater supply. Try to space them out as evenly as possible.
    + Make the first one dig through the pillar it comes to.
    + Build to make him stop. Don't make the hole too deep - you will need to
      construct a zigzagging staircase to make it out.
    + Make one floater an athlete so that he climbs out of the hole to the right.
    + Build to the long column you see. When he gets to it, have him bash so that
      he doesn't turn around. If he turns around, he'll eventually die.
    + As soon as the column is bashed through, make a bridge to the exit.
    + Build out of the hole you dug awhile back. Make sure you come out in the
      right direction or you'll have to start all over.
    Level 26   I have a cunning plan
    80 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 99   5 minutes
    + Although you are given blockers for this level, you won't be able to use
      them since you have to save all the Lemmings here. What you have to do is
      build yourself a Bridge Wall. (See Helpful Tips and Techniques.) If a
      Lemming turns around as a result of building too far into another bridge,
      you will have to start over. If one breaks through the Bridge Wall base,
      you will have to start over. It will take the endless toil of about twelve
      or thirteen builders to make it work.
    + Once it does work, bash through the column. You only have two stabs at it,
      and with 80 of them in a crowded space, it doesn't always go as planned.
      Both elements will have to come together to make this one work. If you have
      to buy a new monitor because of this level, I don't hold myself liable.
    Level 27   Island of the Wicker People
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 60   5 minutes
    + Let two go ahead and make the second one dig through the ledge the Lemmings 
      start out on. The first one needs to dig a hole of his own, but needs to
      come out ahead of the one behind him. Make them both climbers.
    + Hold the others with two blockers.
    + Near the bottom of the second one's digging, start mining. If there's one 
      hole going straight down, there's going to be a lot of splattage.
    + Wait for them to climb over the large mountain with the arrows in it. The
      first one needs to be a blocker sometime after you pass the steel ledge
      with the exit on it.
    + Have the second climber build up to the exit.
    + Blow up the blocker at the beginning so that the others file into the hole
      the digger made.
    + Put a pass-through blocker at the bottom of this hole and make one more
    + When he hits the blocker on the other side of the mountain, make him bash
      through it on the return trip.
    + The others will then roam single-file to the exit.
    Level 28   Lost something?
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 70   5 minutes
    + Stick a pass-through blocker under the entrance hatch.
    + If you haven't already noticed, it will appear as though there is no exit.
      There is one, in fact. It's hidden in that large clump of dirt on top of
      the thin steel ledge.
    + Build up to that large clump of dirt from the right side of it.
    + Bash, dig, and mine through it until you find the exit. The others will
      walk to it.
    Level 29   Rainbow Island
    80 Lemmings (98% saved)
    RR 70   4 minutes
    + Put a pass-through blocker under the bottom opening hatch.
    + Bash through the top two rainbows.
    + In the middle of the second one, dig and mine to get them to the bottom.
    + Bash through to the exit. Remember not to let any Lemmings die in the
      shredders - the blocker is the only casualty you can allow.
    Level 30   The Crankshaft
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 20   4 minutes
    + Don't worry about this level being a race against the clock. You ought to
      finish with a few seconds left to spare. Start by mining through the first
      column in your way.
    + Make two of the Lemmings athletes. They need to go all the way to the end
      of the level.
    + At every other column, let the lead athlete scale it, but make the second 
      one mine through it.
    + Near the exit, make the lead athlete a blocker. You only need him to make
      the other athlete turn around, so once he's done that, you can off him.
    + When the athlete is exactly between two pillars, start mining. This will
      put him in a position where he will end up near the bottom of the column
      so that the others can walk up into it.
    + Repeat the previous step once more so that the path is complete.
    + If everything goes as planned, all the Lemmings should make it to the exit.
    + That's all for the Tricky levels!
                          T H E   T A X I N G   L E V E L S
    Level 1   If at first you don't succeed..
    80 Lemmings (98% saved)
    RR 40   4 minutes
    + Make an athlete climb over all three broken columns.
    + Use your two bashers on the first two columns.
    + Mine through the third. Your Lemming must be hugging the column as tightly
      as possible for it to go through correctly, or else he'll mine through the
      stairs and you'll have to restart the level.
    + When the miner has made a tunnel through the column, put a blocker as far
      up against the stairs as possible. We'll come back to him in a second.
    + Raise the release rate to 99 to get all the other Lemmings out in a hurry.
    + Meanwhile, you have an athlete to deal with. Build over the large pit.
    + Build over the hole that would ordinarily land you in the rope snare.
    + Blow up the blocker once the path is laid out. If he's close enough to the
      stairs, he should blow clear through them and allow the others to walk
      mindlessly to safety.
    Level 2   Watch out, there's traps about
    80 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 70   5 minutes
    + Put a set of two blockers on each side of the level.
    + On the left side, mine, dig, and then mine again (all to the right).
    + On the right side, dig and then mine to the left.
    + Bash through the gray lumpy thing to the left and the rock.
    + Place a blocker while one goes ahead to make the way for the rest.
    + Make one small bridge over the steel trap.
    + Build up to the exit and let the others go.
    Level 3   Heaven can wait (we hope!!!!)
    80 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 1    2 minutes
    + First off, with a release rate of 1 and only two minutes on the clock,
      there's no way 80 Lemmings are going to get to the exit in time. Pause
      before the hatch opens (which will give you about two more valuable
      seconds) and put it up to around 30.
    + Unpause and let one Lemming go by to be the builder for this level.
    + The one behind him needs to dig a holding cell. Dig a little bit and then
      build to cut him off.
    + When the front man starts to go up to the exit, max out the release rate.
    + When the builder Lemming starts on his last bridge, focus on the group in
      the hole. Build them out of their jam. Again, make sure they come out and
      go the right way or you just did a whole lot for nothing. You should finish
      by a close shave - just a few seconds.
    Level 4   Lend a helping hand....
    40 Lemmings (75% saved)
    RR 50   7 minutes
    + Put a blocker in front of the rope snare.
    + The right side is separated from the left by a stubborn wall of steel. Use
      a Lemming over there to mine down to the left and then bash.
    + If he hits steel, use a blocker-bomber on the left side near the wall to
      help out his buddies on the right. If he doesn't, build to cut him off at
      some point.
    + Start on a zigzag staircase to the top of the level starting at about the
      central right portion of the left side. You will have to work cunningly to
      go around those pesky needles. Too many casualties will make you have to
      start over.
    + Save one builder for the top so you can elevate your Lemmings to the exit.
