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Bomberman OnlineDo we get to wear our own pants?.........Tight!!!!10/05/02
Capcom vs. SNKThe game we all waited for is here, and well worth the wait!03/20/01
Confidential MissionIt may not be the best Dreamcast gun game, but it's still a good one.09/22/01
Crazy Taxi The arcade hit comes home to the Dreamcast!10/28/00
Crazy Taxi 2If you missed out on the first game, you better make sure to check this one out.07/02/01
Death Crimson OX“Hold your Crimson!” .... I can’t because it won’t work you dummy!10/01/01
Demolition Racer: No ExitYou just got to love these Demolition games.08/22/01
DreamcastWith the dream gone, a new era starts.04/15/00
Hydro ThunderA weird combination of Cruis 'n USA and Wave Race11/29/00
Marvel vs. Capcom 2One of the greatest fighters I've played in a long time!07/18/00
NBA 2KI can finally say I played a GOOD basketball simulation05/04/00
NBA 2K1"Believe in yourselvef, Believe in yourself!"12/27/00
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCI like the old 2-D NBA Jam's and Hangtime's better!11/10/00
NFL 2K"He throws that football as worse as my Paperboy throws my Sunday Paper"06/07/00
NFL 2K1Way better than Madden 2001!11/21/00
NFL Blitz 2000A more polished off N64 version of the game, but still great to play!08/25/00
NHL 2KAnother great sports game by Sega!06/01/00
OuttriggerThe only thing digitally remastered in this title is my ass!10/05/02
Power Stone 2Just think of it as Super Smash Bros. in 3-D with a dose of wacky characterss and arenas and you'll get the picture.09/02/00
Resident Evil Code: VeronicaThe greatest horror game on the Dreamcast!05/02/00
Sega Smash Pack Volume 1Although a little buggy, this ends up being a fine collection of games02/25/02
Sega SwirlSega delivers a fun, unique, puzzler!11/14/00
ShenmueSega ends the year 2000 for Dreamcast with this great title!03/06/01
Shenmue IIShenmue II is THE best game on the Dreamcast.02/08/02
Sonic AdventureI tried so hard not to come up with a cheesy synopsis like, "Sonic's back on the Dreamcast!" but I really... wait, damn I just did!12/19/00
Sonic ShuffleHmmm, this just doesn't look good at all12/14/00
Tennis 2K2I am not a Jumping Jackass04/04/02
The House of the Dead 2"Thank You for Purchasing Me!"10/28/00
The Next Tetris: On-line EditionTetris is finally on the Dreamcast....but is that a good thing?11/07/01
Toy CommanderI can't believe I like this game08/03/00
Unreal Tournament Can't believe this is better than the PS2 version.04/16/01
Virtua TennisI never thought Tennis could be this fun to play!07/26/00
World Series Baseball 2K1Great, fast pace, ARCADE, style game play! So stop whining about not controlling the fielders!07/26/00
Worms ArmageddonSame old Worms, Same old fun, but with new weapons!06/13/00
WWF Royal RumbleA big disappointment in what could've been a great game.08/15/00


Days of ThunderIt's Craptacular!11/01/99
ExcitebikeA good motocross game, considering how old it is.02/14/00
Ice HockeyThe first hockey game for the NES turns out to be pretty good.02/09/00
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off RoadThe game is the same as the awesome Arcade version11/01/99
Maniac MansionThis ain't your regular RPG01/07/00
NESIf it wasn't for this system, who would've known where the gaming market would be today?04/14/00
NES Play Action FootballA great football game for the NES plagued by poor player movement11/01/99
Pro WrestlingWow! Does this look like Crap or What!03/12/00
R.C. Pro-Am IIThis game is twice as better as the original!11/01/99
Super Dodge BallYou will buy this game because This is Super Dodge Ball!05/31/01
Super Jeopardy!"This is Jeopardy," but the host sounds nothing like Alex Trebek11/01/99
Super SprintA fun little racer01/14/00
