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Game Saves

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

NostalgiaSave Game File11/03/09256K
Slot 1: Notebook ~100% complete; Bestiary 92%, Items 83%. Lv74-75 party with ultimate inventory and airship parts. Everything else's complete. Saved @ Hanging Gardens of Babylon on ship. Slot 2 Empty.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream LandSave Game File04/08/0364K
100% of Regular Game beat, Boss Mode time 8"51', Meta-Night Mode Available.
Sonic Pinball PartySave Game File06/20/0364K
Story Mode completed, Samba de Amigo table unlocked, All 3 Casinopolis mini-games unlocked.