    Level 5   The Prison!
    60 Lemmings (75% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + The first Lemming needs to dig at the edge of the brick until he hits the
      patch of steel below.
    + Assign a blocker to the second Lemming to pacify the rest.
    + When the aforementioned digger hits steel, immediately build to the bar in
      front of him.
    + It's okay if he turns around. In fact, I'd let him. It will give you time
      to prepare for the meticulous detail involved in the task ahead.
    + Keep your fingers ready on the hot keys for this part. Bash through the
      bar, then hit F7 and build as soon as you get through it. There are very
      miniscule holes that separate the bars, and if you don't build over them,
      your basher-builder will slip through the cracks with ease.
    + Repeat the bashing and building until you come out a free man on the steps
      leading down.
    + Build a bridge to the lower exit. Bash through all four bars simultaneously
      by bashing at the bottom of them.
    + When there's a clear road, set the others free.
    Level 6   Compression Method 1
    50 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 99   3 minutes
    + Don't be alarmed by the lack of floaters. You're going to beat this level a
      different way.
    + Again, place a blocker next to the far left hatch so the Lemmings don't get
      whacked by a bunch of mashers.
    + Have one on the far left side dig. Make sure he is FACING RIGHT.
    + Don't let him dig but for about two seconds. Then, bash to the right.
    + One sign that he is bashing correctly is that others will start falling
      into the tunnel your basher is making. Everyone should do this. This tunnel
      is the difference between victory and defeat. Also, it should look as if he
      is about to stop because he doesn't have enough to bash, but he keeps on
      going. That's another good sign.
    + The part with the steel is the Moment Of Truth. If you dug too far down,
      the basher will come into contact with the steel and stop, in which case
      you need to restart and not dig so far down next time. If he goes through
      the steel and the base of the far right column at the same time, you were
      successful. The difference in height will be enough to keep the Lemmings
      from making the ground below a splatty mess. Try to save more than 60% if
      at all possible.
    Level 7   Every Lemming for himself!!!
    80 Lemmings (97% saved)
    RR 55   3 minutes
    + Make the first Lemming a climber.
    + When two Lemmings are over the huge mountain to the right of the entrance
      hatch, make the second one a blocker to hold the others back.
    + While you're waiting for the climber to go over the left-pointing rock, put
      the release rate all the way up to 99.
    + Remember that the climber will just walk over the gray clump at the end of
      the steel plateau, so build into it to turn him around.
    + Bash through the left-pointing wall.
    + Allow the climber to run into the blocker and turn around.
    + Have that climber build to the exit.
    + Just before he gets done, bomb the blocker and let the others walk to the
    Level 8   The Art Gallery
    80 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 20   4 minutes
    + Have the first Lemming walk over the arc of spheres.
    + Make the second Lemming out bash through it and build to hold the others
      in. Remember to save them all.
    + With the Lemming you let by, forge a path as usual.
    + Bash through the other part of the sphere arc to let the others out.
    Level 9   Perseverance
    20 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 50   4 minutes
    + Make the first Lemming dig as soon as he hits the ground.
    + One Lemming will walk out of the hole and fall off the ledge to the right.
      Use your only floater on him.
    + When that floater touches the ground, make him mine to the right and into
      the steel block so that the others will turn around and head for the exit.
      The two blockers are a ruse! DON'T USE THEM!
    + Raise the release rate to 99 so you don't have to worry about splattage.
    + After the digger is all the way through the hole, they will walk down into
      the small mined tunnel, turn around, and head for the exit.
    Level 10   Izzie Wizzie Lemmings get busy
    5 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Build a bridge so the five Lemmings can get out.
    + Build a similar staircase out of the second hole they walk into.
    + You will have to make each one that walks up to the top build to the next
      one so that none fall. Try to use as few builders as possible to do this
      since you only get fifteen of them.
    + At the next one, if you have the CD version, build a bridge up and let them
      walk off. If you have the floppy disk version, build a small one up against
      the wall and bash through to keep them from splatting.
    + After that, continue building to get to the exit.
    Level 11   The ascending pillar scenario
    50 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 20   4 minutes
    + Have the first one dig somewhere to the near right of the pillar you start
      on. While he's digging, turn him into a climber.
    + Build to cut off the hole. The climber-digger will turn left and go out of
      the hole in the desired direction.
    + Pause and put the release rate up to 99 to get them all out of that hatch.
    + Press F7 to set the taskbar on the builder and unpause the game. Make the
      climber build, but NOT TOO CLOSE TO THE NEXT PILLAR. This is going to be,
      indeed, a very taxing level. You must build up to each pillar so that the
      builder barely finishes upon getting to it. If he turns around, you're in a
      lot of trouble, because you need all the time you're given to beat this.
      Make sure that for each pillar all the way up to the last one, you build to
      it without running into it and turning around.
    + Once at the top, dig through the pillar.
    + Mine through it once you are quite a way down through it.
    + Build over the small pit.
    + Make a zigzag staircase going out of the hole at the beginning to the left.
    Level 12   Livin' On The Edge
    10 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + This level is made EXTREMELY easy by the fact that you can get away with
      using two blockers at the beginning. While you make the first one build to
      the wall, close in the other seven Lemmings with two blockers. Don't put
      them too close to the builder's bridge though.
    + Bash through the wall when you come to it.
    + There's a reason this level is called Livin' On The Edge - when you come to
      an edge, you need to build a bridge as close to it as possible. Except for
      when you come out from bashing through the wall, you should use only one
      bridge per edge.
    + When you have successfully used one bridge per edge, blow up the blocker
      that is keeping the Lemmings from the exit. Really, this one should have
      been in Fun, I think.
    Level 13   Upsidedown World
    80 Lemmings (98% saved)
    RR 40   6 minutes
    + Put a blocker to the right of the entrance hatch. This is the only
      casualty you can spare in this entire level.
    + Mine as close to the right-pointing rock as you can. If you do it right,
      they should come out on the thin bridge to the lower left.
    + Make a climber. He'll head over the ground to the upper left and start
      heading toward the steel trap.
    + Mine under the steel trap. You might have to take a few tries to do this
      right, and you can't just use another one, because you need your miners to
      beat this level.
    + Once under the steel trap, start bashing. Your climber-basher should come
      out near a very tall dirt mound with arrows pointing right.
    + Climb over it. When he starts walking toward the exit, build into one of
      the roots sticking up to turn around.
    + This last part is the hardest of all. First, bash through the tall mound.