Tecmo World WrestlingTecmo dishes out it's first, and last wrestling game02/09/00
TetrisWho would've guessed this game would've become so popular?04/15/00
Tetris (Tengen)I wished Nintendo wouldn't have outlawed this version!11/01/99
The PunisherThe first Punisher game is fun for the Punisher fans, but other gamers won't like it at all01/07/00
Wall Street KidIf this were made by Maxis it'd be called, "Sim Stocks"01/29/00
WCW World Championship WrestlingOne of the first wrestling games to feature finishing moves11/01/99
WWF King of the RingA good wrestling game on the NES, but could've been way better.11/01/99
WWF WrestleMania ChallengeAnother great WWF game by LJN11/01/99
WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage ChallengeWorst WWF game on the NES!11/01/99

Nintendo 64

007: The World is Not EnoughElectronic Arts' goes out with a bang for N64 with this great Perfect Dark killer.....01/01/01
Aero Fighters AssaultA really fun flight shoot-em-up that was extremely underrated!11/01/99
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2If 3DO only tried a little harder...11/21/00
Bomberman 64The multi player saved this game.03/28/01
Conker's Bad Fur DayI would never in my wildest dreams think a game like this would be on the N64!03/13/01
Cruis'n USAGood back then, average now.06/08/00
Cruis'n WorldWay better than the Cruis 'n USA06/08/00
Destruction Derby 64THQ brings over another famous Playstation game to the N64, and it exceeds by many leaps and bounds!05/10/00
Duke Nukem 64Extremely underrated when it came out the same time Goldeneye did.06/09/00
ECW Hardcore RevolutionPretty much the exact same game as Attitude, but with an ECW Roster and Barbwire match08/29/00
Excitebike 64Minus the announcer and you got yourself one helluva motocross game!07/12/00
F-Zero XF-Zero is back!05/16/00
Gauntlet LegendsSword Slashing fun returns for your N6402/27/00
Golden Nugget 64Poker Purists Only!11/01/99
GoldenEye 007The N64 is no longer a kiddie system with this release!05/18/00
Jeopardy!Jeopardy finally reaches the N64 for its first, and last time.11/01/99
Mario Kart 64The great debate on which version is better finally comes to an end!05/05/00
Mario TennisPretty good tennis game, but I prefer Virtua Tennis for Dreamcast instead.10/28/00
Micro Machines 64 TurboThe classic goes 3-D for your N64!08/30/00
Mortal Kombat TrilogyGood 2-Player game, 1-Player is pretty boring though08/29/00
NBA HangtimeBetter than Showtime and Hoopz04/10/02
NFL Blitz 2000The arcade hit is back for a 2nd season!12/29/99
NFL Quarterback Club 2000This is the worst football simulation I ever played!11/01/99
NFL Quarterback Club 98Pretty good first offering from Acclaim07/21/00
Nintendo 64Nintendo's new, cutting edge system, had what it takes to beat the competition, except for one fatal flaw...04/16/00
Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly CaliberI hate reviewing RPG's!11/09/00
Perfect DarkPerfection is what the N64 is all about!05/25/00
Road Rash 64THQ brings over the famous Road Rash series to the N64 and it doesn't disappoint!05/10/00
Snowboard KidsA unique snowboarding game...12/27/00
South ParkUnfortunately, out of the trio of South Park N64 games, this one is the best.08/30/00
Spider-ManSpider-Man is back in 3-D, courtesy of Neversoft!03/21/01
Star Fox 64This game is that damn good!05/10/00
Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpireI'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but this game is surprisingly fun!10/28/00
StarCraft 64The PC hit comes to your N64!06/15/00
Super Smash Bros.This has got to be the most innovative fighter I ever saw!05/18/00
The New TetrisThe only thing new to this is a 4 player mode and 2 new squares, but the game still kicks!11/01/99
