Phoenix 3Get all of the weapons in space10/17/05
Phoenix 3Get all of the weapons on the planet10/17/05


TurtlesLevel Skip12/09/05


A-TrainSpecial Dates09/02/05
AkiraLevel Passwords09/13/05
Alien BreedA few codes08/29/05
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesCodes and passwords09/13/05
AssassinContinue Gameplay09/13/05
AwesomeMisc. cheats08/29/05
Barbarian IIRestore Energy09/02/05
BeaversLevel Passwords09/14/05
Better Dead Than AlienLevel Passwords09/14/05
Big RunUnlimited Credits08/29/05
Bob's Bad DayLevel Passwords09/14/05
BratSkip Levels08/29/05
Brian the LionLevel Passwords09/14/05
Bugbomber2 Player Passwords09/14/05
Cannon FodderSuper Weapons09/02/05
Carrier CommandCheat Mode09/02/05
Chuck RockUnlimited lives09/14/05
ClockwiserLevel Passwords09/14/05
Days of ThunderFree movement09/02/05
Double DragonCheat mode09/16/05
Dyna BlasterCheat mode09/26/05
Dyna BlasterLevel 7 passwords09/26/05
Dyna BlasterLevel 8 Passwords09/16/05
Dyna BlasterStage passwords for level 609/26/05
ElfNew potions09/06/05
EliteCheat Mode09/06/05
ESWAT: Cyber Police99 Credits09/19/05
F-15 Strike Eagle IIRefill ammunition09/12/05
Fantastic DizzyCheat mode:09/12/05
Final FightCheat mode09/12/05
Final FightUnlimited lives09/12/05
Fire ForceUnlimited Bazooka Ammunition09/19/05
FloodLevel Passwords09/19/05
Gauntlet IIHealth points09/12/05
Gemini WingLevel Passwords09/12/05
Ghosts 'n GoblinsInvincibility09/19/05
Ghouls 'n' GhostsInvincibility09/19/05
Golden AxeExtra life09/19/05
Gravity ForceLevel Passwords09/19/05
HeimdallRestore game with no save file09/21/05
HookGet all items09/21/05
Hudson HawkMisc. Cheats09/21/05
Ikari WarriorsInvincibility09/22/05
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic AdventureMisc. Cheats09/12/05
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityFull life bar09/22/05
Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of InfinityUnlimited pendants and flasks09/22/05
James Pond 2: Codename RoboCodCheat mode:09/12/05
Jimmy White's Whirlwind SnookerColoured balls09/12/05
Jurassic ParkLevel Passwords09/12/05
K240Cheat Mode:08/29/05
King's Quest II: Romancing The ThroneDebug Mode09/12/05
King's Quest III: To Heir Is HumanDebug Mode09/12/05
King's Quest: Quest for the CrownDebug Mode09/12/05
Knights of the SkyEasy Targets09/12/05
LeanderCheat Passwords09/12/05
LemmingsMulti player level passwords09/12/05
Liberation: Captive IIDuplicate Items09/26/05
Lion HeartCheat mode09/26/05
Lotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeAlways Qualify Races09/26/05
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeCheat mode09/26/05
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeEasy mode championship races level passwords09/26/05
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeEasy mode timed races level passwords09/26/05
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeHard mode championship races level passwords09/26/05
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeHard mode timed races level passwords09/26/05
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeMedium mode championship races level passwords09/26/05
Lotus III: The Ultimate ChallengeMedium mode timed races level passwords09/26/05
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2Always Qualify09/26/05
Magic PocketsContinue Gameplay09/27/05
Mr. NutzMisc. Cheats10/12/05
MYTH: History in the MakingUmlimited Lives10/12/05
Nick Faldo's Championship GolfPlay golf on Mars10/12/05
OrkCheat Mode10/14/05
OrkLevel password10/14/05
OscarLevel Skip10/14/05
P.P. HammerLevel Skips06/19/02
Pacific IslandsCheat Mode10/14/05
PangLevel Select10/14/05
Paradroid 90Cheat Screen10/14/05
Parasol StarsLevel Skip10/14/05
PegasusLevel Passwords10/14/05
PegasusMessage from the programmer10/14/05
Predator 2Cheat screen10/14/05
Primal RageHidden options10/14/05
Prince of PersiaFull strength10/14/05
Prince of PersiaLevel skip10/14/05
Prince of PersiaMore time10/14/05
Prophecy I: The Viking ChildLevel Passwords10/14/05
PushoverLevel 10010/14/05
R-TypeUnlimited lives10/14/05
RobocopRegain Energy10/14/05
SDINo opponents10/14/05
Sensible Soccer v1.1 - European ChampionsSlow motion Enemies08/31/05
Shadow of the Beast IILevel codes10/14/05
Shadow of the Beast IIICheat Mode10/14/05
ShinobiMusic test10/14/05
ShinobiSkip to level 310/14/05
ShinobiUnlimited credits10/14/05
Sid Meier's CivilizationView Complete Map and Enemy Cities09/14/05
Sid Meier's Railroad TycoonExtra Money10/14/05
Space HarrierUnlimited lives10/14/05
Space Harrier IIUnlimited lives10/14/05
StardustLevel Passwords10/14/05
SwitchBladeLevel select10/14/05
SwitchBlade IIInvincibility during mini-game10/14/05
SwitchBlade IILevel select10/14/05
Sword of SodanCheat Mode10/14/05
The Amazing Spider-ManLevel Select09/13/05
The Blues BrothersLevel Select Screen09/14/05
The Faery Tale AdventureIncreased luck09/12/05
The Four Crystals of TrazereAC cheat09/12/05
The New Zealand StoryContinue Gameplay10/12/05
The New Zealand StoryExtra firepower10/12/05
The New Zealand StoryLevel Skip10/12/05
The New Zealand StoryUnlimited lives10/12/05
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsBonus Screen10/14/05
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsLevel skip10/14/05
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsUnlimited lives10/14/05
Treasure Island DizzyHigh jumps09/15/05
Ugh!Multiplayer Passwords11/14/05
VirusCheat Mode11/14/05
WizkidUnlimited money11/14/05
XenonKill all aliens11/14/05
ZeewolfLevel Passwords04/09/03

