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Last Ninja 3Cheat Mode01/16/07
Narco PoliceCheat Mode01/16/07
Rambo IIISkip Levels01/16/07
Ruff 'n' TumbleUnlimited Lives01/16/07

Amstrad CPC

LemmingsLevel Passwords12/12/05

Atari 7800

Double DragonAlternate Ending12/16/05

Game Boy

Bugs Bunny CollectionLevel Passwords07/24/06

Game Boy Color

Turok 2: Seeds of EvilMedium Difficulty Passwords04/12/06

PlayStation 2

Spy vs. SpyUnlockables07/06/05
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithUnlockables05/04/05

Sharp X68000

GradiusContinue Playing07/25/06

Turbo CD

LemmingsLevel Passwords - Mayhem Difficulty12/06/05
LemmingsLevel Passwords - Taxing Difficulty12/06/05
LemmingsLevel Passwords for Fun Difficulty12/06/05
LemmingsTricky Level Passwords12/06/05

Xbox 360

Cloning ClydeAchievements07/19/06
Hitman: Blood MoneyInfinite Saves on Normal and Expert06/14/06
Outpost Kaloki XFree Repairs04/28/06