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Game Saves

Nintendo 64 DexDrive Save (North America)

Killer Instinct GoldSave Game File12/09/0036K
Everything Unlocked

PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

007: The World is not EnoughSave Game File11/30/00131K
All Movies - All Cheats - All Missions Unlocked
007: Tomorrow Never DiesSave Game File11/30/00131K
All Movies - All Missions Unlocked
Alien ResurrectionSave Game File12/07/00131K
Final Stage Save - Cheat Menu Unlocked
Azure DreamsSave Game File06/14/00131K
Massive Money - Character Level 55
Battle Arena Toshinden 3Save Game File06/12/00131K
All Characters - All Secrets Unlocked
Beast Wars: TransformersSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Game Secrets Unlocked
Big AirSave Game File10/26/00131K
All Courses Open
BlastoSave Game File06/14/00131K
At the Final Level
Blood Omen: Legacy of KainSave Game File10/14/00131K
Both Endings Unlocked in the Dark Diary
Bloody RoarSave Game File06/14/00131K
Movies - Secrets Unlocked
Bloody Roar IISave Game File06/12/00131K
All Characters - All Secrets - All Endings Unlocked
Breath of Fire IIISave Game File06/13/00131K
Level 99 - 12 minutes into the game
Broken HelixSave Game File06/14/00131K
Level 6 with all items and weapons
Bushido BladeSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Endings - Secret Characters Enabled in Vs. Mode
Bushido Blade 2Save Game File06/14/00131K
All Characters - All Secrets Unlocked
Bust A GrooveSave Game File06/12/00131K
All Characters Available - All Characters in Dance Mix Mode
Bust A Groove 2Save Game File11/06/00131K
All Characters - All Dance View Characters Unlocked
Bust-A-Move 4Save Game File06/14/00131K
All Secret Characters Available
Cardinal SynSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Secret Characters Unlocked
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightSave Game File10/07/00131K
Play as Richter Belmont
CentipedeSave Game File12/07/00131K
All Levels Unlocked
Clock TowerSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Endings Unlocked in Viewing List
Colony Wars III: Red SunSave Game File10/27/00131K
All Ships - All Parts - All Stations Unlocked and Available
Colony Wars: VengeanceSave Game File10/15/00131K
Secret Ship Unlocked - Infinite Power Ups - Level Select Open
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - RetaliationSave Game File06/14/00131K
Soviet Disc - All Level Unlocked (General Ranking)
ContenderSave Game File06/14/00131K
Hedges with Maximum Experience
Cool Boarders 2Save Game File11/30/00131K
All Boards - All Tracks - All Characters Unlocked
Cool Boarders 2001Save Game File11/30/00131K
All Tracks - Characters - Boards Unlocked {Career Mode Only}
Cool Boarders 3Save Game File11/07/00131K
All Tracks - All Riders - All Boards Unlocked
Cool Boarders 4Save Game File11/07/00131K
All Boards - All Tracks - All Special Events - All Riders Unlocked
Darkstalkers 3Save Game File06/14/00131K
All Secrets Unlocked in the game
DiabloSave Game File01/03/01131K
Good Start with Gold: Warrior Class
Dino CrisisSave Game File10/18/00131K
All Costumes Unlocked - Operation Wipeout Enabled {Press R1 + R2 at the title screen}
Dino Crisis 2Save Game File10/15/00131K
Extra Crisis Mode Unlocked with all Characters Enabled
Disney/Pixar A Bug's LifeSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Levels Unlocked
DriverSave Game File07/26/00131K
All Secret Codes Unlocked
Dune 2000Save Game File07/23/00131K
7th Level - 2 stages before the end of the game. Enjoy.
