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Arcade Games

'99: The Last WarBring in the Clones.08/06/02
18 Wheeler: American Pro TruckerReminds me of the days of Optimus Prime...just not as cool and it doesn't transform!05/13/02
1941: Counter AttackOne of the best that I've played, it's only topped by 19XX...09/30/01
1942It's about as aged as you can get...09/30/01
1943 KaiThe struggle for Midway continues...09/30/01
1943: The Battle of MidwayJust keeps on getting better, although 1943 Kai has more to give!09/30/01
19XX: The War Against DestinyNot the final game, but definitely one of the finest in the series!08/06/02
500cc GPA fun, abiet short motorcycle racing game.08/06/02
720 DegreesA circular joystick...and killer bees!09/02/01
Acrobat MissionMe thinks I've played this before..08/04/02
Aero Fighters 21940 Series anyone?10/05/01
After BurnerOne of the Classics.05/13/02
After Burner IIBack at the throttle again...08/04/02
Aggressors of Dark KombatCrap Kombat10/04/01
Air GalletAn awesome looking 1940 clone!08/06/02
Alien StormJust eat it...09/27/01
Alien SyndromeSega cashing in...but at what cost?09/30/01
Alien vs. PredatorHunt or be Hunted....09/27/01
AliensWorth the quarters and blisters on your hands...12/21/00
Alpine RacerWho needs an exercise bike when you've got this?!09/27/01
Altered BeastRise from your...damn it...09/27/01
APB All Points BulletinOld School Criminal Chase.09/27/01
Arctic ThunderI'd rather eat yellow snow.05/14/02
Area 51It does have it's good points...usually when you see the female S.T.A.R member...heh...09/27/01
Area 51: Site 4Heads up, meaner looking bad guys, same old game!05/26/02
ArgusRaiden Project Light....09/30/01
ArkanoidSimple...very simple...and very addicting...gah!09/27/01
Arkanoid ReturnsBing...bing...sequel....bing...05/26/02
Arm Champs IIWay too easy....if you don't cheat...09/27/01
Art of FightingCapcom has their cash cow...why can't SNK?10/04/01
Art of Fighting 2Slap happy bar owners...and chicks who's tops blow off when hit with fireballs...rock the hell on!10/04/01
AsteroidsSave the galaxy....vector style!09/30/01
AthenaGreek Mythology with an NES flavor.10/02/02
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon NinjaAre you Bad enough to play?09/05/01
BadLandsSuper Sprint in a Post-apocolyptic world.08/04/02
BatmanFind one. I dare you.05/26/02
Big Buck HunterCleaner version of Deer Hunting USA...but that's about it.06/03/02
Brave FireFightersTry to set the night on fire.....wait...no....09/30/01
Bubble BobbleBefore all the Bust A Move games..10/02/02
BurgerTimeAnd one day...the food will rise up against us!05/10/02
CabalFrom behind a wall, take on an endless army. Well...if you can aim at them that is...08/06/02
Cal.50Who knew that bullets fell out of dead bodies in a showering rain?08/06/02
Capcom BowlingBasic, simple and mindlessly addicting!10/01/01
Capcom vs. SNK 2When...oh when will it all end?!?!05/10/02
Captain America and the AvengersTake on Red Skull in this 4 player slugfest.05/14/02
Castle of DragonNot bad, but it's still no Magic Sword...08/06/02
CentipedeClassic bug blasting action.06/15/02
Championship SprintThe first incarnation....but it beats Pole Position....doesn't it?09/30/01
ChoplifterRun and Gun action05/21/02
CommandoWar is Hell...09/30/01
Confidential MissionMight as well be Virtua Cop 3....10/01/01
ContraClassic action gaming!09/05/01
Crazy TaxiYeah yeah yeah. Watch me drive like a moron!05/26/02
Crime FightersBack evil quarter-muching machine...Back! *whip crack*08/06/02
Crisis ZoneMachinegun Frenzy.05/26/02
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd MixIt's all good.05/14/02
Dance Dance Revolution USAA downgrade.05/14/02
Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2"Calm Down!"05/13/02
Daytona USAPlay the race....beat the pack...09/05/01
Daytona USA 2Back in the Pack...05/10/02
Deer Hunting USAHunting deer in the arcade, not a bad thing.07/18/00
Die Hard ArcadeBeat 'em like they owe ya money!05/26/02
Donkey KongNow why Donkey didn't just stomp on Mario, I'll never know...ah to hell with it!10/01/01
Donkey Kong Jr.A little story about an ape and his....little ape?05/26/02
Double Dragon (1995)Might as well crush the kneecaps of the Double Dragon license with a sledgehammer....10/04/01
Double Dragon II: The RevengeOh my god! They killed Marion! ....so what...10/01/01
E.D.F. Earth Defense ForceAnother one of the average shooters..08/05/02
Earth Joker - U.N. Defense ForceChallenging to say the least.08/05/02
EhrgeizOnce upon a time in the little village of Square Soft...10/01/01
ESWATIt's Shinobi! No...um...05/26/02
F-1 DreamStick to what you know Capcom..08/09/02
F1 Exhaust NoteNot a bad attempt by Sega.08/09/02
Face OffDamn...a hockey game that still has the USSR in it...08/29/02
Fatal FuryIt's a first....10/04/01
Fatal Fury 2Pre-Fatal Fury Special...08/09/02
Fatal Fury SpecialComplete Fatal Fury 208/09/02
Fighting HawkJust another face in the overcrowded genre.08/09/02
Final FightTime to get rowdy....10/04/01
Final LapPole Position?08/09/02
FroggerIt's like a moped...really cool, but you wouldn't want your friends seeing you play with it...09/02/01
GalagaBest time-waster I've played in the arcade.08/09/02
Galaga '88The best Galaga game that still carries the original series name.08/09/02
Garou Densetsu: Wild AmbitionDid they just step back a notch or two....or six?10/04/01
GauntletThe original dungeon crawler...08/06/02
Gauntlet LegendsAwesome to say the least01/03/01
Gauntlet: Dark LegacyA Continuation of Legends09/27/01
Ghosts 'n GoblinsWhich is scarier...Lucifer with a giant mouth in his stomach, or Aurther in his boxers?10/04/01
Golden AxeSteroid Elves and Scantily Clad Amazons....killer...09/30/01
Golden Tee '97Even this far back, it's fun in the sun.05/26/02
Golden Tee 2KI was never into golfing...although this might change my mind..09/02/01
GradiusThe fore-father of shooting games.08/07/02
Gradius IIIOne of the hardest arcade shooters ever.08/09/02
Guerrilla WarWar is Hell.05/13/02
Gun.SmokeCommando..Comanche....ah, it's all the same in the end...10/01/01
Hang-OnWhat, no one has played this?08/04/02
Heavy BarrelYou know you want to scream it at the top of your lungs. Come on...you know you want to!05/14/02
Hydro ThunderOne hell of a wild ride....09/27/01
Ikari WarriorsWhat started the solider game Clone Wars.05/26/02
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off RoadIvan Stweart? Who the hell is that?05/13/02
Jambo! SafariWeird.05/12/02
JoustIt's a bird...it's a plane! It's...actually a bird with a dude on the back.05/21/02
Jurassic Park IIIWelcome to Jurassic Park. Again.05/26/02
Karate ChampIn the beginning.05/26/02
Killer InstinctA New Standard01/03/01
Killer Instinct 2A follow up to an already great fighter03/16/01
King of the MonstersBahahahaha. No.08/06/02
Knights of the RoundYe Olde Ass Kicking.05/26/02
Konami '88Konami Olympics08/06/02
L.A. Machineguns: Rage of the MachinesSomeone shoot this game with a tranquilizer....09/02/01
Lethal EnforcersShoot 'em up...09/03/01
Lethal Enforcers II: Gun FightersMmmm.05/26/02
M.I.A.: Missing In ActionThe supposed sequel of Rush 'N Attack08/06/02
Mace: The Dark AgeNot quite the gem I was expecting...09/05/01
Mario Bros.Flipping Turtles and Fat Plumbers05/26/02
Marvel Super HeroesAh...a comic book fight fest!09/28/01
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street FighterBefore the huge crossovers of Marvel vs. Capcom...08/06/02
Marvel vs. Capcom 2So...many...choices....GAH!10/11/01
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super HeroesMega Man....as a fighter? I'd rather chew broken glass...but the rest of the game is cool!10/01/01
Maximum ForceDrug dealers...drug shipments...Atari must have been making the deal and smoking the product...10/04/01
MillipedeJust like Centipede...but with an archer..10/02/02
Moon PatrolAnd this little buggy comes equipped with six wheel drive, forward firing lasers and hydrolics. All for a quarter.05/26/02
Mortal KombatMemories of the man screaming from the top of a car....09/02/01
Mortal Kombat 3Before Ultimate..05/21/02
Mortal Kombat 4The last Mortal Kombat?01/03/01
Mortal Kombat IIArm rippin'...nut crackin'...fireball flingin' slugfest...10/02/01
Ms. Pac-ManThe female counterpart...09/03/01
Namco 20 Year Reunion: Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class of 1981An awesome compiling of classic games.10/02/02
NBA JamIf I could reach through and choke Dick Vitale...I would...09/05/01
NBA Jam Tournament EditionPardon me, I work for Midway...can I just rob you for all of your money?05/26/02
Off Road ChallengeThe next-generation of the Off-Road series.08/06/02
Offroad ThunderOne of the missing gems in the Thunder series.08/06/02
Operation ThunderboltA man and his machinegun...along with his friend and his machine gun. You get the hint.05/26/02
Operation WolfDeath to them all!!09/05/01
OutRunOld School Racing09/02/01
OutRunnersA visual twist to the Out Run series.05/26/02
P.O.W.: Prisoners of WarAverage at best, I'd rather slam my fingers in a steel door..09/03/01
PaperboyNothing like wanton destruction of property to put a smile on my face.05/26/02
Pit-FighterCrispy Fried Crap...one order...comin' up!10/04/01
Police 911You know it's good when you see a Health Warning on it...09/02/01
Police TrainerMmmm...police simulation? Why not....12/21/00
Primal RageJurassic Park on crack...with King Kong and his wild brother on a drunken rampage...10/01/01
QuartetThe four-player version of an addictive game!08/06/02
Quartet 2The two-player version of the original game!08/06/02
RampageSmash and Destroy09/02/01
Rampage World TourAll around the world nah nah nah...and we be buildin' smashin'....09/28/01
Red BaronTwenty Bucks? Sold!!08/04/02
Revolution XEver notice Steven Tyler's lips are huge no matter what he's featured on?10/01/01
Ring KingOld School Beat Down09/02/01
Rolling ExtremeStreet Luge Racing....weird...08/06/02
Rolling ThunderNothing like getting bounced fifty times...05/21/02
Rush'n AttackStick and move. Stick and move. Stick and..well..you get the picture.05/13/02
Section ZConstant maze shooter...gah...10/02/02
Sega Strike FighterAs close to the real thing as you're gonna get.05/26/02
Shadow DancerForget the flea bag, just let me hack some thugs..05/26/02
Silent ScopeAhh...I love the smell of sulpher and freshly exiting brains in the morning...10/04/01
Solomon's KeyPrime example of a classic puzzle game.05/26/02
Soul EdgeGiant axe weilding barbarian, and a freak in leather...way cool...10/04/01
SoulCaliburThe freak in leather is back...along with his friend, yeah..that guy with the heart on his chest.05/26/02
Space HarrierStill impressive after all these years..08/06/02
Sprint 1Back in the days of Black and White.08/06/02
Sprint 2The first in the series, and only better because of the multi-player option!08/06/02
Sprint 4Four players leads into the second best machine with the older Sprint games.08/06/02
Spy HunterMakes me want to go out and weld machineguns to the front of my car.05/26/02
Spy Hunter IIInnovative to say the least.05/26/02
Star WarsThe old school Star Wars, before the Trilogy version...12/21/00
Star Wars ArcadeYou need two-players. Gee..I'm running out of snappy taglines.05/26/02
Star Wars Racer ArcadeI always wondered how one of those things handled...09/02/01
Star Wars Trilogy ArcadeThe *Best* Star Wars game made to date.12/27/00
Street FighterWith a fireball and some luck, Capcom created a cashcow....I mean...legacy!10/04/01
Street Fighter AlphaHow the hell does Capcom keep coming up with these versions?!10/01/01
Street Fighter Alpha 2Confusion set in right around Street Fighter 2 Turbo...ah to hell with it, onward!10/01/01
Street Fighter II: Champion EditionUpgraded Cashcow...but a refined one at that!10/11/01
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorAh...the cashcow...damn....legacy continues on!10/04/01
Street Fighter Zero 2 AlphaMore..variations....make...it....stop.....10/04/01
Street Fighter: The MovieGreat Googly Moogly...10/05/01
Sunset RidersLet's hang 'em!09/28/01
Super Dodge Ball (1996)One ball, seven teammates and a wicked scattershot.05/26/02
Super SprintOne of several versions of the Sprint series..and one of the more lacking.05/13/02
Super Street Fighter IIT. Hawk rules all.10/02/02
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHelp! I can't get that stupid song out of my head!09/05/01
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in TimeTonight I dine on...alright, I need to stop writing now.05/26/02
TekkenLet the Iron Fist Tournament begin09/02/01
Tekken 2The Return of the Iron Fist Tournament09/05/01
Tekken 3A step down from Tekken Tag...but a wonderful one at that..05/10/02
Tekken 4I think I want to cry.05/26/02
Tekken Tag TournamentBears, Bruce Lee and a Rastafarian who spins on his head....10/04/01
Terminator 2: Judgment Day"Terminator!"05/21/02
Tetris (Sega)A more visually appealing version05/10/02
The CombatribesDouble Dragon? No....not really...09/30/01
The Fairyland StoryI have to say, I liked it the first time when it was called Bubble Bobble08/09/02
The Fast and the FuriousVroom05/04/09
The House of the DeadThe beginning...of the end?09/03/01
The House of the Dead 2A simple follow up...bummer....09/27/01
The Legend of KageJump around...jump around...jump up, jump up and eventually come down!10/04/01
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkA gun, a few bullets, and a snarling raptor..who could ask for more?05/18/00
The NinjaWarriorsGo way back in time...to the future?09/02/01
The SimpsonsWhy you little..!05/26/02
The Simpsons BowlingI didn't think it possible....boy was I wrong...09/03/01
Tiger-HeliI just can't, for the life of me...figure out why they would create this devil spawn.05/21/02
Time CrisisFirst of the Trilogy05/21/02
Time Crisis IIFirst time through is a blast, but every time after is a walk in the park.05/13/02
Toobin'Still the simple game I remember from years ago.05/21/02
TrojanThe cult-classic!08/06/02
Turbo OutRunStill old school racing...with a Turbo Button.05/21/02
Turkey Hunting USAShoot the turkeys.06/03/02
Twin CobraFirst attempts...05/21/02
Vampire Savior: The Lord of VampireStreet Fi....no...that's not it....X-Men....nah....Darkstalkers...yeah! Yeah...that's it!09/30/01
Victory RoadPerfect example of said Clone.05/26/02
Vs. CastlevaniaSimon Belmont amongst the flashing lights of a classic arcade.05/26/02
Vs. Dr. MarioA Vs. Tetris clone.05/26/02
Vs. Duck HuntQuack Quack Quack.05/26/02
Vs. ExcitebikeOne of the classic Vs games...05/21/02
Vs. GradiusOne of the finest.05/26/02
Vs. Hogan's AlleyStill a craptacular game.05/26/02
Vs. Ice ClimberSnoogins.05/26/02
Vs. TetrisMore of the Vs Arcade Series.10/02/02
Vs. Top GunThe weakest link in the Vs Series10/02/02
Vs. TrojanMore of the epic battle against Achilles10/02/02
Vs. Urban ChampionWhy they would make this one of the Vs games is beyond me..10/02/02
Vulcan VentureAnother stepping stone in an awesome shooter series.08/09/02
War GodsAnother good idea gone wrong09/03/01
WWF WrestlemaniaWho would have thought Doink the Clown could knock the Undertaker 30 feet into air...09/05/01
X-Men vs. Street FighterAnother Capcom Fighter. Not bad01/04/01
X-Men: Children of the AtomThis ISN'T the first Capcom fighter...but it sets a standard to improve.05/12/02
Zaxxon"Can You Complete Your Mission Before Zaxxon Zaps You?"08/04/02
Zombie RevengeResident Evil....Final Fight Style!05/21/02