      Then, dig just very minutely through it so that the others can walk up to
      to the ledge. Finally, mine through it (the hardest part of this hardest
      part - it has the biggest potential for backfire).
    + If you successfully get through it, bash through the dirt clump you come
      to in order to release those congregated on the "V"-shaped bridge.
    + Hopefully you'll have it down!
    Level 14   Hunt the Nessy....
    80 Lemmings (95% saved)
    RR 30   8 minutes
    + Let one go ahead and continue building until he gets to the "Nessy's" neck.
    + Have two blockers keep the rest of them in.
    + When your builder gets to Nessy's neck, bash halfway through it.
    + At the halfway point, dig down.
    + Bash again to get out.
    + Build to the exit and let the others go.
    Level 15   What an AWESOME level
    80 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 50   6 minutes
    + Allow one brave Lemming to make the path for the others while two blockers
      stave off the others.
    + Bash through the big worm's backside.
    + Keep bashing until you come to the last worm. There is a large dip here
      that is nearly impossible to build out of if you fall. You can run into the
      stars, but don't worry. They don't vaporize your builder or anything. If
      you run into one, bash through it and continue building to the exit on the
      worm's head.
    + Release the others upon finishing the path. Another special level come and
      gone ... yawn... 
    Level 16   Mary Poppins' land
    80 Lemmings (95% saved)
    RR 50   3 minutes
    + Make three floaters.
    + Use a blocker to keep the rest of the Lemmings in.
    + Max out the release rate.
    + Let the two lead floaters continue on up the hill and go over. Make the
      third one build into the slope so he turns around.
    + Immediately build a bridge to the ledge that the blocker is on. They'll
      need something to step onto so that they don't splat.
    + Meanwhile, with the others headed near the exit, make the one in front
      block it off.
    + When the other floater turns around, have him start building a bridge just 
      before he gets to the brick over the lava. It should go up far enough to
      again save the others from meeting with splattage.
    + Once all the bridge building is overwith, blow up both blockers that are
      inhibiting forward progress.
    Level 17   X Marks the Spot
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 50   7 minutes
    + Mine down to the right. It doesn't matter if a few get by. There's no way
      eight of them will get by you, so it won't matter. Use a builder to cut off
      the tunnel.
    + Let one go off to the left to do the bashing and have the one behind him
      mine a tunnel to the left similar to the one going off to the right.
    + Bash and build to the exit as you did the last time you played this level.
    + Build out of the mined holding cell when there's a clear road to the exit.
    Level 18   Tribute to M.C. Escher
    75 Lemmings (87% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Build a zigzag staircase starting when somebody turns around from hitting
      the thin pole wall to the left.
    + Build it until you get to the top of the wall with the arrows pointing
    + As soon as somebody walks on top of that wall, make him a bomber. This
      should make him go off when you go to the other side and blow a hole so
      that the Lemmings walk into it and don't splat when they hit the ground.
      This hole is integral to completing the level. If you fail, repeat these
      steps until you get it just right.
    Level 19   Bomboozal
    70 Lemmings (91% saved)
    RR 80   2 minutes
    + This is just like "Let's block and blow", except you don't have any
      blockers. Knowing this, you'll also realize how many hours of toil you
      could spend getting those Lemmings in just the right spot. However, that
      shouldn't be a problem anymore. Words fail me when trying to explain how to
      beat this level, so I've devised a nifty layout of the level that will let
      you know exactly when to bomb. The numbers will tell you where to use each
      Numbers = where to bomb
      Stars = fire boxes
       |1    2                       |
       |  ****  |       |   ****     |
       |            |           |    |
       |      ****  |          3|    |
       |     4          |    ****    |
       |      **** |    5            |
       |                         |
       |                    **** | -> to exit
      On #4, make sure the Lemming is walking to the right before you bomb him.
      Also, you can only use five bombers and no more. If you use any more, you
      will not meet the level's minimum requirement of 91%.
    Level 20   Walk the web rope
    80 Lemmings (88% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Put a pass-through blocker at the beginning.
    + Don't bash through the web at the very start. Build out to the left some.
    + Put a blocker at the end of the first bridge you build.
    + Build up to the right and hit the web.
    + Bash, build, and bash one more time. This will let you bash straight
      through the web to the long thin ground ahead.
    + Bash through the second web to the exit. Raise the release rate to 99 if
      you haven't already.
    Level 21   Feel the heat!
    20 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 70   2 minutes
    + Make a climber go up the wall to the right.
    + Have him build at the edge. The fire blowers are situated so that the only
      way the Lemmings can safely reach the exit. Therefore, the bridge will have
      to come to an abrupt halt at some point.
    + When the builder is directly over the exit, make him bash to stop. If he
      falls in the exit without getting burned, it is safe for the others as
    + Create another climber.
    + When he's up on the ledge, have him mine into the steel.
    + Mine in the other direction to let the others out of their alcove.
    + They should go into the exit and barely avoid the flames licking at them.
    Level 22   Come on over to my place
    50 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + Put a blocker to the right of the entrance hatch.
    + Build over the narrow pit to the left.
    + Mine through the stairs to the left. Use a builder to cut him off before he
      gets all the way through.
    + Build up to the canopy-like ledge at the top of the level.
    + When the first one falls off the canopy and is heading toward the acid, dig
      a little bit. Build to cut him off.
    + Build to the exit and raise the release rate to 99.
    Level 23   King of the castle
    80 Lemmings (95% saved)
    RR 40   5 minutes
    + You must use your builders sparingly in order to beat this level, and you
      can only kill four of your Lemmings, so be careful. I'm going to give you
      an inventory for this level instead of an explanation. This should make it
      easier to know if your builder supply is wearing too thin.
         3 builders for the pit to the left
         3 to close it up on the other side
         3 to get up to the second floor
         3 to get up to the third floor
         3 to get up to the fourth floor
         3 to get up to the fifth floor
      As you can see, you should have two builders left over in case you need
      help in other areas. The biggest help I can offer is not to use too many
      builders on the pit on the first floor. If you use too many there, you
      won't be able to get to the top of the level.
    Level 24   Take a running jump.....
    80 Lemmings (98% saved)
    RR 50   3 minutes
    + Use as many builders as it takes to get over the first gap without letting
      any Lemmings die.
    + Find the blue bricks in the bottom right corner. Where the two sections
      appear to meet, there is a VERY thin gap right there that they can get
      through. Have one build within that tiny gap. The one tile he lays will
      keep the others from going through to the death above. That one Lemming
      will then walk all the way to the top of the level and then to the left
      before plummeting off a brick and dying. If you don't get what I'm saying,
      you will when you see it all happen.