Dynasty WarriorsSave Game File09/25/00131K
Sun Shang Xiang Unlocked
ECW Anarchy RulzSave Game File10/26/00131K
Everything Unlocked
EhrgeizSave Game File01/02/01131K
Quest Mode: Characters at Level 120 - Excellent Gold/Armor/Weapons
EinhanderSave Game File06/13/00131K
All Ships - All Movies Unlocked - Most Weapons
Elemental GearboltSave Game File06/13/00131K
All Movies - Secrets Unlocked
Evil ZoneSave Game File09/25/00131K
Everything Unlocked
Final Fantasy AnthologySave Game File06/12/00131K
2 hours into the game - All current Characters at level 99
Frogger 2: Swampy's RevengeSave Game File10/13/00131K
All Levels Unlocked
Front Mission 3Save Game File07/26/00131K
Best weapons and Mechs, with most of the characters - 8 hours into the game
Future Cop: L.A.P.D.Save Game File11/06/00131K
All Zones Unlocked - All Weapons Unlocked
G-PoliceSave Game File07/23/00131K
6 secret stages opened in Training Mode
GekidoSave Game File10/07/00131K
Everything Unlocked
Grind SessionSave Game File07/23/00131K
All Secrets Characters Unlocked - Most Photo Shoots Unlocked
Guilty GearSave Game File07/23/00131K
All Secret Characters Unlocked for use in Practice and Versus Mode
Gundam: Battle AssaultSave Game File01/02/01131K
All Battle Suits Open in Versus Mode
Hydro ThunderSave Game File11/30/00131K
All Tracks - All Boats Unlocked
Jet Moto 2Save Game File06/14/00131K
All Tracks including original Jet Moto Tracks - Enigma Unlocked - All Secrets
Jet Moto 3Save Game File06/14/00131K
All Tracks - All Secrets - Both Hidden Characters: Granny & Capt Ballsard
Jojo's Bizarre AdventureSave Game File11/30/00131K
Most Secrets Unlocked
K-1 RevengeSave Game File06/14/00131K
All fighters Unlocked
Marvel Super HeroesSave Game File06/14/00131K
Dr. Doom and Thanatos available in Shortcut Mode
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street FighterSave Game File06/14/00131K
All movies - All Secret Characters - Everything Unlocked
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super HeroesSave Game File06/12/00131K
All Characters - All Endings - All Secrets Unlocked
Medal of Honor UndergroundSave Game File11/30/00131K
All Multi-Player Characters and Levels Unlocked
Missile CommandSave Game File10/18/00131K
Maximum Money - Best Weapons Upgrades in Ultimate Mode
NASCAR RumbleSave Game File07/27/00131K
All Tracks - All Cars - All Difficulty Levels Unlocked
Need for Speed III: Hot PursuitSave Game File10/18/00131K
Everything Unlocked - All Cars - All Tracks
Need for Speed: High StakesSave Game File06/12/00131K
All Tracks Unlocked - All Cars Unlocked including the Helicopter
Need for Speed: Porsche UnleashedSave Game File11/06/00131K
All Cars Available in Quick Race Mode - All Trophies
Nightmare Creatures IISave Game File10/07/00131K
Saved at the Final Stage
No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike RacingSave Game File11/30/00131K
All Tracks - All Riders - All Upgrades Unlocked
Nuclear StrikeSave Game File10/16/00131K
Lightning Bonus Level Open and Ready
Parasite EveSave Game File06/13/00131K
Start of the EX Game, with all the best Items, Weapons, and Character Abilities
Polaris SnoCrossSave Game File10/11/00131K
Everything Unlocked
Pong: The Next LevelSave Game File10/13/00131K
All Zones Open - Enjoy
Porsche ChallengeSave Game File10/03/00131K
Hyper Car and Invisible Car Open
Q*bertSave Game File09/25/00131K
All Levels Unlocked in Adventure Mode
Quake IISave Game File10/18/00131K
All Multiplayer Cheats Available
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2Save Game File11/30/00131K
All Secret Characters Unlocked in Arcade Mode
Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock EditionSave Game File06/12/00131K
Three Saves here - Hunk Scenario Open - EX Battle Open with All Characters - Tofu Scenario
Resident Evil 3: NemesisSave Game File06/12/00131K
All Modes Unlocked - All Epilouges - Secrets Unlocked
Resident Evil: Director's CutSave Game File10/07/00131K
Arranged Save with Chris: Beginning of the Game, Everything Open.
Resident Evil: SurvivorSave Game File09/25/00131K
Most of the guns available.