Atari 7800



18 Wheeler: American Pro TruckerTruckin' around on the Dreamcast...02/20/02
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001Groove to the SNK beat.10/01/02
Confidential MissionVirtua Cop 310/02/02
Crazy TaxiCha-Ching!10/01/02
DreamcastLet's see if it works this time....01/12/02
Dynamite Cop!Sega's attempt at making the gamer pay for more play...what a rip off...02/06/00
Gauntlet LegendsBeats having to play to continue every five minutes, now doesn't it?12/21/00
Hydro ThunderVroom...is about all you're going to hear...04/21/01
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver"Become my....Soul Reaver...my...Angel of Death..."02/03/00
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Battle of the Century. Press Start10/01/02
Mortal Kombat GoldEven after reviewing it a second time, the game is still a pile of...07/26/00
Power StoneEven after playing this again, I have to say it's a jewel in the Dreamcast crown.02/11/00
Resident Evil 3: NemesisTo your right...the wonderful shopping district of Raccoon City. To your left...a zombie eating some man's spleen. Next on the tour...12/10/00
Silent ScopeIt's nothing like the Arcade version without the gun attachment...04/27/01
Slave ZeroWith games like this, how could the Dreamcast go wrong? BWAHAHAHA!02/14/00
Soul FighterWhen you look back on what it is that you've played and replay it again, it only makes it worse the second time through!01/22/00
SoulCaliburWelcome back to Namco's finest.10/02/02
Spawn: In the Demon's HandMindless Violence and Gore...talk about kick ass!05/15/01
Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power BattlesDestroy some robots, save the planet and whip your lightsabre around before lunch...04/21/01
The House of the Dead 2Updated now that I've played the game with the gun, it still has a niche in the genre...12/27/00
The Typing of the DeadDogs of the AMS....show me your typing skills...02/20/02
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterThe first of two and the most forgotten...04/27/01
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2Still the King of the Dreamcast Skaters!04/27/01
Zombie RevengeStreets of Rage, Resident Evil and some strange link to House of the Dead = Average Hybrid Action Game02/03/00