    + With the bridge tile in place, however, the Lemmings will turn around and
      head for the exit. When they get down into the hole with the chain links,
      build left out of it.
    Level 25   Follow the leader...
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 20   4 minutes
    + You don't need to do anything until the first Lemming in line gets to the
      very last hill. Have him build a little to the right of the middle.
    + Make the Lemming behind him bash through the left side of the last hill.
      Build part of the way through to cut him off.
    + Make a hole pointing left in the hill next to it.
    + It will take four bridges for the builder to get up to the exit, and you're
      using two of them to keep the bashers from bashing through hills until
      there comes an end to the hills. That leaves you with one builder. You must
      use him to successfully get out of the holding cell you've burrowed. If it
      doesn't get them out of the hole or the builder goes the wrong way, restart
      the level and repeat these steps until you get it. Also, at some point you
      will need to max out the release rate.
    Level 26   Triple Trouble
    80 Lemmings (98% saved)
    RR 80   5 minutes
    + Speaking personally, I would have put this level in Mayhem, but I didn't
      make the game, now did I? There is one thing you can do to ensure that
      some of the Lemmings make it, however, and that is to create a digger just
      to the right of the top hatch. You'll save one-third of them instantly.
    + Now concentrate on the lower left corner. Make a climber come out of the
      alcove. As soon as he hops on top of the steel block, make him build to the
      ring in the center. Do this until he has made a secure bridge connected to
      the ring.
    + Repeat the previous step with a climber-builder in the lower right corner.
    + When one bashes through to the other side, he should clear out the ground
      below the door. Have one of the climbers build up to the exit.
    + Now comes the Moment Of Truth that you'll have to face in some levels. Will
      the throng of Lemmings in each corner be able to build out of their
      respective shelters using only one builder each? Oh, the suspense! If you
      do it successfully, you'll beat the level! If you don't, oh, who knows!
      Start over, maybe! But not after you've come so far! If the Lemmings do get
      out of their holes and make it to the exit - all of them (it is possible to
      easily save 100%) - you can wipe your brow in relief and continue.
    Level 27   Here comes the bomb squad
    80 Lemmings (60% saved)
    RR 10   5 minutes
    + Put a pass-through blocker at the beginning of the level.
    + Put one up on the elevated yellow block as well.
    + Build up to the row of blocks upon which the exit rests until you hit your
      head and turn around.
    + Put a blocker at the top of the bridge and blow him up.
    + Continue building, blocking, and bombing in this fashion until you have
      made a hole clear through the blocks.
    + Build out of the crude tunnel and proceed to the exit.
    Level 28   POOR WEE CREATURES!
    80 Lemmings (70% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + Make the first Lemming a floater. He is the only one you can have in this
      whole level.
    + Make him build a zigzag staircase until Lemmings stop splatting. This is
      extremely difficult. Try to count how many you let die. If you kill more
      than 24, you can't complete the level (70% of 80 is 56). Also, do not use
      more than five builders while in this space.
    + If you make it work, make it so that a blocker keeps the Lemmings held in
      while the floater goes ahead and makes a path.
    + Use two builders to get over the water.
    + Bash through the myriad crystals up ahead.
    + Another Moment Of Truth at the top of the fence: see that trap? It's sort
      of a Ghostbusters-style thing that sucks Lemmings in and kills them. (See
      the Appendix of Traps if you don't understand completely.) You must have a
      spare builder in your inventory to get over it. If you don't ... too bad!
    + If you do manage to hurdle it though, blow up the blocker and let the
      others enjoy paradise as well.
    Level 29   How do I dig the way?
    80 Lemmings (95% saved)
    RR 80   4 minutes
    + Let one Lemming go ahead while two blockers keep the others at bay.
    + Just like the last time you played this level, dig, bash, and mine through 
      the ledge so the others have a path to follow down to the bridge so that 
      they don't splat.
    + Odds are, if you're consulting this FAQ for help on this level, you're
      despairing because your builders seem to be in rather short supply. Don't
      worry, I can handle this easily. Only build over the water. Yes, you heard
      me, only over the water.
    + When the builder is successfully past his watery grave, make him climb up
      the plateau where the exit is.
    + Dig about an inch before the exit. You want to dig for about two seconds,
      then build to cut him off.
    + As soon as he hits the wall and turns around, have him mine the long
      distance down to the bridge. This will form a tunnel that will effectively
      lead all the other Lemmings up THROUGH the plateau to the exit.
    + It's okay to let the climber fall into the water and die on his return
      trip. Just blow up the blocker at the top and let the others walk through
      the brave miner's upward tunnel to victory.
    Level 30   We all fall down
    60 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 1   3 minutes
    + If you have the CD version of this game, you know the drill.
    + For floppy disk users, pause and put the release rate as far up as you feel
      comfortable with. A good speed for this level would be about 70.
                          T H E   M A Y H E M   L E V E L S
    Level 1   Steel Works
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 15   8 minutes
    + Here is yet another level where the CD's increased splat distance factors
      into play. You won't have to use a floater at the beginning if you play
      with the CD, but if you have the floppy disk, make the first one out of the
      hatch a floater. In fact, do that if you have the CD anyway. You'll need
      him to be a floater for the next drop.
    + As soon as that floater hits the ground, make him build a bridge. The minor
      change in fall distance is enough to save them all from high-altitude
    + Put two blockers in place to hold back the others.
    + When the floater drops gently to the hole below, let him hit the wall to
      the right and then turn around. In the middle of the hole, start building
      your way out.
    + Once at the top, he will finally wind his way down to a very tiny hole.
      Build one bridge to get out.
    + Erect bridges over the water. Dig when you find yourself over a steel
      stepping stone and then start building again when you land.
    + When you get to the end of the water, start building a zigzagging staircase
      up. You need to make it all the way to the top before your builders are
      totally expended. Thirty may seem like enough, but it won't be if you're
      wasteful with them.
    + When you are at the top, let the others go.
    Level 2   The Boiler Room
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 30   6 minutes
    + Let one walk to the left and put a blocker behind him to ward off the
    + Build as close to the steel wall as you can without actually hitting it. Do
      this, and you will fall to the ledge below.
    + It is important to note here that no matter where you build, YOU CANNOT
      BUILD UP THROUGH THE FIRE BLOWER! It doesn't matter how far away you get
      from it; the flames are unbending in their death sentence on your blocker.
