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Daytona USAThe original conversion of Daytona was promised to be arcade-perfect, but does it even come close?01/26/02
Daytona USA Championship Circuit EditionAfter the original Daytona conversion was rather poor, the Sega Rally team try to recreate Daytona for the Saturn, but is it actually any better?10/10/01
Fighters MegamixRenown for their fighting games, AM2 mixes Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers into one huge game, but is it the Megamix it promises to be?07/18/02
Manx TT Super BikeDo Tantalus & Psygnosis have the talent to match the power of a true AM conversion of AM3's motor-cycle racer?01/26/02
Panzer Dragoon II ZweiTeam Andromeda worked hard on creating a sequel better than the original Panzer Dragoon, but do they have what it takes?07/17/02
Panzer Dragoon SagaTeam Andromeda's last masterpiece promises to wrap up the events of the first two games in one massive adventure, but does it deliver the goods?06/29/01
Sega Rally ChampionshipAfter struggling to run Daytona USA, is there any hope that the Saturn can handle the more visually intense Sega Rally?07/17/02
Sonic 3D BlastThe Saturn finally receives it’s first Sonic game, but do Travellers Tales have what it takes to bring Sonic back to his former glory?07/17/02
Sonic JamSonic Jam is a compilation of classic Sonic games and an all new 3D World, but does it fill the gap that has been missing from the Saturn for so long?07/17/02
Sonic RAfter years of waiting for a proper Saturn Sonic game, Travellers Tales delivers Phase 2 of Project Sonic, Sonic R. But has it been worth the wait?10/13/01
Virtua Fighter 2After a rather lacklustre port of Virtua Fighter on the Saturn, can AM2 do the classic sequel any justice?07/23/01