After Burner IIBuckle in and get ready for a ride.....10/04/01
Alien 3I love the sound of screaming victims with Aliens bursting out of their chests...10/09/01
Alien StormBlargh....12/02/01
Alisia DragoonVeterans Only.12/28/01
Altered BeastIt was a pack in game...*shrug*12/04/01
Art of FightingSeriously lacking...10/01/02
Ballz 3DAs much as I'd like to make a comment about playing with...10/12/01
BattletoadsIt's nothing different from the NES version, and Streets of Rage has nothing to worry about!12/28/01
Castlevania: BloodlinesDrac attack....02/14/00
Cyborg JusticeArmored Core Prototype?12/28/01
Disney's TaleSpinFor the kid at heart....literally...12/14/01
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryI thought there was a law banning defilement of a dead man's name....12/02/01
ESWAT: City Under SiegeI am Robo...wait...no I'm not!10/01/02
Eternal ChampionsA revolutionary game, lost in time.07/28/00
Fatal FuryFatal Flaw...12/02/01
GaiaresGame Play....good....Difficulty...BAD!12/08/01
Ghouls 'n GhostsEven with a sequel, nothing changes: Hard Game Play + Arthur in his Underwear10/13/01
Golden AxeIt's a little rough...but hey...it's still Steroid Elves and Scantly Clad Amazons...10/11/01
James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout BoxingRevovling around a one-hit wonder after a clearly rigged fight...12/28/01
Justice League Task ForceImpressive...about five years ago..01/09/02
Lightening Force: Quest for the DarkstarPossibly the best shooter on the Genesis system.12/28/01
Marble MadnessAnother instance of NES rehashing!12/04/01
Mortal KombatMORTAL KOMBAT!...ahem....sorry.....02/23/00
Mortal Kombat 3Introduction of a Combo system....or wanting Scorpion...what a choice...12/04/01
Mortal Kombat IILittle better..little worse...still equals out to be an average game...02/23/00
Ms. Pac-ManIndroducing the Queen of all that is Evil....no...not Barbera Striesand....12/02/01
NBA JamIt's a nail in Dick Vitale's forehead!12/02/01
OutRunAh...nice to see a decent playing rehash...12/02/01
PaperboyUh huh....can we say "rehash"? I know you can...12/04/01
Primal RageAt least it isn't the censored one...12/02/01
Revolution XEven the Genesis can't down size Steven Tyler's lips....12/02/01
Road Rash 3Baha. No.01/09/02
Shadow DancerYeah...it *is* better than Revenge of Shinobi...but not by much.12/28/01
Sonic the HedgehogSega's answer to Mario: Blue haired animal versus fat plumber...tough choice...02/03/02
Spider-ManJust like the Genesis version, with some minimal visual improvements...bleh.12/18/01
Street Fighter II': Special Champion EditionCapcom cashcows have no bounds...and this just proves it...10/09/01
Streets of RageOne of the best Genesis games there is.12/21/00
Streets of Rage IIImpressive beyond belief, this is what good sequels are made of!12/28/01
Super Street Fighter IIBeautiful....if you have a six button controller...12/02/01
The Revenge of ShinobiShinobi, eh? Baha.12/28/01
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Whatever...01/09/02
WeaponLordPrice of the game: 3 bucks. Cost of a pack of cigarettes: 4 bucks. The look on your girlfriends face as you disembowel your opponent: Priceless....12/28/01
X-Band ModemThe first true attempt at home system Internet gaming for the Genesis10/13/01


Alien vs. PredatorThe one game on the Jaguar that was actually done right!02/23/00
Atari KartsAtari's version of Mario Kart?09/30/02
Attack of the Mutant PenguinsMindless gameplay clogged with malted hops and bong resin.09/29/02
BattlesphereOne of the Jaguar's shining moments.09/30/02
Breakout 2000Arkanoid..Pong...Breakout...09/30/02
Brutal Sports FootballJaguar's answer to the Mutant League09/30/02
Bubsy in Fractured Furry TalesIt's got charm but not enough to make it more than average.09/30/02
Cannon FodderLemmings with Machine Guns09/30/02
Checkered FlagIn the field but not ahead of the pack.09/30/02
Club DriveWe don't need no driving ban!09/30/02
CybermorphGood intentions, poor presentation.09/30/02
Defender 2000Wha....?10/13/01
DoomWild puzzles and a flesh tearing chainsaw...on the Jaguar...for fifty cents? Sold!10/12/01
Double Dragon V: The Shadow FallsIf you're a Double Dragon fan, cry....If you're a Jaguar owner...run..don't think...just run.10/12/01
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StorySlamming my fingers in a car door...or playing this? Someone find me a car...10/12/01
Evolution: Dino DudesLemmings in a Caveman World09/30/02
Fever Pitch SoccerThe top of the Jaguar soccer games.09/30/02
Fight For LifeTekken and Virtua Fighter merge on the Jaguar.09/30/02
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityBeautiful game though a bit dated.09/30/02
Flip Out!An annoying puzzle game...though it does have some redeeming features.09/30/02
Hover StrikeNot too shabby.09/30/02
I-WarIt's no Iron Soldier...and it certain isn't Cybermorph...09/30/02
International Sensible SoccerThis is the reason soccer fans riot.09/30/02
Iron SoldierKa-Boom09/30/02
Kasumi NinjaPushed to the back by Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter09/30/02
Missile Command 3DBoom!09/30/02
NBA Jam Tournament EditionMidway knows no limitations.09/30/02
Pinball FantasiesConsidering that there are only two pinball games on the Jag, this one is better than Ruiner.09/30/02
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureRight where Pitfall needs to be...on an Atari system!09/30/02
Power Drive RallyDown and dirty racing on the Jaguar.10/01/02
RaidenOverhead shooting goodness.10/01/02


