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Chip's ChallengeWhite and Nerdy01/10/07
Classic ConcentrationI'm concentrating real hard on this classic DOS game04/26/07
Counter-StrikeAt the risk of sounding like a Counter-Strike junkie, this is a really good game.11/19/07
Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroJust a supplement to Counter-Strike and nothing more11/20/07
Daytona USAWeaksauce copy of the arcade version-why did Sega bother??05/21/07
DEFCON: Everybody DiesShow off your nukes and blow up dots on a screen10/03/07
Insaniquarium DeluxeSerenity Now, Insanity Later01/04/08
Lode Runner OnlineThis game hit the mother lode04/27/07
Monopoly TycoonEconomics 10109/29/06
Secret Agent Episode 1 - The Hunt for Red Rock RoverWatch out James Bond, cause Red Jumpsuit Man has come to steal your martinis and women.01/11/07
Sim Theme ParkIt forever lives in Roller Coaster Tycoon's shadow, but it redeems itself with flair06/25/07
SimEarth: The Living PlanetThis game is in need of an Intelligent Designer.05/26/09
SimFarmThose seeking the simple life will get anything but that11/19/07
SimTowerSimTower is a classic, but is too simple and defunct at times10/27/06
Street Rod 2Fast n' the Furious of the 60's10/02/06
Streets of SimCityDrive around and blow up a Maxis game???11/19/07
The Game of Life (1998)Go through the motions and get instant gratification in this simple board game11/20/07
The Political MachineA no-spin review of the politically-inclined game09/29/06
The SimsMaxis has finally been able to recreate real life--sudden bursts of excitement, but mostly boring.01/06/08
The Sims: Hot DateWait, Sims are supposed to be hot?01/08/08
The Sims: House PartyThrow a party, get wasted01/08/08
The Sims: Livin' LargeA straight-up expansion with nothing fancy about it01/08/08
The Sims: SuperstarMake me a Superstar--wait, no.01/08/08
The Sims: VacationThe beginning of the end for The Sims.01/08/08
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2nd EditionThis game is on its last lifeline10/10/07
World CircuitGran Turismo, meet your ancestry.10/12/07
Yoot TowerThe unoffical sequel to SimTower looks promising but eventually falls flat03/27/07

Xbox 360

Big Bumpin'Today, this game. Tomorrow, Burger King Party.05/24/07
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareGiddy up.06/11/08
Dead RisingJinkies! This mall is full of zombies!02/16/07
EragonMovie-to-game achievement point fodder, what else did you expect?06/24/08
Forza Motorsport 2Decent racing sim that suits the Xbox 360 well. Rides Gran Turismo's draft but can't overtake it.06/20/08
Guitar Hero IIYeah, it's next-gen Guitar Hero--yeah, we're all rocking out, but eh04/17/07
LEGO Rock BandLego Rock Band is a family-friendly version of the popular franchise, but it will leave some mature gamers feeling bewildered.11/04/09
Major League Baseball 2K6A base hit between first and second05/21/07
NASCAR 08Congratulations, you just lost your sponsors07/28/08
Need for Speed CarbonMight as well call it Need For Speed: Underground 305/31/07
Need for Speed ProStreetNeed your fix of nitrous oxide and x-treme body kits once again? Look no further.04/28/08
OutRun Online ArcadeIt's nice to know Sega still cares.05/26/09
Perfect Dark ZeroAs much as I wanted to hate this game, I just couldn't.07/07/09
Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the MovieNot only did this game stink, but it also augmented my fear of bugs and pond water04/25/08
Pocketbike RacerPocketbike Racer with Cristina, the world's happiest BK employee05/24/07
Rockstar Games presents Table TennisThe Ultimate Table Tennis Experience10/09/07
Root Beer TapperI wish I had a Root Beer04/28/08
Sega Rally RevoThis is a decent racing game--MAYBE!07/07/09
Sega Superstars TennisSega's response to Super Smash Bros. - A Tennis Game.06/12/08
Sneak KingIf this is fast food, The King would be doing hit-and-runs, not sneaking up on people05/22/07
Sonic the HedgehogA good Sonic game buried under a ton of problems01/10/07
Spider-Man 3Spiderman webs his way into flypaper in this watered-down adaptation of the movie04/02/08
The OutfitArmy men running around saying stupid things11/20/06
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06Nice drive, but your short game stinks.02/01/08
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six VegasPlays its cards well, but unfortunately, the dealer drew a Blackjack04/03/07
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2Sometimes I wish I had gone to Atlantic City instead.07/09/09
Tony Hawk's Project 8If this were a school project, I'd give it a B-.02/22/07
YarisThis game is awful. And I like to eat Lunchables' Cheese Pizza with the Capri Sun and the mini Snickers bar.06/24/08