Waialae Country ClubThe first golf game hits the N64 and it doesn't dissappoint11/01/99
WCW Backstage AssaultNot the greatest wrestling game in the world, but better than what I expected it to be.03/20/01
WCW MayhemEA delivers it's first wrestling game. It's flawed but still lots of fun.04/27/00
WCW NitroAfter you take a few hours to get the controls down, the game isn't that bad.05/22/00
WCW vs. nWo: World TourOn behalf of all the wrestling fans, Asmik Ace/AKI, we just want to say10/28/00
WCW/nWo RevengeRevenge is getting better for WCW gaming with this release.06/01/00
Wheel of FortuneFunny how this was the N64 game I played the most.07/15/00
WWF Attitude"That's how you quote, unquote, 'get over'"06/01/00
WWF No MercyAnd after 3 hours, Featured Review #5 was done!11/26/00
WWF War Zone"Here's where I make my move, are you ready?"06/01/00
WWF WrestleMania 2000The best US wrestling game ever, period!03/29/00


Age of EmpiresMicrosoft delivers its first RTS game01/22/00
Age of Empires II: The Age of KingsA good RTS game, but not the greatest one I've seen05/02/01
Age of Mythology: The TitansI'm glad Zeus left his old role as D-Bo for this!10/23/03
American ConquestThe damn Brits are coming!03/31/03
Axis & Allies: The Ultimate WWII Strategy GameThe classic board game makes its way to the PC04/21/02
Delta ForceA cool combination of GI Joe & Quake02/23/00
DiabloBlizzard delivers a new unique game01/22/00
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.If you liked Loaded and Smash TV, then take a look at this.04/28/00
Maximum Capacity: Hotel GiantNow you can compete with Motel 6!10/20/02
Monopoly (1999)NO other PC game comes close to being this addictive!07/12/00
Panty Raider: From Here to ImmaturityDon't pump gas when the squirrels are near!09/27/02
Shot OnlineGruel attempts to review an MMO Golf game, madness ensues11/06/06
SimCity 2000Loads of fun to play, and way better than the first one!01/29/00
SimCopterSave or destroy the town with a chopper in this really fun flight simulation11/01/99
StarcraftBlizzard redifnes the Real-time Genre with this great game12/18/99
Starcraft: Brood WarOne of the best PC games just got better!05/04/00
The SimsMaxis delivers another great simulation!02/23/00
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon"You may as well come too."11/14/02
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island ThunderThis expansion is as smart as the US trying to poison Castro via Ice Cream11/17/02
Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark PortalJust consider this "Warcraft '96"03/04/00
Warcraft II: Tides of DarknessWarcraft invented the RTS genre, but Warcraft 2 perfected it!02/14/00
Warcraft III: Reign of ChaosDid you see the orc on the cover, does he look ticked or what?08/11/02
Warcraft: Orcs & HumansThis is the game that debuted the RTS genre!02/02/00
Worms BlastDude, I swear I saw them swimming in boats!10/30/02

PlayStation 2

Activision Anthology45+ oldies hit the PS2! Now can you dig that, sucka?02/09/03
Arc the Lad: End of DarknessEnd of the II Twilight Darkness Spirits Vulgar Hits III07/11/05
Armored Core 2There's an important lesson in this review.....02/20/01
Armored Core: Nine BreakerNot the most groundbreaking game in the franchise, but it should keep its fans happy10/03/05
ATV Quad Power Racing 2Watch the world die!03/31/03
Batman: Rise of Sin TzuI read all about you in the New York Times...11/06/03
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001The ultimate crossover series makes its way on the PS202/15/02
City CrisisJust say no!10/12/02
DefenderKnow your ass out!12/13/02
DICE: DNA Integrated Cybernetic EnterprisesThere are better anime-based games to choose from than this10/21/05
Disney's PK: Out of the ShadowsDonald Duck's secret shame.02/23/03