10-Yard Fight10 Yard Fumble...11/26/01
1942Addictive Bullet Dodging...10/09/01
1943: The Battle of MidwayThat song again....ARGH!12/04/01
3-D WorldRunnerI ran...I ran so far away....10/27/03
720 DegreesIt's a shame to take something golden and turn it into crap.10/27/03
8 EyesAs much as I hate to say it...I agree...it's Castlevania...12/06/01
Abadox: The Deadly Inner WarIntestines and Lasers and Blood oh my!12/06/01
Action 52I'd rather drink gasoline and whiz into a campfire...12/18/01
Adventure IslandWhizzing Tomahawks....and grass skirts. Yep...gotta be Hudson Soft.12/06/01
Adventure Island 3I've had enough of this joke already...show me something new, eh?12/06/01
Adventure Island IIHiggins...for some reason, I think of Magnum P.I.12/06/01
Adventures of Dino RikiBlah blah blah...this is a poor man's Adventure Island12/18/01
Adventures of LoloWho thought controlling a puzzle solving blob would be so much fun?12/06/01
Adventures of Lolo 2Consider this the prime example of visual improvement and nothing else!12/18/01
Adventures of Tom SawyerDream a little dream...07/15/03
After BurnerI must be going nuts...I could have sworn Tengen released a copy of this game too!12/18/01
Air FortressMetroid and Gradius...just no challenge...03/11/02
AirwolfAfterburner this is not...10/28/03
Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo RacingRough off the starting line.10/28/03
Alien SyndromeExamples of Hardware Limitation12/06/01
American GladiatorsSlightly more interesting than the show...just slightly...10/28/03
AnticipationAn alternative to Monopoly...10/27/03
Arch Rivals: A Basket Brawl!It may look like NBA Jam...but it isn't even close.12/27/01
ArchonBattle Chess Lite03/11/02
ArkanoidSimplistic in design and execution12/10/00
AstyanaxIt's all greek to me...07/15/03
AthenaGoddess of Wisdom fights forces of evil for kicks...story at 11.12/08/01
Bad DudesMust...move...in...slow...mo...tion...11/26/01
Bad News BaseballNot bad for an off Tecmo game...10/28/03
Bad Street BrawlerComical Combat...10/28/03
Balloon FightA solid game from the original NES home library10/28/03
BarbiePink everywhere...10/27/03
BaseballWe've come a long way....10/28/03
Baseball Simulator 1.000Options upon options....10/29/03
Baseball StarsThe first *real* Nintendo baseball game...12/04/01
Bases LoadedI'll stick to the later installments...10/29/03
Bases Loaded II: Second SeasonExample of a downgrade. Trading presentation and depth for a little more speed.10/30/03
Batman ReturnsNot great, but not bad either...10/30/03
Batman: Return of the JokerThose wonderful toys...07/15/03
Batman: The Video GameI'm not Bruce Wayne...I'm a crappy side scrolling adventure game!12/04/01
Battle ChessFinally...I found a decent chess game!12/02/01
BattletoadsRare did a fighting game other than Killer Instinct? Tres Cool....12/06/01
Bee 52The only buzz...is the cool silver cart.10/28/03
BeetlejuiceThe movie to game curse continues...10/30/03
Best of the Best: Championship KarateDeep combat...shallow everything else..10/28/03
BigfootPurely marketing...10/30/03
Bionic CommandoSwing your way to victory...07/15/03
Blades of SteelWho is winning? Who cares!? I wanna fight...10/30/03
Blaster MasterHunker down and I'll tell you a little story of a boy and his frog...12/27/01
Bo Jackson BaseballBo who?07/15/03
BombermanClassic NES action.10/30/03
BreakThruArcade style action in a small gray cart...10/28/03
Bubble BobbleOooo...lookit the pretty bubbles....12/02/01
Burai FighterAbadox, Section Z and now Burai Fighter...10/28/03
BurgerTimeVerdy Verdy...Time to make the chocolate....12/02/01
California GamesWhatever Dude!01/02/02
Captain America and the AvengersBetter than X-Men.10/28/03
Captain SkyhawkWell...it tries..I think...01/09/02
Casino KidA gambling game? On the NES?12/06/01
CastlevaniaWhip it....whip it good!11/26/01
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestJust keep throwing the garlic at the boatman....trust me...11/26/01
Castlevania III: Dracula's CurseThe introduction of Alucard and a wall climbing pirate...killer.12/27/01
ChoplifterClassic gaming at its finest.01/02/02
Cobra TriangleRARE does something other than fighting games?12/09/01
CommandoDie...all of you...die!11/26/01
Cyber Stadium Series: Base WarsBaseball and cyborgs...this is definitely different...10/28/03
David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on BloboloniaA jellybean eating blob...what's next...a fat plumber stomping on turt....ummm...10/30/03
Defender of the CrownNES Strategy...gah.12/10/00
Disney Adventures in the Magic KingdomAction and adventure...Disney style.07/15/03
Disney's TaleSpinIt's a Disney game...01/09/02
Donkey KongI don't know which is worse, knowing that a huge ape stole my chick, or that I'm a silly fat plumber....11/26/01
Double DragonAlteration...Baseball bat...Alteration...Baseball bat...hmmm...12/06/01
Double Dragon II: The RevengeIt may be Double Dragon...but the original seems to be slightly better than this...12/27/01
Dr. MarioAttack of the Tetris Clones!11/26/01
Duck HuntBetter known as the combination pack-in game WITH Super Mario...but it's alright standing alone...01/02/02
ExcitebikeSimply put.....classic.11/26/01
Fester's QuestAn Addams Family game worthy of playing....somewhat..01/02/02
Final FantasySquare starts the legacy here...01/02/02
Final Fantasy IIAwww...is it too hard for you? Psht.01/02/02
Friday the 13thThe only game in which I root for the bad guy!01/02/02
G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroBlah...12/13/01
Galaga: Demons of DeathOooo...look at the pretty stars....11/26/01
GhostbustersI'd rather slap a biker and call him a wimp...01/13/02
Ghosts 'n GoblinsPesky Red Devil! Die...DIE....ahem...11/26/01
GradiusOne of the most celebrated shooters on the NES.01/02/02
Gremlins 2: The New BatchGizmo and his Lethal Tomatoes10/27/03
Guerrilla WarTrilogy of Action Games: Ikari Warriors, Heavy Barrel and <b>Guerilla War</b>11/26/01
Gun.SmokeWha...Commando clone?11/26/01
Heavy BarrelNormally, I would scream out the name...but it doesn't get the right effect if only the people in my house hear it....11/26/01
Hogan's AlleyOne of the few games for the NES Zapper...and a mediorce one at that...11/26/01
HoopsJust when you think you can't stand the game...your hands seemed glued to the damn controller...01/27/02
Ice ClimberDude! It's the little people from Super Smash Brothers Melee! Sweet!01/27/02
Ice HockeySimplicity is bliss...12/02/01
Ikari WarriorsBe very very quiet....I'm hunting commando's...12/02/01
Iron Tank: The Invasion of NormandyIkari Warriors from the Tank aspect...12/02/01
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors IIJust the thought of Fabio portraying my character is...ugh...12/27/01
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off RoadBetter to go and play the SNES version....truth.12/27/01
JackalAnother Konami classic...10/28/03
JawsDun dun.....dun dun....dun dun...12/02/01
JoustEverybody was Ostrich fighting....those birds were fast as lightning...12/02/01
Karate ChampNES Fighting Game....what a contradiction of words...12/06/01
Karnov"Shut up and sit down you big bald..."01/27/02
Kid IcarusTwo wings, a bow and a giant walking eggplant...01/27/02
Kung FuKick to the left, kick to the right...kick and kick and kick all night....11/26/01
Legendary WingsCould have been a contender....but pink boots and red shorts...well...03/20/02
Legends of the Diamond: The Baseball Championship GameA decent break from RBI...it's still more of the same.12/18/01
M.U.L.E.Too serious for the younger crowd and released way too soon for the adults..11/26/01
Marble MadnessIntriguing....and rather odd, but addictive at the same time!11/26/01
Mario Bros.Old School Mario12/10/00
Mega ManPress Start12/13/01
Mega Man 2Bah...12/28/01
Mega Man 3A step up from Mega Man 2, it still has a little ways to go...12/28/01
Mega Man 4Mega Buster versus Twitchy Controls01/02/02
Mega Man 5Better than Mega Man 4 in most respects.01/02/02
Metal GearBefore Otacon, Ocelot and Liquid...there was only Snake....12/13/01
MetroidFounding father of Action Adventure....12/21/00
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!Just cause he did some stupid stuff doesn't mean you change the game on him!11/26/01
MonopolyMissing the key element...and that is when your winning, your friends are calling you an...11/26/01
Ms. Pac-ManPac Man is the devil....truth....11/26/01
NESThe legacy starts here...01/10/02
Ninja GaidenEnter stage right...the masked mad mn, Ryu...he's nuts I tell you!01/04/02
Operation WolfHere's a little story about a man and his gun....12/13/01
OthelloNot quite as fun when your friend isn't calling you an....12/13/01
P.O.W.: Prisoners of WarPile Of Waste11/26/01
PaperboyNothing like wanton destruction of property....12/02/01
PredatorAction with a freak....oh..and the Predator is here too..11/26/01
Pro WrestlingPick Starman....trust me...pick Starman...12/27/01
Punch-Out!!When you screw up, you get your game taken away and you're replaced with a large chined Jay Leno...01/02/02
R.C. Pro-AmLittle cars....big game play....12/11/01
Rad RacerOld school baby!12/02/01
RamboAmazing that Nintendo survived after this piece of crap!11/26/01
Rampage*Tries a Rampage move and successfully crushes the cart*11/26/01
Rescue: The Embassy MissionFirst shot at a first person tactical shooter...looks like modern day Rainbox Six!11/26/01
Ring KingStick and move...stick and move...stick and move to Mike Tyson's Punch Out....11/26/01
River City RansomEat Sushi...Bash Thugs...and Save the Chick...all while avoiding the barf on your shoes!03/20/02
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesNot Zelda...not Willow...but something strangely cool about it...12/02/01
RoboCopI'm a little teapot...short and stout...here is my handle..and here is my big freaking machine pistol!01/10/02
Rolling ThunderJust keep on rollin' baby....you know what time it is...12/11/01
Rush'n AttackStick the Soviets with a knife...over and over....11/26/01
RygarWhip around a yo-yo and take out a God.12/11/01
Section-ZNow I remember why I <b>hated</b> this game...11/26/01
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & SpeakInteresting....07/15/03
Shadowgate (1987)Point and Click that is actually worth the time spent...11/26/01
ShatterhandWow...this one caught me by surprise...12/10/01
ShinobiPackage it up, slap a price tag on it and name it after a legendary game. Hopefully no one will notice that its a piece of garbage...12/10/01
Skull & CrossbonesAvast...or something...07/15/03
Spy HunterDo all of the classics start here on the NES?!11/26/01
Street Fighter 2010: The Final FightIt features Ken? Who gives a....12/06/01
StriderBefore the fighting games...there was this unknown ninja named Hiryuu....12/11/01
Super CAlmost perfect...01/02/02
Super Dodge BallNothing like careening a ball off the face of the nearest opponent to start your day!11/26/01
Super Mario Bros. / Duck HuntThe Legendary Tag-Team...and no, I don't mean Legion of Doom!01/02/02
Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track MeetNow...if you can just find a working Power Pad...01/02/02
Super Mario Bros. 2Throwing turnips...01/02/02
Super Mario Bros. 3Simply the best Super Mario on the NES...period!01/04/02
Super Spike V'BallSpike it!01/09/02
Super SprintRiiiiight....12/09/01
T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water RageI'd rather do a swan dive into razor blades than play this again!12/09/01
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesLack of Turtle Power...12/09/01
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade GameA prime example of what to do with an NES sequel!12/09/01
TetrisTwo versions...two companies...which one is better?12/02/01
Tetris (Tengen)Two player options. Nuff said...12/02/01
The Addams FamilyMystery of Life #344: What does Gomez smoke to grin like that all the time?12/27/01
The Adventures of Bayou BillyTrend setter?11/26/01
The Black BassWhat...the...hell...07/15/03
The Goonies IIEasier to find than the original, and infinitely funner to play!01/04/02
The Legend of KageRiiiiight.......11/26/01
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsNot my cup of tea...07/15/03
The Uncanny X-MenJust another victim of the garbage can toss...01/31/00
Tiger-HeliIt's like a broken record which repeats....repeats....repeats...12/21/00
Time LordSleeper hit? More like sleeping aid....12/09/01
Toobin'The first extreme sports game....12/02/01
Top GunLaunch this one right out the window....12/11/01
TrojanCapcom does something other than fighting games and survival horror? Kick...ass!12/10/01
Twin CobraIt's better than Tiger-Heli!01/12/02
Urban ChampionIt's bad...it's really bad...but it is an original and the stepping stone for what we have now.12/11/01
WillowThere is nothing...and the Kasket means nothing! That comes close to perfection as this title does...12/11/01
Wizards & WarriorsI can't believe it's not butter.....wait...that was the second Wizards and Warriors...12/09/01
XenophobeRepetitive action gaming...figures...12/07/01
XeviousJust another victim of an over-staurated genre!12/07/01
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkAll your base belong to us! Nah...it's a surprising sequel of hybrid action and RPG...truth...12/10/01


