Alien SwarmGreat game, but unsure of its lasting appeal...07/27/10
America's ArmyA great free game with some glaring flaws02/23/09
America's Army 3Decent free game at this point, but still fairly buggy.06/22/09
Battlefield 1942: The Complete CollectionGood concept, but the game itself does not look that good eight years later.01/13/10
Battlefield 2This game has an excellent concept behind it, but is flawed in its execution03/16/09
Battlefield 2142Excellent game overall, although not perfect04/21/09
Battlefield 3 Potentially great game tarnished by a terrible business model01/06/12
Battlefield HeroesIt feels a bit dumbed down, but is good for a free game07/15/09
Battlefield: Bad Company 2One of the best military shooters I have played!06/28/10
Blacklight: RetributionYet another average free to play game08/01/12
Call of Duty 2Good multiplayer, excellent campaign.01/25/10
Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareA classic in many ways, but not without flaws01/09/12
Call of Duty: Black OpsThis game is a mixed bag05/24/11
Call of Duty: GhostsCall of Duty: Murphy's Law Edition02/12/14
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2Decent first person shooter with some glaring flaws02/15/12
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Haters gonna hate04/13/12
Combat ArmsHit or miss01/05/09
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive A much needed facelift of an old franchise08/22/12
Counter-Strike: SourceA classic for its time, but there are many better shooters out there today12/26/08
Cross FireThe Epitome of Mediocrity03/10/09
CrysisA game no one would remember if not for the mind-blowing graphics05/04/09
Crysis 2Definitely better than the first one on every level!01/06/12
Crysis 3Pretty decent...02/12/14
Enemy Territory: Quake WarsGreat Combination of Wolfenstein and Quake01/12/09
F.E.A.R. CombatGood game with some serious lag issues01/05/09
Halo ZeroGood for a fan-made game.06/23/06
MinecraftVery amazing least for a while.05/20/11
Nexuiz (2005)Great game, too bad almost no one plays it...05/29/07
Operation7Yet another game with a lot of potential ruined by massive lag07/21/09
PCPC gaming has a lot of potential that is not available on consoles, but also poses a number of issues as well06/11/07
PortalGreat game, but too easy and too short01/04/10
Portal 2Better than the first game, which was a masterpiece in itself!01/04/12
Quake LiveQuake 3 for "free"03/18/09
RageA bit underrated, despite its technical flaws01/09/12
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritoryGood Free Game06/04/07
SoldatSurprisingly good for a 2D shooter10/31/06
Soldier FrontLooking for a good free game? This is not it.08/13/07
Sonic CD (1995)One of my favorite Sonic games05/16/05
Sonic GenerationsSonic done right01/04/12
Star Wars: Battlefront IIBattlefield Star Wars style!07/07/09
Starcraft II: Wings of LibertySolid RTS, although with an insanely high learning curve01/26/12
Team Fortress 2Darn near perfect, and now it's free!12/23/09
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimAmazing game01/25/12
Tribes: AscendGreat for a free game!04/13/12
Unreal Tournament (1999)A true classic, but with an insane learning curve07/09/08
War RockHorrible game05/29/07
WarGamesThis game is often overlooked05/16/05