Rival SchoolsSave Game File06/12/00131K
Arcade Disc: All Characters - All Secrets Unlocked
Rival SchoolsSave Game File06/12/00131K
Evolution Disc: All Characters - All Secrets Unlocked
Road Rash 3DSave Game File11/30/00131K
Start with Mega Cash and Super Fast Bike
Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012Save Game File09/25/00131K
All Secret Characters Unlocked
Silent HillSave Game File06/13/00131K
Two saved files: New game in New Fear Mode - Other Save before Last Boss (Good Ending Plus)
SilverloadSave Game File06/14/00131K
And old save for an old game - 90% complete, just before final fight
SimCity 2000Save Game File06/14/00131K
Drifting Hills City - Everything set up for you to just build on. Good Luck.
Soul of the SamuraiSave Game File10/07/00131K
Saved at the Ending: you choose who beats the last boss
South ParkSave Game File06/13/00131K
All Secrets - All Multi Player Characters Unlocked
Soviet StrikeSave Game File10/07/00131K
All Levels Open
Spawn: The EternalSave Game File10/16/00131K
Saved at the Final Stages of the Game
Star Trek: InvasionSave Game File11/30/00131K
All Levels Unlocked
Star Wars: DemolitionSave Game File12/07/00131K
All Characters - Secret Characters Unlocked
Star Wars: Masters of Teras KasiSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Secret Characters Unlocked
Street Fighter Alpha 2Save Game File06/14/00131K
Everything Unlocked - All Secrets - All Characters
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Characters Unlocked - Team Mode Enabled
Street Fighter Collection 2Save Game File06/13/00131K
All Secrets Unlocked
Tail of the SunSave Game File06/14/00131K
View All Endings -Provided by Damone-
Tenchu: Stealth AssassinsSave Game File06/14/00131K
All Secrets Unlocked - Grand Master Ranking in all Scenarios
Tetris PlusSave Game File10/18/00131K
Stage Select Open in the Puzzle Game Pause Menu
Thrasher Presents: Skate and DestroySave Game File06/14/00131K
All Skaters - All Levels Unlocked
Tomb RaiderSave Game File10/14/00131K
Last Level - All Weapons at Max
Tomb Raider IISave Game File10/16/00131K
Saved at the Final Stage: Lara's Home
Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara CroftSave Game File10/16/00131K
Game Finished - All Hallows Level Open - Quadtrack/Assault Course Open
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2Save Game File09/26/00131K
All Skaters with Full Attributes, Most Levels Unlocked, Most Boards
Twisted Metal 4Save Game File06/12/00131K
All Cars - All Tracks Unlocked
Urban ChaosSave Game File10/16/00131K
All Levels Open for Play
Vagrant StorySave Game File10/03/00131K
Ashley at Maximum Level: Beginning of the Game
Vigilante 8Save Game File06/14/00131K
All Cars - All Tracks - All Secrets Unlocked
Vigilante 8: 2nd OffenseSave Game File10/27/00131K
All Original Tracks Unlocked - Wacky Mode Unlocked - All Characters Unlocked
Vs.Save Game File06/14/00131K
Everything Unlocked
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned RatSave Game File10/07/00131K
Half way through the game, most special characters with you.
WCW Backstage AssaultSave Game File11/06/00131K
Most Secrets Unlocked
Wild 9Save Game File01/03/01131K
All Stages Open at the Select Menu {Choose Continue Game}
Wipeout 3Save Game File10/11/00131K
Everything Unlocked
World Destruction League: Thunder TanksSave Game File11/06/00131K
Saved just before the Championship Match against: Reaper
Wu-Tang: Shaolin StyleSave Game File06/12/00131K
All Characters - All Secrets - All Chambers Unlocked
WWF SmackDown!Save Game File06/13/00131K
Created Wrestler with full attributes - Most Extra's Unlocked
WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your RoleSave Game File11/30/00131K
All Special Characters Unlocked - Match Options Unlocked
X-Men vs. Street FighterSave Game File10/03/00131K
Apocalypse Unlocked
X-Men: Mutant AcademySave Game File07/26/00131K
All secrets unlocked - All Characters unlocked