ESPN NFL PrimeTime 2002He could go all the hell!08/15/02
Evil Dead: RegenerationAsh is the meaning of true evil......indeed?11/16/05
Family FeudSurvey Says............It's Family Feud dammit, buy this game!11/07/06
Grand Theft Auto IIIAdd GTA3 to the list of growing must own PS2 titles12/29/01
Guilty Gear XI wish could disappear under a carpet too!05/16/02
Half-LifeStick with the PC version05/16/02
Hard Rock CasinoDon't bet on this one01/21/07
Hitman 2: Silent AssassinFear my wrath!!!10/28/02
HSX HyperSonic.XtremeOne of the few decent budget titles.03/10/03
James Bond 007: Agent Under FireOk, but not as good as Bond games of the past02/07/02
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American IdolSimon, get the beer!04/12/07
Kengo: Master of BushidoBushido fighting mediocrity comes to the PS205/28/01
Legends of WrestlingI wish Acclaim hadn't cut everything out of this game, because it could've been so much better01/14/02
Madden NFL 2001Don't worry, you'll get the real rundown about this game from a reviewer who knows his football games!10/28/00
Madden NFL 2002The 2002 version of Madden exceeds the 2001 version by many leaps and bounds and comes very close to perfection.12/29/01
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under PressureOne of the most artsy games out there05/24/06
Medal of Honor FrontlineKick, Wham, Stunner!08/18/02
Metal SagaI don't want to be a loser anymore06/09/06
Midnight Club IIOozie Machismo, esse?04/22/03
MLB SlugFest: LoadedDon't pump gas when the squirrels are near! (2004#12)08/02/04
Monster Jam: Maximum DestructionLook out! It's the Stinger!06/30/02
NASCAR 2001Not an impressive debut on the PS2 for the NASCAR series03/21/02
NASCAR Thunder 2002Big improvements from the last game make this the best NASCAR game on the market03/21/02
NBA 06It's a wonderful life (2006#1)01/16/06
NBA 2K2Another great sports game by Sega02/18/02
NBA ShootOut 2004Hey, 989 decided to release their B-ball game this year afterall. (2004#6)11/10/03
NCAA Final Four 2004Nope! (2004#8)12/15/03
NCAA Football 2003If you had a gun to your head, I bet you’d say their slogan too! (2003#1)08/28/02
NCAA GameBreaker 2004Promising, yet still doesn't stack up to EA's monster! (2004#2)09/15/03
NFL 2K2Amazing, just amazing!02/15/02
NFL Blitz 20-02Just the same Blitz we know and love as before, but with better graphics.03/30/02
NFL GameDay 2004All the people that you know say you are ready to breakdown!(2004#3)09/19/03
Onimusha: WarlordsMake sure to stay away from this one!06/07/01
PlayStation 2I am very impressed, Sony12/15/01
Pride FC: Fighting ChampionshipsNow I hear ya!03/07/03
Quake III RevolutionBetter than Unreal Tournament.05/22/01
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2Funny how this title has some of the best visuals I saw on the PS2...12/27/00
Red FactionTHQ makes a fine impression with their debut in the FPS genre10/10/01
RezNo words can summarize how unique this game is01/20/02
Rumble RacingNot what I was expecting it to be....05/31/01
Seek and Destroy"Run it, I don't care, Hide it! 1000 Deaths"06/24/03
SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy SEALsWhere's Charlie Sheen?11/16/05
Spyro: Enter the DragonflySpryo took a dump. The end.01/25/03
SSXWould've been perfect if EA wouldn't of purposely left some stuff out!11/18/00
SSX TrickyAfter playing this game, I can't get that damn song out of my mind!02/25/02
Star Wars: BattlefrontShave my skin, show a brand new face10/07/04
State of EmergencyLook! I can act like a crazy person too!03/06/02
Street Fighter EX3Much better than I anticipated05/12/02
The PunisherCan't remember, too many explosions!02/16/05
The Shield: The GameVic Mackey reporting to save the day, as usual, just not on the PS207/30/07