Atari ST

James PondCheat Mode12/09/05


GalaxianHidden Message10/17/05
Pitfall!Go through walls10/17/05

Game Boy Advance

GT Advance Championship RacingLevel Passwords-09/21/05
GT Advance Championship RacingUnlockable parts and cars09/19/05
GT Advance Championship RacingUnlockable seat09/20/05


PuggsyLevel Passwords08/29/05
The Lion KingSpecial move- beating Scar09/07/05


Armor BattleMove your tank across the screen10/17/05
B-17 BomberRestore Health10/17/05
IntellivisionPause all games10/17/05
Lock 'n' ChaseWarp across the screen10/17/05
Star StrikeFreeze your ship10/17/05
Swords & SerpentsSee programmer initials10/17/05
Triple ActionShoot through the skyscraper10/17/05


Battlezone 2000Play a 3D version of the game10/17/05
California GamesAvoid all obstacles10/17/05
California GamesRide a pelican10/17/05
RampartMultiplayer Game in Single Player Mode10/17/05
WarbirdsView Surroundings10/17/05


Shooting GalleryAlways get a hit10/17/05
Shootout/Dogfight/Prehistoric SafariAlways hit.10/17/05


Hornby Virtual RailwayDracula/ yoda figure09/16/05
Railroad Tycoon IISingle track- Passing trains09/20/05


Railroad Tycoon IIPassing trains on a single track09/20/05

PlayStation 2

Taz WantedGallery images09/17/05
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingInvincible Gimli09/20/05


ChoplifterLevel select10/17/05
ChoplifterSecret characters10/17/05


MineStormView Invisible Mines10/17/05


VIC-20Crash the System10/17/05