      Instead, build to the part under the ledge that has the exit on it. Build
      until you go up through the ledge. Make sure that you have built bridges to
      keep the other Lemmings in that general area when they come up there.
    + Once the builder comes out on top of the ledge, turn him into a blocker and
      blow a hole through the edge.
    + Release the others and make them build a short bridge to the exit.
    Level 3   It's hero time! 
    25 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 99   1 minute
    + Pause the game as soon as the level opens. If you wait for the sound
      effects to go on before the hatch opens, you'll get an extra two or three
      seconds out of this level - seconds that are sorely needed to beat it.
    + When you finally open the hatch, make the first Lemming an athlete.
    + Make the last Lemming in line mine through the ledge when he is above the
      thin floor below.
    + Have that trailing Lemming that just mined bash through the wall with the
      right-way-only arrows.
    + Build to fill in the tiny crack leading to the acid pool.
    + When the athlete gets to the floor above the exit, have him dig downward to
    + Hope and pray that they all make it in time.
    Level 4   The Crossroads
    50 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 99   1 minute
    + Pause before the level starts as you did with the last level.
    + Open up when you're ready and let your Lemmings go to the top right corner
      of the fence.
    + The gaps in the fences are bigger up here, so it's easier to get into the  
      web by bashing through this top part and then entering through the middle 
      of the web's left wall.
    + When you are inside the web, bash as soon as you get to each wall and
      everything will turn out all right.
    Level 5   Down, along, up. In that order
    80 Lemmings (75% saved)
    RR 80   5 minutes
    + Dig down through the four platforms.
    + Station a blocker next to the lava as the Lemmings head right.
    + Put another one at the other end of the ground floor ledge.
    + Have someone build up to the first brick in the zigzag pattern (that leads
      up to the exit).
    + Put a blocker on the left side of the brick.
    + When some Lemming walks up to that brick, make him build left so that he
      runs into the blocker, turns around, and makes it to the next brick up by
      using only one builder.
    + Repeat this clever process to the end of the level. If the Lemming does not
      make it to the next ledge using only one builder, you must start over. You
      only have five blockers to use, which is the minimum for completing this
    Level 6   One way or another
    75 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 50   4 minutes
    + Make the first Lemming start building a bridge on the steel. When he has
      built one tile, make him mine into the steel so he will go the opposite
      direction of all the others.
    + Increase the release rate of 99 to get the others into the safe hole to the
    + Have the deviant Lemming build over the hole between the steel ledges and
      then to the wall to the far left. If you hit the wall, have him mine
      through the bridge at a point that will not cause them to splat.
    + Build over the lump with the arrows pointing right (since you have no
    + As soon as you start building the pivotal bridge that leads to the exit,
      start multitasking and build the others out of their jam. You must go left
      to get out. Try using only two bridges if at all possible.
    Level 7   Poles Apart
    50 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Build only one bridge over the pit near the beginning. You will have to
      sacrifice a few Lemmings, but make sure that no more than five die.
    + As soon as the first Lemming to successfully make it to the other side does
      so, have him dig a small distance and then build out of his hole. This
      ought to keep them from walking off into the pit at left.
    + Once you have secured the Lemmings in a comfy alcove, make one a climber.
    + When he gets to the top of the second pole, make him dig.
    + Build to the next one when you get to the ground.
    + Bash through it when you come to it. Make sure the climber DOES NOT turn
    + Repeat the three previous steps twice more to escape the poles.
    + Build to the exit over the small hole before it.
    + When the path is cleared, have the Lemmings in their holding cell bash
      through the first pole.
    Level 8   Last one out is a rotten egg!
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 55   5 minutes
    + Allow one Lemming the chance to proceed while keeping the others in with
      two blockers.
    + Build to the wall with the arrows that point left.
    + You can let the builder turn around when he runs into that large stack of
      bricks. On the way back to the wall, turn him into a climber.
    + Your climber will eventually get to the top of the wall. When he is there,
      have him dig at the right edge. Dig until you are at the perfect spot to
      tunnel diagonally to the bridge on the other side.
    + When you are at that perfect spot, build to the right. He will turn around
      soon enough.
    + Start mining when you get to the wall and pray that you gauged the angles
    + If you did, you will end up back on the bridge you built at the beginning.
      Make sure that the others can go up through the tunnel that you made.
    + When you get back to the right edge of the wall, dig some more. You need to
      make a way down for the others.
    + When you are down enough that they won't splat, build one bridge.
    + Mine through it to cut it off in mid-build.
    + When the climber reaches the exit with success, allow the others to follow
      in his successful footsteps.
    Level 9   Curse of the Pharaohs
    80 Lemmings (98% saved)
    RR 90   4 minutes
    + Put a blocker in front of the water. This is the only Lemming that is
      permitted to die in this whole level.
    + Bash left through the part of the pillar that sticks out, the thin wooden
      plank, and the pillar connected to the mess of bricks.
    + Dig through the left edge of the vertical brick just before the broken
    + When your digging meets the ground, have the digger build out of the hole
      (staircase and all).
    + Build up to the pyramid (use only two bridges if possible) and bash through 
    + You now have either eight or nine bridges with which to make a zigzagging
      staircase leading up to the exit. This is no simple task. Can you do it?
      It all rides on your ability to build that bridge!
    Level 10   Pillars of Hercules
    75 Lemmings (66% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + Use up all three of your floaters at the beginning. Make your first one
      erect a zigzagging staircase until the splatting ceases. Ensure that it is
      at least as high as the two small ledges poking out of the middle of the
      thin poles holding you in.
    + Have one of the floaters climb out to the left. The left path is far easier
      to take than the right.
    + When he gets to the top, have him dig down to the smaller ledge below.
    + Build to each successive ledge until you get to the exit.
    + Max out the release rate and have one of them bash through to that tiny
      middle ledge. They should all walk to the exit from there.
    Level 11   We all fall down
    80 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 1   3 minutes
    + CD users, yawn your way through the last of these dreary levels.
    + Floppy users, put the release rate up to at least 90 to have a chance at
      winning here.
    Level 12   The Far Side
    75 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 50   4 minutes
    + Have the first Lemming out of the hatch climb out of this steel pit to his
    + Dig through the dirt portion, then bash at the bottom to lead the others
      out of it safely.
    + On the ledge you come out on, there is a bit of dirt between the two pieces
      of steel. Mine down as far left as you can until you hit steel and turn
    + Drop to the rock at the bottom and build to the hill to the right.