The Sims Bustin' Sims drive me nuts!02/02/04
Time Crisis IIVery good first light gun game on the PS2 by Namco10/07/01
TimeSplittersPretty good, but so flawed that I'm sticking with Perfect Dark11/30/00
TimeSplitters 2And now, the motion picture inspired by the game: Timesplitters can't jump!12/21/02
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3Tony Hawk & Neversoft team up to deliver their third straight hit!12/09/01
Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in MexicoHow could Taco Bell miss out on the licensing oppurtunities here?12/06/05
Twisted Metal: BlackFinally, Twisted Metal is good again.07/14/01
Twisted Metal: Head-On - Extra Twisted EditionAwesome port of Head On + killer extras = Best $20 you can spend this year!04/08/08
Unreal TournamentA nice alternate to Timesplitters03/11/01
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer03/26/07
World Championship Poker: Featuring Howard Lederer - All InHoward sure does deal some good cards11/09/06
WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the PainThis is the best Smackdown yet, but regardless of what everyone else says, No Mercy is and always will be the better game.11/18/03
WWE SmackDown! Shut Your MouthEnough is enough, and it's time for a change!11/30/02
WWE SmackDown! vs. RawAnother decent outing from Yukes, but No Mercy still reigns supreme!11/11/04
WWF SmackDown! Just Bring ItJust like the original Smackdown with many major ups and downs12/09/01

Super Nintendo

EarthBoundWhat! An RPG with kids as heroes?, oh it's by Nintendo, ok.03/04/00
Harvest MoonFunny how RPG's, Dating Sims, and Adventure titles all fit together nicely for this title.12/27/00
Madden NFL 97You basic Yearly Madden Update with a handful of new features11/01/99
Marvel Super Heroes in War of the GemsDecent little side scrolling game here.08/05/01
MLBPA BaseballEA Sports delivers it's first baseball offering01/12/00
Mortal Kombat IIThe best MK on the Super Nintendo!04/13/00
NBA Hang TimeJust like the NBA Jam game, but a lot better!11/01/99
NBA Live 96This is probably the best Live game on the SNES05/02/00
NCAA BasketballA Step-Up for 16-bit Basketball Gaming11/01/99
NHL 97NHL '96 + Coaching Mode + Updated Rosters = ....11/01/99
NHL Stanley CupA Step up for 16-bit hockey gaming, introducing us to 3-D hockey01/08/00
ShadowrunOne the greatest RPG's ever!11/01/99
Street Fighter II TurboThe best fighting game on the SNES!11/01/99
Street RacerFor my 100th review I decide to review one of my SNES all-time favorites!02/08/00
Super Mario All-StarsOne of the best compilations ever!04/09/00
Super Mario KartSome say this is way better than the N64 version.01/25/00
Super NintendoNintendo saved there buts with this system!04/19/00
Super Play Action FootballAnother Good Nintendo Football Game, Again plagued by poor player movement!11/01/99
Troy Aikman NFL FootballTroy Aikman, multiple Superbowl Champ, also holds the honor of endorsing a crappy football game!02/17/00
WCW Super Brawl WrestlingThis is just one of you average wrestling games with an awesome license11/01/99
WWF RawThe best wrestling game on the SNES!"11/01/99
WWF Royal RumbleThe first WWF console game to feature a Royal Rumble mode11/01/99
WWF Super WrestleManiaLJN/Acclaim delivers there first bout into 16-bit wrestling!11/01/99


Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at HomeThe subtitle says it all!10/28/03
Blade IIAs memorable as its seven issue comic run.03/23/03
Burnout RevengeI'm a sucker for explosions, so sue me12/10/05
Counter-StrikeWasn't this suppose to come out on the Dreamcast three years ago?12/08/03
Crash 'N' BurnNo relation to the James Spader box-office smash.01/14/05
Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach VolleyballIt's like a playboy casting calls video....minus the fun02/03/03
