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PlayStation 2

ESPN NBA BasketballChoosing Alternate Jerseys In Season Mode01/08/04
NBA Street Vol. 2Unlockable Extras05/12/03
Saint Seiya: The SanctuaryCharacters04/12/05
Yakuza 2Unlockables12/24/06

PlayStation 3

Yakuza 3Ryuu ga Gotoku 3/Yakuza 3 Unlockables02/26/09
Yakuza 4Ryuu ga Gotoku 4 Densetsu wo Tsugu Mono/Yakuza 4 Unlockables03/25/10
Yakuza 5Ryuu ga Gotoku 5 Yume, Kaneshi Mono/Yakuza 5 Unlockables12/18/12


Kurohyou: Ryu ga Gotoku ShinshouUnlockable Bonuses09/27/10