4x4 EVO 2Truly in-depth racing.10/01/02
A.P.B.Impossible to Find...Fun to Play.04/24/02
After BurnerHeads Up...this is an old one...04/24/02
Alien TrilogyThis was a great game...back in 96...04/10/02
Area 51 (1996)Bumpty Bumpty Bump...04/10/02
Bad DudesBeen Bad in other places..10/01/02
Battle ChessCheckmate...02/09/03
BlackthorneThe thinking mans action game..05/10/02
BurgerTimeEven after all these years...it's still addictive as hell.10/01/02
DiabloThe start of something good...03/03/03
Diablo IIOnce the hero...now the hunted...playing the hunter...03/03/03
Doom (1993)Turning on the past...03/03/03
Empire EarthSpartacus? Is that you?02/09/03
Empire Earth: The Art of ConquestHmmm...not quite what I was expecting...02/09/03
Fate: Undiscovered RealmsMore of the same12/23/08
Full Tilt! PinballInteresting....11/19/01
Independence DayJust...kill me now...02/10/03
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverRaziel know's no bounds.10/02/02
Marble MadnessWeird and wild puzzle game.10/02/02
Max PayneTwo words...Bullet Time.01/27/02
Mortal KombatThere are just some things that time cannot touch...this isn't one of them...01/27/02
Mortal Kombat 3Use the control pad! Use the damn control pad! "You suck.." ...damn it...01/27/02
Mortal Kombat IINo...No! Get away from me with that spear!01/27/02
Mortal Kombat TrilogyFatality? Oh yeah? Here...how about a system reset? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Sonya!01/27/02
MystThe sound of your teeth grinding is all you're going to hear...01/27/02
Red FactionTotal Recall anyone?10/01/02
Resident EvilPerfect starting point for the PC only gamer..05/10/02
Resident Evil 2One wrong move...and you're zombie bait...02/10/03
SimCity 3000 UnlimitedIt's good to play God sometimes...11/19/01
SkiFreeThe key word on the emphasis 'Free'...11/20/01
Star Trek GenerationsTake a phaser, stick it in my eye, and hit the button...please....02/15/00
Star Trek: ArmadaResistance is futile....11/19/01
Star Wars Galactic BattlegroundsA nice break from Star Craft...05/10/02
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone CampaignsWhere is Jango? Where?!02/09/03
Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire DividedUniqueness...Complexity...this Jedi craves these things...12/11/06
Star Wars Galaxies: Episode III Rage of the WookieesA wookie safari, cool while it lasts...12/11/06
Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to LightspeedWhat do you mean the hyperdrive is busted?12/11/06
Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-WanIntroduction of the NGE...and it's aftermath...12/11/06
Star Wars RebellionEmpire Blitz03/03/03
Star Wars: Empire at WarEpic in some ways, but average in others...12/11/06
Street Fighter Alpha 2Capcom busting onto the PC10/02/02
Syndicate WarsA story about four guys in trenchcoats...02/09/03
The Typing of the DeadMavis Beacon!10/01/02
The Ultimate DoomPoint blink to the skull with a shotgun...01/27/02
Tomb Raider (1996)The PC Version of an amazing series01/06/01
Tomb Raider IIQuest for the Dagger of Xian10/02/02
Warcraft III: Reign of ChaosBetter known as the beginning of World of Warcraft12/12/06
World in ConflictExplosions aplenty12/23/08