    + Bash through between the steel columns.
    + Once through, start zigzagging up to the exit.
    + While you're doing that, have the others build out of their hole to save
      time. Multitasking will help you finish this one up with time to spare.
    Level 13   The Great Lemming Caper
    2 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Have the first one build across to the next ledge.
    + Make the second one float down to the bottom.
    + When the floater gets to the bottom, have him bash through the brick.
    + While he's bashing, turn him into a climber as well.
    + Meanwhile, when the builder has finished his bridge, wait for him to drop
      down and let him build to the wall in front of the exit.
    + If everything comes together correctly, the athlete at the bottom should
      climb up through the bridge just before the builder hits the wall, and will
      float down onto a finished bridge. This will put them both in the spot they
      need to be in.
    + At this point, you can bash through to the exit.
    Level 14   Pea Soup
    80 Lemmings (93% saved)
    RR 70   5 minutes
    + Build up to the small ledge to the left and have a Lemming block there.
    + Start one building to the right - up to the bowl of "pea soup."
    + Have a Lemming dig through the bridge to keep others from going up with the
    + Use a combination of builders and diggers to go from meatball to meatball
      (or whatever the heck those brown humps are). It will take a while to get
      across the "bowl."
    + When you have made a path to the exit, fill in the hole in the bridge.
    SPECIAL NOTE: On some older computers, the meatballs or whatever they are 
    will not show up due to certain color configurations or palette changes. If 
    this happens to you, you're obviously going to have a hard time beating this 
    level. Therefore, it is in your best interest to locate the password to the 
    next level, or just die a whole lot trying. Perseverance is key!
    Level 15   The Fast Food Kitchen...
    80 Lemmings (75% saved)
    RR 60   3 minutes
    + Multitasking is your best friend here. Handle both sides of the level at
      the same time and you will do just fine.
    + Put a set of two blockers on each side while letting one Lemming pass.
      Pausing while switching sides of the screen will make this tons easier.
    + Have each bash through the obstacles on their respective sides.
    + You will get five builders for each Lemming on each side. This is probably
      more than enough to handle it, but go ahead and make each one build up.
    + Keep your eyes on both of them simultaneously, making each one build again
      when they run out of tiles.
    + When each is near the end of the line, release the trapped Lemmings on
      their side. Done all at the same time, this one is a real piece of cake.
    Level 16   Just a Minute...
    50 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 10   1 minute
    + This is by far one of THE most hellish levels in the game. If you do it the
      way I tell you to, you can just repeat this solution for another variation
      of this level that you will have to play later.
    + Have four Lemmings bash through the large wall in front of you at once.   
      Only make them bash as they come to the wall.
    + Have the fifth dig behind them a little of the way down.
    + After digging far enough that they can't walk out to the left and into the
      shredder behind the entrance hatch, start making him bash as well.
    + Raise the release rate to 99.
    + Hopefully, all your Lemmings will make it to the exit just in time. You'll
      never finish this level with more than one second left, I promise you.
    Level 17   Stepping Stones
    80 Lemmings (88% saved)
    RR 50   4 minutes
    + Let one go to the edge while the others remain held back by a blocker.
    + Build as close to the edge as possible to the VERY thin ledges ahead. Each
      is just barely out of the reach of two bridges, so you'll have to build one
      step of a third bridge and then bash to cut it off.
    + As soon as he bashes and falls to the single pastel tile, start building
    + Continue to the end of the level in this fashion. The easiest way to do so
      is to keep your fingers hovering over F7 and F8 at all times. These two hot
      keys will be your best friend in this level.
    + After building to the exit, you will have only one builder left. You must
      use this one builder as a means of getting past your blocker. If you don't
      make it, you'll have to start over. Sorry, kid - them's the breaks.
    Level 18   And then there were four....
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 1   9 minutes
    + This is not a difficult level, and it doesn't even take a very long time to
      beat as the clock would suggest. First, concentrate on the upper hatches.
      They are the ones that need your attention the most.
    + On the left side, have a Lemming build over the pit looming over the water
      while a blocker keeps the others safe.
    + Meanwhile, on the right side, you need to dig a hole near the end of the
      dirt cliff to prevent splatting. Place a blocker to keep those Lemmings up
      there held in as well.
    + Attending to the left side once more, you need to watch the guy that was
      building until he gets to the steel edge by the water at the bottom.
    + Build a zigzag staircase up to the exit's level. It doesn't matter if there
      are holes near where you run into the walls and turn around. A guy in the
      lower left corner will fill them in a little bit.
    + Watch for your Lemming on the right side as well. Have him build left over
      the water when he gets near the exit.
    + Have each build one small bridge over the steel humps.
    + When this has been accomplished, blow up each blocker at the top level.
    + In the two lower arenas, get a climber to come up out of each one and build
      a zigzag staircase up to the exit level. For the one on the left, make sure
      his connects with the one that is already there to prevent water deaths.
    + When each staircase is complete, you can build those remaining out of their
    Level 19   Time to get up!
    50 Lemmings (92% saved)
    RR 20   5 minutes
    + Make the first two Lemmings climbers.
    + Bomb the first one in such a spot that he explodes right on the first thin 
      wall blocking the exit.
    + To make a straight hole through that thin wall, bomb just a little bit
      after the point where you bombed the first climber.
    + By now other Lemmings should be toddling about on the ground. Make the
      second one in the line a blocker, leaving one to build up to the hole that
      was just made.
    + Build up to the hole the climber-bombers made. Be sure that you connect it
      to the wall with no holes that any others could potentially slip through.
    + Build up over the blocker to release the others. They will slowly ascend
      the staircase.
    + Bomb the next Lemming as soon as he walks into the bombed hole. This should
      put him at the wall when he goes off.
    + Bomb another one just after that point to finish the job.
    Level 20   No added colours or Lemmings
    50 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 85   5 minutes
    + Make the first Lemming bash through the column ahead.
    + Put a blocker behind to hold the others back.
    + If you build at the very edge of the platform, you should hit it and turn
      around. You want this to happen.
    + Mine under the blocker to make him a walker again. The miner will go all
      the way down to the bottom.
    + Have the last Lemming in line at the top mine through the end of the
      bridge. This will create a hole that he and the miner who went through to
      the bottom can climb up through.
    + Have them both climb out of the lower area.
    Level 21   With a twist of lemming please
    50 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + Make every single Lemming out of the hatch a floater. You have enough for
      the job. Feel free to speed up the release rate to a comfortable setting.