Dead to RightsGot Asprin?10/21/02
DeathrowYou're lucky I can't think of a tagline for this game!12/08/02
Dreamfall: The Longest JourneyI was just like you, more proud than you could know.05/24/06
ESPN College HoopsI think I'll show you what I'm all about instead! (2004#11)06/07/04
ESPN NBA 2K5Has everything a hoops fan can ask for, save for the BK Shaq-pack (2005#2)06/30/05
ESPN NBA BasketballDickie V can have as many choco tacos as he wants, but hes not gonna stop me from writing this! (2004#13)08/08/04
ESPN NFL 2K5Kill 'em all ! (2005#1)08/29/04
ESPN NFL FootballGod told Sega to create the best football game alive, and they did just that! (2004#5)10/08/03
FlatOutNot a spinoff of BurnOut, but I sure do wish it was (#350)09/16/05
FlatOut 2A hefty improvement over the original09/05/06
Halo 2 Multiplayer Map PackJust when you think you were through with Halo 2 multiplayer, this expansion adds another year of life to it09/26/05
Halo: Combat EvolvedSoil: "My little Halooooooooooo!"05/27/02
Indigo ProphecyFinally, an adventure game that successfully transitions into the current gen of gaming03/15/06
Legends of Wrestling II"He stole my beer!"02/07/03
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate EventsYou look so stupid12/08/04
Madden NFL 2003So close. (2003#3)08/31/02
Madden NFL 2004....When the lights go down (2004#1)09/08/03
Metal Slug 3No, Thank You!06/13/04
Midnight Club IIHey, Yo!06/22/03
MotoGPThat Gamespot mascot to the right has a cool hat!10/21/02
MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch"Good fight, good night?" More like "Goodbye, good riddance!"11/07/03
MTX MototraxShave my skin, show a brand new face...04/05/04
NBA 2K3Anything you can do, I can do better. (2003#4)10/19/02
NBA BallersWhere you at......Ballers!!! (2004#10)05/11/04
NBA Inside Drive 2004The defining game of the NBA (2004#8)01/02/04
NFL 2K3'nuff said, true believer! (2003#2)08/31/02
NFL Fever 2004Still yards behind Madden and Sega Sports (2004#4)09/22/03
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & III don't want to be your stupid game!06/19/03
Pirates of the CaribbeanWhere do all the porn stars go?08/06/03
Red Faction IIFor the commonwealth, Dammit!06/23/03
Rocky "The Itallian's the name man!"12/13/02
Rocky: LegendsI cannot be defeated!12/30/05
Serious SamI can hear them calling in the real world.03/10/03
Shenmue IIEverybody can kiss my ass!11/23/02
Showdown: Legends of WrestlingHulksta clothesline!!!07/20/04
Sniper EliteYa damn right this game is elite11/16/05
Speed KingsI wanted my 300th review to be for something special, but this centennial review will be for another mediocre racing game!06/18/03
Stake: Fortune FightersThis fighting game is like me trying to play golf........horrible!06/20/03
SyberiaYou rule, Kate Walker!08/28/07
Syberia IIFinish the fight, Kate Walker!09/04/07
Test Drive: Eve of DestructionDestruction without the suction10/18/04
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingRudy! Rudy! Rudy!11/25/02
The Simpsons: Road RageA step up from the old Simpson games, but that's not saying much03/06/02
The SimsNow you too can grill burgers at 3 in the morning!04/28/03
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2xGive me Everclear, or give me death!07/08/02
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4When it all goes wrong again............11/10/02
Tony Hawk's Underground 2Swoosh away!10/27/04
Totaled!I'll kick all your asses!09/15/02
Toxic GrindI'm betting on Arnold!11/15/02
Ultimate Beach SoccerBurnt! (2004#7)11/17/03
Wakeboarding Unleashed Featuring Shaun MurrayFreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....06/28/03
WWE Raw 2Many steps up, but still a few away from the top of the ladder.10/14/03
WWF RawThis game is that damn poop on!05/27/02
