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PlayStation 2

Alien HominidG21's 100th review and still going.10/09/06
Clock Tower 3Abandon all hope02/21/06
Crazy TaxiThe race against time06/25/07
Devil May Cry 2Dante's fall from grace...01/12/07
Devil May Cry 3: Dante's AwakeningA broken masterpiece03/23/05
DOA2: HardcoreFate is in your hands04/12/06
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed KingCor Blimey! This one o' them great games02/02/06
ESPN NFL 2K5Different Version, Same Results10/24/05
Fantastic 4Fantastic? No. Decent? Yes.07/12/05
Final Fantasy XAnd the legacy continues06/14/05
Final Fantasy X-2First time for everything02/15/05
Final Fantasy XIIFriends Unite In A World Torn Apart01/09/07
God of WarA redefining and thought provoking experience03/25/05
God of War II Tonight we dine in...03/26/07
Grandia IIIObligation of Heroism11/21/06
Katamari DamacyInnovative in its own right03/17/05
Kengo: Master of BushidoPath of Disaster...05/26/06
Magna Carta: Tears of BloodThe measure of man07/20/07
NBA StreetStreet Cred 10109/29/06
OkamiArtistic Evolution02/23/07
Onimusha 3: Demon SiegeBest of both worlds08/03/05
Pride FC: Fighting ChampionshipsI'd rather have Cro Cop kick me in the head.03/10/06
Ridge Racer VAll things considered...08/01/06
Rise to HonorThe dishonoring of Jet Li05/31/05
Shadow HeartsIt begins here...09/09/05
Shadow Hearts: CovenantA tale of realism and fantasy.03/05/05
Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldSiblings in distress...08/16/06
Shadow of the ColossusColossal world, yet barren and forsaken.11/19/05
Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2Hitting down the line...09/13/06
Street Fighter Alpha AnthologyCollection for the ages12/29/07
Street Fighter Anniversary CollectionNostalgia relived08/15/05
Tekken 4The legend continues? You decide.01/16/06
Tekken 5Pieces of Memory06/04/08
Tekken Tag TournamentWhat could've been...01/09/07
World Series of Poker: Tournament of ChampionsViva Las Vegas!03/05/07
Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur MachtAye Aye Captain!07/17/06


BloodRayneCreatures of the night...08/21/06
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30History is written by the victors.03/17/05
Buffy the Vampire SlayerShe alone will face the forces of darkness.02/06/05
Counter-StrikeRules of Engagement02/16/06
Crimson Skies: High Road to RevengeFlying with prestige04/03/06
Dead or Alive 3What you leave behind...02/10/06
Dead or Alive UltimateThe Ultimate online fighter11/01/04
Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach VolleyballGet a little tan and play a little volleyball.11/30/04
DeathrowAn uninspired title that lacks any polish.02/19/05
Enter the MatrixEnter a Matrix filled with broken mechanics.03/03/05
ESPN NFL 2K5Hall of Fame Calibur01/03/05
FableGood or evil? The choice is yours09/21/04
Fight Night 2004Not quite a knockout.05/31/07
Freedom FightersSolid in some areas and lacking in others11/19/04
Full Spectrum WarriorFantastic representation with one serious flaw04/10/06
Grand Theft Auto Double PackA nightmare for parents...06/25/07
Halo 2Not quite as good as the first.11/12/04
I-NinjaA fun and quirky title01/01/08
Jade EmpireKill the evil and Cleanse the Demons04/18/05
James Bond 007: Agent Under FireBond has lost his touch03/19/07
Kabuki WarriorsThere is no honor.05/30/07
Madden NFL 06Recycle. Reuse. Reduce.08/12/05
Madden NFL 2003Hit and miss...06/04/08
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Battle of heroes...05/30/07
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceI wish they would uppercut me instead...oh wait...10/23/06
NBA Live 2005Shooting Bricks12/02/05
NBA Street Vol. 2Scoring with ease!12/28/05
Ninja GaidenStrike with grace and precision.09/30/04
Ninja Gaiden BlackPatience is a virtue...05/29/07
Otogi: Myth of DemonsNone shall pass...Well this game doesn't get a passing grade either.02/19/05
Panzer Dragoon OrtaFrom The Shadows, A Hero Is Born06/30/06
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimePast Prologue02/13/06
Prince of Persia: Warrior WithinThe sequel lacks the charm that the first had.12/13/04
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of WarBack in the old days...08/01/07
Robotech: BattlecryAfter the beginning, it's all downhill.12/05/05
RollerCoaster TycoonUp, Down, Left, Right, and Spin It All Around!09/30/05
Spider-Man: The MovieSpidey's debut! A hit or a bust?12/28/05
Star Wars: BattlefrontThe force is not strong with this one.09/30/04
Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicThe defining rpg on the Xbox.01/03/05
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords(Force Persuade) You will buy this game01/03/05
SudekiNothing Special08/02/04
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher BayAtmospheric and brilliantly designed07/19/05
The Sims Bustin' OutLiving life to the fullest06/04/07
TimeSplitters 2Solid in all aspects03/28/07
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3A summer of addiction02/22/05
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black ArrowOne of the best Xbox live titles out08/12/04
Top SpinIt's all in the wrist.12/26/05
WWE Raw 2I wonder what Anchor was thinking?07/19/06
X-Men LegendsFinally a notable X-Men game10/12/04

Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham AsylumInsert a random epic Joker quote here.11/08/10
Batman: Arkham CitySecond go around yields the same fun results09/25/13
Battlefield 2: Modern CombatThere aren't enough heroes in this battle...10/23/06
BayonettaA flashy and fun action title12/03/13
BioShockWho's your daddy now?08/26/07
BioShock 2A solid reenactment of Rapture...05/28/13
BioShock InfiniteA fun and solid shooter08/27/13
Bullet WitchBack to QA please!07/13/07
Burnout RevengeGoing all out!07/27/07
Call of Duty 3A bit of a setback08/26/07
Condemned: Criminal OriginsDive into the criminal underworld.01/10/06
Dead or Alive 4 Still Kicking High and Looking Good01/02/06
Dead or Alive 5Still a fun and fast pace fighting game05/08/13
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2Under the bright sun...06/04/07
Def Jam: IconA matter of time07/09/07
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionIn the not so distant future...08/13/12
Devil May Cry 4A revitalized series...02/21/08
Duke Nukem ForeverNot as bad as the critics would have you believe.06/27/11
Eternal SonataWhat dreams are made of...06/20/11
FaceBreakerWell at least the graphics aren't too shabby.11/08/10
Gears of WarThen there were chainsaws...11/27/06
Gears of War 2A War Without End03/15/10
Gears of War 3Let them come I say. Let them come.01/06/12
Geometry Wars: Retro EvolvedOne Little Ship. One Gigantic Heart.01/23/06
Halo 3Finishing the fight has meaning.11/02/07
Halo 4A masterful rendition of the Halo series12/05/12
Halo WarsAttack my minions, attack!01/12/11
Halo: Combat Evolved AnniversaryA trip down memory lane...01/30/12
Halo: ReachBungie's culmination of nearly 10 years of hard work10/22/10
Hexic HDAn added bonus!12/09/05
Jetpac RefuelledYour trip across the Galaxy03/30/07
Kameo: Elements of Power Mystical Forces...12/21/05
L.A. NoireJustice is served up quite nicely06/02/11
Lost OdysseyGreat addition to the 360's library10/27/08
Madden NFL 11Second chances generate some nice surprises.01/04/11
Mass EffectTo the stars!02/22/10
Mass Effect 2Bioware's masterpiece for the ages...03/01/10
Mass Effect 3An epic capstone to one of this generation's great series11/15/12
Ninja Gaiden II Brutality at its finest06/11/08
Perfect Dark ZeroTale of Two Perspectives01/18/06
Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the MovieIt's over already?12/09/05
Prince of PersiaThe prince has fallen...02/03/10
Resident Evil 5Memories....are like pieces of broken glass...12/03/10
Ridge Racer 6High Speeds aren't always a good thing...06/02/06
Rockstar Games presents Table TennisA little to the left...06/18/07
Sleeping DogsNeither black nor white is a world full of grey03/18/13
Star Trek: LegacyDoesn't quite capture it07/18/07
Street Fighter II' Hyper FightingClassic gone bad08/14/06
Tales of VesperiaA charming and lighthearted adventure11/08/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 1989 Classic ArcadeA story of turtles...03/23/07
The DarknessWicked cool mixed with a sprinkle of glitches.07/05/07
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionInto the jaws of Oblivion05/08/06
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Testing the faith of humanity12/19/06
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: ConvictionLurking in silence and shadows...01/24/11
Tomb RaiderThe maturation process of a Tomb Raider04/05/13
UFC Undisputed 2009First time in a long time...10/16/09