007: The World is not EnoughA PSX Owners dream12/21/00
007: Tomorrow Never Dies::Bond Music:: Crap...Big Crap10/17/00
40 WinksReminds me of NiGHTS....strangely enough...01/08/01
A Collection of Activision Classic Games for the Atari 2600Before 1943...there was River Raid...01/08/01
Ace Combat 2Deeper than the first, and still worth playing years later...01/09/01
Ace Combat 3: ElectrosphereSequels are good...sometimes.01/09/01
Agile Warrior F-111XMight as well be flying blind!10/08/01
Air CombatThe trend setting game of the Ace Combat series...even though it's listed as Air Combat!01/09/01
Akuji the HeartlessAkuji Revisited01/08/01
Alien ResurrectionBetter have your lights on for this one...10/23/00
Alien TrilogyWhich portion of the Trilogy am I playing through? Who the hell knows....03/24/00
Area 51Nothing like blowing up a military complex to really start your day off right!02/20/00
Armored Core: Master of ArenaBest Armored Core on the PSX...01/08/01
Armored Core: Project PhantasmaNot a bad Mech game...but still...01/08/01
Army Men 3DIn the beginning....01/08/01
Army Men: Air AttackNew twist on the Army Men series...01/09/01
Army Men: Air Attack 2Why do they do that?01/09/01
Army Men: Sarge's HeroesNice try...but..eh....no.01/09/01
Army Men: World WarWill 3DO ever learn?01/09/01
AsteroidsJust a face lift.01/09/01
ATV: Quad Power RacingUmmmm.....no.01/09/01
Batman & RobinNot bad, but not ground-breaking either.01/20/01
Battle Arena ToshindenThe first true fighter for the PSX04/04/00
Battle Arena Toshinden 2More fighters, more moves, little improvement.04/04/00
Battle Arena Toshinden 3Get the hint! Sequels are supposed to include imrpovement!!!10/04/01
BattleTanx: Global AssaultFast action and addictive gameplay equal a great game05/15/01
Beyond the BeyondBehind the times.04/03/00
Bio FREAKSIs this Time Killers?01/20/01
Black DawnAgile Warrior the Sequel!10/08/01
Blast ChamberGood party game.03/24/00
BlastoZapping Aliens? Why not...01/20/01
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainThe reign of Kain starts here.03/19/00
Bloody RoarAnimorphic Fun04/02/00
Bloody Roar IIBlood, Guts, and Bunny Rabbits04/03/00
Bomberman Fantasy RaceIt's Chocobo Racing all over again...01/20/01
Bug RidersStep away from the bug with your hands up....01/20/01
Bugs Bunny: Lost in TimeHand me a mallet...01/28/01
Bushido BladeSamurai-Ninja Movie04/03/00
Bushido Blade 2Samurai-Ninja Movie Sequel04/04/00
Bust A GroovePunch-Kick-Punch-Punch...wait...that's the other one.02/15/00
Bust A Groove 2Back with a purpose!11/09/00
C: The Contra AdventureNES Anyone?10/17/00
Caesars PalaceJust like loosing money in the Casino02/07/00
Cardinal SynJust another clone...05/06/01
CasperGah! Get back, evil game!07/26/00
Chronicles of the SwordA shame to take a legend, and kill it like this.03/31/00
Colony WarsLasers...explosions...evil empires...I could swear it was Star Wars..02/20/00
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - RetaliationEh. Not bad, but then agaig, it ain't that good either03/18/00
Cool Boarders 2Gah...12/21/00
Cool Boarders 2001Crap in a box.10/01/02
Critical DepthTwisted Metal Underwater11/07/00
CriticomAlright....I'm gonna hurt someone...02/15/00
Darkstalkers 3A decent sequel05/06/01
Dead in the WaterJust like the title...this one is dead in the water..05/15/01
Destruction DerbyOh yes...you'll be smashing something alright...10/18/00
DiabloSave your cash. Get the PC version.01/03/01
Die Hard TrilogyThree great formats rolled into one explosive game02/06/00
Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las VegasCould have been better, but not bad as is.10/17/00
Dino CrisisResident....er...Dinosaur?10/17/00
Dino Crisis 2Dino Crisis Complete!10/17/00
Disney/Pixar A Bug's LifeAwesome visuals...but low grade action gaming.01/28/01
Dragon Ball GT: Final BoutAnime Fans rejoice...Fighting Game Fans be afraid.01/21/01
Dynasty WarriorsStrategy to Fighting? The strategy is to make a good fighting game, not this time.01/22/00
Echo NightFeels like a two hour suspense flick...01/21/01
ECW Anarchy RulzECW - Exceptionally Crappy Wrestling Part 201/21/01
ECW Hardcore RevolutionECW: Crapola Part 205/06/01
EhrgeizEh, don't listen to the hype. It's all visual, and no substance.04/04/00
EinhanderNicely done.03/24/00
Elemental GearboltBreathtaking03/24/00
ESPN X-Games Pro BoarderIt ain't Cool Boarders....01/28/01
Evil Dead: Hail to the KingWitty comments and shotguns only go so far....10/11/01
Evil ZoneEver seen a fighting game for kids?04/01/00
Fatal Fury: Wild AmbitionFatal Fury? Fatal Flop....04/04/00
Fear EffectO.o - Expect something else.03/31/00
Fighter MakerWhat tha?10/18/00
Fighting ForceOne for the money...two for the show...throw this in the trash..and here we go.02/15/00
Final DoomA classic on the Playstation04/04/00
Final Fantasy VIIIA haunting epic story in Playstation History07/26/00
ForsakenDescent has nothing to worry about02/14/00
Gallop RacerWhat in the hell.....?05/15/01
GekidoStreets of Rage on the PSX? Almost...01/04/01
Geom CubeMmmm...3-D Tetris?11/07/00
Ghost in the ShellStick to the Anime....02/20/00
Gran TurismoOne of the better racers...but not quite perfect.05/15/01
Grind SessionA noble attempt to overthrow Tony Hawk07/12/00
Guilty GearTitus makes a good stand.04/01/00
Gundam: Battle AssaultNot bad for a Gundam game01/03/01
Hydro ThunderNot a bad port from the arcade...05/15/01
Independence DayI'd rather eat razor-blades...02/14/00
Iron & BloodAD&D? I think not...04/06/00
Jet MotoHeh, cool.03/19/00
Jet Moto 2Wooo...here we go again.12/10/00
Jet Moto 3I think I have motion sickness03/18/00
K-1 The Arena FightersReal Kickboxing - Real Problems04/06/00
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverThe Reign of Kain continues...01/03/01
LoadedMaddness, insanity, and a clown with a teddy bear.03/31/00
Lunar: Silver Star Story CompleteAwesome to say the least03/18/00
Marvel Super HeroesBashing through with Spider Man and Wolverine10/01/02
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super HeroesAlmost hit the mark10/20/00
Maximum ForceDie aliens! Die! Oh...wait...that was the other one.02/20/00
Medal of HonorSaving Private Ryan...only a video game version of it.03/31/00
Medal of Honor UndergroundAnother DreamWorks Masterpiece11/07/00
MediEvilDude! Where's your jaw!?02/15/00
Metal Gear Solid: VR MissionsMGS VR Missions - A Fine Addition to the library.01/22/00
Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Midway Collection 2It's got Spy Hunter...what else could you want?01/08/01
Missile CommandNew look on a classic game12/21/00
Mortal Kombat 3"You Suck"10/01/02
Mortal Kombat 4Step into the 3D realm of Mortal Kombat01/02/01
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-ZeroNice showing of Sub-Zero, but it's got some flaws03/24/00
Mortal Kombat TrilogyMortal Kombat Complete01/02/01
Mortal Kombat: Special ForcesMortal Kombat? No...not even close.10/20/00
Need for Speed: High StakesA different kind of racing for a change.05/15/01
Nightmare CreaturesBlood-fest...pure and simple05/07/01
Nightmare Creatures IIViolence...lots of it...10/09/00
No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike RacingNo Fear? Fear this...12/21/00
Nuclear StrikeGood chopper game, not bad at all02/15/00
Panzer GeneralTurn Based Crap04/06/00
Project OverkillBloodfest...big time03/24/00
Project: Horned OwlOne of the overlooked03/31/00
Quake IIBloody Mess everywhere you turn03/18/00
Rampage 2: Universal TourHmmmmm.03/31/00
RayCrisis: Series TerminationAnother Working Designs Hit!12/09/00
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2A great follow up12/21/00
Reel FishingAwesome Controller Pack-In...but other than that?......No....11/09/00
ReloadedCome on! No Improvements?!03/31/00
Resident EvilThe first of two versions: Amazing03/31/00
Resident Evil 2Munch on a bullet you zombie swine...03/31/00
Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock EditionResident Evil 2 Complete03/31/00
Resident Evil 3: NemesisBest in the Resident Evil - Survival Horror Series!!12/22/99
Resident Evil: Director's CutResident Evil Complete03/31/00
Resident Evil: SurvivorGive me some asprin.10/17/00
Rival SchoolsOooo...beating up people from other schools...sounds like my high school days.03/29/00
Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012Twisted Metal with a cabbie twist03/29/00
SilverloadSomeone needs to put a bullet into Silverload01/22/00
SimCity 2000Gimme the controller...time to build a city.03/28/00
Soul BladeA testiment to 3D weapon fighters.05/13/01
Soul of the SamuraiO.o Alright...this is hard.03/18/00
South ParkNow I know why they killed Kenny03/24/00
Spawn: The EternalJust like Ghost in the Shell...stick to the comics03/24/00
Star Trek: InvasionFire at will....05/06/01
Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power BattlesLong Long Ago....12/10/00
Star Wars: Dark ForcesEh. It's alright..but not exactly up to par.03/24/00
Star Wars: DemolitionLucas Arts is getting better...12/21/00
Star Wars: Masters of Teras KasiThe first Star Wars fighting game...ugh...12/21/00
Street Fighter Alpha 2A definate step up from the original...05/15/01
Street Fighter Alpha 3The best of the Alpha Series05/15/01
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsThe Alpha series starts here...05/07/01
Street Fighter: The MovieThis is Street Fighter?!03/29/00
Supercross 2000Gah...05/15/01
Syndicate WarsShotguns, Religious Cults and plenty of bullets...05/14/01
T.R.A.G.T.R.A.G....Truly Repulsive Action Game01/22/00
TekkenFirst Generation Tekken comes out clean.01/03/01
Tekken 2The Second Tekken. Better than the first? Not really.01/04/01
Tekken 3Baek Beat Down10/01/02
Tetris PlusSame Old Tetris - New Tetris Twist11/09/00
The City of Lost Children"I can't do that!"04/04/00
The Raiden ProjectNot bad for an overhead shooter02/06/00
The X-FilesIt's like watching a two hour episode...05/14/01
Thrasher Presents: Skate and DestroyThere isn't a reason for this...01/02/01
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixRainbow Crap...Tom Clancy had a good idea, but the programmers had other ideas02/11/00
Tomb RaiderInnovative and Challenging10/20/00
Tomb Raider IIContinuing on....a Dagger, some bats and really innovative ways to look at Lara with the camera...10/08/01
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara CroftWhich way to go....let me just take a look at the camera angle again of Lara's....10/13/01
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterGood game, a rare genre.02/11/00
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2Good showing on the sequel09/26/00
Toshinden SubaruGood...the final freakin' nail in this coffin....10/04/01
Twisted MetalYeah baby! Yeah!03/31/00
Twisted Metal 2Again! Gimme the controller!03/31/00
Twisted Metal 4Thank you Mr. Zombie!03/31/00
Twisted Metal IIISweet Tooth must have been laughing when he saw this01/22/00
WarHawkOne of the best launch games for the PSX12/21/00
Warpath: Jurassic ParkDino-fighting...nope...05/15/01
World Destruction League: Thunder TanksRange: 5 feet. Arc: 6 feet. Target:....the trash can.11/07/00
Wu-Tang: Shaolin StyleWhat up now?!03/24/00
X-Men vs. Street FighterOne of the Classic Crossovers11/09/00
X-Men: Children of the AtomIt all started here...01/28/01
X-Men: Mutant AcademyX-Men come to the PSX. But is it worth it?07/26/00

