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Xbox 360

Alpha ProtocolThe BEST Secret Agent game in history. (Sam Fisher Who?)08/25/10
BorderlandsOne of those "So simple its' brilliant" games..... It's brilliant.04/08/10
DarkStar One: Broken AllianceBest Space Sim on the 360 to date.... But the only space sim too.08/31/10
Fallout 3Dark, dull, slow... And yet very very good.11/21/08
Fallout: New VegasNew Vegas. Old News.05/24/11
Far Cry 2Some Problems but I strangely compelling in short(ish) bursts.02/22/11
Forza Motorsport 3This game could last you YEARS!!08/27/10
Grand Theft Auto IVA Good Game but a move in the wrong direction.10/13/08
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and DamnedMissing the point of 'adding content' and charging extra for it. Grand Theft in more ways than one.08/03/09
Iron ManIron Aged Gameplay mechanics but actually worth a look.06/22/09
LIMBOAn intelligent, simple, beautiful game for intelligent people.08/26/10
Mass Effect 2A game that is unbalanced without the DLC. I wonder if EA designed it that way..? Spoilers03/01/10
Mercenaries 2: World in FlamesAn impressive game that needed far more play-testing.09/08/08
Mortal KombatA re-imagining of the franchise that faithfully recreates the flaws too.05/18/11
RageHyped Beyond what it delivers? Yes, but it still delivers what counts. Fun. (hearing impaired warning though. Subtitles are TINY)01/04/12
Saints Row 2This is what GTA 4 SHOULD have been like.11/03/08
Section 8: PrejudiceA superb alternative to Halo's multiplayer. I actually prefer it.05/20/11
Shadow ComplexThe Game That Changed XBox Live Arcade08/31/09
SoulCalibur IVCasual Gamers? This is your beat-em-up.09/09/08
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed"The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the end boss is." But it doesn't break the game.09/26/08
Tekken 6Are you Tekken the Michael?11/18/09
TurokA bit of retro shooting miss-sold as a Multiplayer FPS when released. It isn't bad for a bargain bin title01/07/10
Xbox 360 Buyer Beware04/07/08