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Game Boy

Milon's Secret CastlePassword with All Items07/15/00
Solomon's ClubNew Game Password...02/03/09
The Battle of OlympusNew Game Passwords01/02/04


Arcus OdysseyAct 2 & Act 8 Passwords...05/28/04
Castlevania: BloodlinesVarious Stage Passwords01/24/05
Gauntlet IVQuest Mode Password05/12/04
Road RashVarious & Final Level Passwords05/19/04
Road Rash 3Various and Final Level Passwords05/19/04
Road Rash IIVarious Level & Final Level Passwords05/19/04


Bases Loaded 4Regular Season Passwords11/10/04
Bases Loaded 4Super Series Passwords...11/10/04
Burai FighterMisc. Passwords06/17/01
Casino KidVarious Passwords...07/12/04
Casino Kid IIPasswords12/13/02
Clash at DemonheadVarious Passwords...04/23/08
Dr. ChaosVarious Passwords...07/12/04
F-1 SensationVarious Passwords...05/10/07
FaxanaduVarious Mantra Passwords05/24/04
HydlideVarious Passwords...02/22/05
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors IIVarious Passwords...03/17/09
Legacy of the WizardNew Game Password...05/21/04
Metal GearNew Game & Final Area Passwords05/09/04
Metal StormNormal & Expert Passwords...02/18/10
Metal StormNormal & Expert Passwords...(Japanese Version)02/23/10
Michael Andretti's World Grand PrixVarious Level Passwords01/31/05
Monster PartyRound Passwords...02/17/10
R.B.I. Baseball 3Passwords11/22/02
RamboNew Game and Final Battle Passwords05/14/04
Ring KingVarious Passwords...11/08/04
Snake's RevengePasswords02/09/02
The Battle of OlympusNew Game Passwords01/02/04
The Guardian LegendStart Game at Final Area w/Max. Abilities05/21/04
The Guardian LegendStart New Game w/Max. Abilities01/02/04
Vegas DreamMisc. Passwords10/01/03
Wall Street KidFirst Week Password...08/09/04
WCW World Championship WrestlingChampionship Passwords01/02/04

Sega Master System

Road RashVarious and Final Level Passwords05/18/04
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapBeginning Passwords...05/20/04

Super Nintendo

F1 ROC: Race of ChampionsCheck SNES chips' version numbers05/11/15
F1 ROC: Race of ChampionsPlay Slot Game in Monaco05/11/15
Michael Andretti's Indy Car ChallengeVarious Passwords...01/06/09
The SmurfsLevel Passwords04/22/02
TKO Super Championship BoxingChampionship Mode Passwords03/16/06
Top Gear 3000Various Passwords...07/11/06


Dragon's CurseBeginning Passwords...05/20/04
Final Lap TwinQuest Game Password05/21/04