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Virtual Boy

3-D TetrisThe Virtual Boy's swan song12/08/08
Galactic PinballOne of the best games available for the Virtual Boy.12/08/02
GolfA decent golf game.03/11/03
Insmouse no YakataA NES style first person shooter on a 32-bit system.05/02/03
Jack Bros.One of the best games available for the Virtual Boy.12/07/02
Mario ClashMario deserved better than this.03/13/03
Mario's TennisA great tennis game that shows what the Virtual Boy is capable of.03/11/03
Nester's Funky BowlingAn average game.12/07/02
Panic BomberDon't overlook this great game.12/18/02
Red AlarmDon't judge this game until you give it a try.12/09/02
SD Gundam Dimension WarAnother weak attempt by Bandai to cash in on a popular TV show12/11/08
Space Invaders: Virtual CollectionAn arcade legend meets Nintendo's redheaded stepchild.12/11/08
Space SquashPong in the 3rd Dimension!12/04/08
TeleroboxerPunch-Out meets Rock'em Sock'em Robots.12/13/02
V-TetrisThe timeless classic makes an appearance on the Virtual Boy.12/19/02
Vertical ForceA decent game that could have been better.12/07/02
Virtual BowlingAthena manages to blow Nintendo's bowling game out of the water12/11/08
Virtual Boy Wario LandThe Virtual Boy's flagship title.03/13/03
Virtual FishingFishing in 3D.06/26/03
Virtual LabOne of the rarest games ever is also among the worst12/05/08
Virtual League BaseballThe horrible fielding system ruins what could have been a great game.12/07/02
VirtualBoyGunpei Yokoi's most innovative creation.06/26/03
WaterworldThe worst video game I have ever played.12/07/02