    + When they are all made into floaters, have one take on the daring task of
      becoming an athlete.
    + Where the tallest vertical part of the plateau meets the shortest part,
      dig. Dig almost to the very bottom, by the column parallel to the exit.
    + When you are there, build to it and then to the exit.
    + You only get one chance to bash your way out of the pit holding the other
      Lemmings, so discern which direction they are walking in and bash with
      high hopes! If they make, they will eagerly follow the athlete's trail to
    Level 22   A BeastII of a level
    80 Lemmings (85% saved)
    RR 75   5 minutes
    + Do the two-blocker-encasing thing that's so boring to all of us by now. Oh,
      and let one Lemming proceed to make a way, of course. I'm stifling a yawn.
    + Build to and bash through each chandelier.
    + Ahead is a horribly disfigured object that you will have to bash through.
      It looks to me like a tree blown horribly out of proportion. There are
      several unanticipated empty spaces in it, so only bash as necessary.
    + When you come out, build across the pit.
    + Bash through to the end of the level.
    + Let out the others.
    Level 23   Going up.......
    80 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 70   9 minutes
    + Use one basher to get through the diagonal wall to the right.
    + When the Lemmings make it to the top, they will turn around and start
      walking left. Have one build his way out of the diagonal tunnel.
    + Build a bridge that extends upward and left to the very top of the level.
    + Bash through the top of the wall. While the basher is doing his job, turn
      him into a floater.
    + The floater should land on an incline going up and left.
    + Build a bridge out to the right to prevent Lemmings from splatting here
      upon their arrival.
    + At the end of that bridge (an end you will determine), make the building
      floater a blocker.
    + Let the others go. Get them out of their rut and over here.
    + When they get to the same incline that the builder-floater-blocker was on,
      have the leader bash through the sphere at the top. They'll do the rest on
      their own.
    Level 24   All or Nothing
    50 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 99   1 minute
    + With only three bashers in your inventory, it's do or die time. If you
      screw up even once, you have to start over. A good tactic I can offer
      here is to wait only a split second after the first Lemming falls in the
      narrow gap to bash. This is defined by the time it takes him to hit a
      wall and turn around once. Only your own mad skillz will lead you to
      victory, though. Good luck.
    Level 25   Have a nice day!
    80 Lemmings (90% saved)
    RR 1    5 minutes
    + Use the same level solution that you used for "Lemming Drops" (13 Tricky) 
      to beat this one. The only difference is that you will have to build your
      way over the blockers instead of blowing one up.
    Level 26   The Steel Mines of Kessel
    80 Lemmings (75% saved)
    RR 50   8 minutes
    + Use blockers and bombers to pass through the wall to your right. Bomb at
      the thinnest parts of the wall to use the lowest amount possible. This
      alone will make you spend approximately half your blocker and bomber
    + After successfully excavating through this wall, let one proceed while a
      blocker holds the rest back.
    + Make that blocker build up to the thin slice of dirt. (Do you see what I'm
      getting at already? Good!)
    + When he is across to the other side, have him block on that thin slice and
      bomb him to kingdom come. This should make a hole for the others.
    + Explode the blocker and let the others continue to the steel trap. If
      you worry about losing too many, have a blocker stave off the others while
      a loner builds over the trap.
    + After a bridge has been constructed over the metal death, allow the others
      to trudge onward to the exit.
    Level 27   Just a Minute (Part Two)
    50 Lemmings (100% saved)
    RR 10   1 minute
    + The fundamental difference between the first Just A Minute and the second
      is that there is a small ledge missing from this one that was a part of
      the first one. Other than that, the two are identical. You shouldn't need
      this ledge to complete the level, however, because I saw into the future,
      so to speak, when writing that level solution. Use the same solution I
      wrote for that level to beat this one. (It's 16 Mayhem, in case you're not
      aware.) You'll have to depend on the same luck to beat this one that you
      did for that one.
    Level 28   Mind the step.....
    1 Lemming (100% saved)
    RR 1    7 minutes
    + Let the lone Lemming in this level walk upstairs. Have him dig directly
      above one of the tiny ledges below.
    + Once down there, build your way over to the bricks on the tallest spaghetti
    + Dig a short distance into those bricks and build to turn the Lemming
    + Fall to the small ledge below and build one bridge to each successive one.
    + Eventually you will build to a thick column. Bash halfway through it, dig
      down some, and then bash your way out of it when you're down far enough.
    + Keep on building and bashing until you are on the set of stairs that leads
      down to the bottomless pit.
    + Build to the under part of the stairs to your upper left. It may take a
      while to get it connected to that part so you can bash through, but take it
      one bridge at a time. Do not go on a bridge-building rampage trying to get
      up there. You will run out of builders faster than you think if you try any
      monkey business.
    + Once you do bash through, make absolutely sure you have a builder left over
      to get over the masher. Notice that because of the presence of steel, you
      cannot go under it.
    + Walk to the wall at the bottom of Masher Hill. If you have a basher left
      over after all this, then by gum you beat the level!
    Level 29   Save Me
    80 Lemmings (80% saved)
    RR 50   5 minutes
    + Put blockers at the ends of the steel ledge.
    + Have one of the Lemmings build outward to the right. It helps if he is
      pretty far left when he starts building.
    + Make another Lemming build on the bridge that the first builder is making.
    + At some point, have one Lemming dig a hole through the bridge behind the
      builder. The others will leave the builders alone while they are free to 
    + When the original builder is far enough out for a staircase going left to
      be built, make him a blocker. 
    + The other builder can now stop building and make one going out to the left.
      Get him up to the top of the steel ledge above the entrance hatch.
    + Build to the broken column pointing down.
    + Bash through it halfway and then start digging.
    + When you're far enough down not to splat, bash through again.
    + Allow him to walk all the way to the end of the walkable ledges.
    + When he falls to the steel ledge above the exit, make him a blocker.
    + Build over the hole you dug in the bridge at the beginning of the level.
      The Lemmings will start heading for the exit. They should turn around when
      they fall on the blocker near the end.
    + When one lands on the ledge with the exit, make him a blocker as well. The
      rest of the Lemmings will go down to the exit.
    Level 30   Rendezvous at the Mountain
    80 Lemmings (75% saved)
    RR 20   9 minutes
    + Increase the release rate to 50, first of all. The Lemmings will come out
      of each hatch faster if you up it to that level, and it will be easier to
      keep track of them.
    + Pause it at the beginning and go all the way to the right.
    + Unpause and put a blocker there to keep the others from falling off the
      edge of the known universe.