PlayStation 2

18 Wheeler: American Pro TruckerI dreamt I was a trucker...02/20/02
Ace Combat 04: Shattered SkiesAim and fire....simple as that. Well...maybe not as simple as that....but it still sounded good!01/30/02
Activision AnthologyMore games, more classics...02/23/03
Aero Elite: Combat AcademyHeavy training...but no Ace Killer03/19/03
Aggressive InlineFlip, Twist, Spin, Succeed...09/10/02
AirBladeTony Hawk and Dark Summit Hybrid02/03/02
Aliens Versus Predator: ExtinctionAliens and Predators and Marines...Oh My...10/22/03
AmplitudeEveryone says hi....08/06/03
Arctic ThunderHydro Thunder! Oh...wait....no...it's Midway trying to cash in on it...12/28/01
Armored Core 2Next Generation Mech Warrior05/05/01
Armored Core 2: Another AgeAn Expansion!09/27/01
Armored Core 3Insert Huge Robot Foot A....into Enemy Ass B02/23/03
ATV Offroad Fury 2It's online but it's not cheap...03/17/03
BarbarianThe Good, The Bad & The Wicked09/10/02
Batman: VengeanceI'm not Bruce Wayne....I'm...Kasket!12/28/01
Battle Engine AquilaMuch like Jedi Starfighter...but with robots...03/19/03
Black & BruisedPut 'em up...03/19/03
Blade IIStick a stake in this one...it's done.12/27/02
BloodRayne Gothic hottie in tight leather? Cool...but I get the same sight at Hot Topic.12/28/02
Bloody Roar 3Building on the same game with little results08/31/01
BMX XXXBlood Rayne sounds like a porno...but this was too offensive? Right...03/03/03
BurnoutSmashing baby! Yeah!12/28/01
Burnout 2: Point of ImpactNothing like causing a ten car pileup...03/17/03
Cabela's Big Game HunterWalking in the woods simulator...03/19/03
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001All hail....another Capcom Cash Cow!12/28/01
City CrisisChoplifter..Fahrenheit and World's Scariest Police Chases all rolled into one. Interest concept, horrid presentation...12/28/01
Contra: Shattered SoldierUltimate C? Not quite...but damned close.03/17/03
Cool Boarders 2001Realism it has....playing it and having fun, no.10/23/01
Crazy TaxiThe first cross over...with a few bumps along the way07/07/01
Dark CloudCreate the world...and then save it...12/28/01
Dark Cloud 2Meet the new hero...and her boyfriend Max.03/17/03
Dark SummitIf you want a change from SSX...01/09/02
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2King of the Tail Whip10/04/01
DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution....wow.03/03/03
Dead to RightsThe essential Max Payne Clone.01/02/03
DefenderSaving the Human Race...one world at a time.01/01/03
Devil May CryA pair of pistols and a Devil that just won't quit....10/21/01
Devil May Cry 2This is not the Dante you're looking for. Move along.03/03/03
Disaster ReportTrapped on an island with nothing but your wits and a whiny chick...03/17/03
DOA2: HardcoreEverytime I watch the opening, I'm reminded of a poem by Al Bundy....10/04/01
Dragon Ball Z: BudokaiWhat in holy hell....?03/17/03
Dragon RageMore of the 3DO curse...02/20/02
DrivenDriven right to the brink of mediocrity...go play Gran Turismo 3.12/28/01
Driving Emotion Type-SEmotion Driving? Not quite...but still pretty good...02/03/02
Dynasty Warriors 2Yeah...so I killed 4700 people today...05/03/01
Dynasty Warriors 3Finally!12/04/01
Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme LegendsUnabridged Tales of the Three Kingdoms for $30 bucks..02/04/03
EOE: Eve of ExtinctionFor the beginners...04/26/02
Ephemeral Fantasia............10/25/01
ESPN Winter X-Games SnowboardingIt's crap, plain and simple....10/25/01
ESPN X Games SkateboardingUntil Tony Hawk 3 comes...this is as good as it gets...10/11/01
EvergraceInspiration gone awry....02/20/02
EverQuest Online AdventuresFirst attempt? I should hope so...03/19/03
ExterminationI hope that's not Chris's....wait...different game...08/31/01
Final Fantasy XThe Pinnacle of Final Fantasy Games.12/28/01
FrequencyGet ready...04/08/02
Galerians: AshWelcome to Hell.03/19/03
Gallop Racer 2001What in the hell....10/24/01
Gauntlet: Dark LegacyJust a newer version of Gauntlet Legends05/05/01
Gradius III and IVA shooter for the ages...and it shows...01/27/02
Gran Turismo 3: A-SpecThe only way to top this? Is to make a Fast and The Furious street racing game...01/27/02
Grand Theft Auto IIIIt's good...but it's not perfect....10/26/01
Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityAn extended episode of Miami Vice12/28/02
Guilty Gear XBite this Street Fighter....02/21/02
Guilty Gear X2Second Look at Guilty Gear X203/17/03
GungraveRise from your Grave...wait a minute...wrong game.12/30/02
Half-LifeFirst Generation Doom...er....Hexen....no....11/19/01
Haven: Call of the KingDiversity vs. Repetitive Nature03/19/03
Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone StaffArchaic at best, just outnumber your opponents and roll over them...10/25/01
Hidden InvasionThe Return of Fighting Force09/10/02
Hitman 2: Silent AssassinBreaking necks...one target at a time.03/19/03
HSX HyperSonic.XtremeYou get what you pay for...03/19/03
James Bond 007: Agent Under FireAs good as Nightfire..11/23/01
Jet X2OThe future of Jet Moto02/23/03
Jonny Moseley Mad TrixYou know why Skiing as a sport doesn't have games portraying it? Here's your example, sukka!01/27/02
Kengo: Master of BushidoAlmost as fun as watching grass grow...about as fast too...10/10/01
KessenA game of real history.....05/10/01
Kessen IILarge breasted strategists and rampaging elephants...10/10/01
KineticaA cross between F-Zero, Wipeout 3 and Jet Moto all rolled into one...11/19/01
Kingdom HeartsYou never know you'll run into next...or do you?12/30/02
Le Mans 24 HoursNothing but flat out racing....this isn't GT3...this is LM24...10/24/01
Legends of WrestlingThere isn't a witty comment that I could make at this moment...02/03/02
Legion: The Legend of ExcaliburBehold! Another Camelot Game!03/17/03
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Beat 'em up goodness...02/12/03
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2Middle of the hill...02/09/03
Max PayneDrugs, Crime Lords, and one pissed off cop...01/27/02
Maximo: Ghosts to GlorySwords, Sorcery and Boxer Shorts02/22/03
Medal of Honor FrontlineInvading Normandy...one version at a time.02/23/03
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of LibertyAlmost Perfect.11/17/01
Metal Gear Solid 2: SubstanceAdditional stuff that should have been in the original release.03/17/03
Midnight Club: Street RacingLet's get racin' vato....05/10/01
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceNinjas and Lizards and Violence, Oh My!12/28/02
MX 2002 featuring Ricky CarmichaelThis is what happens when you land on your head after a Hart Breaker08/31/01
Namco MuseumMust...play....Pac....Man....02/21/02
NASCAR 2001Better than the original...slightly...02/03/02
NASCAR Heat 2002Solid for NASCAR fans...but everyone else...no...02/03/02
NBA StreetBoo-yah! In yo' face sucka...12/06/01
NFL 2K2You CAN coach that...03/03/03
Onimusha: WarlordsAnother great game...but it's too damn short!05/15/01
Pac-Man FeverThe only party game on the PS2.01/04/03
Pirates: The Legend of Black KatHigh seas adventure with Lara...er...Kat....04/24/02
PlayStation 2Review 400: King of the Next Gen Systems? Maybe...10/25/01
Q-Ball: Billiards MasterThe first lession in pool? Take a cue stick...and smash this game...01/27/02
Quake III RevolutionDie...all of you...die...painfully, slowly and unmercifully...01/27/02
Ratchet & ClankJak and Daxter?01/04/03
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2For some odd reason, PaRappa the Rapper comes to mind when I think of this game...02/28/02
Red FactionOne of the better FPS games on the market, but still...08/31/01
Red Faction IIParker and Eros must be out someplace getting a little mid-war nookie.01/03/03
Resident Evil Code: Veronica XIf you've managed to miss it on the Dreamcast, catch it here with Wesker revealed? Then...go and kill things...01/27/02
RezFlat note...05/02/02
Ridge Racer VA Gran Turismo 3 primer...02/03/02
Riding SpiritsHang On for the next generation?01/04/03
Road TripWhat in blue hell....03/03/03
Rune: Viking WarlordOne part Tomb Raider....one part Resident Evil....a bucket of blood and Fighting Force combat engine...ick...10/11/01
Rygar: The Legendary AdventureI tried whipping a pizza pan attached to a string around....didn't work so well.01/04/03
Shadow of DestinyAlmost like a Shadowgate Advanced.02/21/02
ShinobiReturn of the Ninja12/30/02
Silent ScopeYou think you're a sniper? Not until you've tried this...09/26/01
Silent Scope 2: Dark SilhouetteAhh yes...recapture the feeling of knowing you just blew someone's head off at 500 yards..10/25/01
Silpheed: The Lost PlanetDifficult to work with is an understatement...01/27/02
SkyGunnerDangerous missions and wild air-machines!09/10/02
Soldier of Fortune: Gold EditionOoo...you get to blow things up in gory piles! Yeah...was great about six years ago...what a joke.01/27/02
Spider-Man: The MovieI've got spider powers...and I can kill you with a tire. Truth.03/03/03
SplashdownAtari comes out of the box with a good looking game...but how in the hell do you control it?01/27/02
Spy HunterWhat Spy Hunter was meant to be!09/26/01
SSXCool Boarders has nothin' on this game.05/04/01
SSX TrickyThe perfect example of how to imrpove a game...11/19/01
Star Wars: Bounty HunterFor the die-hards.02/04/03
Star Wars: StarfighterFinally...a Star Wars game worth playing...05/10/01
Street Fighter EX3Some innovation and a few killer characters breathes life into the cashcow...but for how long?10/08/01
Sub RebellionDepths of Mediocrity...02/22/03
Super Bust-A-MoveIt's addicting and very fitting for puzzle lovers...10/21/01
Tekken 4"I'll break your face!"09/27/02
Tekken Tag TournamentAs close to the arcade as you're gonna get...05/05/01
Tenchu: Wrath of HeavenStabbing and Slicing and Cutting03/17/03
The BouncerNot bad for a Squaresoft game...05/10/01
The Document of Metal Gear Solid 2Supplemental Information03/19/03
The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersDecide the Fate of Middle-Earth12/28/02
The Mark of KriRau the Barbarian03/19/03
The Mummy ReturnsIt's Fighting Force! I want my mummy!12/04/01
The Simpsons SkateboardingShoot me. Please?02/05/03
The Simpsons: Road RageMore of the cash in on the license01/04/03
The SimsIt's like virtual crack...02/05/03
The Terminator: Dawn of FateNo Fate...03/03/03
The Thing"I'm hiding this recorder just in case...."09/09/02
Theme Park Roller CoasterTake the ride and puke in the trash...11/23/01
Time Crisis IIShooting people....but this time I'll tell you about it with a conclusion!12/26/01
TimeSplittersHigh speed shooting in a low calibur game..07/07/01
Tom Clancy's Ghost ReconI'm not selling Avon. I'm here to kill you.03/17/03
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3Tony Hawk 2 with some visual face lifts and an Internet interface...11/09/01
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4The Flight of the Hawk still reigns, but for how long?01/01/03
Twisted Metal: BlackSometimes the mind bends so much...it snaps in two..07/03/01
Virtua Fighter 4In-depth would be an understatement...04/08/02
War of the MonstersOh Hell Yes...02/22/03
WarJetzFirst it was tanks...now it's jets...and it's still crap!!10/26/01
Wipeout Fusion"My mind conceives the plan. My hand makes the final adjustment."09/09/02
World Destruction League: Thunder TanksSame crap...different system!!09/27/01
WWE SmackDown! Shut Your MouthThe only thing uglier than the audio...is Brock Lesnar in apparent heroin withdrawl..02/04/03
WWF SmackDown! Just Bring ItLay the Smack Down.....or write a review....11/23/01
X-Men: Next DimensionWolverine...snikty snikt...03/17/03
XGIII: Extreme G RacingA little faster than Kinetica, but not as fun...02/20/02
Zone of the EndersAnime, Robots and plenty of Mayhem...05/14/01