X-Men Legends II: Rise of ApocalypseX-Men games haven't been this fun since the early 90s arcade classic10/21/05

Xbox 360

Alan WakeDon't forget your flashlight!08/27/12
All-Pro Football 2K82K football is finally back, just with some major strings attached09/27/07
Army of Two: The 40th DayNothing remarkable, but a serviceable coop game to tide you by until the next big blockbuster04/19/10
BackbreakerPOD fans rejoice!10/16/12
Bullet WitchCould have been so much more, as it falls way short of its potential03/26/07
Burnout RevengeIf you never played Burnout before, this is the best place to start04/21/06
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Easily the best FPS of 200912/14/09
Call of Duty: World at WarTreyarch still was not up to par with Inifinity Ward at this point, but you can see they were inching closer with this release.09/30/11
ConanWhile a an unapologetic God of War clone, it is the perfect for the Conan license04/18/11
Culdcept SagaIntercept my Culdcept!04/03/08
Dante's InfernoWelcome to Hell, now with boss battles!08/27/12
Dead or Alive 4Unfortunately, this review isn't as luscious as the DOA vixens02/13/06
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt HazardThis is as close to Duke Nukem Forever we are going to get08/04/09
Eternal SonataOne of the most unique game experiences I ever had09/25/08
Feeding FrenzyMmmmmm.....fishies07/16/06
Gears of WarExplosions rule12/07/06
Gears of War 2A Gears campaign with a story? Plus functional multiplayer? Keep my Lancer revved up please!09/30/11
Gears of War 3The Lancer is already revved and waiting, and it promises to deliver!09/30/11
Guitar Hero III: Legends of RockDoesn't capture the greatness of the first two games, but yet another worthy entry in the series05/28/08
Halo 3With the fight finished, Halo 3 goes out on top05/28/08
Halo WarsFinally, an RTS that is playable and fun on a console07/02/09
Just CauseNot quite up to GTA or Saints Row quality, but a good alternative nonetheless05/01/07
Just Cause 2Must buy for open world fans, especially if you're craving something different05/24/10
Kane & Lynch: Dead MenCraziness all around!05/04/09
Lost: Via Domus"We're going to have to play this again".....actually, no05/09/08
Project Gotham Racing 3Forget about all the losers that we know02/13/06
Resident Evil 5Easily one of the best games of 200908/04/09
Robert Ludlum's The Bourne ConspiracyGreat experience that captures the look and feel of the films, but has little to no replay value09/25/08
Rock BandThe best party game ever made, bar none.04/08/08
Rockstar Games presents Table TennisI was told there would be an unlockable Beer Pong mode...07/16/06
Saints RowI don't want to be an almost was!02/20/07
Saints Row 2Wreaking havoc in Stillwater is still as much fun as it was two years prior09/14/09
ShadowrunC'mon, it's not all that bad10/26/07
StrangleholdCaptures the Max Payne feel, and gives it the next-gen makeover it deserves11/16/07
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-ShelledOnly hardcore fans of the original will get some value out of this remake09/14/09
The History Channel: Battle for the PacificUnless you're looking for something different in your WWII FPS, don't waste your time01/11/08
The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation DividedWhat's this, a FPS with Cannons and Muskets? Heresy!07/18/07
The Simpsons GameGreat use of the license, but not all that of a great playing game01/16/08
Tony Hawk's Project 8About time Tony Hawk gets back to basics12/13/06
Top Spin 2A good debut for tennis on the 360 (2007#2)09/05/06
X-Men Origins: WolverineCrazy action yields mindless fun that is far better than the film07/02/09
Zeno Clash: Ultimate EditionTime to play with your 100+ siblings!10/16/12