    + Pause again and rush back to the other side. For now, you're done with the
      right half of the level. Possibly, by now, your Lemmings have encountered
      the dreadful retractable boulder trap. This thing is a real menace to you
      and should be evaded upon realization that it can kill your Lemmings.
    + To do that, put a blocker in front of all the Lemmings on this side except
      for one. He needs to mine under the boulder's trajectory.
    + When he is sufficiently below it, bash until he is out. The boulder near
      the trap one that looks identical is, in fact, not a trap - totally safe to
      walk under.
    + Bash through the large monolith-style rock.
    + Build to the hill ahead and over the steel trap on it. You will have to
      bash through the quaint little well to get by it, too.
    + Bash through the large columns of dirt, building over the water ever so
      carefully so as to make it safe for the others.
    + After you're out, just build a tiny little bridge so they don't all end up
      in that crack at the bottom of the mountain. They can walk up the rest of
      the way.
    + Blow up the blocker on the left side and send half of your last batch of
      Lemmings to safety.
    + Now we travel over to the right half. There is undoubtedly now a
      respectable throng of the little green-haired creatures romping about. Make
      one of those roaming hairballs a blocker so that one is trapped off to the
      left and can also make a path for the others.
    + Bash through that lump of gray crud to your left.
    + Construct a zigzagging staircase that ends just above the arrows forcefully
      pointing against you.
    + Bash through that spot of leeway and drop to the bottom. A few parts that
      stick out from the gray lumps will break your fall.
    + Yes, you must bash to get past that tiny insignificant signpost.
    + Build over the activator button for the 10-ton weight. In fact, while
      you're at it, build up to the rocks by the water. If you get up far enough
      on them, the builder should at some point be able to leisurely walk up
    + Keep on building up and left and before you know it, you'll have a viable
      pathway to the game's last exit.
    + Let the others go and watch as the game you've invested hours in ends
      before your very eyes.
    + Congratulations on beating the Mayhem levels! And also the entire game!
    After this, you will see a rather minimalistic congratulatory screen telling 
    you that you are now a Lemmings Elite Master and that you have successfully 
    completed the Save the Lemmings Campaign and a bunch of other nonsense that 
    all packs up into a nice, trite ending. From here, it's your choice as to 
    what to do with the game. You can go through it again; you can play its 
    pseudo-sequel "Oh No! More Lemmings" (under my strong recommendation); or you 
    can lock it up in that vault where you keep all your old games and never lay 
    eyes on it again. I frankly don't care what you do, but anyway, 
    congratulations for beating Lemmings! It's a very hard game! You should be 
                            CREDITS & LEGAL DISCLAIMERS
    Finally, my second-longest FAQ ever comes to a close. This is more than just 
    an FAQ to me. It's a big investment of time into helping the befuddled masses 
    with a game I love a lot. Rest assured that this one is more eloquently 
    worded than its primitive predecessor. It took me a lot longer to write this 
    one than the last one, and I hope the amount of work I put into it is a 
    testament to that. This is, of course, barring the fact that I am (almost) a 
    Lemmings master and it took me five days to write what would take anyone else 
    nearly a month or more. Yes, I am bragging. So what, who cares. Hopefully 
    soon I will also have put together a very comprehensive guide for Oh No! More 
    Lemmings, a Lemmings pseudo-sequel with far more depth than this masterpiece, 
    if you can imagine that.
    This FAQ is not my work alone, but is a conglomeration of the input of 
    several other people as well. I've got the following people to thank for the 
    development and publication of this long document:
    ** Neal Lundberg. He led me to GameFAQs and I went off running in my own
       direction. He also helped get me started on the road to writing my own
       FAQs, even though he's never had anything published on that site. Major
       thanks to him, for this is now the 23rd published FAQ of mine on the
       Internet. I wouldn't be in this business without him.
    ** A company called VTM Hypermart makes a nifty little utility called LemEdit
       that I used while making this document. It has detailed maps and vital
       statistics of most of the game's levels that I used frequently to help me
       out some. I thank both the utility and the company that made it, for it is
       a fun and easy program to use (it lets you make your own levels, even!)
    ** I say that I am ALMOST a Lemmings master because even I, the FAQ Writer
       Himself, am fallible. I got help - and the solutions - for two levels that 
       especially hurt my brain from R. Rouse's FAQ on GameFAQs (20 and 29  
       Mayhem). He is a great Lemmings strategist and his FAQ is a masterful
    ** My dad, who bestowed upon me the laptop with which I write nearly all my
    ** All those who have helped to develop my gifts of writing, spelling, and
       forming sentences, without which this FAQ would not have been possible.
    ** DMA Design for developing this awesome game.
    ** Psygnosis for publishing this awesome game (that put them on the map!).
    ** Slash Corporation for distributing an awesome CD containing this and Oh
       No! More Lemmings.
    ** GameFAQs and any other site that posts this FAQ.
    If you wish to use this on your site at all, I have guidelines regarding the 
    legal use of this document on your website. First of all, the biggest of 
    these is to first ask for permission before you use the document. All you 
    need to do is send me a simple query of consent and make it short and sweet, 
    and it's almost 100% likely the answer will be yes. I haven't had to worry 
    about anyone jacking my intellectual property yet, and I don't want to have 
    After gaining the permission to use this document, do not change the text in 
    the transition from one site to the other. Every word, every letter, and 
    every space must remain as it is currently written. Any modifications are 
    strictly forbidden by the disclaimers in this section of this document. While 
    I don't allow changes to the text, changing the structure by any means (such 
    as adding pictures) is perfectly fine by me.
    Don't sell this document for money. Should a person need this for purposes of 
    help but is without Internet access, give a copy to them for free with a 
    smile on your face. I don't like my intellectual property sold for others' 
    profit. If you're going to link to the walkthrough instead of using it on 
    your site, link to the page containing the link. That link will be on 
    GameFAQs, which is the site that all my walkthroughs go to first. Since I 
    like the rule, I tend to abide by it. Lastly, and most importantly, DON'T 
    PLAGIARIZE, or I will hunt you down like a helpless little forest animal and 
    legal repercussions will come into play. Plagiarizing is not only illegal, 
    it's incredibly stupid. I think I can tell if my own work's been illicitly 
    This version of this walkthrough (1.1) is (C) July 22, 2002 by Snow Dragon, 
    all rights reserved. The latest version of this walkthrough can always be 
    found first at GameFAQs.
    Have a nice day, and have fun playing Lemmings!

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