Sega 32X

After BurnerMuted and Ghostly, but it's still Afterburner....03/04/02
BC RacersB.C. Racers....Yep...as in Bull Crap Racers...03/04/02
BlackthorneMethodical killing with a rather large shotgun...03/04/02
Brutal: Above the ClawFists of Furry...10/12/01
Brutal: Above the ClawConsider this an add on upgrade...03/04/02
Corpse KillerEver wanted to see what a 32X CD looked like? Crap!03/04/02
Corpse KillerWalkin' Scarecrows and VooDoo.....10/04/01
Cosmic CarnageMORTAL KOMBAT....wait a minute...03/04/02
DoomI'm still waiting to see the improvements!01/12/02
FahrenheitIt's cleaner...but it's just another 32X CD Upgrade...03/04/02
Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred CouplesA rarity...but fun as hell to play...03/04/02
Knuckles' ChaotixSwinging around on a rubber band....mmmm....no.03/04/02
KolibriBeautiful Presentation...but what in the hell am I supposed to be doing?03/04/02
Metal HeadThe 32X attempt...phfft...03/04/02
Mortal Kombat IISuffers from the worst fatality of all....mediocrity...01/12/02
Motocross ChampionshipRoad Rash....03/04/02
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSlightly cleaner visuals...but it's nothing special..01/27/02
NBA Jam Tournament EditionUh huh...seems like I've played this before...oh wait...I HAVE!01/27/02
NFL Quarterback ClubNot bad for a football game...oh..wait...there are only two of them...03/04/02
Night TrapThe game that sparked a landmark decision in Video Games.03/04/02
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureMayans and Alligators and Idols...Oh My...03/03/03
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureJust like the Sega CD version...without the loading time...03/04/02
Primal RageIt never ends...the more Primal Rage versions I play, the worse it seems to get...01/12/02
RBI Baseball '95Take me out to the ball game....just like every other one.03/05/02
Sega 32XUnlike most systems...this one didn't go out with a bang...it went with a whimper.03/10/02
Shadow SquadronStar Wars Arcade...prototype?03/05/02
Space HarrierIt's not the greatest game ever made...but it does have that classic feel..03/10/02
Star Wars ArcadeThe Force is weak in this one....10/09/01
TempoEver trip on acid? No?...Play this game and you'll get the same effect...03/06/02
The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire32X Collectable03/10/02
Toughman ContestTale of Two Versions...03/06/02
Virtua Racing DeluxeAnother Genesis Upgrade.....vroom....03/06/02
WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade GameWWF makes a pay per view event on the 32-X....but fails to deliever the show...10/09/01
Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000For the nostalgic at heart only.03/06/02

Super Nintendo

Acrobat MissionBlow things away. Ho Hum.10/01/02
ActRaiserA classic hybrid of action and creating.04/29/01
Alien 3A so-so game based on a so-so movie12/21/00
Alien vs. PredatorEvil...12/04/01
AxelayOne of the best....12/27/01
Choplifter IIINot bad for an SNES game.12/10/00
DoomA classic...with the classic problems04/29/01
Double Dragon V: The Shadow FallsAnd along came a sorry excuse for a game....10/08/01
Dragon: The Bruce Lee StoryAll right...I've had enough of this crap...12/04/01
Final FightCapcom's Undisputed Champ....for a while anyway...12/04/01
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityThink before you act...seriously...02/22/03
Justice League Task ForceBatman, Superman...who do I want to thrash today?01/10/02
Killer InstinctAwesome gameplay = Great game12/21/00
King of the MonstersPlease make it stop!10/02/02
Knights of the RoundPut the armored boot to that mother...10/02/02
Lethal EnforcersKill the crooks...02/23/03
Marvel Super Heroes in War of the GemsMy money is on Mutant Apocalypse, but this one isn't too bad...12/27/01
Mortal KombatNot a good turn out for the first MK.02/15/00
Mortal Kombat 3Ugh...it just went downhill again.02/23/00
Mortal Kombat IIA definate step up from the first on this platform02/15/00
NBA JamA nail in the coffin!12/27/01
Pit-FighterIt's still a big bucket of....10/13/01
PopulousLittle men, little buildings, little else02/07/00
Primal RageYou thought Mortal Kombat was a butchered game? Take a look at this one...12/27/01
Revolution XDie. Just....Die.02/22/03
SimCityThe rise and fall of a population...I like it!02/11/00
Street Fighter IIThe classic fighting game stepping stone to the cash cow legacy!12/27/01
Sunset RidersRide 'em cowboy!04/29/01
Super Street Fighter IIOne of the best Street Fighters on SNES12/21/00
The CombatribesMove over Super Double Dragon...12/04/01
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3To hell with Midway...Boon? You're gonna pay!01/10/02
WeaponLordThe best looking of the two versions...12/27/01
X-BandInternet gaming? On the SNES? Almost...12/04/01


1943 KaiBlast Away10/02/02


4x4 EVO 2Get out of third gear...01/30/02
Aggressive InlineX-Grind on the X-Box09/10/02
Amped: Freestyle SnowboardingYou really don't have much to choose from..Amped or SSX Tricky. Ha Ha, sorry for you...01/30/02
Arctic ThunderVisually cleaner than the Play Station 2 version...it still doesn't make the mark!01/13/02
Batman: VengeanceKeep porting it...yep...just keep doing it....01/27/02
Blood WakeShiver me machine guns.06/11/02
Dark SummitNot the most stellar of games...but it'll do for now...01/13/02
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2If you've played the PS2 version...you're not missing anything...01/15/02
Dead or Alive 3Yeah....we know exactly why we play this game....bounce...bounce...01/30/02
Dynasty Warriors 3X-Box gamers rejoice...time to kick some ass.01/03/03
Halo: Combat EvolvedAliens meets Starship Troopers meets Doom. There is enough sci-fi here to choke an elephant, but it's still fun as hell...01/30/02
Hunter: The ReckoningIt's Loaded...I swear it...now...if I could find Fwank...I'd be all set.06/15/02
James Bond 007: Agent Under FireDude...who blew up my car?09/10/02
JSRF: Jet Set Radio FutureTime to grind.07/15/02
Kabuki WarriorsFor the Bushido Fans....seriously...01/30/02
Legends of WrestlingThe Ultimate Submission Hold: Buying this game.10/01/02
Max PayneMight as well play the PC version..it's the same damned thing!!01/27/02
Mercenaries: Playground of DestructionBlowing things up, one bomb at a time.12/13/06
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AllianceBlood Bath Dance02/03/03
Pirates: The Legend of Black KatShiver Me Timbers!09/10/02
Project Gotham RacingIt's all about the Kudos.06/30/02
SplashdownJust a cruise through the water..09/10/02
Spy HunterVrooooooooom09/10/02
SSX TrickyGood for the X-Box owner...who has never played the Play Station 2 version!01/13/02
The Simpsons: Road RageSimpsons this...and Simpsons that...02/04/03
The ThingWatch your step...01/03/03
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2xIf you missed it the first couple of times around, then you've got a solid game...otherwise...01/30/02
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3Break it down...09/10/02